How to Make Money with Coinbase Earn: Complete Guide

How to Earn Free Crypto with Coinbase Earn: Complete Guide

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Coinbase Earn InfoBox

Coinbase Earn is Coinbase’s rewards platform that offers free cryptocurrency for answering a few quiz questions.

The rewards are high and due to the way crypto works, will potentially gain value over time.

Generally speaking, it’s beneficial to have a Coinbase account anyway as a storage location for earned crypto from elsewhere.

Earning Methods: Survey, Cryptocurrency, Quiz

Payout Options: Cryptocurrency

Available on: Website, Android (app), iOS (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Earn Free Crypto with Coinbase Earn: Complete Guide Japan



  • Very quick.
  • 2 minutes per quiz & we have the answers!


  • High: $35-$45, with more opportunitie each month.
  • Longterm gains associated with holding crypto.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What are Coinbase & Coinbase Earn?

Coinbase is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform and Coinbase Earn is their rewards platform. With Coinbase Earn, you can earn ~$35 in cryptocurrency simply for answering a few 3 question quizzes (that we have the answers for!). New quizzes are added all of the time so the amount you can earn increases month by month. 

You get an additional £7/$10 bonus for depositing if you sign up using this Coinbase sign-up offer link.

You can even withdraw what you’ve deposited including the bonuses immediately after claiming!

How to Sign Up to Coinbase

You have two choices for signing up to Coinbase:

We suggest the deposit route and keeping your Coinbase account open to funnel free cryptocurrency earned from other sites directly into your crypto savings pot. Many sites offer transfer of crypto earnings with no transaction fees instantly into your Coinbase account!
Either way, you get at least $35 in free crypto from the quizzes. And they add new quizzes every month or two meaning you can keep topping up your crypto balance for free.

How do I Earn Free Crypto from Coinbase Earn?

It’s incredibly simple to earn free crypto from Coinbase Earn. Once you’ve signed up, just go to the menu and click “Learn and Earn”.

Here you will see a list of all quizzes, and how much in USD you will receive in different cryptocurrencies from answering the quiz questions correctly. Although in USD, this can be earned regardless of which country you live in. And don’t worry we have all of the quiz answers for you right here.

The list below will auto-update whenever we add a new set of answers for Coinbase Earn quizzes:

Should I Withdraw My Bonuses From Coinbase?

It’s completely up to you, but personally, we believe that it is good to diversify. Holding or “HODLing” cryptocurrency is becoming more popular day by day and increases in coin price can drastically increase the value you hold.

Additionally, it opens up more options for earning online. Several of the sites that we have listed here on Earnologist such as (Guide) allow payout directly to Coinbase with absolutely no transaction fees. And what’s more, that transaction is instant.

But, of course, you can always play it safe and withdraw back to your bank or savings account. Whatever makes more sense for you personally is always the best choice.

Final Words on Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn frequently adds new quizzes as new cryptocurrencies become available. So, it makes sense to at least keep your account open to snap up the free crypto that will periodically pop up throughout the year.

This is one of the closest things to free crypto online that you’re ever likely to see so jump on it while you can.

Sign Up To Coinbase Today

$35-$45 just for answering a few quiz questions, with more added each month. Also a great location to store crypto earned from other online earning opportunities.

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