Coinbase Earn (FET) Quiz Answers

Coinbase Earn (FET) Quiz Answers

Coinbase Earn is offering $3 in (FET) for answering 3 questions about the cryptocurrency/Ethereum token that has been newly added. You will need a Coinbase account to get started, but likely if you’re reading this you’re already set up.

If you don’t have a Coinbase account yet, sign-up with Coinbase and also get a bonus of £7 (or your country equivalent) when you deposit.

Let’s take a look at the (FET) quiz answers and help you earn!

Coinbase (FET) Quiz Answers

Question 1: What can people create with
Answer: Software agents that automate tasks.
Question 2: What’s one role of the FET token?
Answer: To power agents.
Question 3: What does plan to support in the future?
Answer: Automated interactions with industries like travel and healthcare.

After answering the 3 questions, you will now have $3 of (FET) sitting in your Coinbase account.

We constantly add new answers as Coinbase Earn offers more quizzes so remember to check back!

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