Vindale Research Closing November 2021: How to Withdraw Your Money

Vindale Research Closing November 2021: How to Withdraw Your Money

Vindale Research Closing as of November 1st 2021

Vindale Research has announced that it will be closing as of November 1st, 2021. After this date earning and more importantly withdrawals will not be possible. Due to Vindale’s incredibly high minimum withdrawal, many members will not be anywhere near close to the $50 withdrawal. This raises the question of what happens to all that hard-earned cash from its members, who have not reached the $50 dollars.

vindale research closing November 2021
Vindale Research closing announcement for November 2021.

How do I Withdraw from Vindale Before it Closes?

This is the worrisome point as the announcement does not indicate how those underneath the $50 withdrawal limit can get access to their cash.

If you have met the withdrawal limit, log in to Vindale and navigate to the Vindale Research Payment Request page and immediately and start the process. Upcoming payment schedules are:

  • Request by October 8th, 2021 for payment to be processed on October 18th, 2021.
  • Request by ??? for payment by November 4th 2021.

next vindale payment schedule

vindale upcoming payment deadlines
It is unclear if the November 4th payout will be honored.

It’s unclear if the November 4th payment will occur however as this will be after they close their doors forever. So to play it safe get your request in before October the 8th.

However, the much, much bigger concern here is for those that have not reached the $50 payout minimum at Vindale.

How do I Withdraw from Vindale Research if I Haven't Met the $50 Payout Threshold?

The answer unfortunately is that we simply do not know. Vindale has not mentioned this in any of their communications.

Earnologist has contacted Vindale Research via their support email address: questioning how members who have not reached the payout minimum can be paid their hard-earned cash. See below for an update!

We’re honestly pessimistic about this and are sceptical as to whether Vindale will payout but we urge you to follow our lead and email Vindale to ask for your payment (in a friendly, professional way of course).

Response From Vindale Support (05/10/2021)

We have received a response to our query with Vindale Support about their closure. It doesn’t give any definite answers but seems that they are looking into the possibility of transferring funds from members’ Vindale accounts to their Opinion Outpost accounts. 

This possibility only appears to apply to users that have signed up with Opinion Outpost before Vindale closes its doors at the start of November. And, we have no idea if this will be the route they choose to take.

Vindale support update
Vindale Support have explained they’re looking into options for transferring member’s funds.

Highlighting the Dangers of High Wihdrawal Limit Money Making Sites

Vindale has a very high payout limit of $50 which in the online earning community has always been looked onto with caution. This recent development shows exactly why. Because it takes so long to reach the limit, members could be down up to $49 dollars if they’re not able to earn enough in time. People sitting at $20 are even less likely to reach the limit in time.

It also highlights a second point, which is for any site, regardless of how much you trust them, as soon as you hit that payout threshold, withdraw immediately. You do not know when they will close their doors or how much (or little) notice they will give.

Vindale Research Closure Summary

  • If you’ve met the $50 limit, withdraw NOW.
  • If you’re very close to the limit, i.e. a couple of dollars away, complete a few surveys asap then withdraw.
  • If you are nowhere near the limit, then contact Vindale at and (professionally) request the money you’ve earned. Additionally, sign up for Opinion Outpost in the event that Vindale transfer your points as the support email indicates:
This is a very sad end to Vindale and the lack of public information on how to withdraw or otherwise receive your earnings for those that have not met the $50 threshold is disappointing.
They have informed members to move to their partner site, Opinion Outpost. The email we received back from support suggests that you might have your points transferred so we suggest signing up just in case.
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