The Complete List of Sites That Pay You to Review Products

How to earn money simply for reviewing products, concepts, logos and more. Quick tasks to boost your earning power.

The Big List of Sites That Pay You to Review Products Online

How to Make Money by Writing Reviews

Getting paid to review products, concepts, logos and more online is a great way to earn in short bursts. Typically reviews are short so you can boost your income with only a minimal time investment. In some cases, you will review a physical product sent to you, and in other cases simply review what you see on-screen.

There are “gotchas”, rules and tips that will ensure you keep your reviews in line with what’s expected and to ensure that you pull the maximum amount of profit from any website we list below.

How Much Money Can You Earn by Writing Reviews Online?

It varies, but you can earn between around $0.10 up to $25 per review (and even beyond). This will depend on which of the sites you choose below.

Typically for short form reviews that take a minute or two will be low paying (but high volume), and longer more professional reviews will bring in the big bucks.

Check out our list below to see the best ways to earn money by writing reviews & decide which are best for your needs.

And don’t forget to check out our big list of ways to earn online which covers every earning opportunity available. Expand your horizons and check out other ways to earn.

We add new profit-earning guides for sites and apps all of the time so make sure to check back regularly!

The Best Ways to Make Money by Writing Reviews

There are lots of opportunities to earn money by writing reviews but some are simply not worth the time or effort. To help you out we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 ways that are worth your time and pay out well for the effort you put in.

Take a look at the top 9 best ways to earn by reviewing products below:

#1 Gartner Peer Insights

"Submit up to 10 reviews per year, earn $25 per review."

Gartner Peer insights header

Gartner Peer Insights is Gartner’s review program that pays you to $25 per software review. This can be the usual end-user type applications such as Microsoft Office, Skype, etc. Reviews should be detailed and honest, but from our experience, they don’t reject reviews. You are allowed to do 10 reviews per year meaning you can pocket $250 a year!

There really is no comparable program that pays you to review. The financial incentive is huge and the time effort is minimal.

Gartner Peer Insights Review: The best, most profitable way to earn money by leaving reviews. You are limited to 10 per year, but at $25 per review, that is a significant wedge of cash.

This should be on everyone’s online money making list and a huge boost to your earnings.

#2 SliceThePie

"Quick 2 minute reviews on products, videos, marketing materials and more."

SliceThePie Header

SliceThePie focuses on giving you the opportunity to get paid for quick reviews. You will see a listing of categories such as products, music, videos, audio branding, etc. Once you click on a category, you’ll simply write a review based on what you see. The reviews take a couple of minutes each and depending on whether the category is boosted, and your reviewer level you will earn between $0.05 and $0.15 per review.

You are not limited on how many reviews you complete, other than there must be items available to review on SliceThePie. We have not had any problems with the availability of items to review.

SliceThePie Review: While pay per review is relatively low, there is a constant stream of items to review. And because it only takes a couple of minutes, you can really get into the swing of this in your spare time and start generating extra money from writing reviews. Quick, easy, and has a great interface.

#3 Capterra

"Up to $100 a month for 10 software reviews. A huge opportunity to earn by reviewing."

Capterra header

Capterra works in a similar way to Gartner Peer Insights but the process is slightly different. First, you’ll need to link your LinkedIn account with Capterra, and then write a review (for free). Don’t be put off by it mentioning business & industry software as you will be able to review things like Microsoft Office, Skype, etc.

Once your software review is approved (so make sure it is good!), they will email you with the offer of writing 10 more reviews for them for $100. This is a recurring offer, so as long as your reviews continue to be of good quality, there is a potential to make $100 a month just by completing 10 reviews.

Capterra Review: Getting paid $100 a month for just 10 reviews is a fantastic opportunity. Gartner does pay more per review, but because Capterra offers 10 per month that means you could be raking in $1,200 a year! Just make sure to keep your review quality up and you’ll be laughing all of the way to the bank.

#4 ReviewStream

"Looks like it's from the 90s but pays out $5-$12 per review and you can submit an unlimited amount of reviews."

The Big List of Sites That Pay You to Review Products Online

ReviewStream is a strange site because it looks like it came straight out of the 90s but don’t let that fool you! In fact, it’s a great source of income and pays you well to review pretty much any product or service. Their going rate differs but is between $5 and $12 per review, and on top of that for every upvote your review gets, you earn an additional $0.10.

One thing to bear in mind is that your review must be quality, and it seems that the longer it is, the better chance you have of it being accepted. Don’t worry though because even if you don’t get accepted they still pay for the review at 1/5th of the going rate. You can submit an unlimited number of reviews.

Additionally, you can also earn $0.20 for every question that commenters have on the site.

Be aware though, that the payout is very high and is based on your first review. So, counterintuitively, for your first review look for a category that pays low. So for example, if your first review pays $5, then your payout threshold will be $50, but if your first review pays $10, then your payout threshold will be $100. Bizarre, but worth bearing in mind.

ReviewStream Review: A great source of unlimited income from writing reviews on just about anything. Just make sure that you physically have the product or service as they will sometimes ask for proof in the form of photos. Despite their bizarre payment threshold calculation, how much they pay for each review is brilliant. Definitely one for those who can push out multiple reviews per day and don’t want to be constrained by any limits.

#5 CrowdTap

"Receive free products and get paid to answer a few short surveys about them."

CrowdTap header

CrowdTap is primarily a survey site focussing on short surveys. However, they also provide opportunities to get free products/samples and then to be paid to give your opinion on them. Unlike others in this list, you will not be writing a formal review, but answering a series of short surveys on the product you received.

Additionally, they occasionally invite you to video interviews related to your views on products and services. These will typically last just 25 minutes and net you $50 for your view/review.

CrowdTap Review: Grab free products and earn by answering some short-form surveys about them. There are no formal reviews needed so there’s not much time investment needed here. The video interviews are a nice additional way of earning with reviews/your views if you’re comfortable with it.

#6 Amazon Vine

"Invite only, but read how to increase your chances. Potentially £/$1,000s of free products."

The Big List of Sites That Pay You to Review Products Online

Amazon Vine is very different from the other entries on this line because it requires you to be invited. What tends to trigger the invite is if you have left a lot of reviews on Amazon for products you’ve bought, typically add photos/videos to your reviews and your review has been received positively (people have indicated that it is helpful).

Once accepted you will be given access to Vine and be able to select from a pre-defined list of products to get for free which you will then review. There is no financial incentive but you can receive high-end items. TVs, cameras, and other electricals can be claimed for free. There are of course other lower-value items in the mix too.

Despite no financial incentive, after you’ve reviewed it, you can always sell your free items on eBay for example to easily convert to cash. Depending on what is available, you’ll get access to potentially thousands of pounds worth of free products.

Amazon Vine Review: Invite only, but if you participate in “normal” Amazon reviewing you increase your chances of getting invited. The value of products you have access to can be staggering and it’s a great way to generate cash or even to get products you want for free.

#7 Rebaid

"100% refunds on Amazon products that you can then sell on for profit. Reviews optional."

Rebaid header

Rebaid is another spin entirely on making money for reviewing products. Essentially you go to Rebaid and look at the products on offer. You need to buy the products on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. but in many cases, you will get a 100% rebate on your purchase. You don’t need to leave a review to receive payment but it is encouraged.

As of writing, there are 40 products that you will receive 100% of your money back on. So effectively you can grab many products for free and leave a review (or not). These free products can then be used or sold on eBay etc. for profit.

In addition, there are items with huge discounts such as an item for $50 that will refund you $49. In this case, you can still make a profit by getting your almost-full refund and then selling on for profit.

Rebaid Review: Probably the only opportunity that pays you to leave reviews, where you don’t officially even need to leave a review at all! Get 100% money back on the purchase of the item and sell on for some sweet profit. It is US only at the moment unfortunately but keep your eyes on this one in the event that it goes international.

#8 Get Reviewed

"Quick 2 minute reviews on products, videos, marketing materials and more."

The Big List of Sites That Pay You to Review Products Online

GetReviewed is a way to earn with reviews but requires you to have your own website or blog. Their requirements are that your site has a domain authority of 20 or higher.

It’s free and product owners will pay you to write a review on your website/blog.

Once approved, your blog will appear on the GetReviewed marketplace. Product sellers will then contact you through the site and you both negotiate how much money they will pay you to write a review.

GetReviewed Review: A great opportunity to monetize your blog or website. Even if you don’t have a website, you can put one together for cheap with the likes of Ionos and their low-cost WordPress hosting package.

A great money maker that can boost your income dramatically from writing reviews.

#9: Connect With Sellers & Review Items on Your Blog

"You can reach out without the use of another service & offer to pay to review on your own blog."

While sites like GetReviewed are great for connecting you to people that will pay you to review their products, there is a more self-sufficient option.

Simply advertise on your blog or social media that you’re looking to review interesting products and provide contact details.

Alternatively, you can even approach websites that sell products or local businesses directly and offer to review them or their products on your website.

This approach means that you get 100% of the earnings for reviews without the use of a middleman. It also means quicker, direct payments from your customer.


Making money by writing reviews is a very lucrative way to earn online. There is a good amount of money to be made whether you want the products for free, want to write short or long reviews, or even if you’re able to review products on your own blog.

Remember that you can join multiple sites so that you’ve got a constant stream of free products available to review. Don’t limit yourself, and earn money by writing reviews online!

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The Big List of Sites Where You Can Make Money by Writing Reviews

Remember to check out our earning guides linked in the list below before your jump in, to ensure that you don’t miss out on extra profits or productivity/time saving tips for your chosen website/app. 

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The Big List of Sites That Pay You to Review Products Online

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