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Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

  • The Dice Dreams offerwall offer appears on the main Swagbucks Discover page and the InboxPounds/InboxDollars main page. It is also available on Freecash with higher earnings. We’ll compare offers later on.
  • The gameplay is a mix between Coin Master and a much simplified Monopoly Go!
  • In-app purchases are not recommended unless you’re doing the offer on Freecash.
  • Realistically you can only go as high as level 30 in 30 days.

Dice Dreams Swagbucks offer screenshot

The Dice Dreams offer on Swagbucks (also InboxPounds/InboxDollars/Freecash) has you playing a game very similar to Coin Master but with dice instead of spins.

You earn coins which are then used to build your Kingdoms, which in turn level you up. The levels for this offer refer to Kingdom levels.

Dice Dreams is very much a luck-based game, but with our full essential strategy guide below, you can turn that luck in your favour.

Is It Possible To Reach Level 10, 25, 30, 40 & 50 in Dice Dreams?

Is Level 10 Achievable?

Absolutely, yes level 10 is achievable in the Dice Dreams Swagbucks offer. You will be able to get to level 10 within the first day of playing. So, consider this a given, that even with bad luck you will hit this first milestone.

Are Levels 25 & 30 Achievable?

Again, yes both level 25 and level 30 are achievable but it will not be as simple or as quick as getting from level 1 to 10. You can expect it to take around 14 days from starting out to get to level 25 and then an additional 7 days to get to level 30.

It is a grind, but with our strategy, you will find that your active screen time will be relatively low.

Are Levels 40 & 50 Achievable?

We do not believe that levels 40 & 50 are doable within the 30-day time limit on the Swagbucks Dice Dream offer. That being said, if you hit a string of good luck, it might be possible for some. Our advice is to instead switch to your next offer once you reach level 30.

Note: If you instead go for the Dice Dreams offer on Freecash, you will get 50 days to get to level 51 which is a more realistic goal.

Is My Dice Dreams Offer Good?

As of writing, there are two versions of the Dice Dreams offer. The first is on Swagbucks, InboxPounds, and Inbox Dollars. The second is on Freecash, which itself has 2 separate offers – one for Android and one for iOS. Both have their pros and cons:

Swagbucks Dice Dreams Offer

As mentioned, the Swagbucks offer for Dice Dreams is identical to the offer on InboxPounds and InboxDollars. Remember that rewards can differ per country and over time so make sure to check the offer(s) available to you.

Currently, you can earn 5850SB (£58.40/$58.40) for completing all tasks/milestones:

Task Reward
Reach Level 10
50SB ($0.50)
Reach Level 25
400SB ($4.00)
Reach Level 30
400 SB ($4.00)
Reach Level 40
2,000SB ($20.00)
Reach Level 50
3,000SB ($30.00)

Freecash Dice Dreams Offer

Freecash also has the Dice Dreams offer but it is structured slightly differently both in terms of earnings and the time you have to complete it. In addition, the rewards differ for iOS vs Android. The Android offer will net you $46, but the iOS offer is even higher at $74:

Task iOS Reward Android Reward
Install Dice Dreams
Reach Level 19 (10 days)
Reach Level 36 (21 days)
Reach Level 51 (50 days)

Additionally, for both iOS and Android, there is a $5.00 reward for your first purchase. This is a great opportunity as a purchase in Dice Dreams can be made for as low as $0.99/£0.99. That’s a guaranteed $4.00 profit.

You get less time to complete the lower levels but if you want to aim high, having 50 days to complete level 51 gives you a lot of extra breathing space.

Dice Dreams Levels 10, 25, 30, 40, 50 Strategy Guide

Your goal with the Dice Dreams offer is of course to get to complete all levels up to level 50. But, we suggest that unless you’re really enjoying the game to stop at level 30 as the grind to level 40 and 50 is HUGE.

Levels in this case are the Kingdom levels. You will move up one Kingdom level when you completely build every building on the current level. This uses coins, which you obtain from rolls.

Don’t bother with in-app purchases because they won’t help you much. That is unless you’re doing the offer on Freecash, where you can make a $4 profit for making a $0.99 purchase.

Now let’s look at the strategy overview that will have you flying through the levels.

Strategy Overview

Before we get to the details, let’s look at the strategy overview. For each of the points below, we’ll explain how it can be used to push through levels faster and balance out this luck-based game. So, without further ado, the strategy overview:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of the game.
  2. Make sure you use the right roll multiplier (This is crucial).
  3. Spend coins as soon as you earn them.
  4. Use mini-game tricks.
  5. Use the listed resources to get free rolls.
  6. Once you run out of rolls, close the game (seriously).
  7. Do yourself a favour and stop at level 30.

Let’s look at each step, one by one.

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Understanding the Game Concepts

Dice Dreams has a very simple gameplay loop, but more functionality becomes available as you progress. A lot of this functionality is automatic and you simply need to be aware of it.

  • You have a certain amount of dice rolls and when you roll the dice you get:
  • Either coins directly, the ability to steal coins from others, the ability to attack others for coins, and the ability to fight others for coins.
  • With these coins, you build buildings in your current Kingdom.
  • Once all buildings are complete in a Kingdom, you increase by 1 level.

As you progress you’ll unlock tournaments and events that will keep your stock of rolls up. This is all automatic though, so no extra action is needed to benefit from it. And that’s it. Very much luck-based. We can however improve our luck, make the most of our dice rolls, and even get additional free rolls in a variety of ways.

Use the Correct Roll Multiplier

Using the correct roll multiplier while working on your Dice Dreams offer is the most critical thing to understand to ensure success.

Dice Dreams What Roll Multiplier To Use
But what roll multiplier should you use in Dice Dreams?

Using low roll multipliers means you’ll miss out on big wins, but high multipliers will see your rolls drop to zero in seconds. It’s a balance. Luckily, we have the answers you need below:

Number of Rolls Left Multiplier to Use

The biggest mistake that people make when attempting the Dice Dreams offer is using too high of a multiplier and crashing down to zero in seconds.

Spend Coins as Soon as You Earn Them

This one is simple. You know that you can steal and attack others to get coins from them. Well, they can do the same to you. And stolen coins, mean that it will take you longer to build your kingdom and longer to level up.

And to follow up, make sure that you focus on completing individual buildings first:

Dice Dreams How to Use Coins

The reason for this is as you can see above, the final stage of a building will grant you a gift. This will give you either free coins or free dice rolls. Prioritizing in this way will keep you actively moving forward for longer.

Use Mini-Game Tricks

By mini-games, we mean attacking, stealing, and fighting that start when your dice roll matches these icons. When attacking, and when you pull back on the catapult, don’t release until your character is over the bullseye. This gives an extra multiplier for your coins.

The main tip here is about fighting. This is where you are pitted against another player in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Dice Dreams Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Offer
You can win the vast majority of Dice Dream fights.

After some experimenting, we’ve found that choosing rock, rock (and if necessary then paper) will result in a win almost every time. We’re unsure of the psychology of this, but with this strategy, we’ve won 90% of fights. And more wins means more coins, which means faster increases in Kingdom level.

How to Get Free Rolls in Dice Dreams

During your road to level 50 (or 30) in your Dice Dreams Swagbucks offer you will run out of dice rolls. This will happen a lot. Fortunately, there are a good amount of ways to gain additional rolls for free.

Claim Free Dice Dream Rolls Online

The developers of Dice Dreams release free dice roll links almost every day. You can grab these from their Facebook page, but the quicker way of doing it is by going to Pocket Tactics’ free Dice Dream Rolls page. Simply click the links on mobile, and it will open Dice Dreams and grant you free rolls.

We’ve seen and claimed links that give 200+ free dice rolls. This can drastically speed up your Dice Dreams Swagbucks offer.

Free Dice Dreams Dice Rolls for Watching Ads

Quite often when you completely run out of dice rolls, you will see a small icon in the lower right of your screen:

Dice Dreams Free Rolls For Watching Ads
Watch ads for free Dice Dreams rolls.

Every time you watch an ad you will get 2 free dice rolls. We’ve found that you typically get 5-10 ads before the icon disappears. It will return in time, so keep an eye out for it.

Free Dice Dreams Dice Rolls in the Store

When we say store, we mean those irritating pop-ups trying to get you to buy in-app purchases. From time to time though, they can offer you completely free coins or dice rolls:

Dice Dreams Swagbucks Free Store Coins
Watch out for free dice rolls in the pop-up store.

Just make sure to watch out for these and not to dismiss them automatically!

Automatic Free Dice Rolls

On top of these ways to grab free dice rolls, you’ll also find that you’ll get a heap of free rolls by naturally playing the game. There’s no need to actively do anything, you will get them during play from:

  • Levelling up your Kingdom.
  • Clicking the gift icon that appears when you level up a single building.
  • As rewards from events (you’re auto-entered).
  • As rewards from tournaments (you’re auto-entered).
  • As rewards from trials. You’ll need to enter the trial and click to do some rolls, but it’s easy free coins.

Stop Playing When Your Run Out of Rolls

When you’ve exhausted all of the options above for free dice rolls, just stop playing. It is tempting to sit in game waiting for rolls to regenerate (they do at a rate of 5 per hour). Your best option is to close the game for 10 hours and come back when your rolls are refilled. In those 10 hours, you can complete any number of other profitable offers that we have guides for.

Stop at Level 30

Because of how unlikely it is to get to level 50, or even level 40 within the 30 days, we advise that you stop at level 30. The rewards are of course tempting for the higher levels but without an extreme amount of luck, or an extreme amount of in-app purchases (both of which we don’t recommend), you’ll just be wasting your time.

Move on to another more profitable offer.

Remember: Don’t delete the game until the money is in your hands. Occasionally the GPT site will ask you to prove with a screenshot that you hit your goal.

Similar Offer Guides

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Is the Dice Dreams Swagbucks Offer Worth it?

In our opinion, the first few steps in the Dice Dreams multiple reward Swagbucks offer are absolutely worth it up to level 30. You’ll earn $8.50/£8.50 which might seem a small amount for so many days, but remember most of that time you won’t be playing the game. You play for 15 minutes, wait 10 hours for rolls to regenerate and repeat. The actual time spent playing is tiny.

Higher levels (levels 40 and 50) are just not worth your time and it is unlikely that you’ll make it in time.

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