Numberzilla 500K Points Offerwall Guide


Numberzilla is a simple number-based puzzle game. If you’re here you’ve likely found the offerwall offer for reaching 500K points in Numberzilla. The game is simple but there are tricks that will allow you to reach the 500K goal in only 3 hours rather than spending days to achieve it.

First, we’ll look at the basics of how to play, then we’ll move on to the method/process to quickly earn 500K points in Numberzilla.

How To Play Numberzilla

As mentioned, the game is very straight forward and there are only a few things you need to know:

  1. You earn points by clicking two matching numbers. e.g. a 3 and a 3, or a 4 and a 4.
  2. You earn more points by clicking two numbers that add up to 10, e.g. a 1 and a 9, or a 5 and a 5.
  3. You earn points by clearing rows, although this is something that will just happen naturally as you play.

Numberzilla Power-Ups

numberzilla 500K power ups
Numberzilla Power-Ups

You have access to bombs that clear a large amount of squares at once. We will use these only during the initial 5-minute set-up of your game board.

Swap, like bombs, will only really be useful during our initial set-up and allows you to move the position of 2 numbers on the grid.

You also have access to the “Add button” that will fill the game board with a duplicate of the numbers you already have. This is very important to our strategy.

Hints will be of no use in our Numberzilla 500K strategy.

Choosing Your Numberzilla Offerwall Offer

There are several Numberzilla offers currently across a few different offerwalls. We suggest taking a look at Swagbucks, and other GPT sites in our huge list. You may see a 300K offer and a 500K offer. Choose the 500K as you will earn more money from it and it doesn’t take too long to complete.

We were able to complete the 500K offer in just 3.5 hours

We won’t list the exact amount of points, dollars or currency you can earn as this differs per offerwall, site and your location, but you should be looking at around $7 (USD).

How To Quickly Get 500K Points in Numberzilla

This guide will ensure that you reach 500K (or 300K, depending on the offer you’ve chosen) in Numberzilla as quickly as possible. As mentioned above we were able to complete it in just 3.5 hours. It is very hands-on, but once you get into the rhythm, the time flies by.

Pick The Correct Game Mode


It is incredibly important to choose Classic mode. The reason for this is that you gain around double the points for each action when compared to Survival Mode for example. Also, with classic mode, it is much easier to keep the game going, meaning you will not have to re-setup your game board for our rapid 500K strategy.

Set-Up Your Game Board

As discussed earlier, the most points you can get is for selecting two numbers that add up to make 10. So the core idea here is to get your game board to the point where it has just 3 numbers on it:

  • As many 5’s as possible.
  • 2 other numbers that add up to 10 (e.g. 1+9, 2+8 etc.).
So you’re want to end up with a board that looks something like this:
Ideal starting board with multiple 5’s and additionally, two numbers that add up to 10.

To get your board looking as above:

  1. Make normal matches (7&7, 6&4 etc.) to clear out as much as possible naturally.
  2. Use bombs to clear out remaining numbers that aren’t 2, 8 or 5 (in the example above).
  3. Use swap to line numbers up for ideal bombing.

Getting More Power-Ups

While setting your board up as above, you will likely run out of bombs and swaps. You have two options here:

  1. Click the bombs to get a prompt to watch an ad to refill them.
  2. Sign-up to the Numberzilla free trial which gives unlimited power-ups.

If you opt for the free trial, once you reach 500K in Numberzilla, cancel the free trial! We’re normally on the ball with cancellations but embarrassingly after completing this offer we forgot to cancel and cut our profits in half. For shame.

Mash The Add Button

Once your board is set up in a similar way above (remember it doesn’t need to look exactly like ours), then hit the Add button at the bottom which will fill the screen with only the numbers you have on-screen – so for us, 5’s, 8’s and 2’s.

Your board should now look something like this:

The Ideal Numberzilla Set-Up.

As you can see we have hundreds of “add up to 10” pairs, namely 8+2 and 5+5.

Get Into The Rhythm & Keep Adding

Now, we’re going for the 500K. Simply click 5, then 5 or 8, then 2. And. just. keep. going.

You’ll start off slow but because the numbers are in a static pattern you’ll really speed up once you get going. Blitz through, ensuring that you also clear lines (which you will anyway) to get additional points.

If you find your game board looking empty, mash the add button again. You DO NOT want to clear the board, because then it is game over and you’ll need to set up the game board again.

Just keep going until you hit that 500K and you’ll be rewarded by the offerwall/GPT site in a matter of moments.

Take Breaks If You Need To

Numberzilla has a nice pause feature meaning you can play for an hour, pause and even close the app and then jump right back into it later.

We simply powered through with a single coffee break in between.

You can even use your break to earn cash elsewhere. Check out our huge list of ways to earn with microtask sites, survey sites and even by watching videos.

Do You Need To Get 500K In One Go In Numberzilla?

Fortunately, no you don’t need to do this in a single sitting and in fact you don’t even need to do it all in the same game mode. However, we suggest that you just stick to a single, eternal game of classic to avoid having to set up again.

In the screenshot below, the important value is the one shown at the top, just underneath “Avocado League”. Once it hits 500,000, you’re done.

Points can be split across game modes. Once the top value shown above hits 500K, you’re done!

Is The 500K Numberzilla Offer Worth It?

We certainly think so! It may be very hands-on, in that you can’t idle this offer but at only 3.5 hours you can even rattle this one out while mindlessly binging Netflix on an evening. Or if you prefer, due to the pause feature, you can even split it across multiple days. A very easy offer, that’s well worth your time.

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