Get 163 Free Games From IndieGala Back Catalog Glitch/Hack


Over the years IndieGala has given away a huge amount of free games but they are usually only available for a limited amount of time.

If you go to the IndieGala website, you can see that there are only 3 games available to claim for free at the moment, but with the technique/glitch/hack described below you can claim 163 free games from their back catalog!

Noteworthy games include:

  • Syberia
  • Syberia II
  • Back to Bed
  • Deponia
  • Adam Wolfe
  • Still Life 2

How To Get 163 Free Games From IndieGala Right Now

As of now, there is a glitch that allows you to claim all 163 free games from the IndieGala back catalog. This cannot be done via their website/freebies section but can be done via the IndieGala Beta Client.

Simply follow the steps below to claim a whopping 163 games for absolutely free. Be quick though as we have no idea how long this loophole will last for.

#1 Download the IndieGala Beta Client

Just head over to the IndieGala website or go direct to their IndieGala Beta Client Download page and download the client.

Just download, install and run the client. From there log into the client.

Download the IndieGala Beta release client.

Note: We had an issue with the client failing to update on the first launch, but closing and relaunching resolved the issue.

#2 Navigate to Freebies & More in the Client

On the left hand side of the client, you will see “Freebies & More”. Just click it and you will be presented with around 30 free games. But wait, we said 163 didn’t we?

We did! Once the 30 games have loaded, scroll down to the bottom of the list and keep scrolling. It is not immediately obvious but another 30 games will load, keep scrolling until you see all 163.

163 free games, just keep scrolling to load more.

#3 Click Any Game and Then "Add to Collection"

Now, just click the game you want, and when the page loads up choose “Add to Collection” at the bottom of the next screen.

The client is in beta, so it can take a few seconds for this page to load. Likewise, when you click “Add to Collection”, it will show a spinning loading animation for a few seconds.

Once you’ve claimed your free game, the button will change to “Install”. We experienced that sometimes this does not happen, but it appears in your library anyway. Onto the the next step!

Click a game and click “Add to Collection” at the bottom.

#4 Check Your Library for Your Free Games

If you’ve followed the steps above, once you click on “Library” in the client, you should see the free game(s) that you’ve claimed above from IndieGala:

Your free games will appear in your library available for download.
Now, just repeat the process for every game in the freebies section until you’ve claimed all 163 free games from IndieGala using our handy glitch exploit!
The free games are now yours to keep – install at play at your leisure.

#5 Claim Your 163 Free Games Quickly!

Because this isn’t expected behaviour from IndieGala, and that these free games aren’t visible or claimable from the actual website, make sure to grab them as soon as possible.

It is likely that this loophole will be closed soon so grab them while you still can. And enjoy your 163 free games!

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This is a fantastic opportunity to claim over 100 free PC games. Make sure to act now as we have no idea how long this IndieGala glitch will remain open.

If you’re interested in gaming, remember that you can not only get free games but with our guides you can actually get paid to play games.

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