State of Survival Desktop Swagbucks Offer Guide: Level 9, 15, 19, 25, 28

State of Survival Swagbucks Offer Guide

State of Survival (Desktop) Offer Rating:


Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

We have a comparison of the same offer on various sites below. As you can see Reward XP and Freecash pay significantly more than Swagbucks for State of Survival, so consider starting the offer on these sites instead of Swagbucks:

Game OfferReward XPFreecashSwagbucks
State of SurvivalTorox: $300Torox: $271.44Featured: $156
  • The State of Survival (Desktop) offerwall offer appears on the main Swagbucks Discover page and the InboxPounds/InboxDollars main page. It is also available on Freecash with higher earnings. We’ll compare offers later on.
  • The gameplay is your standard city builder where once up and running you can idle the game for significant periods of time.
  • An in-app purchase of $9.99 is recommended (it is returned as cashback and speeds up progress).
  • Level 25 is the highest realistic level in 31 days.

State of Survival Desktop Swagbucks Header Guide

The State of Survival Desktop offer on Swagbucks, InboxPounds, InboxDollars and Freecash will have you upgrading your city (HQ) Level in typical city builder fashion.

Once you’re up and running you will simply step away from the game for long periods of time to allow for building upgrades to complete. This is especially true at later levels where upgrades can take days.

There is a definite strategy here to cut down build times, use resources correctly, and to stop you from hitting any blockages. With our full essential strategy guide below, you can blast through this offer in a fraction of the time.

Is It Possible To Reach Level 9, 15, 19, 25, 28 in State of Survival Desktop?

Is Level 9 Achievable?

As with most of these city builder offers, the first level milestone is easily reachable. Upgrading your city/HQ to level 9 will be possible in 2 or 3 days. This should not pose a problem for anyone even by playing blind. But we recommend you follow the full guide below to set yourself up to progress through the higher levels more quickly.

Are Levels 15 & 19 Achievable?

You’ll be happy to hear that again, yes level 15 and 19 are completely achievable. With level 19 taking around a week and level 19 taking 2 weeks (from the beginning). For these levels it is crucial that you utilize a proper strategy to manage time, resources, etc.

Is Level 25 Achievable?

Yes, reaching level 25 in State of Survival is possible but it will take you right through to the 31-day limit. With proper planning, this should be possible.

Is Level 28 Achievable?

In our opinion, no level 28 is not achievable within the 31-day time limit for the State of Survival offer. If you play flat out and make additional purchases you might squeeze it in, in time but even then it is doubtful.

State of Survival Desktop Levels 9, 15, 19, 25, 28 Strategy Guide

Your main goal in this State of Survival Desktop offer on Swagbucks/Freecash is to upgrade your city/HQ through levels 9, 15, 19, 25, and 28. As we’ve mentioned above you should forget the possibility of reaching level 28.

Now, to ensure that you reach those levels you need to plan well, ensure you use your speed-up correctly, that you claim everything you can, and that you focus development appropriately.

Let’s look at the major steps for our strategy:

Strategy Overview

Overall you’re going to want to live by these steps. Below we have an outline which we will then expand on to ensure you push through the levels as quickly as possible:

  1. Early on, simply push through the tutorial, skip anything you can, and claim any bonuses. This should push you through the first few levels. Then:
  2. Focus on your HQ, look ahead to see upgrade requirements.
  3. Use speed-ups effectively, and only use them when you’re going to remain active in-game.
  4. Try to leave your HQ upgrades overnight so it completes while you sleep.
  5. Focus research development on construction to reduce build times.
  6. Focus Chief Talents on Economy to get more construction reductions.
  7. Only use generic speed-ups on build queues.
  8. Join a decent alliance.
  9. Focus on missions (main, intel, expedition, etc.)
  10. If there is a red dot over an icon it means there is something free to claim!
  11. When events are active, try to fulfill the requirements.
  12. Save biocaps for later levels – they can be used to get resources or instant speed-ups.

Because a $9.99 purchase is a milestone that gives you $10 back, we suggest you pay it. The $9.99 purchase will actually be on sale for the first purchase, costing you less so you’ll make a small profit. We’ll cover the best thing(s) to buy – this is crucial as it will drastically speed up your upgrades.

0. Purchase 1,000 Diamonds for $9.99

We don’t often encourage in-app purchases but because you’ll get the cash back from the offer directly, we suggest you do. In fact you’ll end up spending less and earning a profit as your first purchase is always on sale.

Making the purchase is a little clunky, so let’s take a look:

  1. Click the plus next to the diamond icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select the 1,000 diamonds for $9.99 (or £8.49 if you’re in the UK).
  3. You’ll then be taken to the website where you can complete the purchase:
State of Survival Desktop Spend offer
Your first purchase is always on sale meaning you make a profit on the task to spend $9.99!

Once you make that purchase it should pend instantly on Swagbucks/Freecash.

Now you have 1,000 diamonds, you need to make sure you don’t waste them. It is crucial to select the following 2 purchases back in the game window.

You’ll need to first click the plus icon next to the biocaps in the top right to see the bundles menu. From there buy the following:

Premium Starter Bundle that will give you a second build slot. This will massively speed things up for you. It also gives resources and speed-ups

State of Survival Premium Starter Bundle
Crucial to unlock a second construction slot.

Then, for the other half of your diamonds, grab the pack with the best amount of resources and speed-ups, the Limited Growth Pack:

State of Survival Limited Growth Pack
The limited growth pack gives a bunch of speed-ups and resources.

2. Push Through the Tutorial

Now we have that purchase out of the way, we can begin the game properly. As usual, the tutorial will guide you through the first few levels. Don’t take your time here. Just click where it tells you to click, skip anything you can, and reach the point where you can make your own choices. You don’t want to waste your time.

3. Focus on the HQ and Pre-Requisite Buildings

You HQ levels are all that matters. The Swagbucks and Freecash offers for State of Survival Desktop/PC are purely based on this. When your HQ is upgrading, see what you need to upgrade in order to get the build started on the next level. With the below information, you can plan ahead and utilise your second build queue to upgrade the buildings for the next level while the HQ is still upgrading:

State of Survival Desktop HQ Level Requirements

HQ Level Building Requirements
Hero Precinct 1.
Hero Precinct 2.
Hero Precinct 3.
Hero Precinct 4.
Hero Precinct 5, Barracks 5.
Hero Precinct 6, Garage 6.
Hero Precinct 7, Range 7.
Hero Precinct 8, Barracks 8.
Hero Precinct 9, Garage 9.
Hero Precinct 10, Garage 10.
Hero Precinct 11, Barracks 11.
Hero Precinct 12, Garage 12.
Hero Precinct 13, Range 13.
Hero Precinct 14, Barracks 14.
Hero Precinct 15, Hospital 15.
Hero Precinct 16, Range 16.
Hero Precinct 17, Barracks 17.
Hero Precinct 18, Garage 18.
Hero Precinct 19, Range 19.
Hero Precinct 20.
Hero Precinct 21, Hospital 21.
Hero Precinct 22, Range 22.
Hero Precinct 23, Barracks 23.
Hero Precinct 24, Garage 24.

Of course, you’ll also need to level up the Research lab to allow you to research certain construction speed-ups. And some of the buildings above may have additional requirements themselves.

For a more detailed listing of what is required including times and resource requirements. Check out the complete State of Survival HQ upgrade table.

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4. Use Speed-Ups Effectively

There are various rules around speed-ups that you must stick to. Wasting them or using them in the wrong way will hurt you later on in the State of Survival Desktop offer. So, let’s take a look at what you should do:

  • Early on, don’t use too many speed-ups. If it is less than 30 minutes don’t waste anything.
  • Always request your alliance to help with builds before you spend. In some cases, they can reduce timers by 1 hour.
  • You have different types of speed-ups. These are building, research, training, and generic speed-ups. Obviously, you use building speed-ups on construction, but you must also make sure that generic speed-ups are only used on construction too. Don’t waste them elsewhere.
  • Only use speed-ups if you’re planning to stay in game afterwards. Using a speed-up and then closing the game is a waste. Instead, let it tick on in the background while you’re not active.
  • Long building upgrades should be triggered overnight where possible. The HQ for instance. Don’t use speed-ups before you log off for the night. In the morning you can finish off long builds, however.

5. Focus on Construction Bonuses in Research Areas

There are two sources of research that will permanently reduce the timer on all construction. It is crucial to focus on only these areas when researching:

The Research Building

When you select the research building and choose research, you only need to be concerned with the Development tab. Choose development and push research forward to get to “Tool Improvements” which will progressively reduce overall build times:

State of Survival desktop tool improvement speed up
Research should always be focused on Tool Improvements.

Chief Talents

The second area to get reductions in build times is the chief talents. This is the profile icon in the top left. From here click on Talents and then Economy.

In the same way as you did for research, put everything you have into pushing forward to Tool Improvements:

State of survival swagbucks talents faster
Talents are another source of build timer reductions.

6. Join a Good Alliance

As with all city builders, joining a good/active alliance in State of Survival (Desktop) is very important. They can help reduce building timers by up to 1 hour and you’ll also be able to collect plenty of bonus speed-ups, resources, etc. from the crates that they produce.

7. If You See a Red Dot, Click It!

A red dot over an icon almost always means that there’s something free for you to claim. Sometimes it can be hard to locate it when you’re on the page but typically you will see a claim button or an icon of a box/crate. You can rack up huge amounts of extras just by paying attention to the interface and the little red dots!

8. Events, Chapter Missions & Intel Missions

Why your focus is getting your HQ level up, you do still need to focus on events, missions and intel missions. These will provide you with a good amount of resources and speed-ups. Frequently check what your tasks are and get them completed wherever possible.

9. Save Your Biocaps

While Biocaps can be used to speed up your build times, they also have another use that can be very useful later on. They can be exchanged for resources. Because there is no way of knowing what you will run out of as you approach level 25, our advice is to not spend them early on. Wait until you’ve run out of speed-ups and/or resources.

What we also recommend is to use the “Incubator” in your Research Center. This will allow you to deposit Biocaps and earn interest on them:

State of Survival Free Biocaps

Use all available incubators, except for the 30-day incubator as that is too close to the max time for the Swagbucks/Freecash offer.

This will ensure that you boost your Biocaps as much as you can for later use.

The Push to Level 25

Beyond the tips above, just keep pushing, be clever about leaving upgrades running overnight, and don’t skip any days. This is a nice earner if you put in the effort. Also, one final piece of advice, don’t sit watching the game. If you’ve started off upgrades and have nothing to do, walk away! Like all city builders, it’s easy to get pulled in and waste your time.

Instead, do another offerwall offer simultaneously. Check out our full list of offerwall guides to double up on your earnings.

Is My State of Survival Desktop Offer Good?

There are two very similar versions of the State of Survival Desktop offer. One on Swagbucks/InboxPounds/InboxDollars and one on Freecash. Let’s take a look and see if the offer you have is a good one and which makes the most sense to go for:

Swagbucks State of Survival (Desktop/PC) Offer

As mentioned, the Swagbucks offer for State of Survival is identical to the offer on InboxPounds and InboxDollars. Remember that rewards can differ per country and over time so make sure to check the offer(s) available to you.

Currently, you can earn £246/$246 for completing all tasks/milestones:

Task Reward
Reach Level 9
500SB ($5.00)
Reach Level 15
400SB ($4.00)
Reach Level 19
1,000 SB ($10.00)
Reach Level 25
10,000SB ($100.00)
Reach Level 28
12,000SB ($120.00)
Spend $9.99 in game.
1,000SB ($10.00)

Freecash State of Survival Desktop Offer

Freecash also has the State of Survival Desktop offer but has differences in which levels you have to reach. It pays out more for the earlier levels and the final level. It also has a slightly higher overall reward at $271.44. One thing to note, however, is that it does not have the task to spend $9.99, so bear this in mind.

Task Reward
Reach Level 5
Reach Level 8
Reach Level 14
Reach Level 18
Reach Level 25
Reach Level 28

Both of these offers are good, but Swagbucks tips over due to the $10 earnings for spending $9.99 as the in-app purchase really helps to speed things up.

Remember: Don’t delete the game until the money is in your hands. Occasionally the GPT site will ask you to prove with a screenshot that you hit your goal.

Similar Offer Guides

If you want to check out more similar offers, check out other guides we have available below. And remember, we have an ever-growing list of other offerwall offer guides just waiting for you to generate extra cash from.

Is the State of Survival Swagbucks Offer Worth it?

Yes the Swabucks State of Survival Desktop offer is absolutely worth it. The rewards are huge and tasks (apart from level 28) and achievable. You can grab $100+ pretty easily. The only downside is that it is on PC, meaning you don’t have the mobility you would have from playing on your mobile device.

But, regardless of that, this is a very high-paying offer that we suggest everyone takes a shot at – even if you just limit yourself to the first few easy levels.

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