Phase 10 Swagbucks Offer Guide: Levels 16, 31, 51, 71, 101, 151

Phase 10 Offerwall Guide Swagbucks

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Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

Currently, this offer has only been found on Swagbucks’ featured offerwall and does not appear elsewhere.

  • The Phase 10 offerwall offer appears on the main Swagbucks Discover page and the InboxPounds/InboxDollars main page.
  • The gameplay is similar to Uno but with more gameplay rules.
  • An in-app purchase of $1.99 is recommended as you will earn $2.50 (250SB) for it.
  • Level 71 is the highest realistic level in 35 days.

Phase 10 Swagbucks Offer Guide Intro

The Phase 10 offer on Swagbucks, InboxPounds, and InboxDollars will have you playing what is essentially a more complex game of Uno.

The general idea is that in each level you will play against one or more AI players. In each level, there are multiple phases. During these phases, you will need to complete the tasks shown with your cards. Things such as having a consecutive run of cards (1,2,3, etc.) so many of the same card or color.

Each phase within each level uses energy and this is your limiting factor. This is insanely important to manage, and there are some sneaky tips to help you that we’ll cover in the guide.

Now, this may seem easy but the letdown here is that the AI players are incredibly cheap. And by that I mean they will often lay hands down containing 5 wildcards or win a phase on their first turn before you can act. Don’t worry, we can get around this and beat them at their own game with some sly tips and tricks.

Is It Possible To Reach Levels 16, 31, 51, 71, 101, 151 in Phase 10?

Before you start any offer, you need to understand if it is even remotely possible. We’ve taken the time to play Phase 10 and can run through which levels are possible and how difficult and which are quite frankly impossible.

Is Level 16 Achievable?

Yes, level 16 in Phase 10 is incredibly easy to get to. You should be able to reach this on your first day, or at worst on day 2. You will still need to follow our guide to manage your in-game energy though.

Are Levels 31 & 51 Achievable?

Yes both levels 31 and 51 are achievable in Phase 10. You will need to play dirty however as at these levels the AI players become increasingly more cheap and if you’re not careful can cause you to waste a ton of energy and have your start the phase over again.

Is Level 71 Achievable?

Again, yes level 71 is achievable but you will need to put the time in. It will be frustrating and will take around 3 weeks of play to reach. Of course, you won’t need to be playing constantly for those 3 weeks but that’s the general/overall timescale here.

Are Levels 101 and 151 Achievable?

We do not believe that getting to levels 101 and 151 is remotely achievable. The amount of energy needed and difficulty spike will leave you tearing your hair out way before reaching this point. Do yourself a favour and stop at level 71.

Phase 10 Levels 16, 31, 51, 71, 101, 151 Strategy Guide

Your main goal in the Swagbucks Phase 10 offerwall offer is to of course reach the stated levels. Each level has a certain amount of phases or rounds. In each of these phases, you will face off against one or more AI players and those who complete the phase will move onto the next phase in the next round.

If the AI completes a phase, but you don’t they will move to the next phase while you’re redoing the same phase. This concept is very important and will play a key part in the strategy.

The game uses energy as the limiting factor which isn’t a problem early on but needs to be carefully managed for later levels.

Let’s first take a look at the strategy overview which is the quick tips and tricks that we’ll go over in more detail later on.

Strategy Overview

These are the high level tips and strategy points that will help you to sail through he Phase 10 offer:

  1. Follow the tutorial and try to understand the concept of the game.
  2. Ignore any events, additional content, etc. This will not help you enough to make it worth your time.
  3. Focus on sets of numbers first (i.e. a hand of the same number) if there are multiple tasks in the phase.
  4. If you fail the first phase of a level, go back to the map and choose “restart”. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and energy.
  5. On any other phases after the first one, if you fail, IMMEDIATELY close the app. You won’t get your spent energy back but it will prevent the AI from getting an impossible lead. In the long run, this will save you a lot of time and energy.
  6. Always view ads if offered at the start of a phase. You will get a skip or wild card that can help turn the tides.
  7. Save your diamonds for levels that you are consistently getting beaten on.
  8. Grab free Phase 10 energy from the resources below.

0. Purchase 200 Diamonds for $1.99

Generally, we don’t promote in-app purchases during offers but the Swagbucks Phase 10 offer will allow you to earn a profit with this.

You will earn 250SB ($2.50) for making a $1.99 purchase for 200 diamonds in-game. This is easy profit and the diamonds will help you out on tougher levels.

1. Push Through the Tutorial

As with most gaming offers, just push through the tutorial. Try to understand the concept of the game but don’t worry if you don’t fully get it yet. We’ll take a look in the next step “basics”.

2. Understanding the Basics

We struggled a little grabbing the entire concept or flow of Phase 10 when we started out but once it clicks with you, it is very simple.

On the map, you will see levels (these are your goals in the offer). Each level consists of one or more phases. When you complete a phase you move on to the next phase in the level. If the AI completes a phase before you they move on and you don’t (this is very bad).

Each phase within a level costs 5 energy to begin.


Phase 10 Term Description
The numbered levels on the map. Each level contains one or more phases.
A phase is a round within a level. Each phase requires 5 energy to begin. You will have certain tasks to complete in each phase in terms of getting specific hands of cards.
A hand is the set of cards you use to complete a task. This can be a Set, a Run, Odd, Even or Same Color. It will also tell you how many you need to match this pattern. i.e. a Run of 6 cards.
A Run
This is a set of cards in order. For example a Run of 4 cards could be a 1, 2, 3, 4 or a 6, 7, 8, 9. Colours don't matter.
A Set
This is all cards the same number. So for example a set of 3 could be 4, 4, 4 or 8, 8, 8. Colors don't matter.
Odd or Even
The hand must contain only odd or even cards.
Same Color
The hand must be the same color. For example all blue, or red. You choose the color, the game does not define a specific color.
Energy is needed to begin a phase. Each phase costs 5 energy. It will replenish over time.

When you start a new level you will start in the first phase of that level. So, for example, it can be that you need to create a hand that is a Set of 4 cards and another that is a Run of 6 cards.

With each turn, you will draw 1 card and discard 1 card. You can draw a card from the face-up discard pile or from the face-down pack.

Once you can make all required hands in a phase, you click confirm. At this point you have 100% made it through to the next phase

You will then try to empty your remaining hand by adding it to your completed hands (or other players’ completed hands).

Any players who “click confirm” before someone empties their hand will continue to the next phase.

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2. Ignore All Events

Phase 10 will try to cram a lot of events, extra functionality, etc. down your throat. This is not helpful for completing our offer. You can get some extra energy here and there but the time you’d waste makes it not worth it at all. Ignore all events. Focus on the map, and moving level to level. Nothing else.

3. Focus on Sets First

Our experience was that Sets were the hardest hands to complete. So let’s say you have a phase where you need a set of 4 and a run of 4. If you have a card that fits into both, go for the set first.

The reason is that statistically its harder to get 4 of the same number, than to get a run of 4 cards.

Phase 10 Offer Focus On Sets
Save your wilds for Sets.

The same applies to wild cards. They can be put in place of any number. Prioritize using them on sets.

4. Restart if you Fail the First Phase

Up to level 16, you probably won’t need to do this as the AI is reasonably fair. However, after level 16 things change. Your AI opponents will miraculously pull out endless wild cards and blocks, often making it physically impossible for you to complete a phase.

This is where this and the next tip come into play. This will level the playing field. I cannot emphasize enough – that this is an absolutely crucial thing to do throughout your playthrough after level 16.

Phase 10 Swagbucks Offer Tips Hacks
If you fail the first Phase, back out to the map and click reset.

If you fail the first phase, exit back to the map. Then choose the level again and click “Restart”. The reason for this is that if you continue after losing the first phase, your opponent will be on phase 2 and you will still need to spend energy again on phase 1. This just sets you both back to the same position.

Make sure you do this!!

5. Close the Game Entirely if You Lose Any Other Phase

This may sound like a bad loser rage quitting but unfortunately due to the way Phase 10 is structured (very poorly), it is essential. Close the entire game quickly if you lose from phase 2 onwards.

The reason is that if for example you and your opponent are on phase 2 of a level, they complete it and you don’t, they move to phase 3 but you need to spend 5 energy on phase 2 again. And of course, you’re a step behind too. On later levels this means you will never catch up, you’ve effectively lost already.

By closing the app quickly just as they win the phase, their win and progression to the next phase don’t register.

When you start the game back up you will still need to spend that 5 energy again but you are both still in the same phase. So you lose nothing and they lose their progression.

If you don’t do this you will literally not be able to complete the offer. The way the game is structured, it basically forces you to cheat in order to progress.

6. Watch Ads When Offered

Even with the tips above it can be hard to consistently win a phase. Sometimes at the start of a phase you will be offered an ad. Watching this ad will give you a wild card or a block x1 or x2 card that can turn the tides of the phase.

Phase 10 Offer Watch Ads

Take that 30 second ad to save yourself loads of time as you progress through the offer.

7. Save Your Diamonds for Tough Levels

You’ll reach levels that are incredibly tough to beat. Sometimes these are the boss levels but sometimes they are standard levels.

Do yourself a favour and hold off as long as you can on spending diamonds in exchange for extra wild cards.

When you’re really feeling the pain of not progressing on a particular level/phase then spend on a single wild card.

You will regret spending diamonds at any point before level 31.

8. How to get Free Energy for Phase 10 Mobile?

Free Energy Codes

By far the easiest way to get free energy for Phase 10 during this offer is to use the free energy codes. New codes are released fairly frequently but most of them do expire. Each can be used only once, however.

The best place to grab these codes is this site which has a constantly updated list of Phase 10 free energy codes.

In the game, click the settings cog in the top right, then click the “Gift Code” button, and then type in the code you grabbed from the site above:

Phase 10 Offer Free Energy

5 Free Daily Energy

You can get 5 free daily energy to help with your Phase 10 Swagbucks offer. But, this is inexplicably hidden away. I have no idea why it won’t let you claim in-app but regardless, this is how you actually get it:

  1. Go to the store tab in Phase 10.
  2. Click the button at the top to go to the official website.
  3. Then log in
  4. Then click to view the store, which is basically identical to the in-app store.
  5. Then scroll aaaaall the way to the bottom.
  6. Click the free energy button.
  7. Head back to the app and you’ll get a pop-up confirming the energy has been added.

Why this isn’t just a button in the game like every other game I will never know…

Pushing Past Level 31

After level 31 in the Swagbucks Phase 10 offer, continue using the same strategy as above. Getting to level 51 and then 71 will require a good amount of time.

Our advice is that once your energy has run out, don’t wait around in the game for it to refill. Put the game aside and instead do another offerwall offer simultaneously. Check out our full list of offerwall guides to double up on your earnings.

Come back in an hour or so and blast through that energy to progress further bit by bit.

Stop at Level 71

Let me be clear. You will not get to level 101 or 151. In fact at this stage you will probably never want to open the Phase 10 game ever again. It’s a shame because the game is fun, but the energy system is broken and really blocks progress. It sucks the fun out of a genuinely fun game.

Again, do yourself a favour and switch to another offer. Check out our full list of offerwall guides to double up on your earnings.

Is the Phase 10 Offer Good?

As of writing, there is only a single offer for Phase 10 on Swagbucks/InboxPounds/InboxDollars. It’s not the greatest offer ever but it is decent and in short, the only offer available. You should at the very least aim for level 31 and if you’re OK with playing a bit longer go for the level 51 and 71 rewards.

This is a multiple-step offer meaning that even if you don’t reach the highest level, you’ll still get paid for reaching the previous goals in Phase 10. That alone makes it worth your while.

Swagbucks Phase 10 Offer

As mentioned, the Swagbucks offer for Phase 10 is identical to the offer on InboxPounds and InboxDollars. Remember that rewards can differ per country and over time so make sure to check the offer(s) available to you.

Currently, you can earn $83 for completing all tasks/milestones:

Task Reward
Reach Level 16
50SB ($0.50)
Reach Level 31
150SB ($1.50)
Reach Level 51
350 SB ($3.50)
Reach Level 71
500SB ($5.00)
Reach Level 101
2,500SB ($25.00)
Reach Level 151
4,500SB ($45.00)
Spend $1.99 in game.
250SB ($2.50)

Remember: Don’t delete the game until the money is in your hands. Occasionally the GPT site will ask you to prove with a screenshot that you hit your goal.

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Is the Phase 10 Swagbucks Offer Worth it?

Yes, the Phase 10 Swagbucks offer is absolutely worth it. Even if you just go for the first 2 goals – level 16 and 31 you can get a nice little bit of cash with minimum effort.

For the later levels, because you’ll only be playing when you have energy and will need to wait for it to complete, the time in-game isn’t that high. But day-wise it will take a couple of weeks.

And of course, you can be running multiple offers at the same time to double, treble or quadruple what you’re earning at any point in time.

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