Monopoly Go! Offerwall Offer Guide: Board Level 5, 12, 32, 42, 71, 101

Monopoly go swagbucks offer guide

Monopoly Go! Offerwall Offer Rating:


Original Offer (Variant 1)

New Offer (Variant 2)

Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

  • Minor attention is needed, so not a hands-off offer.
  • Around an hour a day of playtime is needed.
  • A tiered offer, with lower levels being achievable, higher levels unfortunately not.
  • The Monopoly Go! offer on Swagbucks means you’ll earn £35/$35 but in reality only £15/$15 is possible. The new variant offers £92/$92 but in reality only a max of £17/$17 is possible.

The Monopoly Go! offer is tiered meaning that you will receive payment for multiple levels. So, for instance, even if you only get to level 12, you get paid for levels 5 & 12.

The game itself is very easy and similar to Board Kings, although played on a Monopoly board instead.

You have a certain amount of energy that is used to roll the dice. When you roll you earn coins by landing on squares. These coins are then used to upgrade landmarks, which places houses and hotels on your board. This in turn increases how much earn. Finally, energy refills over time, meaning you will be taking a lot of breaks while it refills. This is actually a good thing as it means that you’re not locked into the game all day.

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Is It Possible To Get to Board Level 5 in Monopoly Go?

Yes, getting to Board Level 5 in Monopoly Go! is incredibly easy. In fact, you will be able to get to level 5 within your first 30 minutes of playing the game.

There is no skill or really any effort involved to get to level 5. Of course, you’ll only earn pennies for this first target in the offerwall offer.

Is It Possible To Get to Board Level 12 in Monopoly Go?

Again, yes you can absolutely get to Level 12 in Monopoly Go! It will take you a few days but you will easily be able to reach this if you follow our Monopoly Go! guide below.

While easy, you will still need to plan accordingly to manage your energy and to make the most of your rolls. Remember for most forms of this offer, such as the Swagbucks offer you have 21 days to complete this so you have a lot of breathing room. That said, you will still need to play the game daily to reach level 12.

Is It Possible To Get to Board Level 32 in Monopoly Go?

Getting to level 32 in Monopoly Go is possible within the 21-day time frame (remember to check your personal offer time frame) but it really is borderline. We played Monopoly Go! every day for an hour or so and we only just managed to reach level 32 in time. It was due to some last-minute luck and a big tournament win.

We suggest that you still attempt Level 32 but be aware that it is heavily luck dependent on whether or not you will be able to reach it in time.

If your offer is more than 21 days, let’s say 30 days then this will be easily possible.

Is It Possible To Get to Board Level 42 in Monopoly Go?

In our opinion, no it is not possible to get to board level 42 in the Monopoly Go offer, at least not within a 21-day time frame. What’s more, even if your offer gives you 30 days we still do not think this is possible unless you hit an insanely lucky streak.

We advise that you simply stop after reaching level 32. The road to level 42 is too long and you almost certainly won’t make it. Use that time to earn money on other high-paying offerwall game offers.

Note: We DO NOT recommend spending money in-game on rolls, energy, etc. as you’ll burn through them in minutes. They are effectively useless during your Monopoly Go! offer run.

Is It Possible To Get to Board Level 71 in Monopoly Go?

Update: The new variant of the Monopoly Go! offer added additional level rewards including level 71 (and removed lower level rewards…).

Let us be absolutely clear on this, it is not possible to reach level 71 in Monopoly Go! within the 30-day limit. We recommend that you stop at level 32 or at a push level 42. Level 71 is simply not possible and you will just be wasting your time.

We suggest moving on to another offer after you reach level 32 or 42. Your time is money and you will not hit level 71, meaning no rewards and wasted time.

Is It Possible To Get to Board Level 101 in Monopoly Go?

Categorically, absolutely, and completely no, it is not possible to reach board level 101 in Monopoly Go as part of your offer. The time taken to reach this would far, far exceed the 30-day limit. In fact, we do not believe that this would even be remotely achievable within 60 days.

Do yourself a favour and don’t punish yourself by wasting your time trying to reach level 101. It is just not possible.

Is My Monopoly Go! Offer Good?

As long as your Monopoly Go! offer is tiered, meaning that it pays out for reaching multiple levels then it is likely a good offer. In addition, you want to make sure the time limit is 21 days+ to give you a good chance to reach level 32 or if you’re lucky, level 42

As always, we suggest you check out the main players, or FreeCash to compare offers. Additionally, check out our huge GPT site list as there are some high-paying hidden gems there too.

What does a good offer look like for Monopoly Go?

A good offer will be tiered, have a long time to complete, and of course a high payout. The Monopoly Go offer on Swagbucks that we went for is an example of an OK to good offer:

Monopoly go offer good
The Monopoly Go! offer that we completed.

The offer we completed was:

Total reward: 3,510SB (~$35/£35), although only 1,510SB are really possible (~$15/£15)/
Time limit: 21 days.
Board Levels to reach: 5, 12, 32, 42.

Now, while this is an OK/good offer it is by no means excellent. This is because level 42 is simply not achievable in 21 days. That being said it is the best offer available as of writing. But if you can find an offer with a lower final level or a longer time limit then jump on it immediately.

New Variant Offer for Monopoly Go!

Recently, the offer that we completed above has been replaced with a new variant of the Monopoly Go! offer. This new offer increases max earnings to £92/$92. But do not be fooled, this is either only slightly better or perhaps even worse than the original offer:

Monopoly go level 71 101 new offer swagbucks

As you can see above, board level 12 has been removed, effectively reducing the amount of easy rewards that you can grab. Even with the increase to 30 days up from 21 days, you’re still going to massively struggle to reach level 42.

Realistically, you will absolutely not be able to reach board levels 71 and 101 as we discussed above. You will be able to reach board level 32 and might be able to reach level 42, making your earnings between 700SB – 1,700 or £7/$7 – £17/$17.

Monopoly Go! Offer Guide: Level 5, 12, 32, 42, 71, 101

Do I Need to Spend Money on This Offer?

We DO NOT advise making any in-app purchases during this offer. The amount of dice that you get even from big purchases is tiny. You can get much more through normal in-play tasks than you would from any purchases.

However, if your offer includes a task for completing a purchase by all means do so as long as the reward from the offer is more than the cost of the iAP of course!

As a side note, we suggest that to build up free credit for in-app purchases for use with offerwall offers that you use Google Opinion Rewards which gives you free Google Play Credit for answering 2-3 question surveys and uploading receipts every now and then.

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Key Elements

The goal of the game is to upgrade all landmarks on the current board level, which allows you to move to the next board.

You do this by using rolls (similar to energy in other games) that will earn you money as you move around the board and trigger certain events. On top of that, you have tasks, events, tournaments, and other features that boost your coins and allow you to level up faster.

This extra functionality will unlock as you progress, so if you don’t recognize an entry in the list below it’s just because you’ve not reached the unlock level yet.

  1. Auto roll
  2. Multi-rolls
  3. Shutdowns & Heists
  4. Quick Wins
  5. Tournaments
  6. Events
  7. Sticker Collection
  8. Coin Management
The game starts off very simple with only rolling available and the features that it triggers. But as you progress the other elements above give you huge benefits. If you use them correctly you can shave days off the time it takes you to reach the levels of your Monopoly Go! offer.

Read on to understand how to make the most of each feature and earn the very most out of your offer’s terms.

#1: Starting Out & The Basics

The core game of Monopoly Go! is simple. You click the button to roll, you move around the board and you can collect coins, rolls (energy), shields, and at a certain point stickers.

  • Coins (used to upgrade your landmarks & board level)
  • Rolls (energy)
  • Shield (protects your landmarks/board)
  • Shutdown (Attack other player’s boards for coins)
  • Heist (Mini-matching game for coins)
Monopoly go offer main board
Rolls are your energy, without them, you can’t do anything.

The coins you earn from the above features are used to upgrade landmarks. When all landmarks are upgraded, you go up a board level. And that’s what this Monopoly Go offer is all about, leveling up!

When you start there is not much functionality other than rolling, collecting coins (from landing on squares, heists, and shutdowns), and upgrading landmarks. Don’t worry though, more features will unlock as we proceed which increases the speed at which you can upgrade your board.

Your major focus should be upgrading landmarks. This cannot be stated enough. This is literally the most important thing in the game and for the offer itself. Upgrading landmarks will allow you to ump up to the next board level:

monopoly go level up your board
Leveling up your landmarks and boards is the most important thing in this game.

#2: Always Auto-roll

Make life easy for yourself and once you unlock the ability, hold down on the “Go” button to start auto-rolls. This means you can even glance away and earn money with something else as it is rolling.

Monopoly go offer autoroll

Early on it won’t be hugely useful, but when you have 800 rolls to get through it is a lifesaver. You’ll still need to keep checking in while it auto-rolls from time to time if you’ve triggered a heist or a shutdown though.

#3: Choose the Right Roll Multiplier

The roll multiplier means that instead of using a single roll, each time, you’ll use however many your multiplier is set at. Why is this a good thing? It means that when you hit important features such as heists, shutdowns, etc. your coins will also be multiplied by that amount.

The important part is choosing the correct multiplier. We’ve found that the following is an effective way to manage your multiplier and its based on how many spins you have to use:

  • 20 or fewer rolls: 1x multiplier.
  • 21-50 rolls: 2x multiplier.
  • 51-100 rolls: 3x multiplier.
  • 101-200 rolls: 5x multiplier.
  • 201+ rolls: 10x or even 20x.
monopoly go 20x multiplier
Use the correct multiplier to complete the offer more effectively.

Managing your roll multipliers in this way means that you’re getting the absolute most from features while not blasting through and wasting them too quickly. This is the most effective and time-conscious way of handling your rolls.

As you can see, hitting a heist with a decent multiplier can give you enough coins to upgrade multiple, or even all landmarks on your current board:

Monopoly go heist multiplier
Multipliers work wonders on heists.

#4: Daily Quick Wins

The daily quick wins are a nice source of extra coins, rolls and stickers (more on stickers later). They are incredibly easy to complete, but sometimes you need to be a little strategic with how you go about completing them.

monopoly go quick wins
Quick wins are simple but need a little thought.

The problem comes when you are low on spins. Let’s say you need to complete a quick win which is “Complete 3 bank heists”. Now if you only have 50 spins and you’re using our advice above, that would mean a 2x multiplier giving you only 25 attempts to get 3 heists. So in this instance it actually makes sense to drop back to a x1 multiplier to give you 50 chances to complete that specific quick win.

#5: Balancing Events & Tournaments

The two major sources of extra rolls are the events on the top of your screen where you complete challenges to earn rewards, and tournaments on the right where you compete with others in a leaderboard, again to gain rolls. But how can we most effectively manipulate them to earn as many rolls as possible?

There are two techniques to use here and both involve a little planning and patience. Don’t worry though, it’s pretty straightforward.

Method 1: Combination

The first method involves waiting until there is an event and a tournament happening at the same time. The reason for this is you’re doubling the effectiveness of your rolls. If both are active, your rolls are contributing to both your event challenges (earning rolls along the way), and your ranking in the tournament (earning rolls once complete). This can be a very effective way of making sure your rolls have the max impact, and earn more rolls, which of course converts to more coins and then more levels.

monopoly go events tournaments

Method 2: Waiting Until the End

The second method involves waiting until a tournament is almost finished. And by that, I mean the final 10 minutes. The reasoning here is that if you join really late, you’ll be matched with other players that have also joined really late. So nobody has that much time to get a big score. This cuts out the “super players” who end up with insane scores and gives you a much better chance of coming in the top 5.

#6:Monopoly Go! Free Rolls

Monopoly Go doesn’t have codes for free rolls but fortunately, it does offer plenty of free rolls from inside the game itself. You need to make sure that you grab these at every opportunity because as I keep repeating, rolls equals coins, which equals landmark upgrades, which equals board-level upgrades, which equals more money made from the offer.

Let’s look at the ways to grab free rolls in-game in Monopoly Go!:

1. Free Monopoly Go Daily Rolls

If you click the shop icon on the main page of your board and then scroll along through the top section, there is a hidden cache of free daily rolls. Make sure you collect this daily to help keep your roll numbers up!

Monopoly go free daily gift fee rolls
Free daily rolls on Monopoly Go!


2. Free Sidebar Free Rolls

Next up we have the free sidebar rolls. You might have overlooked this because they’re hidden amongst the endless pop-ups trying to get you to pay for rolls. But there are actually free rolls to grab here too.

They rotate out every few days so keep an eye on these sidebar icons and check in for your free rolls:

monopoly go side free rolls
The sidebar is another source of free rolls.

#7: Monopoly Go! Stickers

Like many similar games, Monopoly Go! has the idea of collecting stickers and completing sets. You earn sticker packs for completing event challenges, and sometimes from random challenges and quick wins. When you complete these sets of stickers you get HUGE amounts of free spins. Often 500 or more.

You can get quite involved with the stickers and are even able to connect with people in the Facebook group to swap stickers etc. Our advice: don’t bother trading stickers.

All you need to do is make sure to try and collect stickers whenever you can. Complete the challenges and quick wins etc. And then forget about it. Over time your will naturally complete sticker sets and get your free rolls. Very straightforward.

#8: Coin Management

Part of the game is attacking players with heists and shutdowns to steal their coins. That means that people can also do that to you. So, whenever you’re logging off for the day make sure you’ve spent as many of your coins upgrading landmarks as possible. The fewer coins you have, the lower the chance of losing coins.

Remember coins, just like rolls are your lifeblood in this game. Do not lose any of them unnecessarily.

#9 Know When to Stop

As we discussed above, levels 71 and 101 are simply not possible so don’t waste your precious time with them. You can use those wasted days to start another offer that is actually completeable.

We suggest stopping at board level 32 or 42 at a push. Value your own time and your earning power. Do not keep going in the pointless attempt to reach the unattainable higher levels.

Monopoly Go! How to Get More Rolls

It’s the biggest question we get, either “In Monopoly Go! how do you get more rolls?”, or “How do you get more dice?” People always assume that these games have codes, links, or hacks to get free rolls. This is not true. But don’t worry, there are plenty of legitimate ways to get free rolls in Monopoly Go!

Ways to Get Free Rolls

We’ve discussed free rolls in Monopoly Go! in various parts of the guide, but let’s bring it all together below:

  1. Daily free spins in the shop.
  2. Sidebar free spins (pop-ups).
  3. For completing challenges in events.
  4. For placing in tournaments.
  5. For completing sticker sets.
  6. Waiting 1 hour for rolls to regenerate.

With the above combined, you should have plenty of free rolls to keep you from going day to day. But if you run out, just wait. The free rolls will eventually regenerate on their own allowing you to get rolling again!

Monopoly Go free roll links or websites are not valid. There is no way to get free rolls outside of the game itself. If a site, social media post, etc. claims that if you “click this link” you will get free rolls in Monopoly Go, they are lying. Chances are you’ll be directed to an ad farm where you’re bombarded with spam ads and putting money in the spammer’s pocket.

Keep your pursuit of free rolls inside the game itself!

Monopoly Go! Roll Strategy & Technique

Use Multipliers Wisely

When you unlock roll multipliers, you may be tempted to max out the rolls every time. This is dangerous as if you increase your multiplier too high you can end up busting out. But in the same breath, the other danger is that if you don’t make use of the multipliers you will earn hardly any coins and fail to complete the offer.

The correct way of approaching this is carefully balancing your rolls.

How to Use Multiplier Rolls

We used the following rules to successfully complete the Swagbucks Monopoly Go! Offerwall offer:

Number of Rolls Left Multiplier
x10 or x20

With this strategy in place, you will speed up your board level up progress dramatically.

Monopoly Go! Cheats & Hacks

Monopoly Go! cheats and hacks are a risky option and can result in your offer not paying out. That being said, there was (not anymore) an undetectable way to cheat in Monopoly Go as noted in this Reddit post. Using a second phone in offline mode, it was possible to determine exactly what dice rolls you’d get in your online phone that you were using for the offer. It meant that you could adjust your multiplier to take advantage of rolls that would make you land on a heist/shutdown for example.

Note: There are currently no Monopoly Go! cheats, hacks, or exploits. And, generally, it is almost a bad idea to use cheats when completing offers as it can invalidate it and lead to you earning nothing.

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Monopoly Go! Board Level 5, 12, 32, 42, 71, 101 Offer: Reddit Discussion

If you want clarification on how to complete the Monopoly Go! offer or to talk to people who have previously completed the offer, check out our Monopoly Go! Swagbucks offer Reddit Discussion Thread.


The Monopoly Go! offer is a moderately good offer made all the better by being tiered. Having multiple level tasks means that you don’t have to hit the insanely high level 42, and that you’ll earn for levels 5, 12, and 32.

With the addition of the new variant of the offer, you get a time icnrease from 21 days to 30 days which is helpful. It may allow you to push through to level 42. However, you lose the earnings from level 12. We will state it once more, that board level 71 and 101 are simply not possible even within the extended 30 day time frame.

Rolls are key in this game, so make sure you read above on how to get free rolls in Monopoly Go! and how to make the best use of roll multipliers.

Make sure to check out our other ways to earn by playing games and our complete offerwall guides for more ways to earn as you play games like Monopoly Go!

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