Vikings: War of Clans Palace Level 4,6,7,9…32,34 Offerwall Guide

Vikings War of Clans Palace Upgrade Offerwall Guide

Vikings:War of Clans Offerwall Offer Rating:

  • Minor attention is required.
  • In-app purchase not required up to level 27. They are required for levels 32-36.
  • Earnings: $10 (up to level 27) – $25 (up to level 36)

Vikings: War of Clans frequently has good paying offers on offerwalls for upgrading the palace to levels 3, 6, 7, 9, 15, and so on up to levels 32, 34, or even 36. As with all offerwall apps, it’s important to understand if it’s even possible to complete within any time limit if it will cost you any money, and the fastest, most efficient way to complete the offer.

We went for the offer via Ayet Studios on Swagbucks but it is also available on other GPT sites such as Freecash and

The game itself is much like any other city builder, so if you’re familiar with the genre, there should be no surprises for you here.

Vikings War Of Clans Overview
A standard but generous city builder offerwall offer.

Earnologist has you covered so let’s take a look at Vikings: War of Clans with a complete palace level upgrade guide.

Is It Possible To Get to Palace Level 22, 27, 30, 32, 34 & 36?

Before we jump in, let me assure you that it is possible to upgrade the palace from levels 4, right through to offerwall milestone levels 15, 22 and 27 without spending any money at all.

However we do not believe that it is possible to reach level 30, 32, 34 or 36 without paying for in-app purchases, so bear this in mind based on the offer you choose. 

Due to the very unusual way that Vikings: War of Clans works, it is incredibly easy to get as high as level 27 because the game throws thousands of hours of speed-ups, free gold, free VIP levels and refreshes at you every day.

It really is a unique city builder game as it gives you so many resources that you barely need to play it. But in order to understand how to get and use these resources effectively, there are some things you should know that we’ll cover in the guide below.

This is a good offer and probably the fastest and easiest city builder we’ve ever played (and we’ve played a lot of them!)

Is My Vikings: War of Clans Offer Good?

As you know, many sites and many offerwalls exist. There will be different offers for the same game per site, or per offerwall. Sometimes the same offerwall on different sites has different offers. So, it’s important to make sure that you choose to start the offer from the best place (easiest and earns the most money).

Typically, the best location will be Swagbucks or but check out our huge GPT site list if you want to manually review the options of a few sites yourself.

What does a good offer look like for Vikings: War of Clans?

With city builders, wherever possible you should be looking for offerwall offers that offer multiple rewards (i.e. you get paid as you go when passing certain upgrade levels). Secondly of course you’re looking for a high payout. Thirdly you’re looking for a time limit that is realistic.

The offer (see below) that we took up on Swagbucks via ayeT Studios is considered a good offer. This is due to the fact that there are multiple milestones that you’re paid out for completing and the rewards are reasonable. If you have a similar offer or even an offer with a slightly shorter time span/lower payout we suggest going for it.

Complete the following tasks within 28 days to receive the rewards:

Total tasks: 11
Total rewards: 2,523SB (~$25)

  1. Complete tutorial (21 SB)
  2. Upgrade Palace to level 4 (36SB)
  3. Upgrade Palace to level 6 (48SB)
  4. Upgrade Palace to level 7 (55SB)
  5. Upgrade Palace to level 9 (64SB)
  6. Upgrade Palace to level 15 (100SB)
  7. Upgrade Palace to level 22 (167SB)
  8. Upgrade Palace to level 27 (400SB)
  9. Upgrade Palace to level 30 (512SB)
  10. Upgrade Palace to level 32 (560 SB)
  11. Upgrade Palace to level 34 (560SB)

So, if the offer you see is anything like the above then go for it as soon as you’ve read our guide below:

Vikings: War of Clans Offerwall Offer Guide to Palace Level 27

Why This Offer Is Easy

This guide for Vikings: War of Clans upgrading the palace to level 27 requires no in-app purchases (The guide for up to level 32/34/36 is shown further down). As soon as you start War of Clans you will get access to various sources of free items. These are:

  • The daily login (the calendar icon)
  • The free daily bank item (coin in the top right)
  • The free chest every few minutes (bottom right)
  • Many events that you’re auto entered into and auto claim rewards from.
  • Quests standard, daily, weekly monthly (icon below your character icon).
  • Tasks [VERY IMPORTANT] personal, clan and premium (scroll icon on the left).

The astonishing part that makes this so easy is due to daily login, events, and tasks. This game is so generous that it literally feels as though you are playing on a speed-hacked version of the game.

The daily login and events will throw an insane amount of resources at you. After the first 30 minutes of playing, we had the equivalent of 65 DAYS of speed-ups. And every day it just keeps giving you more.

Vikings War Of Clans Boosts
The boosts in Vikings War of Clans make upgrading to the next palace level instant.

Within that same 30 minutes, we had enough VIP tokens to get us up to VIP level 14, activate it for 1 week 2 days. It lets you auto-complete buildings that have 50 minutes remaining and most importantly of all gives you the ability to auto-complete personal, clan, and premium tasks.

This auto-completion is what makes this an absolute breeze because the game also drops hundreds of task refreshes. This means that you can just click through starting and instantly claim all tasks, then refresh the list with your never-ending supply of refresh tokens and do it again. Each day this will give you tens of millions of each resource (food, lumber, stone, etc.)

What makes this along with any other city builder offerwall offer tough is that the genre of games is well… boring and repetitive. Vikings: War of Clans is no different but don’t let that discourage you from earning some extra cash without much attention or work needed.

Step #1: The Tutorial

For the tutorial, just blast through as fast as you can. Don’t read anything, just click where the arrows tell you to click. Your goal here is to just get out of the tutorial so you can get into the main game. Simple.

Step #2: Join a Clan

Open the clan tab and join a clan that has open admission. This means you will join immediately. Make sure that the clan has a high influence rating and is almost full. For example, go for a clan that has 95/100 members. These two stats will make sure that your clan completes more events and you get more resources and free items.

You will NOT need to be active in this clan apart from clicking the “help” button in the bottom right of the screen every now and then and choosing to help all.

Other than that, the clan just exists to complete events on your behalf and to give you free items. These free items will be used to help you power through the game without really playing it.

Step #3: Cash in Your VIP Tokens [Important]

As mentioned above, Vikings: War of Clans throws out free resources and items like crazy but you need to make sure you use them effectively. Everything is pinned on a certain feature – VIP. Unlike most city builders, this game even goes crazy with how many VIP tokens it hands out. When you’ve finished the tutorial, the game should have given you enough free tokens to upgrade to VIP level 13, and it should activate for 1 week or more.

VIP level 13 will allow you to complete personal, clan, and premium tasks instantly. They will reward you with building resources (food, lumber, stone, etc.). This, combined with the next step is how you will power through palace upgrades.

Note: If the game hasn’t given you enough to upgrade to VIP level 13, don’t worry. Within a maximum time of 1 day, it will have given you enough. You can still continue on as below but note that you won’t be able to auto-complete tasks unless you’ve reached VIP 13 (for all), 8 (for personal and clan), or 7 (for personal only).

Step #4: Focus on Upgrading the Palace

You won’t need to go to the map to fight monsters or gather resources or take part in any events. Just upgrade your palace. Start at the palace and try to upgrade it. It will show you what needs to be upgraded first, so just click through and upgrade it first.

Return to the palace and upgrade. Keep doing this up and up through the levels and you should get to around level 7 using the below steps.

Normal upgrading

When upgrading, choose to use resources. In the beginning, you’ll be able to autocomplete most buildings because VIP level 13 will allow you to remove 45 minutes of time instantly.


As you progress, upgrade times will become longer. But don’t worry because Vikings: War of Clans has given you (and will continue to give you) thousands of hours, or 60-100 days of speedups. So don’t be afraid to use them. They’re an almost infinite resource.

Use Gold

At a certain point, you will run out of food, lumber, stone, etc. so instead of choosing to use resources to upgrade, use gold. Make sure you use gold to directly upgrade and do not use it to buy resources. You just get better value for your gold. This will instantly upgrade a building and use no resources. Again, gold is plentiful in this game. You will be given tens of thousands, up to hundreds of thousands of gold each day for free.

After you can’t upgrade any further (lack of gold and resources), the above should have taken about an hour or so, and you should find yourself at around Palace level 7. 

Step #4: Using Tasks To Generate Huge Amounts of Resources

As mentioned, the VIP level 13 allows you to autocomplete tasks. When you complete tasks, you’re rewarded with resources.

But wait, once you’ve completed the set of tasks then you need to wait 5 hours until they refresh, don’t you? Nope! Again, Vikings: War of Clans comes to the rescue and gives you hundreds of task reset tokens every day for personal, clan, and premium tasks.

This part is boring, but essentially for every task:

  1. Click start
  2. Immediately click claim (it auto-completes)
  3. Repeat for all tasks until the list is empty
  4. Use one of your hundreds of task refresh items (where the list was).
  5. Start clicking start and claiming again.
Vikings War Of Clans Tasks
The process to gain resources, and therefore palace levels via tasks.

With this, you will receive tens or hundreds of millions of food, lumber, stone, etc. You will also receive millions of exp for your Viking/leader (this is also important).

Continue until you have no refresh tokens left and have claimed all tasks.

Step #5: Upgrade Your Leader's Skills

From the tasks, you should have anywhere from 50 to 100 skill points to use. What you need to do here is click on the picture of your leader/Viking and select skills.

Your goal is to move through the skill tree to any skill that mentions “buildings”. When you add skills to these it will either reduce building time or resources needed to build.

So, we’ve now reduced how much it costs to build every building and every build is faster, meaning we use fewer speed-ups each time.

Critical Step: Make sure you upgrade your building skills as this will give you exponential decreases as you level up. This will drastically reduce the time taken to upgrade your palace to level 36 in Vikings: War of Clans.

Step #6: Upgrading Your Palace to Level 15

This step should only take 1 day.

The tasks have increased our leader’s skills, which has reduced our build times and build costs. They’ve also given us a crazy amount of resources (food, lumber, etc.)

So, as with step #4. Just keep upgrading the palace level. Only upgrade other buildings if they are needed to upgrade the palace, or to upgrade one of the buildings needed before upgrading the palace.

Once you’ve used up all resources you’re done for now.

This is possible on day 1 and you should be at around palace level 15. You should have earned 350SB (If using Swagbucks) or the equivalent of $3.50.

Feel free to keep checking back, during the day but the only thing that will let you continue is if Vikings: War of Clans gives you a drop of more free gold or free task refresh tokens. Either way, you will be restocked by day 2.

While you wait for the next day why not use that time to earn even more cash on the side? We have hundreds of ways to turn a profit online with our gigantic database of ways to earn money.

Step #7: The Grind to Palace Level 27

Getting to level 27 still requires no in-app purchases but does require quite a lot of grinding. You’ll be hoping for task refreshers, time speed-ups, gold, and resources from the many events that constantly run.

Each day, complete the steps explained above again. This should only take around an hour a day.

Within 10-14 days, you should have your Vikings: War of Clans Palace upgraded to level 27. At this point, you should have earned a total of around 900SB, or $9.

If you’re looking to continue to upgrade to palace levels 32, 34, 36, etc. read on below.

Vikings: War of Clans Offerwall Offer Guide to Palace Level 32, 34, 36

Impossible Without In-App Purchases

It is impossible to reach Vikings: War of Clans palace level 32 without in-app purchases. In fact, we believe that to reach levels 32, 34, and 36, you would need to spend more on in-app purchases than you’d earn.

As such we do not recommend this, but if you insist, take a look below.

Caution: Upgrading beyond palace level 27 WILL require in-app purchases and the cost of these purchases will be much, much higher than any reward you’re likely to earn.

Palace Level 32 Upgrade

The process would be the same as reaching level 27 as detailed above, but the difference is that you would now need to buy in-app purchases to have any hope of reaching it. You would need to pay for a subscription.

Let’s look at the resources you’d need:

vikings war of clans level 32 resources

So you’d need either:

  • 293 Million gold OR
  • 3-6 Billion of each resource + 15,000 WEEKS of speed-ups

Looking at available subscriptions, for £8.99 you can get either:

  • 120 Million gold (not enough) OR
  • 2,000 weeks of speed-ups (not enough) OR
  • Several billion of each resource but no speed-ups.
Vikings War Of Clans Subscriptions
Subscriptions are the only way to come close to completing levels 32-36 but we do not recommend them.

So, you’d spend £8.99 (~$10), or likely even more to earn around $5, which obviously doesn’t make sense.

Palace Level 36 upgrade

The same applies to upgrading to level 32 only:

You’d need an insane amount of materials which you can see below or calculate with the War of Clans resource calculator to see for yourself:

  • 1.2 Billion gold OR
  • 100 Billion of each resource + 55,000 WEEKS of speed-ups

Svikings war of clans level 36 resources

So of course, this is even less feasible than upgrading the palace to level 32.


Vikings: War of Clans is a great offerwall offer and reaching palace level 27 is well worth your time. However, going beyond level 27 is absolutely not worth your time or money.

We suggest pushing forward to level 27 and then moving on to another lucrative offerwall offer or using your time elsewhere to pull in some extra cash.

Enjoy your earnings from this app and we’ll see you when you need some guidance on the next one!

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