Animal Kingdom Island Level 70, 72 Offerwall Guide

Animal Kingdom Offerwall Guide

Animal Kingdom Offerwall Offer Rating:

  • Minor attention is required, autospin is available.
  • In-app purchases are not required but can potentially speed things up.
  • Earnings: $30-$40 (or country equivalent)

Animal Kingdom is a game similar to coin master, dice dreams, etc. Your goal is to collect coins to upgrade your island and then move on to the next. There is a degree of luck involved with this one but you can bend it in your favour and ensure that you complete the offer in time. We’ll show you exactly how to do that below.

We went for the offer directly via Swagbucks’s own offerwall which is the only place we’ve seen this offered so far. Currently, the offer is to reach level 70 within 12 days for 4,000SB ($40).

The game itself is fun enough meaning that spending an hour or so per day playing it is quite enjoyable.

Animal Kingdom Offer
A fun game but more importantly an easy game.

But let’s face it, the reason you’re here is to see if it is actually possible to reach level/island 70 or 72 in Animal Kingdom within the 12-day time limit (or however long your offer is), so let’s jump right into things below.

Earnologist has you covered so let’s take a look at Animal Kingdom Island 70 (or 72!): the complete guide.

Is It Possible To Get to Island 70 or 72 in Animal Kingdom?

Straight off, let’s confirm it – it is 100% possible to get to island 70, or even island 72 in Animal Kingdom within 12 days. In fact we were able to do it in 10 days. You should not need to spend any money on in app purchases but doing so will speed up how quickly you can get to island 70 or 72.

You’ll need to play for around 1 hour per day but Animal Kingdom is a fun game so won’t be too much of a drag. And of course at the end of it you’ll earn yourself a cool 4,000SB or around $40.

Note: You can get free Google Play Credit with Google Opinions that can be used to massively speed up most offerwall offers. Check out our Google Opinions guide for how to earn free play credit for iAP by answering single-question surveys with Google.

Is My Animal Kingdom Offer Good?

It’s important to make sure that the offer you’ve chosen is a good one. Both in terms of how much you’ll earn but also in terms of whether it will be easy to achieve in the time limit.

Selecting a bad offer can mean that it is not achievable or that you’re earning less than you should. Before you click that offer let us look through and determine if your offer for Animal Kingdom, island 70/72 is a good one or not.

Typically, the best location will be Swagbucks or but check out our huge GPT site list if you want to manually review the options of a few sites yourself.

What does a good offer look like for Animal Kingdom?

The Animal Kingdom level/island 70 offer will take you at least 9 days regardless of whether you need to get to island level 70 or a little further to 72 so bear that in mind when selecting your offer. It also seems to be readily available with a high payout.

The offer (see below) that we took up on Swagbucks via their own offerwall in the discover section is considered a very good offer. This is because the time limit is more than achievable and the payout is great for such a simple game. If your offer is anything like the below, we suggest that you go for it.

The offer we completed was:

Total reward: 4,000SB (~$40)
Time limit: 12 days
Level to reach: Island 70

So, if the offer you see is anything like the above and even if it goes up to level 72 instead of level 70 then go for it as soon as you’ve read our guide below:

Animal Kingdom Offerwall Offer Guide to Island Level 70 or 72

Why This Offer Is Easy

This guide for Animal Kingdom, upgrading your island to level 70 or 72 requires no in-app purchases as mentioned above. There is no real challenge or skill involved as such but there are certain rules that you absolutely must follow in order to complete this Animal Kingdom level 70/72 offer in time.

The offer itself is easy if you follow the steps in this complete guide as it will detail the quickest and most efficient way to finish the offer.

Important Game Elements

The important elements of Animal Kingdom that we’ll explain to how exploit in order to complete you level 70 or 72 offer are:

  • Autospin.
  • Tournaments.
  • Events.
  • Cards.
  • Sammy Jackpot/Coin toss.
  • Gems.

Step #1: Starting Out & The Basics

In the beginning, you will move through levels quickly. Just focus on hitting the bridge between the small islands on the game field until you can activate autospin on the bottom left. Your major goal is to manage your energy so that you don’t run out (or rarely run out). 

You have the option of using x1, x2, x5, x10 etc. energy per spin. There is a definite strategy that benefits you the most and this will stay true throughout the game:

  • If you have 50 or less energy use x2 energy.
  • If you have 51-100 energy use x3 energy.
  • If you have 101-500 energy use x5 energy.
  • If you have over 500 energy use x10 or even x20 energy.

This is the most effective way to ensure that when you win, you win as many coins as possible, while still protecting your energy so you don’t waste it too fast. This is the most efficient strategy to follow.

You should spend your coins as soon as you can beacuse others can attack and steal them. As below, manage your coins early on 25/75 between buying cards and upgrading your island.

Step #2: Early Levels Managing Energy & Coins

As mentioned, the biggest risk you have is running out of energy. Early on you have some great options for getting hundreds or even thousands of energy with very little effort. An additional risk is other players stealing your coins.


Around 75% of your earned coins should go directly to upgrading your island, and getting you closer to island level 70 or 72. They should be spent immediately to avoid other people from stealing them. 25% of your coins (at least early on) should be spent on cards:


By completing a card series you will be rewarded with hundreds of energy. Early on because you only have a one or two card series unlocked it is very easy to get extra energy this way. You will get cards naturally via playing but we suggest that you spend around 25% of your earned coins on chests.

As you progress through the levels, the costs of the chests increase so it becomes less of a practical strategy later on. However, keep an eye on your cards later on because if you’re missing only a single card it may still be worth using your coins to chance it on a chest and earn 2,000 energy.

Animal kingdom card reward
Rewards from cards can help keep your energy sky high.

Step #3: Competing in Tournaments

As you increase the level of your island in Animal Kingdom you will eventually unlock tournaments. Here you will compete with others and whoever collects the most coins, or random item that the game spits out during the tournament will win energy.

This energy can be up to several thousand. Once you unlock tournaments they become very important to keep your energy levels up. So, how do you make sure that you win?

The key to winning is to wait until the tournament only has around 20 minutes left. You join once you start playing as normal so just wait. The reasoning here is that those people that join when there are 4 hours remaining will continually check back to keep their position in the leaderboard. But people who join later, like you will, won’t have the time to do so.

You won’t win every time with this strategy but it will hugely increase how often you win.

Thousands of energy from tournaments, means millions of coins earnt which means big jumps towards Animal Kingdom island level 70/72.

Step #4: Competing in Events

Events run alongside tournaments in Animal Kingdom. You’re not competing with anyone else though, just hitting targets that will reward you with coins or energy.

Animal kingdom events tournaments
Playing a tournament & event at the same time speeds up your path to Animal Kingdom island 70/72.

There is no real strategy here other than making sure that when you play there is both a tournament and an event taking place at the same time. This ensures you’re maximizing your energy to get as much in the way of bonuses as possible.

Step #5: Offers, Gems, Sammy & the Coin Toss

Events are a strange mix of completely free gifts and trying to tempt you into spending money on the game.

Every now and then you’ll see pop-ups on the screen. Don’t dismiss them because a few times a day you will be given a free or sometimes several free “items” which can be:

  • Free gems.
  • Free coins.
  • Free sammy jackpot entries.
  • Free coin toss entries.
  • Free energy.
Animal kingdom free offers
Example daily free offers for Animal Kingdom.

The energy and coins are obvious but what about gems, sammy jackpot and coin toss? Well these three work together. Sammy jackpot and coin toss are bonus games where you guess the outcome of a coin toss or a cup guessing game. It is important to understand that these bonus games are rigged.

The Rigged Bonus Games & How to Win

Because we know they are rigged, we can use this to our advantage. It doesn’t matter which cup you choose or if you choose heads/tails. It’s pre-decided.

Keep selecting until you guess wrong or hit a snake. Then, choose to watch an ad to continue. At this point, choose again but then STOP unless it is a snake-free choice. It is almost certain that your next selection will again be a snake, or incorrect coin choice (this is the scam). To continue and avoid losing everything you will need to pay 800-1,600 gems. If you have no gems, you lose it all.

If you have 1,600 gems feel free to continue (in fact you absolutely should) to get as much energy as possible. But as soon as you spend your gems or if you don’t have at least 1,600 then DO NOT CONTINUE. Collect your winnings and bail because the game will take everything away from you with another forced loss.

In-App Purchases

Sometimes the offer will be to pay to unlock a tier of bonus items which will then allow access to further free items. You absolutely don’t need to do this but if you have some spare Google Play Credit from Google Opinion Rewards it can be a good way to spend to speed up the offer.

Step #6 Use Your Energy & Refills & Multipliers

As you progress, you will find yourself at times with zero energy left. At this point all you can do is wait for it to refill over time. It will refill to a max of 50 energy.

Just make sure that you open the app frequently to make sure you make the most of these energy refills.

As mentioned at the start, using multipliers when you have high energy is important to earn coins quickly. It becomes even more important as you progress. Check out below a win with a 20x multiplier that allowed us to jump forwards several island levels at once, inching us closer to level 70.

Animal kingdom multiplied coins
118M coins from a x20 multiplier.

Step #7: Continue the Grind

And that’s it, just continue through as above and bit by bit you will find yourself jumping up towards island level 70 – 72 on Animal Kingdom. Try not to miss playing for even a single day as it can lead to a bit of a rush when you near the end of the time limit. The sooner you complete, the sooner you can move onto the next lucrative offerwall offer!

Critical Step: Always use all of your energy before taking a break from the game. Your energy will refill while you’re away which means that you’ll reach Animal Kingdom Island 70 or 72 much more quickly.

When Does Animal Kingdom Level 70 & 72 Credit/Pend?

Like many offerwall offers you’ll be pleased to know that Animal Kingdom pends early for both the island level 70 and island level 72 offers:

  • The level 70 offer pends/credits at island level 68.
  • The level 72 offer pends/credits at island level 70.

The above is confirmed in this Animal Kingdom level 70 reddit thread.

If you don’t see it pop up in your pending earnings at the levels mentioned above, play it safe and continue through to the advertised level. If it still doesn’t pend then you’ll need to raise a issue report with the offerwall provider.


The Animal Kingdom Level/Island 70-72 offerwall offer is a great way to make a nice chunk of cash from playing games. The game is easy and the task of reaching level 70 or 72 is easily possible within the time limit.

You should have plenty of free time between energy refills so why not look at the highest earning offerwall offers from across all GPT sites and use your time elsewhere to pull in some extra cash?

Enjoy your earnings from this game and we’ll see you when you need some guidance on the next one!

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