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All money making guides >> InfoBox is a get-paid to site with all of the usual ways to earn – offerwalls, surveys and watching videos.

Where it really excels is the free coins per day, up to $0.10 and the fact that it offers free withdrawals as cryptocurrency into Coinbase.

Earning Methods: Get Paid To, Offerwall, Watch Videos

Payout Options: PayPal, Gift Card, Cryptocurrency

Available on: Website, Android (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money with A Quick Start Guide Japan



  • Variable.
  • Dependant on what offers you do.


  • Variable.
  • Earnings only limited by the time you put in.
  • Instant, free withdrawals to Coinbase, no minimum.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that features various ways to earn money via surveys, offerwalls, watching videos, etc. differs from a lot of GPT sites in that it offers cryptocurrency as a withdrawal option. In fact outside of the USA, the only option is withdrawal via cryptocurrency. 

This in itself provides some great opportunities as cryptocurrency can be redeemed directly to Coinbase with no transaction fees. (Sidenote, free money can also be earned from Coinbase – see our Coinbase money-making guide and grab some bonus cryptocurrency too when you sign up). 

In the USA you also have the option of claiming to gift card for all major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

We advise pulling this out as cryptocurrency to Coinbase as you can convert it to PayPal cash from there or leave it as an investment in cryptocurrency, whereas gift cards limit you to a retailer and cannot be converted to cash. has the lowest minimum payout of any GPT site of just $0.01 so you can easily withdraw your money daily. As mentioned you withdraw as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash directly into Coinbase with no transaction fees or as a gift card.

Earn Extra Money with Sign Up Bonus

Sign up to via this link and you will receive 100 free coins, no need to earn a certain amount, it’s applied instantly on sign up. 

Because allows for payout only as cryptocurrency it is highly recommended to also sign up to Coinbase to get no-transaction payouts into your cryptocurrency wallet. (See our Coinbase quick start guide for bonus cash on sign-up). 100 bonus coins sign up

How to Make More Money with

After you’ve signed up, you need to understand how to make more money with to ensure that you don’t leave any free money sitting on the table.

The specific offerwalls and surveys are variable so are handled in separate articles here on Earnologist, but here we’ll look at how to extract maximum profit from from a general viewpoint

1. Claim 10-100 free coins on every day offers free coins to every member daily. You simply need to log on, click on “earn”, and under offerwalls, is the logo offerwall. Click it and click redeem and depending on your level you will receive 10-100 coins. This can be done every day. So once you’ve leveled up by completing offers you can claim 100 coins a day. So each month this earn you 3,100 coins for free. These 3,100 coins work out as $3.10. not a bad profit for clicking a single button once a day.

Gain.GG rewards showing 10-100 free daily coins
Gain.GG rewards showing 10-100 free daily coins

2. Claim 50 free coins by following on Twitter

In the same section as the daily free coins, you can also get 50 free coins as a one-off by following on Twitter.

Get another 50 free coins in the offerwall by following them on Twitter
Get another 50 free coins in the offerwall by following them on Twitter

There is also another free 50 free coins for joining their steam group but this does not appear to work as of writing.

3. Sign up and link account to Hideout TV: earn passively by “watching” videos

The first step is to sign-up to Hideout TV using this link. Once you’re signed up, go to your rewards page on Hideout TV and link the account you set-up earlier. The reason for this is that you cannot cash-out directly from Hideout TV – you transfer the points to a GPT site such as and cashout from there. The good news is that the points transfer process between Hideout TV and is instant. You’re looking at around $1 a day, $31 a month for doing nothing. This is the closest thing completely passive income that you’re going to find online.

Hideout TV Points redemption to
Hideout TV Points redemption to

You earn money by clicking into a video on Hideout TV and letting it auto stream on your device. Make sure you turn off your adblocker as you get paid in points when ads are shown during videos. Just leave it to stream and the points will rack up. Every 5-6 hours you may be asked “are you still watching”, so just check in on it from time to time. There are several ways to boost your profits with Hideout TV – checkout our Hideout TV money making guide for more specific and detailed tips.

Each day, transfer your points to, then withdraw to Coinbase as cryptocurrency.

4. Use Your-Surveys on features various surveys which are typically what you’d expect on survey sites. You may get 50-400 coins per survey depending on how long they are. These are still viable ways to make more money on, however, there is a way to make even more money from surveys on

800 Coin Surveys features “Your-Surveys” which are more directed surveys (lower disqualification rate) and will reward you with 800 coins for every survey. You can do these surveys as many times as you’d like.

Unlimited 800 coin surveys on
Unlimited 800 coin surveys on

When you first go into the Your-Surveys page on scroll to the bottom and fill out your profile honestly (this is important).

Surveys are variable in length but always give you 800 coins – the fastest survey I’ve seen was around 1 minute, for the full 800 coin reward. These surveys are incredibly effective ways to earn more money from

High paying, low time investment surveys

In the Your-Survey section, you also have surveys with the more traditional varying coin rewards. You will often see very high-paying surveys for a low time investment (see below). These are on the Your-Surveys page of if you scroll down on that page:

High paying you-surveys on
High paying you-surveys on

As with all surveys, make sure you’re picking the survey that gives the highest coin/$/£ value for your time. So if you see a 50 coin survey that will take you 1 hour to complete, just avoid it!

5. Use the Premium Offer Wall

One of the major features of, and any GPT site are the offerwalls. With these, you install a game, complete a certain task (get to level 15 for example) and then get paid.

The offerwalls on are the same as most other GPT sites, but they also have a premium offerwall that highlights offers with much higher payouts.

Example of the premium offerwall - a money making opportunity on
Example of the premium offerwall – a money making opportunity on

Newcomers to GPT sites may be skeptical of offerwalls but they really are one of the best/highest paying ways to earn money online. To better understand what offerwalls are and how to profit, check out our how to make money with offerwalls guide.

We produce timely, individual guides on the latest offerwall offers to guide you through completing it as fast and efficiently as possible and also to help you determine if it’s even worth taking up the offer in the first place.

6. Don’t Pass on the Standard Offerwalls

Make sure you don’t pass on the standard offerwalls as a way to make money on Just because they’re not “featured” doesn’t mean they’re bad. Offerwalls Offerwalls – the way to earn serious cash on

In fact, as you can see the AyetStudios Offerwall features some very high paying app offers:

AyetStudios Offerwalll on
AyetStudios Offerwall on

7. If Possible Wait to Finish off your Offerwall Offers at the Same Time

One of the great boosts that will help you earn more money on is their daily leaderboards. The leaderboard is determined by how many coins you’ve earned that day If you rank in the top 3 for a given day you will earn bonus coins:

  • 1st Place = 5,000 coins
  • 2nd Place = 2,500 coins
  • 3rd Place = 1,000 coins

It’s surprisingly easy to get on the leaderboards as you’ll only need about 10,000 to 15,000 coins meaning this is a great chance to earn more money on daily leaderboard for bonus coins - earn more money on! daily leaderboard for bonus coins – earn more money on!

Now to take full advantage of this if you have several active offerwall offers – for example, get to level X on a certain game, wait until you’ve almost completed each but don’t push through to completion. When you’re very close to finishing multiple apps, complete them all on the same day which should give you a good shot at getting in the top 3 on the leaderboard and bagging the extra coins.

Let’s take an example, you have 3 app offers that you’re doing at the moment:

  • App 1, get to level 10
  • App 2 get to level 12
  • App 3, get to level 14

Now let’s say:

For app 1 you’re at level 9 and only have 1 small thing to do to level up and complete the offer.

For app 2, the same situation – you’re at level 11 and have a few things to do to level up and complete the offer.

For app 3 you are level 12 and have quite a bit to do to complete the offer.

Leave app 1 and app 2, i.e. don’t complete them yet. Finish up with app 3, then once that’s done finish app 1 and 2 straight after.

This way you’ll get credited for all on the same day, similar time and almost certainly make it into the top 3 on the leaderboard!

Just remember, keep an eye on how long you have to do the offers and don’t go over the time or you won’t be credited for your hard work!

8. Withdraw to Coinbase as Cryptocurrency

So this is probably the only GPT site where the withdrawal method itself can actually earn you extra cash. Choose to withdraw to Coinbase as cryptocurrency with no transaction fees, when there has been a sizeable drop in the price of your target cryptocurrency. What this means is that for example, you transfer $30/£30 into Coinbase as Bitcoin when the price is low, then the price of Bitcoin doubles, and your $30/£30 becomes $60/£60.

BUT please note that crypto investments are somewhat of a gamble and there is no guarantee that the price will go up. It could go down. If you want to play it safe, withdraw to Coinbase and then immediately withdraw from Coinbase as PayPal funds.

Example withdrawals from to coinbase
Example withdrawals from to Coinbase

9. Download the Android App for Earning on-the-go have now released an Android app which allows you to take your money making opportunities with you, on-the-go. You don’t need to be tied to a desktop or laptop for and it even has the nice feature of notification when any offer credits.

How do I get Paid by

As of 1st February 2022 now also allows DIRECT payout to PayPal as well as the payment options/routes shown below.

If you’re based in the USA, you have three options:

  • Redeem to a gift card (over 100 retailers)
  • Redeem to cryptocurrency on Coinbase (Leave in place as an investment)
  • Redeem to cryptocurrency on Coinbase (Withdraw to PayPal from there)

If you’re based outside of the USA, you have 2 choices:

  • Redeem to cryptocurrency on Coinbase (Leave in place as an investment)
  • Redeem to cryptocurrency on Coinbase (Withdraw to PayPal from there)
Options to withdraw funds from
Options to withdraw funds from

Note: On the points are worth: 10 points = $0.01

Should I invest or withdraw?

We’re not a financial services or cryptocurrency site so we leave the decision to you. Withdrawal is the safe option, investment is riskier but has the potential to increase your profits. Of course, you can always go 50/50 and withdraw half as cash from Coinbase, and leave the other half invested as Bitcoin in Coinbase for example. Ultimately the choice is yours and whatever your feel best for your own financial situation.

Is Worth It?

Here at Earnologist, is one of our personal favourite GPT sites. The vast amount of offerwalls and surveys are fantastic but what really sets this apart from others is withdrawal direct to Coinbase, with zero transaction fees.

And if that wasn’t enough, once you level up, the free $0.10 a day for simply clicking a button is a nice way to increase your crypto holdings over time. 

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