Star Trek Fleet Command Level 12, 17 & 21 Offerwall Guide

Star Trek Fleet Command Offerwall Guide

Star Trek Fleet Command Offerwall Offer Rating:

  • Attention is needed, so not a hands-off offer.
  • No in-app purchases are needed but a second builder will mean you finish more quickly. 
  • Upgrade & research ships as well as buildings.
  • The offer on Swagbucks means you’ll earn £45/$55

The Star Trek Fleet Command offerwall offer is a fantastic one. It’s not often that you can earn £45/$55 or more on what is a relatively straightforward game.

The interface for Star Trek Fleet Command is admittedly a little overwhelming at first. But you only need to consider a hand full of things. A lot can be ignored, some actions are absolutely crucial, and other you can give or take.

Star trek fleet command interface
Star Trek Fleet Command’s interface is “busy” but don’t let that put you off this fantastic offer.

In the Star Trek Fleet Command offerwall guide below we’ll look at exactly this. Where to spend your time, how to do it, where to avoid wasting your time, and more.

We will reduce the time it takes for you to complete the offer, making your money per hour skyrocket.

Is It Possible To Get to Level 12, 17 and 21 in Star Trek Fleet Command?

We won’t draw this out, yes it is easily possible to get to levels 12, 17, and 21 in Star Trek Fleet Command. In fact, every level pends (and pays out) 2 levels early. So actually you only need to get to levels 10, 15, and 19 making this offer even more incredible!

We were able to reach level 19 (level 21 payout) in just 3 weeks. This was with no in-app purchases. However, if you go for the second builder, you will likely clear this offer in even less time.

Note: You can get free Google Play Credit with Google Opinions that can be used to speed up this offer. Check out our Google Opinions guide for how to earn free play credit for iAP by answering single-question surveys with Google. We suggest if you have the credit, go for “second builder unlock” as it effectively works to convert your Google Play Credit into cold hard cash!

Is My Star Trek Fleet Command Offer Good?

We’ve seen the offer go as high as £60/$65 dollars but it appears now to have settled around the £45/$50 mark. So if you’re getting around £45 for your offer then yes it is a good one to go for.

Just make sure that the timing is long enough. The offer should give you 30 days to complete it, which will allow plenty of breathing room.

Typically, the best location will be Swagbucks or but check out our huge GPT site list if you want to manually review the options of a few sites yourself.

What does a good offer look like for Star Trek Fleet Command?

Star Trek Fleet Command will take around 2-3 weeks to get to level 21 (actually level 19) so bear this in mind.

The offer we ended up going for was on Swagbucks via their own offerwall in the discover section. This is a very good offer. It is a great payout, easily achievable, and pays out instantly, or rather it pays out early.

The offer we completed was:

Total reward: 4,500SB (~$45)
Time limit: 30 days
Levels to reach: 12, 17, 21

So, if the offer you see is anything like the above and even if it includes an extra incentive to purchase a second builder, then you should go for it.

Now let’s see exactly how you blast through this offer to get your rewards!

Star Trek Fleet Command Offerwall Guide: Level 12, 17, 21

Do I Need to Buy Anything With Real Cash?

Before we get going, to put your mind at rest, we did not need to spend anything on iAP and were able to complete the offer in 3 weeks.

However, if you do choose to buy something go for the second builder as this will speed up your progress and reduce wait times. A good way to pay for this without using actual cash is using Google Opinion Rewards.

Key Elements

Your focus needs to be on the following, in order:

  1. Upgrading Operator, Shipyard, Academy & Research buildings. (and any prerequisites).
  2. Upgrade ships that allow you to pass missions.
  3. Upgrade your crew.
  4. Complete missions, which require points 2 and 3 above.
  5. Fight other (non-player) ships.

Step #1: Starting Out & The Basics

As with most city builders, or in this case space builder games the early levels are quick. Just follow the tutorial steps and get everything upgraded (buildings, crew, ships) where you can.

Begin to send your ship out on missions, but don’t worry too much about this yet. We’ll get into the optimum way to handle the missions below.

There is no difficulty at this stage, just plod through and you should reach Operations Level 8 within the first day.

Step #2: Building

You need resources to upgrade which will come from quests and events (which will just happen naturally) and from missions and attacking non-player ships.

Your goal is to focus fully on the Operations center. As you upgrade it, you will need to upgrade secondary buildings of course.

When you have an empty build queue, look ahead online to see what secondary or tertiary buildings you will need to upgrade in upcoming levels. You should never have an empty build queue.

When you’re actively playing make sure to upgrade buildings that are quick to upgrade and leave the longer upgrades until you’re about to log off. The long-running builds should be left overnight to maximize your time usage.

Star Trek Fleet Command Building
Upgrades will get to the point where they take hours or days and require exotic materials.

From Level 12+

Look ahead at what needs upgrading in later levels and plan your upgrade route. Especially look towards DryDock and Defense Platform upgrades as these can take some time to get up to the required level.

To see the requirements for future upgrades check out the Build Requirements for the Operations Building.

From around Level 14-15

Note: This is very important to save yourself time later on.

You should start to send your ships out to mine 2-star crystal and ore. This is because some later upgrades will require this and it can some time to collect. Other than this we actually suggest you don’t bother mining (unless it is to complete a mission).

General Tips

Don’t waste latinum early on for building upgrades. Use your speedups instead. Latinum has many uses, such as upgrading ships or replacing missing resources – these become important in the last few levels. So save them for this unless you have hundreds of latinum gained from special events etc.

Keep your base shielded and don’t attack other players. Player on player combat is brutal in this game and you want to always be protected.

Step #3: Ships

The importance of ships is that they will allow you to scout planets, and find and complete missions.

Because of this they are a big source of resources, speed-ups, and sometimes even latinum.

Similar to buildings, make sure that you’re always upgrading your ships. You want to max them out as soon as possible as it will make missions completable.


You will need to collect parts for upgrades and sometimes this can be tough. If you’re not finding the parts you need, travel to more distant systems as the drops can be enemy level-limited. You can also use latinum to top up the parts you don’t have – I suggest doing this if finding the parts is taking too long. In fact, this is probably the most effective use of your latinum.


The game will guide you or prompt you to research new ships, which will normally require prerequisite research first.

The concept here is to research as soon as you can. The quicker you get better ships, the quicker you will progress.


Try to get the Talla as soon as you can. Upgrade it as soon as you can. You’ll have to go through the research steps and unlock other ships along the way, but your goal should be getting this ship.

Envoy Ship

The same as Talla, make this a focus as soon as you can. It is actually a requirement to have this ship in order to upgrade buildings to level 19.

Step #4: Crew Upgrade & Use

This is relatively straightforward. When you get crew cards, use them to upgrade as soon as you can.

Where this becomes really important is adding your best crew to your ships. This will increase the power of your ships and allow you to complete harder missions.

The big tip here is to try to mix crew from the same generation/TV series/ship as they will get synergy bonuses. This will boost your ship’s power even further.

Step #5: Research

Focus on only the research that makes sense. Anything around speed-ups and reducing build times is a must. Similarly research anything that increases ship power, defense, etc. The ship research upgrades will come naturally as you try to unlock the Talla.

There’s nothing else to really focus on here but don’t forget about research.

Step #6 Missions, Daily Goals, Events

You need to throw yourself into missions and goals. They are your primary source of resources, speed-ups, and latinum.

You will have main storyline missions that you should focus on. When you hit a point where you can progress a main story mission, look for missions by scouting planets.

Star Trek Fleet Command Offerwall Missions Speed Ups
Spending 15 minutes completing a mission can grant you 96 hours of speedups!

If you keep your ship upgraded you should be able to blast through any planet missions and reap the rewards.

Events will occur daily or weekly. Do not focus on completing them, they will happen naturally. They typically reward you for upgrading buildings, researching, destroying ships, etc. You will be doing this anyway. 

Star Trek Fleet Command Offerwall Event Rewards
Events will reward you well in Star Trek Fleet Command. They come naturally so don’t overthink it.

Just keep an eye on the top right-hand corner and claim your rewards when you happen to complete a task. You can get nice amounts of latinum and speed-ups here.

Step #7: Continue the Grind

Now you just need to rocket through the Star Trek Fleet Command offer using our offerwall guide above as your helping hand and you’ll be cashing out in no time.

Remember that the offer will pend early (2 levels early for each), so don’t continue further than you need to!

Keep upgrading, keep hitting missions and try to save some latinum until the end to speed up those painful day-long builds!

And remember, the sooner you complete the Star Trek Fleet Command Offerwall Offer, the sooner you can move onto the next profitable offerwall offer!

Critical Step: Remember, always leave your long builds for just before you log off. That way, they’ll be progressing while you do something else, or even as you sleep!

When Does the Star Trek Fleet Command Level 12, 17, 21 Offer Credit/Pend?

As we’ve mentioned above, the offer pends early for all levels:

  • Level 12 pends at level 10.
  • Level 17 pends at level 15.
  • Level 21 pends at level 21.

We still have no idea why so many city builder games pend early! But regardless, Star Trek Fleet Command does pend early which is great news to you for this offer.


The Star Trek Fleet Command Offerwall Offer is one of the best you’ll find. Make sure you grab it before it disappears forever.

Remember, that you can run multiple offers at the same time, which we especially suggest for city builders as there is a lot of “wait time” that can be filled with other ways to earn.

Check out our ways to earn by playing games and our complete offerwall guides for more ways to earn as you play.

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