Bravo Bingo Offerwall Guide: Level 10, 30, 50, 100

Bravo Bingo Level 10 30 50 100 offerwall guide

Bravo Bingo Offer Rating:


Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

  • The Bravo Bingo offerwall offer appears on the main Swagbucks Discover page, and the InboxPounds/InboxDollars main page. It may also be available on other GPT sites.
  • A standard bingo game with powerups etc.
  • The game is designed to entirely halt your progress. It literally becomes impossible to play after a certain point.
  • Available for Android only.

Bravo Bingo level 10 30 50 100 guide

The Bravo Bingo offer on Swagbucks/InboxPounds/InboxDollars sounds like a great earner with a stated $50/£50 reward. However £15/$15 of that is a break-even reward for making purchases and unfortunately most of the offer is not possible.

Having said that, you can still earn a small amount of cash for the earlier levels if you follow our guide below.

It is a bingo game that feels a lot like a clone of Bingo Blitz which is actually one of the best offers we’ve seen. Sadly, this clone has removed almost every way imaginable to build up your coin balance unless you take some very specific steps, which we’ll get onto below.

Is It Possible To Reach Level 10 & 30 in Bravo Bingo?

The good news is that the first two targets, reaching levels 10 and 30 in Bravo Bingo are absolutely possible, yes. Getting to level 10 will happen naturally, but achieving level 30 will require some specific steps. It’s all about maximizing your wins and managing your coin balance.

Just by racing through these early levels, you can net yourself around £1.80/$1.80 which while not great is free cash for a little effort.

Is It Possible To Reach Level 50 & 100 in Bravo Bingo?

It is categorically impossible for you to reach levels 50 and 100 in Bravo Bingo. This may seem like an overstatement as you get a generous 30 days to complete the offer but it truly is 100% impossible without spending a ludicrous amount of cash.

When you reach around level 40, you will have absolutely used up all of your coins. Normally in games like this, that’s no issue but with Bravo Bingo it bizarrely completely locks things down to the point where you can’t get enough coins to play more than 1-2 games of bingo per day.

  • Free coin videos seem to stop forever after you’ve watched around 10 of them.
  • Free coins “every 15 minutes” seem to stop after claiming 4 or 5 times in a day.
  • The only way to break even with coins is to get 100% bingos on every card you ever play (impossible). i.e. your coin balance will almost always go down.
  • There are no free coin/credit links available for Bravo Bingo.
  • Events and freebies grant you such tiny amounts of coins that you won’t even gather enough for a single game of bingo.

To put this in perspective, once you reach level 40 you’ll be looking at 640 coins for a single game of bingo. Our highest gathering of free coins in a day was 777, enough for 1 game. Our returned coins after the game were around 100. We earned enough XP to move about 1/100th of the way to the next level.

Our advice, stop at level 30 and never look back at Bravo Bingo.

Is My Bravo Bingo Offer Good?

If your Bravo Bingo offer includes anything above level 30, then it is likely a poor offer. And unfortunately, as of writing this is exactly what the only available offer is.

As above, once you reach level 40 the game will entirely lock down on you and prevent you from progressing without spending eye-watering amounts of real cash.

What does the Bravo Bingo Offer Look Like?

As mentioned, there is only a single offer for Bravo Bingo currently and we consider this to be a very poor offer. As explained this is due to the impossibility of reaching the higher levels due to the game’s crazy approach to coins/credits.

The offer we completed for Bravo Bingo on Swagbucks is shown below but remember that it will likely be available on other get-paid to sites to:

Goal/Task Reward
Reach Level 10
Reach Level 30
Reach Level 50
Reach Level 100
Make a $4.99 Purchase
Make a $9.99 Purchase

Bravo Bingo Level 10, 30, 50, 100 Strategy Guide

Your goal is to make sure that you reach level 30, don’t even consider anything beyond that. To make it to level 30 you will need to employ tactics around power-up maximization and you will need to carefully manage your coin balance.

Strategy Overview

Looking at the general steps you need to take to get as far as humanly possible in your Bravo Bingo offerwall offer:

  1. Work through the tutorial. This will get you through the first few levels easily and introduce you to some of the ways to get free coins (a pitiful amount unfortunately).
  2. Always choose the maximum amount of 4 cards. Be sensible about which level of bet you make. You really cannot afford to let your coin balance get too low.
  3. When playing a round of bingo, use our “More Bingos” strategy below. Essentially you need to daub 3 numbers on the board, use the power-up in the top right, and then wait. It will be on a cooldown, so don’t daub any numbers until that cooldown has completed to begin marking numbers off again. Rinse and repeat. This maximizes the amount of powerups you can use per game and increases your number of bingos, preserving your coins.
  4. Collect free coins from as many locations as possible (more on the specifics below). And grind, grind, grind.
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  • Free daily cash.
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Starting Out

Simply follow the tutorial which will introduce concepts of the game, give you some free coins etc. This stage is incredibly easy and there are no real worries about running out of coins. Once you start playing beyond this, you really need to approach this with a solid strategy. The first strategy is the “More Bingos” strategy that we’ve outlined below.

The "More Bingos" Bravo Bingo Strategy

Firstly, let me be clear that you absolutely must follow this strategy to be able to hit level 30. You might think that bingo is random (it is of course) and that there is nothing you can do to increase the amount of bingos that you get in Bravo Bingo. However, the concept of powerups means that you can swing things in your favour.

You will notice that when you “daub” (mark off) numbers on your board that in the top right a meter will up:

Bravo Bingo Power up strategy more bingos

Once you mark off 3 numbers, a power-up will become selectable. This power-up will be random. It can be a multiplier for coins earned or XP. It can even knock extra numbers off your board. Once activated, this meter will enter a cool-down state:

While the cool-down is active, even if you mark more numbers off you will not fill the meter. This means that you are wasting your daubs because they aren’t generating power-ups. So, you need to STOP when the cooldown is active. Don’t worry though, because any numbers you miss during this wait will flash allowing you to select them and get another power-up as soon as the cool-down is complete.

Always Select 4 cards and Super Bets

To get through to level 30 as fast as possible we suggest always going for 4 cards as soon as they are available. This can be overwhelming with the default setup as it only displays two on the page. This means you’re constantly switching between a view of 2 cards.

As you progress, you will be prompted to try the 4 card layout. Activate this as soon as it prompts you to try it out. This will make life much easier:

Bravo Bingo 4 card layout

In addition, while you do need to carefully manage your coins balance, you need to maximize your wins. To do this we suggest that you go as high as a “Super Bet” but no higher.

Bravo Bingo Super Bet

This is the perfect balance between coin spending and rewards from our time playing. It will allow you to level up quickly while preserving your coins.

How to Get Free/Extra Coins in Bravo Bingo

Coins are a very, very rare resource in Bravo Bingo. And the fact that you can’t play a game without them makes this very problematic. The free coins you can grab are in most cases low, or one-offs. Make sure to grab them as soon and as often as you can.

The ways to get free coins to help you reach level 30 are below. Remember, levels 50 and 100 are simply not possible.

Free Bravo Bingo Coins by Watching Ads

When you first start out with Bravo Bingo you will notice a small icon in the lower right of the screen. Clicking this will allow you to watch ads and get some free coins in return:

Bravo Bingo Free Coins Watching Ads
Free coins for watching ads.

You may think that this is going to be a great way to keep a steady stream of free coins coming your way, but much like everything else in Bravo Bingo, it doesn’t follow anything resembling logic.

You will be able to click this about 10 times and get free coins. But our experience is that once you watch 10 ads, this icon will never reappear. So it is crucial that as soon as you start with Bravo Bingo that you watch these videos before anything else as they will disappear forever at a certain point.

Key Rewards

On the left-hand side of the main screen, you will see a key icon. This is the rewards area. As you progress you will see that you can earn free coins and free power-ups along the bottom.

Bravo Bingo Level 10 30 50 100 rewards coins

If you’ve previously done the fantastic Bingo Blitz offer you be thinking that the Bravo Pass is a good option to grab as a free trial. Nope. In Bravo Bingo it costs you a whopping $13 and there is no trial.

Just grab the freebies from the bottom row whenever they pop up.

Daily Free Coins

Each day you play Bravo Bingo you get free coins from the daily check-in and the free wheel. Unfortunately, you’ll be looking at a max of 1,000 free coins. Early on this is good but if you’re trying to push through to higher levels like 50 and 100, it will only cover you for one or two games of bingo.

Bravo Bingo Daily Free Coins
Free daily coins can keep you active a little longer.

Still, if you’re trying to push to level 30 this can be a handy boost if you run out of coins in Bravo Bingo.

Free Coins/Credit From Teams

As you progress you unlock teams, which are effectively alliances or groups. Within the chat of teams in Bravo Bingo, people can ask for “help”. When you click the help button you receive… 5 coins. That’s it. And this really highlights how stingy this game is at handing out coins.

Bravo Bingo Free Coins From Teams
You can get admittedly tiny amounts of free coins from teams.

You can also request help once every 5 hours or so. When 5 of your teammates click to help you get a slightly better 80 coins added to your pile.

Free Coins Every 15 Minutes (Sometimes...)

Next, we have the free coins every 15 minutes area at the top of the screen. When it is available to claim, you’ll see a small gift icon next to your coin balance:

Bravo Bingo 15 minute free coinsBingo

Once you click it, you will see a statement explaining that you can grab free coins every 15 minutes. That’s great news, right? Well, the reality is that the free coins every 15 minutes disappear altogether after you’ve claimed it perhaps 5 times in a day. And it will not return until the next day…

Bravo Bingo Free Coins 15 Minutes

Grab what you can from this area to keep your coin balance above 70. Usually, you will get 50 coins or less from this free coin button.

Free Coins From the In-Game Inbox

In the top right, you will have an inbox. From time to time you will see a notification icon there too. Check it out when you see the icon as you will sometimes be able to grab some free coins to keep your balance up:

Bravo Bingo Inbox Free Coins

Again you will notice that you can see video rewards. But again these will simply disappear and never return once you watched the 10 available.

Bravo Bingo Free Coin Links

Unfortunately, Bravo Bingo does not provide any free coin links. Unlike other similar games, there is simply no way to get free coins from promo codes, links, or anything at all outside of the game itself. This adds to the very limiting factor of your coin balance.

Bravo Bingo Level 30

With the above strategy in mind, you should be able to comfortably reach level 30 in Bravo Bingo. As noted several times, getting beyond that to levels 50 and 100 is simply a no-go, so we suggest that you end your offer at this point.

Note: Do yourself a favour and stop at level 30. Then move onto your next offer to maximize your time/profit.

When Does Bravo Bingo Offer Pend?

We actually had some troubles with pending as you can see below. For us, Level 10 simply did not pend so would require a support ticket. Fortunately, level 30 did pend instantly as did the $4.99 purchase.

We were unable to find a purchase for $9.99 and to be honest, it doesn’t make sense anyway as the amount of coins you get for any purchases at around this value will last you only a few games of bingo and will not likely even get you a single level up.

Bravo Bingo Goals Swagbucks

Similar Offer Guides

If you want to check out more similar offers, check out other guides we have available below. And remember, we have an ever-growing list of other offerwall offer guides just waiting for you to generate extra cash from.

Is the Bravo Bingo Swagbuck Offer Worth it?

Overall the Bravo Bingo offer on Swagbucks, Inbox Pounds/Inbox Dollars, etc. is simply very poor. You can expect to easily achieve levels 10 and 30, but this will only earn you £1.80/$1.80. That being said, you can quickly get to these levels so you may as well grab the free cash that is available.

As you’ve no doubt figured from our guide, levels 50 and 100 are simply unobtainable as you will crash out to zero coins (or close to) without any real way of getting a coin balance back up.

Our advice: Give it a go, get to level 30, don’t bother with any purchases, and then just walk away with your £1.80/$1.80.

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