How Much Are Swagbucks Worth in British Pounds (GBP)

convert swagbucks to british pounds gbp

Want to know how much your Swagbucks are worth? Whether you want to know what 1,000 Swagbucks is in Pounds/GBP/£, or what £1 is in Swagbucks, we’ve got you covered.

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Swagbucks to Pounds (GBP/£) Calculator

Note: The one exception is that a withdrawal of £100 all at once via PayPal gives extra value and costs only 10,000 SB.

How Many British Pounds is 1,000 Swagbucks?

1,000 Swagbucks converted into British Pounds used to be a bit of an unfair conversion when compared to USD. However this has now been fixed with Swabucks applying constant discounts on the conversion of all Swagbucks (SB) to British Pounds (GBP/£).

As of now, 1,000 Swagbucks is £10. Using this comparison we can easily see that because 1,000 SB equals £10, that 1 SB equals £0.01, or 1 pence.

Your Swagbucks can be converted into pounds in the form of PayPal cash, or gift cards, directly on the Swagbucks site in the rewards section.

1000 Swagbucks Equals 10
The now constant discounts mean that 1,000 Swagbucks will always net you £10.

How Much is 1SB Worth in Pounds?

1,000 Swagbucks works out as £10, thanks to the simplified way Swagbucks now handles rewards. So, if we simply divide £10 by 1,000 we get our answer:

1SB is equal to £0.01 or 1p.

This means that all calculations of SB to pounds are simple with 1SB = 1p.

How Many Swagbucks Equal £1?

As above, you can see that 1 Swagbuck equals £0.01 or 1p. So using some simple maths, we can see that £1 is worth 100 Swagbucks, or SB

With 100 Swagbucks you can redeem only Amazon credit of £1. When you move up to 500 Swagbucks or more, you can redeem from more sources such as PayPal.

Use our calculator below to convert any number of Swagbucks into GBP/£/British Pounds:

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