Word Pearls Level 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Offerwall Guide

Word Pearls Offerwall Guide

Word Pearls Offerwall Offer Rating:

  • Moderate attention is required.
  • No spend required.
  • Earnings: ~$10

The Word Pearls Offerwall offer is typically a multi-reward offer where you earn money for reaching level 50, level 100, level 200, level 500, and level 1,000. The Word Pearls offer has been identified on Gain.gg, in the BitLabs offerwall. It is possible that you can find the Word Pearls offer on Swagbucks or elsewhere on other get-paid-to sites too.

See below for our complete guide and walkthrough for the Word Pearls level 50 – 1,000 offerwall offer.

Is It Possible To Get to Level 50, 100, 200, 500 & 1,000?

Yes, it is possible to get to level 50 through to 1,000 in Word Pearls. What’s more, is that it is incredibly easy. It will take you around 30 seconds per level. What makes this offer especially easy is that the answers to the questions are static and available online.

We suggest running through this offer semi-mindlessly while watching TV on an evening.

Is My Word Pearls Offer Good?

Before starting on an offer, you need to make sure that the Word Pearls offer that you’ve found is doable and that it rewards you adequately.

For games like Word Pearls, you can expect a low to medium payout.

What Does a Good Offer Look Like for Word Pearls?

With puzzle games, you need to ensure that the levels can be done quickly and in most cases that solutions are available online.

Having offers with multiple reward steps, i.e. they pay out after level 50, then level 100, etc. are important too.

The offer (see below) that we took up on Gain.gg via BitLabs is considered a good offer. If you have a similar offer or even an offer with a slightly shorter time span/lower payout we suggest going for it.

No time limit was stated:

Total tasks: 5
Total rewards: 8856 Coins (~$8.85)

  1. Complete Level 50 (312 coins)
  2. Complete Level 100 (282 coins)
  3. Complete Level 200 (786 coins)
  4. Complete Level 500 (2,888 coins)
  5. Complete Level 1,000 (4,608)

So, if the offer you see is anything like the above then go for it as soon as you’ve read our guide below:

Remember: Always “shop around” for offerwall offers. Check out our huge list of get-paid-to sites to see if they offer more money for completing the same tasks.

Word Pearls Level 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000 Offerwall Guide

What Your Goal Is

Your goal is of course to push through each Word Pearls level as quickly as possible. There are several crucial things you can do to speed things up and get to levels 50,100, 200, 500, and 1,000 even faster.

The game itself is simple. You’re given a topic and a bunch of word fragments known as “Word Pearls”. You click the Word Pearls to create words that match the topic and then progress through the levels.

Word Pearls Level 1000 Concept

The game is simple as you can see above but the word pearls become more fragmented and increase in number as you go on.

Step #1: Ignore In-Game Coins & Power-Ups

You will constantly be asked if you want to watch ads to get extra in-game coins. These coins allow you to get hints etc. You don’t need these hints at any point in this guide and they will just waste your time so do not watch ads for coins.

Word Pearls Power Ups
Ignore power-ups, coins, and offers to watch ads for coins.

Step #2: Solve Puzzles, But Keep The Answer Key To Hand

As you progress you should be able to solve most puzzles yourself. However, as you get further into Word Pearls, the answers will be split into smaller and smaller “word chunks”. Rather than trying to figure it out, guessing, etc. Use this Word Pearls Level Answer Key.

Word Pearls Harder Levels
Trying to figure out harder levels on your own will slow you down.

Using the answer key with your own intuition means that you will be able to pass each level in around 30 seconds.

Step #3: DO NOT Complete Special Levels

After every 4-5 levels you will enter a special level. You will know it’s a special level if it has a blue butterfly background. These levels do not progress you up through the levels. They are typically harder and have more words. They are a waste of time.

Word Pearls Special Level
Do not waste time on special levels.

Simply click the backward arrow in the top left of the screen. It will pop up and warn you that all progress will be lost. Don’t worry it just means you can’t get back to the special level (which is good for us).

Word Pearls Exit Special Level
Click Yes, don’t worry you won’t lose your level progress!

Click yes and you’re back at the main menu. Then just click to continue whatever level number you’re up to.

Step #4: Keep Going

And now you just need to power through levels 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 of Word Pearls. It’s easy but boring. Just of think of the $8-$10 that you should earn from this easy offerwall offer!


The Word Pearl level 1,000 offerwall offer is one of the easier offers available. It’s guaranteed money and can be completed with very little effort and attention. Just remember that you can do multiple offerwall offers at the same time to boost your earnings even further.

Check out our full list of get paid to sites and our other offerwall offer guides.

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