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Hideout TV is a completely passive earning opportunity where you are paid to simply have videos (and adverts) streamed on your device.

Simply navigate to the website, choose a video and it will autoplay, earning you points when adverts show on screen. Totally hands-off earning 24/7.

Earning Methods: Watch Videos
Payout Options: Transfer to GPT Site

Available on: Website, Firestick (app), Android (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money With Hideout TV: Complete Guide Japan



  • 100% passive.
  • Less than a minute to start videos playing per day.


  • Low-Medium: $4-$5 per week.
  • No minimum withdrawl to any GPT site.
  • Passive Income


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is Hideout TV?

Hideout TV is a video streaming site where you can earn money by simply watching videos. 

This may sound tedious but in reality Hideout TV is set up so that you simply click a video and leave it running on your desktop, laptop, phone, or even Amazon FireStick. It automatically switches to the next video once one has ended, automatically shows ads between videos, and automatically credits you as ads are displayed between videos.

It is a 100% hands-off, auto-generated online money making opportunity.

Hideout TV is effectively the best way to earn passive income online.

How to Sign Up to Hideout

There’s no real difficulty here, just head over to Hideout TV and sign up with your details. For withdrawals you’ll need to link the site up to a GPT site such as Swagbucks or, both of which we of have seperate profit boosting earning guides and reviews available for.

In terms of linking Hideout TV to other GPT sites for withdrawal, please see further down in this article for details.

How to Earn More Money from Hideout TV

As mentioned, Hideout TV is a completely automated, passive way to earn online. However, there are some tips for you to increase how much you earn from Hideout. The tips don’t make this any less passive, but will provide a good earnings boost over time. 

1. Simply Run Videos 24/7

It’s simple but the longer you have videos running, the more you will make. Note, you may need to go into your device’s settings (normally power/battery) and prevent it from automatically turning your screen off or powering down after x hours of inactivity.

Leave it running overnight to earn while you sleep!

2. Redeem Your Free Hideout TV Daily Reward

Just head to Hideout TV, click on a video, and underneath you will see a reward button. In the pop-up, you will see your personal code already added, so just click the “Add” button for free points! Hideout TV Daily Redeem


3. Use Hideout TV Promo Codes Daily

Hideout offers promo codes on the Official Hideout TV Facebook page daily.
Simply copy the code, go to a video and click the “Rewards” button (same as above), then paste in the code and click “Add”. Free points, it’s as simple as that!

4. Choose the Most Profitable Video Sub-Site

Hideout TV also has several linked sites in their sidebar that show specific types of videos, such as food-based videos or gaming-based videos. The rate at which you see ads and therefore earn points differs site by site.
Again, going to the Official Hideout TV Facebook page daily you will see a list of which of these subsites are the most profitable. This changes from time to time so make sure to check. And don’t worry, your Hideout login details will work for each of these subsites so no need to sign up again or link your GPT site again.
Just make sure that you log in when switching between the different sub-sites otherwise you will not be credited!

5. Double Your Video Earnings

Loot TV functions the same way as Hideout TV, so if you’re earning on Hideout TV it makes sense to also have Loot TV running on the same device. Just open two browser windows, one playing Hideout TV videos and one playing Loot TV videos.

On Windows, you can just hold down the Windows key, and press the left or right arrow to move the browser window to one side of the screen. Move one to the left and one to the right so they’re each visible and occupying half of the screen. Read more about Loot.TV in our complete guide.

6. Reduce Your Device’s Electricity Costs

Your laptop (for example) will be streaming videos all day long, automatically racking up points that can be converted to cash. Luckily laptops only cost around £0.05 in electricity per day.

But we can save a little more on energy costs:

  • Set the streaming quality on Hideout to the lowest possible (240p).
  • Mute your device.
  • Turn the brightness on your device down as low as possible.
  • Go to your device settings and change to energy-saving mode.

7. Make Sure Your Adblocker is Turned OFF!

Normally Adblockers are an essential part of being online, but we want to have ads displayed on Hideout as that is how we earn points, and therefore cash. So, just turn off your AdBlock entirely or specifically block it for Hideout/related sites.


8. Make Sure You’re Logged In!

When you go to Hideout or one of its subsites to start earning money by streaming videos/ads it is vital that you make sure you’re logged in, otherwise your account will not be credited with points!


9. DO NOT Stream Videos on Multiple Devices at the Same Time

You may think an easy way to double, treble, etc. your money is to stream on multiple devices at the same time, but DO NOT DO THIS. Watching videos on more than one device at the same time will lead to a ban and loss of the funds you’ve earned so far.

How to Convert Hideout Points to Cash

Hideout TV in some locations allows you to convert to gift cards, but cold hard cash (or cryptocurrency!) is the best option. But, it is not immediately obvious how to do this.

Hideout doesn’t allow direct cash payouts, but instead allows linking to GPT (Get Paid To) sites such as GPT, Swagbucks, etc.

The easiest way is to go to your GPT site of choice and click Hideout TV from their earning/offerwall sections. This will auto-link your GPT site account and your Hideout TV account for instant point transfers. Take a look at our list of GPT sites to see which one suits you best.

At the end of each day, simply click redeem on Hideout, select your linked GPT site from the dropdown and redeem. The points will be instantly transferred to the site you’ve chosen and then you can withdraw as usual in cash or cryptocurrency.

The Best GPT Sites to Cash Hideout Points out to​

The conversion rates for Hideout TV points to other sites differ quite drastically so it is important that you ensure you cashout to the right site.

First of all, you need to decide how you want your cash – PayPal in your local currency or cryptocurrency. Then, take a look at the various GPT sites we’ve reviewed on Earnologist and do a comparison of the points -> $ conversion.

Why Should You Bother With Hideout TV?​

Passive income is hard to come by and although Hideout TV earnings are high by any stretch of the imagination, it is money for doing absolutely nothing at all.

Completely passive income. Earn money by doing nothing at all

Finally, because you have your choice of GPT site, it means that you can select the GPT based on the payout method you want. For example, if you want to boost your cryptocurrency balance on Coinbase, you transfer the Hideout TV points to

Sign Up to Hideout TV and start earning money for nothing!

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The easiest, no-set-up, completely passive online earning opportunity available. Just start the videos on autoplay and watch you profits tick up.

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