Swagbucks UK Decreases SB Value: 100SB Now Worth £0.80 Instead of £1

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Swabucks PayPal Withdrawl Costs Change in the UK

This week (Feb 9th 2024) Swagbucks has decreased what SB are worth for UK users who are withdrawing to PayPal. This means that your Swagbucks will be worth less from this point onwards when using this payout method.

Swagbucks UK Value of SB Dropped
The new Swagbucks conversion rates for PayPal withdrawals in the UK.

In summary, it makes Swagbucks less profitable if you’re in the UK. Note that this only affects PayPal at the moment, and gift cards are unchanged. Similarly, the worth of SB for all other payment options remains unchanged. Let’s take a look at exactly how this will affect you:

How Much Are Swagbucks Worth in the UK Now?

The changes to Swagbucks and the conversion from SB to GBP (£) means that generally, 100SB is now only worth £0.80 if you withdraw as PayPal, down from the previous £1.00. It also means that you will need to earn more Swabucks before you can hit the minimum withdrawal.

Interestingly, the £100 withdrawal remains at 10,000SB, keeping the conversion unchanged at 100SB converting to £1.00. We have the full before and after comparisons table below.

These changes were made during the week beginning 5th February 2024.

SB Conversion Rate Changes for PayPal Withdrawals

A full breakdown of the current and old conversion rates from SB to GBP(£).

Withdrawal Amount Current Old
£5 PayPal
625 SB
500 SB
£10 PayPal
1,250 SB
1,000 SB
£15 PayPal
1,875 SB
1,500 SB
£25 PayPal
3,125 SB
2,500 SB
£50 PayPal
6,250 SB
5,000 SB
£100 PayPal
10,000 SB
10,000 SB

Note: While you will get more cash if you hold out for £100, it can be slightly risky as you may be leaving your cash in Swagbucks for longer than you’d like.

Swagbucks to GBP Conversion Tool

We’ve updated our Swagbucks to GBP conversion tool to reflect this change. Now that PayPal and Gift Cards withdrawals have a differ SB cost in GBP, you can see the comparison between withdrawal options.

Check out our Swagbucks to GBP conversion tool here.


Now that your SB are worth less if you withdraw to PayPal (except when withdrawing £100 in bulk), you may consider these options to maximize your earnings:

  • Opt for gift card withdrawals which are still 100SB = £1.
  • Wait until you earn 10,000 SB before withdrawing to PayPal to maintain the 100SB = £1 conversion rate.

It’s an unfortunate change but highlights the benefits of being a member of multiple GPT sites. We suggest taking a look at Reward XP and Freecash as two much higher-paying alternatives.

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