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Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

  • The Bingo Blitz offerwall offer appears on the main Swagbucks Discover page, and the InboxPounds/InboxDollars main page. It may also be available on other GPT sites.
  • A standard bingo game with powerups etc.
  • Can be completed in just 6-8 hours easily with our guide.
  • Available for both Android and iOS.

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The Bingo Blitz offer on Swagbucks/InboxPounds/InboxDollars is probably the easiest $40/£40 that you will ever make on an offerwall offer. If you go into this blind you will struggle, but with our guide, you will have this completed in 6-8 hours with no need to make any in-app purchases.

It is a bingo game (unsurprisingly) but has a lot of bells and whistles with various activities, bonuses, etc. Most of this can be ignored and in our Bing Blitz strategy guide below we will explain exactly what needs to be focused on and when.

Is It Possible To Reach Level 70 in Bingo Blitz?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to reach level 70 in Bingo Blitz within the 7-day limit that most offers give you. In fact, you will be able to reach level 70 in around 6-8 hours, so within a single day if you follow our steps below.

Bingo Blitz is a must-do offer due to how easy it is to reach level 70.

Note: Do not make any in-app purchases in Bingo Blitz. You simply do not need to.

Is My Bingo Blitz Offer Good?

As of writing, there is a single offer for Bingo Blitz that requires you to get to level 70 within 7 days and earns you $40/£40. Unfortunately, there are no tiered (multi-level) versions of this offer but the reward you get and how easy it is to achieve means that it is well worth doing.

What does a good offer look like for Bingo Blitz?

As mentioned, there is only a single offer for Bingo Blitz currently and we consider this to be a very good offer. You can earn higher rewards from other games but the speed at which you can complete this makes it a definite winner.

The offer we completed for Bingo Blitz on Swagbucks is shown below but remember that it will likely be available on other get-paid to sites to:

Swagbuxks Bingo Blitz Level 70 offer

Level Time Limit Reward
7 days

On the face of it, a very straightforward offer but there are some critical strategies to make sure that you are able to achieve level 70. Let’s look at this next.

Bingo Blitz Level 70 Strategy Guide

Note: If you want a more detailed guide, scroll down further where we will deal with all aspects of this offer, step by step.

Strategy Overview

For those that just want the headlines, below we have the steps that you need to take. If you want the full guide, keep reading past this section.  So, in a nutshell, to reach level 70 in Bingo Blitz you will need to:

  1. Work through the tutorial, which effectively stretches out over the first few levels. You will fly through this just by doing what you’re told in game.
  2. Always choose the maximum number of cards/bets that you’re able to initially. There is no real danger of using up all of your blue coins at this stage.
  3. When playing a round of bingo, use our “More Bingos” strategy below. Essentially you need to daub 3 numbers on the board, use the power up in the top right, and then wait. It will be on a cooldown, so don’t daub any numbers until that cooldown has completed to begin marking numbers off again. Rinse and repeat. This maximizes the amount of powerups you can use per game.
  4. Once you reach level 10 or so start to be conscious of the amount of blue coins you have left and scale up/down as necessary for your bet amounts.
  5. Once the rewards open up, sign up for a 1-month free trial of Bingo Blitz Plus. This is free, so no charge. You will get a crazy amount of bonuses and coins over your playtime [This is a crucial step].
  6. Set a reminder to cancel Bingo Blitz Plus! As soon as you complete the offer, cancel it!
  7. After level 10 don’t bet beyond “Super”. Always choose 4 cards, and when you’re prompted turn on the “4 cards on one page” setting. This will make life much easier.
  8. Continue grabbing bonuses etc. that the game offers you. Additionally, you can also grab a ton of free coins and powerups from the free code page.
  9. Keep progressing as above, make sure you manage your coins and scale down if you need to preserve them. Continue until you reach “Athens”
  10. The featured area/balloon will now be unlocked. This is where you will spend all of your time until you reach level 70.
  11. In the balloon lobby, you will start using your dice in the dice game in the bottom right. Keep playing until you get a 10-minute double XP bonus. Now jump back into the balloon lobby and select “Super” and 4 cards. Continue with the “More Bingos” strategy. When the double XP expires, go back to the dice game and repeat.
  12. You will rocket through the levels and each game of bingo will see you level up between 1 and 5 levels.
  13. Monitor your blue coins, and drop down to “Classic” if you’re running low on coins, or up to “Mega if you’re over 600 coins. The dice game and the rewards area will keep your coins up as will the constant leveling up.
  14. Once you hit level 50, the price in coins of each game will increase, so again just ensure to manage your coin level.
  15. You will hit level 70 in no time, and that $40/£40 is yours.
  16. Again, remember to cancel the Bingo Blitz subscription in your Google Play or Apple Store settings!
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Getting to Level 10

Getting to level 10 is easy. You just follow the tutorial, and do what it tells you. There is no need to really monitor the amount of blue coins that you have left. Just play the max bet, select 4 cards (when it becomes available) and you’ll be at level 10 very quickly.

At some point, you will be directed to change the layout of 4 cards from 2 on-screen to 4 on-screen. We highly recommend that you change this as soon as you are told to do so by the game.

Get the Free 1 Month of Bingo Blitz ASAP

As soon as it becomes available and you’re prompted, sign up for a free trial of Bingo Blitz Plus. This is absolutely essential to ensure you get to level 70. Don’t worry, you will not be charged but just make sure to cancel the free subscription once complete to make sure you aren’t charged in a month’s time.

Bingo Blitz Plus Free Trial Level 70
The trial is free and you will pay absolutely nothing. Just remember to cancel once you’ve completed the level 70 offer!

What Bingo Blitz Plus will give you is double the rewards in both the main bingo area and the dice area, tons of power-ups, and access to featured rooms later on.

It merits being mentioned again. This step is essential to reach level 70.

The "More Bingos" Bingo Blitz Strategy

It is vital to make sure that you get as many bingos as possible in Bingo Blitz. This will level you up much, much faster. But you may be thinking, it’s random and dependent on the numbers that come out. Well, that’s true for normal bingo, but Bingo Blitz is slightly different.

You will notice that when you “daub” (mark off) numbers on your board that in the top right a meter will up:

Bingo Blitz how to get more bingos strategy

Once you mark off 3 numbers, a power-up will become available. This can range from double XP to marking off extra random numbers (that haven’t even been called). Once the power-up is used, it will enter a cool-down state:

Bingo Blitz Cool down

During this cooldown, even if you mark numbers off, the meter will NOT fill. So essentially, you’re wasting those daubs and not getting any power-ups for them. So, instead, you simply stop marking numbers off until the cooldown is over. Don’t worry though because any numbers that have been called while you’re waiting will flash/strobe so they’re easy to pick out after your wait.

This will massively increase the number of bingos you get as you use the single, double, and triple auto-marking power-ups.

When the number of available bingos on the left starts to get low though, stop using the strategy and just mark off as usual.

Getting to the "Athens" Level

Your next goal is to get to the Athens level. You need to use the “More Bingos in Bingo Blitz” strategy above. And you need to keep an eye on your blue coins. Here are some rules to keep your blue coin count up while you progress toward Athens:

Never bet higher than “Super”, choose 4 cards and play on the latest city that you’ve unlocked:

Bingo Blitz Strategy 70 Select Super

If the amount of blue coins that you have begins to drop, make sure you lower your bet to “Normal”, or alternatively select 2 or 3 cards if absolutely necessary.

And remember that you have many ways to keep your blue coin count up:

Bingo Blitz Free Coins and Power-Ups

As you’re progressing towards Athens, you can make use of free power-ups and blue coins in a variety of ways. The game will actually be very generous and throw you random gifts, you’ll earn coins in chests you find in Bingo games and of course for leveling up.

Make sure to grab any freebies you can from the top menu bar, indicated by small gift icons:

Bingo Blitz Free Coins in gameBlitz

Additionally, you can also get free coins and power-ups in Bingo Blitz with the usual freebie links that you’d expect. Just remember to click the link on mobile as it will trigger the game itself to open and receive the bonuses.

Once you reach Athens, you unlock featured rooms. This is accessed by clicking on the big balloon on the main map:

Bingo Blitz Featured Rooms Unlock

This is where you will begin to skyrocket through the levels. You will find that for each game of bingo, you will jump up between 1 and 5 levels. The rewards here are much bigger in terms of coins and XP. You will continue to use “Super”, or drop down to “Normal” bets if needed, keep selecting 4 cards and using our “More Bingos” strategy.

There are also other steps that absolutely must be used to speed things up even further:

Use the Dice Game for Double XP

Wherever possible, you want to make sure that you have the double XP booster active while playing bingo. The best way to get this is to play the dice game in the lower right-hand corner.

You may need to play through a few rounds until a 2x XP icon appears. What’s great is that the game is actually incredibly fair and in 99% of cases will make sure you land on this pickup.

Bingo Blitz DoubleXP

As soon as you grab a pickup, go back to the featured room (via the balloon). You will see that you now have 10 minutes of Double XP activated.

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t have enough dice rolls to grab a double XP. As you play in the featured room you will get an insane amount of rolls. We ended up with over 300 to spare!

As you can see above you’ll also get a good amount of free blue coins/credits and power-ups. What’s more, each time you complete the current dice page you’ll get even more blue coins. And with our Bingo Blitz Plus we get that doubled.

Whenever your Double XP runs out (or you’re running low on blue coins), head back to the dice game to stock back up.

Manage Your Blue Coins

As mentioned, you need to ensure that your blue coins don’t drop too low. Alter your bet down to “Normal” or switch to 3 cards instead of 4 for example. Use the techniques above to get more blue coins. To play it safe we made sure that we never went below 500 coins.

Bingo Blitz Level 50 - 70

Now for the final push towards Bingo Blitz level 70 and that £40/$40 reward! You should still continue to play in the featured room from level 50 to 70. When you reach level 50 you’ll see that the price per card increases, but so does the amount of XP that you get. Just be wary of how many blue coins you have left and how much a game costs. Keep using the strategies above to keep your blue coin count up.

The strategy doesn’t change and you will find yourself continually rising through the levels at a crazy rate. Especially if you’re able to get the double XP booster and then activate a double XP power-up within the bingo game!

We finished very comfortably reaching level 70 in just 6 hours:

Bingo Blitz Level 70 Offer CompleteBlitz
Our final status at level 70 in Bingo Blitz.

When we hit level 70, we had 1,371 blue coins and 393 rolls left. I feel like we could have kept going for another 100 levels but of course, there is no point in doing so with the current offer available.

Cancel Your Bingo Blitz Plus Subscription!

Please, please, please cancel your free trial of the Bingo Blitz Subscription once you have reached level 70. The trial is free but if you forget to cancel you will be charged in 1 month’s time.

So cancel it immediately after completing the Bingo Blitz level 70 offer!

To cancel a subscription:

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The Bingo Blitz Level 70 offer is probably one of the very best offers available due to high payout and super fast completion time. Remember if you can’t find it on Swagbucks it is also available on InboxPounds/InboxDollars.

We have literally never seen such an easy offer with such a high payout rate. Make sure to follow our guide and grab yourself a cool £40/$40 in just 6-8 hours.

And remember, we don’t just deal with offerwalls. We have guides for hundreds of ways to earn online.

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