Coin Master Village Level 20 Offerwall Guide

Coin Master Village Level 20 Offerwall Offer Guide

Coin Master Offerwall Offer Rating:


Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable for you!

  • Minor attention is needed, so not a hands-off offer.
  • Very quick. You can even complete it in a single day if you’re dedicated.
  • No skill involved.
  • Free coins (see below) will help you speed through the offer.
  • The Coin Master offer on Swagbucks means you’ll earn £30/$30

The Coin Master offer is really fantastic. £30/$30 for reaching level 20, which is very easy to achieve. In the past, there have been offers to get to level 25 for the same amount, so this has been boosted significantly.

Our Coin Master offerwall guide below will show you how to reach level 20 in a flash.

Because it is a no-skill, almost mindless game that you can play on autopilot, the Coin Master offer is as close to free offerwall money as you can get.

Coin Master Village Level 20 Spinning
Coin Master is a game of spinning and it will take next to no time to reach level 20.

While the game is a no-brainer, you do have to manage your energy and ensure that you make use of some of the functionality in the game. Follow along with us below, level by level to understand how to get to Coin Master village level 20 within 7 days or less.

Is It Possible To Get to Village Level 20 in Coin Master?

Sometimes it can be tough to reach the offerwall’s criteria but getting to Village Level 20 in Coin Master is very, very easy. We were able to achieve it in a single day.

In-App Purchase: Some variations of this offer require you to also make an in-app purchase. We suggest waiting until you have got to level 20 and then making the purchase. That way you 100% know that you’re in the clear and have completed the leveling up in time.

Of course, simply purchase the cheapest iAP. Check below for info on how to “buy” iAP for free.

Note: iAP may be required for your offer. Check out our Google Opinions guide for how to earn free Google Play credit for iAP by answering single-question surveys with Google. Then you can speed things up for free!

Is My Coin Master Offer Good?

Because this can be completed within a day or two, realistically anything over £15/$15 would be considered a good offer. Similarly, having around a week to complete it, meaning you can take your time would also make for a good Coin Master offerwall offer.

We suggest you check out, or FreeCash as the best GPT sites to start this Coin Master offer from. Or, check out our huge GPT site list if you want to take a look and choose the best GPT site for you.

Right now, the best option is the Swagbucks Coin Master offer that we describe below.

What does a good offer look like for Coin Master?

Getting to level 20 in Coin master should only take a day or 2 at most. So anything more than that is a very generous offer. Normally for payouts as high as this, you’d expect to take weeks, but not with Coin Master village level 20. That’s what makes this offerwall offer so appealing.

The offer we completed was:

Total reward: 3,000SB (~$30/£30)
Time limit: 7 days
Village Level to reach: 20

We suggest that you grab an offer that is even part-way as good as this. We’re talking seriously easy and quick cash with this Swagbucks Coin Master offer on their built-in offerwall.

Now let’s see exactly how to complete the offer and get you to level 20 in no time at all.

Coin Master Offerwall Guide: Village Level 20

Do I Need to Spend Money on This Offer?

Some variations of this offer require you to make a purchase as well as reaching level 20. The cheapest is around £2/$2 so not a lot considering you’ll earn £30/$30. To get to level 20 you won’t need to spend anything. However, you will need to spend cash, if your offer specifically tells you that you have to.

However, if you want to really blast through the offer, then it can be done by buying extra spins/energy. A good way to pay for this without using actual cash is using Google Opinion Rewards which gives you free Google Play Credit for answering 2-3 question surveys every now and then.

Key Elements

All that matters is upgrading your village. Getting the Coin Master village to level 20 will mean lots of spinning (you can auto spin) to get enough coins to upgrade.

As you progress, you will unlock extra functionality that in some cases is absolutely critical to get to level 20 within the 7-day limit. Make sure to make use of them as they’re unlocked.

  1. Autospin (From level 1)
  2. Free spins (From level 1)
  3. Trading Cards (From level 3)
  4. Pets (From level 4)
  5. Daily Spin
  6. Events (Open up progressively)
  7. Tournaments (Open up progressively)
  8. Teams (From level 10)
  9. Rewards Calendar (From level 11)
As each of the above is unlocked, it becomes easier to earn coins and build up your free spins. Make sure to make use of all of the above to maximize how many coins you earn and to get to village level 20 in Coin Master much more quickly.

As you progress, don’t forget about the functionality you unlocked earlier. You will need to use all of it to keep your energy and spins up.

#1: Starting Out & The Basics

Coin Master is straightforward. You spin the slot machine, which uses up your energy and in return, you can get:

  • Coins (used to upgrade your village)
  • More energy (more spins)
  • Shield (protects your village)
  • Raid (Dig up coins in players’ villages)
  • Attack (Attack other players for coins)

With these coins, you need to swipe up from the slot machine to get to your current village. Then you simply click on each building/item to spend your coins. Once a village is completed in Coin Master, you are upgraded to the next village level. In our case, we’re wanting to get to village level 20.

Coin Master Get To Level 20
Your core focus will be upgrading your village to get to village level 20.

When you start there is not much functionality other than spinning (and the rewards from that) and upgrading your village. Don’t worry though, things will start unlocking soon!

#2: Always Autospin

Make sure you hold down the spin button to activate auto-spin. This makes the Coin Master offer much more hands-free. Just fire off that auto spin while you’re watching TV and let it earn coins in the background. Of course, it also reduces the time it takes to complete the offer.

Coin Master Autospin
Make sure that you autospin!

This step will apply throughout your playtime. Even when you’re moving up toward level 20, you should still be using auto-spin constantly.

#3: Always Spend Your Coins

One of the core features of Coin Master is that you attack/raid other players and they attack/raid you. This is a fun semi-multiplayer aspect but it also affects our playstyle.

Because others can steal your coins, the best thing to do is always spend all of your coins on upgrading the village. Don’t save up millions and millions of coins. If you do, you can find that a big chunk of the coins you earned will be stolen. And as a result, it takes longer to upgrade your Coin Master village to level 20. And we don’t want that!

#4: Coin Master Free Daily Bonus

This is a no-brainer, but as with all offerwall offers you need to make sure that you make use of what the game gives you for free. For Coin Master, this is the daily free spin in the lower right corner.

At level 11 you also unlock the Daily Rewards Calendar. Just make sure you claim it each day for free Coin Master coins and energy.

Coin Master Reward Calendar Free Spins CoinsMaster
The rewards calendar is a good way to get daily free coins, spins, and energy in Coin Master.

Just think of these two features as your Coin Master free daily bonuses that you absolutely should claim to push yourself through to level 20, and to get that offer to pend on Swagbucks.

#5: Coin Master Pets

Coin Master pets are unlocked at level 4. They give extra bonuses so long as they are fed. They will remain fed for around 4 hours.

Your first pet is the fox, Foxy. Foxy will increase how many coins you earn via raids. Raids remember are triggered on the slots when you get 3 pig faces in a row.

Every time you do a raid, Foxy will allow you to dig up an additional hole for more coins. And any coins you earn will be a percentage more (depending on Foxy’s level) than the base amount.

Coin Master Keep Pets Fed For Coin Multiplier
Keep Foxy fed and every raid will have increased rewards.

Every raid gives pet XP, and you will randomly earn it from other sources too during play. Make sure you upgrade Foxy by fully using all XP you’ve collected. You don’t want to start a raid with a lower-level Foxy if you could have gone in with a higher level. You’ll miss out on heaps of coins if you do.

#6: Save Your Spins for Events & Tournaments

Once you’ve unlocked Coin Master tournaments and events, you need to make sure that whenever you spin, they’re active. They will introduce a new icon in the slot machine, such as the leprechaun hat below.

Coin Master Save Spins Events Tournaments
An example event with new icons added to collect. There are multiple phases with increasing rewards.

When you collect these, it fills a meter and you’re rewarded in coins, spins/energy, or other items.

It can take some time to fill these meters, so we suggest following our Coin Master multiplier spin strategy further below. Effectively it means using super bet (basically a bet multiplier) to use more spins for each spin (if that makes sense!!). You’re then rewarded by the same multiplied amount you used to spin.

So for example, if you do a x5 spin, you’ll earn x5 the number of leprechaun hats or whatever event icon is active.

#7: Coin Master Trading Cards

Trading cards in Coin Master are unlocked as you progress. You earn coins and spins/energy by completing sets. You earn the cards themselves randomly or as you upgrade your village towards level 20.

Our advice is to not focus too heavily on them. You will find that you’ll naturally complete a few sets as you progress anyway.

Coin Master Cards Complete Set
Coin Master rewards for completing trading card sets.

It is a nice passive way to earn free coins and spins but don’t put time into actively completing sets.

#8: Teams

Admittedly teams play a very, very small role in helping you blast through your Swagbucks Coin Master village level 20 offer. But, if you find yourself empty on spins, you can request an energy refill for some free spins.

Also, especially if you have an active team you can request specific trading cards from the “power members” who have lots of spares. This can get you a nice amount of free spins by completing your trading card sets.

Coin Master: How to Get More Spins

The biggest danger that may slow you down or stop you from achieving the Coin Master village level 20 offerwall offer is running out of spins. As soon as people run out they inevitably ask themselves “Can I get Coin Master free spins?” Fortunately, the answer is yes and there are a lot of ways to get free spins:

By Following Our Coin Master Level 20 Guide Above

You’ll earn free spins in a number of different ways just by playing Coin Master:

  1. By spinning! Spins/energy can be a reward if you match 3.
  2. By leveling up your village.
  3. Random chest drops.
  4. Rewards from events.
  5. Rewards from tournaments.
  6. Daily rewards.
  7. For completing card sets.

You can also request spins directly from your team/guild although you will need to make sure they’re an active team for it to be of any use.

Refill Spins

If you run out of spins, they will refill automatically at a rate of 5 free Coin Master spins per hour. Admittedly this is quite slow and if you’re going to get to level 20 you need more free spins. You should try to never reach this point – see our Spin Strategy further down to find out how to best keep your spin numbers up.

Coin Master Real Free Spins on Facebook/Twitter

You may have seen the sites that offer free spins every day for Coin Master. People end up spending a ton of time clicking through these sites with the free spin links sometimes working and sometimes not working.

The truth is, the only valid Coin Master real free spin links come directly from the Coin Master Facebook page. And these other sites simply copy the links (sometimes incorrectly) and drop them onto their site.

So, save yourself the pain and just head over to the Coin Master Facebook page or the Coin Master Twitter page (on your phone) and click the links. This will open up Coin Master with your free spins and coins.

Coin Master Free Spins And Coins
You can get a huge amount of free spins direct from the Coin Master Facebook page.

What we’ve seen so far from the Coin Master Facebook page is 100 free spins as above, up to 400 free spins and as low as 10 free spins, to 60 free spins. It really is a pot luck on how many free spins you’ll actually get.

Beware Fake Coin Master Free Spin Links

As above, just stay with the Coin Master free spin links on their Facebook page or their Twitter page. They are the only valid links. Anything not listed on their page simply won’t work.

We’ve seen sites claiming to offer a Coin Master free 5,000 spin link. A free 5,000 spin link?? Sounds great right? Well, it doesn’t exist. These sites are baiting you into clicking their supposed 5,000 spin link for Coin Master. But all that will happen is you’ll click a link for a smaller amount of spins that are taken from the Facebook page or you’ll be bombarded with ads, which of course the site will earn money from.

Save yourself the hassle of the clickbait 10,000 free spins and 5,000 free spins on Coin Master and just use the legit links they provide on their social media.

Coin Master Spin Strategy & Technique

Use Bet Multipliers Wisely

At a certain point, you will unlock spin multipliers in Coin Master. This means that each spin, instead of using 1 energy (or 1 spin) will use 3, 5, 15, or 50. This will of course use your energy faster but it means that your rewards are also multiplied by that amount. The rewards that are multiplied are coins earned directly, coins from raids and attacks, energy, and even event/tournament “icons”.

The danger here is increasing the multiplier too high and busting out. Alternatively, the other danger is wasting your spins and not reaping the rewards of the super bet multiplier.

So what do you do and what is the best Coin Master spin strategy for multiplier spins? It’s actually pretty straightforward.

How to Use Coin Master Super Bet

We used the following rules to successfully complete the Swagbucks Coin Master Level 20 Offerwall offer:

Number of Spins Left Multiplier
Bet x1
Bet x3
Bet x5
Bet x15

With these Coin Master spin strategy rules in place, you make sure that you don’t waste your spins/energy too quickly. It also makes sure that you’re balancing it correctly against getting big payouts.

Save Your Spins For Events & Tournaments

As mentioned earlier, Events and Tournaments are a great way to increase how many coins and energy/spins you earn. And the best part is that the multiplier also applies to the event/tournament “icons”. So a 5x spin will get you 5 times as many of these icons and get you the event rewards much faster.

So, when possible hold off until an event and a tournament are running and use our Coin Master Super Bet Spinning strategy. You’ll complete the village level 20 Coin Master offer in no time at all.

Coin Master Cheats

Sorry to disappoint but there are no Coin Master cheats/cheat codes, glitches, or anything similar. The only thing similar to Coin Master cheats is the free spin links given out by Coin Master themselves.

It’s also very important to note that even if a cheat or glitch became available you should absolutely not use it. There have been reports of offerwall offers for other games being rejected because it has been detected that players are cheating in-game, or multi-accounting, etc. It is fair to assume that using Coin Master cheats or exploits would result in the same outcome.

So, in short, no there are no Coin Master cheats and even if there were, it would be a bad idea to use them!

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Coin Master Level 20 Guide: Reddit Discussion

Before you go, we’ve dropped a Coin Master Level 20 mini-guide post on Reddit to allow for discussion and questions. If you have any questions about this guide, or have any suggestions or points that you believe we should add to the guide, head on over to Reddit to discuss this Coin Master level 20 guide today.


The Coin Master offer on Swagbucks or whatever GPT site you’re using is a fantastic way to earn some cash on the side. We had absolutely no issues getting our Coin Master account to level 20 within 2 days. So the 7 days offered is incredibly easy.

Some final words, just remember that there are no “Coin Master hacks”, there is no way to get “Coin Master unlimited spins” and no one is giving away 5,000 free spins or more for the game. Just play as we’ve outlined in our Coin Master Village Level 20 offerwall offer guide above and you won’t even need to consider anything else.

Good luck, and happy spinning!

Make sure to check out our ways to earn by playing games and our complete offerwall guides for more ways to earn as you play games like Coin Master.

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