Wizard of Oz Slots Swagbucks Offerwall Offer Guide: Level 101

Wizard of oz slots swagbucks guide

Wizard of Oz Slots Offerwall Offer Rating:


Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

  • The Wizard of Oz Slots offerwall offer appears on the main Swagbucks Discover page. It may also be available on other GPT sites.
  • Autospin makes this relatively hands-off.
  • Almost constant autospin all day is required.
  • In-app purchase of $4.39 is likely required after level 60 but good luck may mean that it is not needed.

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The Wizard of Oz Slots offer on Swagbucks is straightforward autospin slots offer, that as of writing will net you a cool £20/$25. Over time this offer may appear on other GPT sites, so make sure that you check out our huge list of Get-Paid-To sites so you can compare and grab the max profit from the offer.

This guide will explain if the offer is worth your time, if it is possible to reach level 101 in time, and how to speed up the offer to save you precious time.

Remember we’re not just about offerwalls here. We provide extensive guides on earning tons of money from hundreds of different sites and apps.

Is It Possible To Get to Level 101 in Wizard of Oz Slots?

The big question! Yes, it is 100% possible to get to level 101 in Wizard of Oz Slots within the (current) 7-day time limit. We were able to complete it in 4 days with minimal “babysitting”. In fact, we accidentally went way beyond to level 118 by autospinning and ended up with 2 billion coins left.

Wizard of oz slots level 101 proof
Level 101 is possible. In fact, we pushed through to level 118 without even realising.

But, there are some things to consider:

Getting to level 60 is an absolute breeze if you follow our guide below. You will use autospin and a safe spin amount to prevent you from busting out. Free coins are available that will help you keep that balance up too. More on this below.

Getting from level 60 to 101 is a little more complex. The amount of total coins needed to push through to 101 is quite high and the free coins you get do not scale. For some people, in the initial push to level 60, you may be lucky enough to have stockpiled enough coins. Most people will need to utilize a small in-app purchase to get their total coins up before continuing.

Do I Need to Spend Money to Reach Level 101?

For levels 1-60, you do not need to spend a penny on in-app purchases. However, once you reach level 60, the requirements for leveling up become out of sync with how many coins most people can reasonably earn.

If you have less than 8-10 billion coins once you reach level 60, you will almost certainly need to pay $4.39 for the “Elite Pass”. This gives you scratchers that always win and on average will net you 10 billion coins, assuming you have been completing the daily challenges as outlined in the full guide below.

Note: Wait until you reach level 60 before deciding to purchase the Elite Pass. If you have enough coins at that point, you will not need to purchase it.

Is My Wizard of Oz Slots Offer Good?

As of writing, there are no tiered offers available for Wizard of Oz Slots. Just the standard reach level 101 in 7 days for £20/$25. We prefer tiered offers as it means that you can earn without reaching the final goal. But with Wizard of Oz Slots, it doesn’t really matter as you will easily reach level 101 in time.

What does a good offer look like for Wizard of Oz Slots?

We consider the offer we completed to be a good offer. In fact, there was nothing to compare to, but we felt fairly compensated for the time we spent on the offer.

The offer we completed for Wizard of Oz Slots on Swagbucks was:

Total reward: 2,000SB (~$25/£30).
Time limit: 7 days.
Level to reach: 101.

This is a good offer for casino/slot-style games but other slot offers certainly pay more. That being said, in the absence of any other similar offers for this game, we suggest you go for it and cash in $25/£20 while it is still available.

Wizard of Oz Slots Offer: Level 101 Guide

Starting Out and Getting to Level 60

As noted above, the road to level 60 is reasonably quick and is achievable in a day or 2. But don’t be complacent as it is surprisingly easy to bust out.

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Start With a Good Coin Balance

When you start the game, it will throw several bundles of coins at you to start you off. This will be around 150 million. This might sound like a lot, but Wizard of Oz Slots has high minimum spins. Before you begin you need to “harvest” free coins from all of the non-obvious sources:

1. Sign in to Facebook in the top right corner for 240M free coins. (Don’t worry, it will not post to your timeline).

Wizard of oz slots Facebook

2. Visit the official Wizard of Oz Slots page on Facebook (on mobile) to claim free coins. This can be done every day but is only really worth it early on due to the number of coins you receive.

3. Collect your hourly free coins from the main lobby page.

4. Collect your welcome bonus from the top right menu icon.

5. Collect your free coins from the “Monthly Magic” from the top right menu icon.

After this, you should be sitting on a healthy 500M (0.5B) coins. Now, again this may seem like a lot of coins and you may be tempted to do spins of several million coins each but you will very quickly bust out if you do. If you’ve ever done a slot offer before, you know that this is the major thing to avoid.

Fire XP

When you start, for the first 2 days you will activate “Fire XP”. This means that your spins will generate more XP and you’ll level up faster. Make sure that you make the most of this and have that autospin running for as much of the first 48 hours as possible. It will significantly cut down how long it takes you to get to level 60 and then 101.

Spin Amount Strategy

Because coins are measured in millions and billions in Wizard of Oz Slots, it can be easy to spin big without thinking. But to avoid busting out you absolutely must follow our road to 60 spin strategy:

  • Only ever use the first slot “Dorothy & Toto”. We’ve found this to be the most consistent slot for bonuses and big wins.
  • Start with the lowest spin value. Be careful as it will automatically set it to a higher amount.
  • As you progress and your coin balance increases, bid between 0.1% and 1% of your total coin amount.

That last point is especially important as it will keep you between 100 and 1,000 bad spins away from busting out. So, let’s look at some numbers. If you get up to 1 billion coins, keep your spins between 1 million (0.1%) and 10 million (1%).

Make sure to turn autospin on, and keep an eye for any interactions, such as bonuses that will stop the game spinning.

Key Elements

When you begin you will not have access to all features. They will unlock as you level up (by spinning on the slots). Some are absolutely crucial, and you will need to make sure to utilize them as soon as they become available – this will be important when you reach level 60, and the coming push to level 101.

The key elements are:

  1. Autospin.
  2. Daily Challenges (Absolutely crucial!).
  3. Collect bonus (And the Super Spin).
  4. Clubs.
  5. Scratchers.

#1 Always Autospin

Wizard of Oz Slots has an autospin feature as most slot games do. Instead of manually clicking for each spin, you just hold it down for a few seconds. This will keep spinning until you stop it or you hit a bonus round.

For this offer, as with all slot offers you absolutely MUST use the autospin feature. This takes most of the manual work away from you and lets the game play itself. We also advise not sitting over the game as it spins, and instead using that time to easily earn even more money online while you wait.

#2 Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are probably the most crucial feature to allow you to reach level 101. This cannot be emphasized enough. Firstly it will give you nice bonuses to keep your balance up as you approach level 60. But more importantly, it will (if you decide to do so), give you around 10 billion coins if you pay the $4.39 for the elite pass which we’ll discuss further on in the guide.

Wizard of oz slots daily challenges elite pass
The prizes you win from the daily challenges.

For now, on the road to level 60, you will benefit from large amounts of coins. Most challenges come naturally with number of spins etc. but some will need you to spin on a certain slot. Remember once you’ve completed specific slot challenges, move back to Dorothy & Toto.

#3 Collect bonus (And the Super Spin)

You can claim a bonus every hour, and honestly, the amount you get is almost meaningless. But after every 7th time you collect it, you get access to the Super Spin:

wizard of oz slots super spin
The coins earned from the super spin make up for the low hourly free coins.

You can earn hundreds of millions up to even billions of free coins if you are lucky enough, so make sure to claim hourly.

#4 Clubs

Early on, clubs can be a good source of free coins. You earn free coins when the other members of your club get epic wins. If your club is very active this can result in a constant influx of free coins:

Wizard of oz slots Clubsof Oz
Clubs provide small, yet constant sources of free coins.

#5 Scratchers

Scratchers are virtual scratch cards that will always result in a win. You can earn between several hundred million and 1 or 2 billion per scratcher (if you’re lucky).

Note: Under no circumstances buy scratchers with real money!

You’ll get free scratchers for completing daily tasks, and sometimes you can even earn then on limited-time events. They will help massively to keep your coin balance up as they always provide a large number of coins.

The Elite Pass, which is an in-app purchase unlocks a large amount of these which can be essential to push to level 101.

The Push to Level 101

You should have now easily reached level 60 and need to push towards level 101. The Wizard of Slots seems to spike in difficulty once you reach level 60. Depending on your coins balance at this point, you have a few options:

  1. If you have around 8-10 billion coins, then you’ve been very lucky and can continue with the 0.1%/1% spin strategy that we used to get to level 60. No in-app purchases are required.
  2. If you do not have that many coins, you can take a chance and suffer through a very, very long grind to 101, which might not be possible in the time limit, or you can buy the Elite Pass.

The Elite Pass

If at level 60 you do not have 8-10 billion coins, we really, really suggest that you purchase the Elite Pass for $4.39. Generally, we push against iAP when completing offers, but this one (in this circumstance) is absolutely necessary.

Personally, at level 60 we were at 1 billion coins. The Elite pass unlocked 18 scratchers for us which bumped us up to 11 billion coins. More than enough to sail through to level 101:

wizard of oz slots elite pass
The Elite pass is a lifeline to get to level 101.

We’re not ashamed to admit it took us a while to actually find the Elite Pass… You’ll need to go into the daily challenges (red diamond with a green tick), then click the prizes tab. It can be purchased from there.

Remember, you can earn free Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards for use with necessary iAP offers like this. Only a few seconds a day can earn you a good amount of free credit each week,

As we alluded to earlier, it is critical that you’ve been completing your daily challenges on your way to level 60, because this pass will unlock an amount of scratchers based on your progress with the challenges.

Level 101 Spin Strategy

Either by luck or with the Elite Pass, you should have around 10 billion coins now. The strategy to get from level 60 to level 101 in Wizard of Oz Slots is very similar to the strategy to get to level 60:

  • Only ever use the first slot “Dorothy & Toto”. We’ve found this to be the most consistent slot for bonuses and big wins.
  • As you progress and your coin balance increases, bid 0.1% of your total coin amount.

The difference here is that you should max out at 0.1% spins. The reason for this is that bonuses appeared (in our experience) less from levels 60-101 than they did for levels 1-61.

So, if you have 10 billion coins, do spins of 10 million, and then scale down or up as you win or lose. With this approach, we got to level 101 in an additional 2 days. Depending on your luck, it could be slightly faster or slightly slower.

How Long Does Wizard of Oz Slots Pend For?

The good news is that as soon as we hit level 101, the offer moved into pending instantly on Swagbucks. We have not heard any reports of any issues with this offer pending or crediting for the full amount once your reach level 101.

Wizard of Oz Slots Free Coins

As outlined above, there are a few ways to get free coins in Wizard of Oz Slots:

  • Link your Facebook account.
  • Grab free coins from their Facebook page (daily).
  • Collect daily bonuses in the lobby.
  • Super spin after every 7th collect on the daily bonus.
  • Monthly magic in the top right of the app.
  • Welcome bonus in the top right of the app.
  • Register your email (Loyalty Lounge) in the app.
  • Collect free coins from your club.
  • Daily challenges.
  • Limited-time events.

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Wizard of Oz Slots Level 101: Reddit Discussion

We’re a big believer in sourcing and cross-checking information from elsewhere. In this guide, we’ve merged our experience with information from other users who have completed the Wizard of Oz Slots offer on Reddit.


While it may not be the highest earning slot game offer, the Wizard of Oz Slots Level 101 offer with Swagbucks (or other get-paid-to sites) is well worth doing.

Being able to autospin, and the fact that it is achiveable within the time limit means that it’s effectively free money. Although most will need to make a small in app purchase to complete it, the profits outweight the costs.

Remember, the beauty of slot offers is that while it is autospinning you can double your earnings with our huge list of hundreds of ways to earn online.

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