The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Articles & More

If you have a good grasp of grammar, spelling and sentence structure you can earn money writing articles for multiple websites. Other paid writing gigs are also available.

The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Online

Make Money Online by Writing Articles

If you’re a half-decent writer you can earn a good amount of money online simply by writing articles or product descriptions. Additionally, you can earn by transcribing audio and video, copywriting, or even translating between languages if you’re multilingual.

Many sites exist that will pay you for your writing services for one or many of the above mentioned earning techniques. Take a look at our list of writing gig sites below to boost your monthly profits.

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So, Where Can You Earn Money Just By Writing Articles?

In the past, earning money by writing articles was reserved for professional journalists but this is no longer the case.

The fact is that companies and even small-time bloggers will pay you well to write articles for them on just about any topic imaginable. But the real question is, where would you even start connecting with people who will pay you money to write articles for them? The answer: Content Mills.

Content Mills are sites that consolidate requests from people that want articles written, and sometimes even provide marketplaces for authors to list articles on literally anything. Connecting you with those who want to pay you to write sets you on an easy path to making money online with article writing.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 sites that do exactly that – pay you good money to write articles for other people:

#1 Constant Content

"One of the very first and most profitable article writing content mills that pay you for your content."

constant content header

Constant Content has been around for a long, long time, and for good reason. Earnings are high, as is the visibility of the articles that you write for cash. It allows you to make money from your articles in two ways:

    1. By responding to requests and writing on a specific topic by the requestor.
    2. By writing your own article on any topic, listing it in the online catalog, and letting buyers browse and buy.

Both are very profitable, and if you take a look at the recent sales on Constant Content you will see that people are selling articles for between $25 and $120. Not many sites value their content writers to this degree, and seeing sales of $100+ for articles is really great to see. Get in on the action and drop your content in their catalog and watch those sales start rolling in!

#2 Crowd Content

"Earn more money writing articles depending on your quality of writing and speed!"

The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Online

Crowd Content is a more modern spin on making money from writing articles than Constant Content for example. Rather than just pitching your articles to the market, you actually select article writing jobs based on demand. Interestingly, your writing quality is graded as you submit each job, with a rating of 1-4 stars. The more stars, the more money you earn per job, so if you’re a competent writer you can pull in some good money from the higher-paid work.

The best part of Crowd Content is that they offer bonuses for Turn Around Time (TAT). In other words, if you can get your articles written quickly (and of good quality) then you will earn extra cash in the form of a bonus.

The rating system and TAT bonuses mean that you have much more control over what you earn. And at the end of the day, that is a very important aspect of earning money by writing articles online.

#3 WriterAccess

"A huge pool of clients & brands (40,000+) that are eager to pay you to write for them."

WriterAccess header

WriterAccess has a huge amount of customers/brands (40,000+) that you are able to write for. This in itself is invaluable as it means that you will have a steady stream of work. It allows you to pour your spare time into writing articles (and getting paid to write!) rather than looking for jobs.

On top of the usual article writing, there are also opportunities to earn for writing product descriptions and even simply giving clients ideas (titles) for articles for their blog or website.

It works similarly to Crowd Content with a rating system, whereby the higher your rating, the more money you earn per word. Depending on your level you can earn up to 7-8 cents per word which is great compared to other similar content mills.

You will need a LinkedIn account (which is free) to join. Basically, this just adds legitimacy to you as a writer.

#4 Contentgather

"Add articles to the content marketplace or respond to custom requests. Lot's of article writing opportunities."

Contentgather header

Contentgather follows a similar process to the other content mills in this list. However, it stands apart from the competition because it allows you, the writer, to set your own cost per word. This means that you can decide what your content is worth and earn a fair sum of money for the articles you write.

You can make money by writing an article on any random subject you want (within pre-defined categories) or by responding to custom requests. This gives the best of both worlds and really boosts your ability to make money just by writing a few articles.

#5 SteadyContent

"Minimal site, short articles, decent pay."

The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Online

SteadyContent is a very minimalistic, bare-bones content mill but that actually works in your favor. When you join, you’re given a topic to write an article on, and once approved you get paid. This might seem minor but being paid for what is effectively a test of your writing skills is a great entry point.

Once you’re approved, you’ll see a list of articles that requestors will pay you to write. From our experience, there is no acceptance as such – just pick the article and write instantly – no need to wait for an “OK to go ahead” from the customer. Of course, the final article that you’ve written will need to be approved though. Once done, you are paid for writing your article.

One point to note is that if you don’t live in the US, you have to request payout via PayPal by emailing the site’s admin. This is a little clunky, but payment has always been very quick for us.

#6 Copify

"Constant stream of paid article work but pay per word on the low side."

The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Online

Copify excels at the number of jobs available. You will never run out of work on Copify. There will be a constant stream of work available in the form of customer requests. Simply put, you get paid to write an article given the criteria from the customer.

The downside is that the pay is low, generally around £0.02-£0.03 per word. However, a lot of the requests are for 250-word articles. So, if you’re a competent and fast writer you should be able to get this written in 20 minutes, meaning you’re writing 3 articles an hour at a wage of £15-£18 per hour.

If you’re looking for a constant supply of work and want to write short articles for cash, quickly, then Copify is the content mill for you.

#7 Contently

"Industry standard portfolio site, up to $800 per article but there are caveats!"

Contently header

Contently is very different from the other sites in this list because it operates as a freelance writing portfolio and also connects you directly with fortune 500 or other very high-paying customers.

The upside of this is that if you connect with the right customer you can earn up to $800 per article. This is an astonishing amount of money. However, there is a downside to Contently. That is, that is is sadly quite rare to get any work at all directly through Contently. It does happen, but you will likely be looking for work yourself outside of the platform, and then hoping that the company you will write for is subscribed to Contently.

Regardless, it is great as a portfolio and can help you get paid article writing work on other sites, or from clients that use the Contently platform.

#8 WritersDomain

"Write short 400-800 word articles. Earn $12.25 to $40 for each."

The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Online

WritersDomain is another minimalist approach to earning money by writing articles. It works on the basis of project work, so effectively you see a list of topics, choose one and write the article.

Rates are good and depend on your writing rating and the type of article. So for example, as a 3-star writer, writing a standard article you will earn $12.25, but if you’re a 5-star writer, writing a premium article, you’ll earn $23.50. Once you hit 4/5 stars you can also boost this up to $40.00 for onsite blog writing.

The articles you write will all be between 400 and 800 words, making the amount you earn very fair, especially for the 400-word articles.

#9 Textbroker

"Short form articles and content, meaning you can crank out content at a much faster pace."

The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Online

Textbroker is a fantastic content mill that excels at quick, snappy content tasks. This may be articles, reviews or even rewriting press releases. A lot of the work will be in the 200-400 word range.

Because of the short-form writing, you should be able to build up a rhythm and earn a good amount of money each month by writing articles for Textbroker. Per-word earnings are a little on the low side, but because research is not needed in a lot of cases, your hourly rate actually jumps up quite substantially.

Textbroker operates in many countries including the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil and more. Make sure to choose the correct country site in the top left corner of Textbroker when signing up, or when logging in!

#10 Verblio

"Only 4% of applicants get accepted but that means nearly zero competition for earning for writing articles!"

Verblio header

Verblio is a content mill that pays well and has a constant stream of work available. You can earn money by writing articles, whitepapers, eBooks, and more.

The reason that it falls so low on our list is that unfortunately only 4% of those that apply get accepted into Verblio. This means that you’re unlikely to get accepted, however, if you do, you will have next to no competition when compared to other content mills. And that means, a fantastic opportunity to earn a lot of money writing articles for them/their clients.

You can increase your chances of being approved though. Verblio suggests that free certifications such as HubSpot’s Inbound Certification give you priority/increase chances of approval.

Finally, you must be a US resident so if you live elsewhere, you can’t make money writing articles for Verblio.

Additional: General Freelance Sites

"Great pay at $1 per minute, good amount of testing opportunities."

The sites listed above are content mills that of course bring opportunities to earn money by writing articles, all in one location. But you need to know that you can make earn money by writing articles elsewhere.

Freelance sites like Freelancer and Upwork offer multiple ways to earn which can be from writing articles, product descriptions, or even coding/development or being a temporary work-from-home assistant.

Even though these sites aren’t specifically for earning money by writing articles, article writing is a significant amount of the work available.

Additional: Contract Blogs/Sites Directly

"Great pay at $1 per minute, good amount of testing opportunities."

And, remember you can always contact blog or website owners directly and offer your services to write articles for their sites. Acceptance will admittedly be low but if you can snag a good amount of clients you will have exclusive access to write and be paid for articles on demand.

This approach is definitely a quantity situation. The more emails you fire out and the more contact forms your fill out offering article writing services, the bigger the chance that you’ll get accepted. And once you’re accepted you’re officially earning money for writing articles for a site or blog. Everybody wins!

In Conclusion

When compared to other ways to earn online, writing articles to earn extra money has one additional crucial tip. That tip is to sign up to as many content mills as possible.

The first reason for this is that it will ensure that you have a constant stream of work available. The second is that if a certain site rejects your article, you still own the rights to it, and there is nothing to stop you from trying to sell it to another of the content mills listed above.

All in all, earning money by writing articles can become very lucrative. When you start you’ll earn around $10-$15 per article, but once you gain more experience this can increase to hundreds of dollars. A great work-at-home opportunity that can actually become a full-time job.

Check out even more ways to earn online by writing articles & more below. And don’t forget there are hundreds of other ways to earn online too!

The Big List of the Very Best Ways to Earn by Writing Articles Online

Remember to check out our earning guides linked in the list below before your jump in, to ensure that you don’t miss out on extra profits or productivity/time saving tips for your chosen website/app. 

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The Big List of Ways to Earn by Writing Online

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