How to Make Money with Swagbucks: Complete Guide

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Swagbucks is one of the leading globally available get paid to sites.

They offer a variety of earning opportunities in the form of surveys, app installs, playing games, cashback, watching videos and so much more.

They also have a series of loyalty-related bonuses that add to your earnings.

Earning Methods: Get Paid To, Cashback, Offerwall, Watch Videos, Play Games

Payout Options: PayPal, Gift Card

Available on:
Android (app), iOS (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money with Swagbucks: A Complete Guide Japan



  • Variable.
  • As much or as little time as you can spare.


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  • High earnings possible.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
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What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is the most widely known “Get Paid To“, or GPT website. It offers many, many ways to earn online which is great from a profit point of view but can get confusing. Among GPT sites Swagbucks is especially confusing, but don’t worry, our guide will make everything clear and direct you towards the most profitable tasks.

On Swagbucks you earn SB points from completing various tasks which can then be exchanged for gift cards or PayPal cash. To begin let’s look at how you can earn on Swagbucks and then we’ll do a deeper dive into how to earn more money on SB with each:

  1. Surveys
  2. Offerwalls (Download games & apps)
  3. Cashback + SwagButton
  4. Swago
  5. Daily tasks
  6. Play games online
  7. Watch Videos
  8. Swagbucks Live
  9. Swagups
  10. Upload Receipts

Earn Extra Money With Swagbucks Sign-Up Bonus

Sign up via our Swagbucks Sign-Up Link for 300 free Swagbucks. Once you’re registered and logged in you can start earning with Swagbucks immediately. Simply earn 300SB and you will receive an additional 300SB for free as long as you register via our link above.

However, due to the complex nature of the site we advise that you read our guide in full to make sure you spend your time effectively and pull the maximum profit out of the site.

How to Earn More Money With Swagbucks

As mentioned there are a wide variety of ways to earn money with Swagbucks, some more profitable than others, but some more time-consuming.

Let’s look at each and determine which are the best to pull a profit from with minimal use of your time:

1. Surveys on Swagbucks

Surveys are a staple of most GPT sites and Swagbucks is no exception. Surveys are available directly on the Swagbucks site and via Offerwalls.
We suggest that you first go for the Gold Surveys on Swagbucks directly and then move on to Offerwall surveys once you’ve exhausted all profitable surveys. However, remember that Gold Surveys will re-populate over time, so make sure to check back frequently.
Surveys are located under “Answer” on the Swagbucks menu. Our first tip is to order the surveys by the highest SB amount. But, don’t just straight into the highest payout, calculate the SB per minute for the top few highest earners to see where best to spend your time.
Swagbucks Gold Surveys
Swagbucks Gold Surveys

Looking at the above you may be tempted to go for the 75 Swagbucks survey but with some very simple math we can see which is more profitable time-wise:

75SB/15 minutes = 5SB per minute
67SB/24 minutes = 2.8SB per minute
56SB/24 minutes = 2.3SB per minute
50SB/8 minutes = 6.25SB per minute

So, the fourth most profitable survey (purely on payout) is actually the most profitable per minute. And it’s much quicker at only 8 minutes to complete.

Expect Some Disqualifications but Don’t Get Disheartened

When starting out with any survey sites you should expect some disqualifications. This happens when you don’t meet the requirements based on age, sex, job or other information.

Generally, we experience that over time disqualifications become less frequent as the system learns your demographic and starts providing you with more targeted surveys.

Are Surveys on Swagbucks worth it?

Most definitely yes. In terms of the time you put it vs profit, it’s one of the quickest ways to earn. It also doesn’t require much concentration meaning you can complete surveys while lying in bed, relaxing at the weekend or commuting home from work on the train.

2. Earn via Offerwalls

Offerwalls again are common on GPT sites. Swagbucks has the standard offerwalls from the likes of Adgem, Adgate, OfferToro etc. but also has it’s own built-in offerwall.
Typically the Swagbucks own offerwall is more profitable so check there first but make sure to also check the partner offerwalls too.
You’ll generally want to focus on the app/game installs where you get points for completing up to a certain level. There is no cost to you and you can earn from several hundred to several thousand SB points.
These offers are very profitable and probably the best way to make more money with Swagbucks, but can be time-consuming to reach the required level.
Swagbucks Own Offerwall
Swagbucks Own Offerwall
Standard/External Partner Offerwalls
Standard/External Partner Offerwalls

Finally, make sure to “shop around” with other GPT sites. For example, you might earn more money from for the same apps/offers.

3. Cashback & the SwagButton

Cashback isn’t generally considered a way to make money, but rather a way to save money. Although, depending on how you approach it can be seen as an earner or at least a way to bolster your savings.

The first thing you need to do is to install the SwagButton in your browser. The SwagButton is an absolute game-changer for cashback.

Normally you have to endlessly browse around on a GPT site, check if cashback is available, click through multiple pages and finally reach your target site. Not with the SwagButton – in fact, all you need to do once installed is just shop as usual and it will pop up and let you activate the cashback offer in-page without you ever leaving the shopping website.





Circling back to the idea that cashback can be seen as an earning or at least a saving opportunity – once the cashback pays out on Swagbucks and you withdraw to PayPal, transfer that money to your savings. In this way you’ve earned money from making the purchase rather than just saving money on the purchase. It all depends on how you look at it but regardless the SwagButton is an essential extension to have installed.


The SwagButton is an essential extension to ensure you make cashback on as much of your purchases as possible with no effort involved.


4. Swago

Swago is a monthly event that allows you to earn even more money with Swagbucks. It’s simply a bingo grid with each square being a task. Mostly these are clicking through to websites, activating cashback or doing a search.
You earn extra SB by completing a line or various patterns on the grid. You only get one chance to submit your grid so make sure it’s as full as possible and that you choose the highest-earning pattern.
Swago Swagbucks Board with SB points
Swago Swagbucks Board with SB points

5. Daily Tasks

The Swagbucks Daily To-Do List, Daily Goals, and Day Streak are 3 sources of free money sitting on the table and can help to boost your Swagbucks earnings.
From the Swagbucks homepage, you can find them in the top right corner next to your notifications. Once clicked you will see what you need to do to gain the rewards from these 3 interlinked daily bonuses:
Swagbucks Daily Tasks
The daily poll, search, and deal of the day are effectively single clicks and 2-second tasks.

Attempt and complete a gold survey should be no issue as you will already be completing these surveys if you’ve followed our guide so far.

Daily discover is the sticking point for a lot of people, but if you check out the different categories and sort by the LOWEST points, you can find some single click tasks that can scratch this one off your list too.

Simply by completing the daily to-do list you will automatically continue your day streak (as long as you don’t miss a day) and due to the gold surveys, you will likely also hit both of your daily goals.

Not a bad haul, and some nice easy-to-grab daily free Swagbucks!

6. Play Games Online

You can even earn by playing some games online directly on the Swagbucks site. The games are hidden away but here’s how to get to them:
Head to the Swagbucks Games section and scroll aaall the way down to the bottom. Hidden down there you will see three games that you can play for a few Swagbucks each:
Free Games For Swagbucks
Free Games For Swagbucks
It’s not a huge amount but it’s great for keeping your day streak going or adding towards your daily goal.

7. Watch Videos

Swagbucks Watch has always been a bit temperamental and as of writing, I have personally not been able to get any videos to show up on the site. And the same goes for the watch button on the Swagbucks mobile app.
Theoretically, you can earn by watching videos but as I say this doesn’t seem to be available or very stable. Still, it’s worth checking each day just in case they figure it out…

8. Swagbuck Live

Swagbucks Live is a live trivia quiz available as an app for iOS and Android.
The way it works is that you (and thousands of others) are presented with a trivia question. You have 10 seconds to answer the question and if you’re not fast enough or get it wrong, you’re out of the running.
But, if you do manage to answer all questions correctly you will win Swagbucks which of course can be exchanged for cash.
The rules of Swagbucks Live are simple but it’s harder than it seems to snatch that grand prize.

9. SwagUps

SwagUps are basically power ups for your account. They will grant you bonuses such as an extra reward for completing a task, double SB for certain activities etc.
Make sure you regularly check on your SwagUps because sometimes they need to be manually activated.
Swag Up Example
Swag Up Example

9. Upload Receipts

Swagbucks has entered the receipt cashback business by launching Magic Receipts.
The idea is the same as Shopify and GreenJinn – buy something in-store or online, get a receipt, take a photo of it and upload it in exchange for points.
It’s worth noting though that you can only earn on the specific products they list. You have to ensure that your receipt is for the right size, flavour, brand, etc. to get paid.

Swagbucks Summary

Swagbucks is a bit of a monster, but in a good way. There are so many ways to earn money online with Swagbucks that it can get overhelming but hopefully our guide above has helped you to identify the best earning opportunities that the site has to offer.

Remember, you get a free 300SB bonus by signing up via our link, so jump right in now, grab you free £3/$3 and start earning with Swagbucks!

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