Quidco Review & Complete Earning Guide

Quidco Review & Cashback Earning Guide

Quidco Review

Quidco is one of the leading cashback websites in the UK and offers a portion of the money back that you spend online or even in-store.

Especially profitable when changing utility suppliers, broadband suppliers, mobile suppliers, etc.

Our Quidco review will explain the benefits of Quidco and just as importantly, how to maximize how much cashback you earn.

What you need to know

  • Time: Very quick, a few clicks to activate your cashback before shopping.
  • Earnings: High, up to £100+ per cashback offer. Average £300 per user per year.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, long-running cashback site.
  • Payout Options: Minimum withdrawal £1 for PayPal/Bank, £10 for gift cards.
  • Country Availability: UK

Free £1 if you sign up to Quidco today!

What is Quidco?

Quidco review header

Quidco is a UK-based cashback site that gives you a certain £ amount or % of cashback for purchases, subscriptions, or signing up to a new supplier for gas, electric, or broadband among many others. You click through to the retailer from Quidco, make the purchase, and then the cashback is deposited into your Quidco account to be withdrawn.

It boasts a huge user base with 10+ million members in the UK, which is around 1/7th of the entire population! In addition, they are currently sitting at a whopping £500 million total cashback paid out to people just like you. Additionally, they state that the average user earns £300 a year with Quidco, but using our clever cashback tips below, you can earn significantly more than that.

How Does Quidco Work?

So how does Quidco work? Let’s look at an example:

You’re planning to buy something from the Boots website and want to earn some cashback. Instead of going directly to their website, you log in to your Quidco account. Here you find the Boots 5% cashback offer and click the link. You’re then passed through to the Boots website. This step tracks that you’ve begun the offer. 

Then, you simply shop as you normally would on Boots and make your purchase. After some time, Boots will pass through your cashback to Quidco. Then you choose to withdraw your Quidco balance as cash or as a gift card.

Is Quidco Legit?

Yes, Quidco is legit and not a scam. It is a proven legitimate, safe UK-based cashback site that has been around since 2005 and boasts 10+ million customers. Their Trustpilot rating is classified as “Excellent” with reviews from over 100,000 customers.

Quidco TrustPilot score of Excellent with over 100,000 reviews.
Quido TrustPilot score/rating

Our experience with Quidco has been that we’ve always received the cashback stated in each offer with one exception. For that exception, the cashback had been tracked but was never confirmed from the retailer’s side. This was promptly resolved with a Quidco support ticket and the cashback was manually applied to our account.

Quidoco is registered with Companies House in the UK, complete with named directors and staff. To add to the legitimacy of Quidco, the company was actually purchased/acquired by well known brand MoneySupermarket.

Now that’s the basics covered, let’s look at how to maximize your profits and how to make money with Quidco!

Quidco Signup Bonus

Step one is of course to sign up to Quidco. If you signup to Quidco using this link you will get a bonus of £1 for free when you earn your first £10 through the site. If you sign up without the link by navigating directly to the site you will lose out on the bonus!

Note that the Quidco signup bonus is for new sign-ups only. If you have already signed up for a Quidco account you will not be able to claim this extra £1. However, if someone else in your household, such as your husband or wife, does not yet have an account, they can of course sign up and take advantage of the Quidco signup bonus above.

How to Make Money with Quidco

First, let’s look at how you make money with Quidco and how to maximize how much you earn. Primarily you’re going to earn cashback from online retailers. This means that you click through to a retailer such as Argos, via the Quidco site, make your purchase, and then receive a percentage of that back into your Quidco account. There are several things you can do to increase how much you earn on Quidco which we discuss below.

1. Cashback on Purchases

Cashback on purchases you make is of course the major way to earn some extra cash (or rather save cash) with Quidco..

As mentioned, if you’re going to buy something online, make Quidco your starting point. Search for the retailer, or browse by retailer type for better comparisons. Quidco will clearly show you how much or what percentage cashback you will get by using their link.

Let’s look at an example. As you can see below, there is a cashback deal of 15% for Currys. You simply click the “Get Cashback” button. You will then be taken to the normal Currys website.

Quidco review cashback example
An example cashback offer on Quidco for Currys.

Then you just shop as usual and once the purchase is made, Currys will report back to Quidco and your cashback will be registered. So in this case, assuming you spent £200 at Currys, you would get £30 back in cashback.

Maximize Your Cashback Earnings

That’s all well and good, but let’s look at how to earn even more money from cashback on Quidco. To really maximize your earnings, consider the following:

  • Search by retailer type rather than a specific retailer. For example, searching for electricals may have found us a 20% cashback offer for a retailer other than Currys above.
  • Whether it is worth switching to a Quidco premium account, even temporarily for a higher cashback/payout (more on this later).
  • Check the Quidco “Top voucher codes“. These are vouchers that can be used safely in conjunction with cashback offers.
  • Whether other cashback sites offer higher cashback for the same retailer.

There is one golden cashback rule that you must remember above all else. You are only going to profit from cashback deals if you were going to make a purchase from this anyway. Don’t buy for the sake of getting cashback because it does not make financial sense.

2. Consider Quidco Premium

Quidco is free and as mentioned a 100% cashback site (meaning you keep 100% of the cashback that you earn). However, they also offer a premium option that grants you increased cashback from retailers, higher payouts when withdrawing, and double the difference when you find a better cashback rate elsewhere.

Quidco premium benefits
Quidco premium offers a nice selection of benefits.

Normally I would advise against a premium option, however, Quidco has a very unique way of handling this that is very favourable. Instead of actually paying for premium, Quidco will simply take £1 out of your Quidco funds each month. This £1 will only be taken if you have £1 or more available in your Quidco account. They will never require you to pay from your own pocket/bank account.

quidco premium payout bonuses

So, with the above, if you were cashing out £100 on the dining out card gift card, then you would actually receive a 15% bonus on top, earning you £115. Similarly, with the Caffe Nero gift card, you’d receive £112 instead of the £100 you’re actually withdrawing.

Remember, you can just upgrade to premium as a one-off for withdrawal and then immediately go back to the free plan.

How Much is Quidco Premium?

Quidco Premium costs £1 a month but you will only pay this if your Quidco balance is £1 or higher. The £1 comes out of your Quidco account meaning you will never pay out of pocket or out of your bank account.

So what happens if you don’t have enough in your Quidco account for Quicdco Premium? Surprisingly, you still get to keep Premium and they simply don’t charge you for that month.

All in all, this means that it is impossible to end up with a negative balance.

Is Quidco Premium Worth it?

As you can see above, the benefits of huge payout bonuses dwarf the tiny £1 fee for premium. It also help on the other end of earning the cashback. So you could even get a 10% increase on earned cashback, then a 15% increase on your payout to really boost your earnings.

Like I’ve mentioned, I’m normally not one for paid or premium options, but Quidco handles this so well and offers so much more than you pay. My opinion is that Quidco Premium is 100% worth it.

3. Free Cashback (No Spend)

Quidco also offers free cashback. With these offers, you don’t even need to make a purchase. They are completely cost-free and normally involve signing up for a free account. Currently, as of writing this includes Experian and Match.com. The free cashback section is however rather hard to find. It can be accessed by going to More -> Hot Offers -> “Free Cashback” tab over at Quidco.

Experian Free Account Cashback Offer - one way to make money with Quidco.
Example Free Cashback Offers from Quidco.

4. Quidco Compare

We mentioned earlier that Quidco was acquired by Moneysupermarket, the well-known comparison site. Well, this brings with it some incredible opportunities for cashback with Quidco Compare.

Quidco review comparison cashback
Quidco combines Moneysupermarket comparisons with cashback built on top.

You should already be changing at least your Gas and Electricity & broadband supplier every 1-2 years. This ensures that you get the best rate (often limited to new customers). With Quidco, you can supercharge this process by switching, saving on your monthly bills, and obtaining a lump sum in cashback.

Quidco Review & Cashback Earning Guide

These are by far the highest-paying and most lucrative cashback offers. For example, at the time of writing you can earn over £170 in cashback from Quidco just by switching your broadband provider.

The only thing to be cautious of here is that these offers are typically for specific bundles or rates. Just make sure you read carefully and pick the correct one when switching. And of course, make sure it makes financial sense for you!

Another tip is that once you’ve found a good cashback offer, go to the gas or electricity supplier using an in-private or incognito window in your browser. Run through their quote process to judge if it’s cheaper than your current provider. So for instance, if you were looking into an offer for EDF, you’d go to the EDF supplier switch page which will let you know if it is worth you switching to this supplier. The reason to go in private is so that you’re not tracked. Once you’re happy, go back to a normal browser window (not in-private or incognito!), so your cashback can be tracked, and access the EDF offer via Quidco.

5. Boosted Cashback & Flash Sales

Quidco also offers boosted cashback and flash sales. There’s nothing special you have to do to snag these other than being on Quidco at the right time.

They offer massive amounts of cashback, and we’re not overstating this, we really are talking big money:

quidco boosted cashback flash sale
Quidco boosted cashback earnings are huge.

With that in mind, we suggest that you check back frequently, especially when your yearly contracts are coming to an end.

6. Quidco Chrome Extension (Cashback Reminder)

The Quidco Chrome Extension for your browser is actually now available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari browsers. The biggest wow point here is that you can even add it to Safari on iOS, which I’ve never seen with cashback extensions before.

What makes the Quidco Chrome/Safari/Edge extension so good is that you will never need to remember to go via Quidco to collect cashback. What happens is when you browse to a site that Quidco has a cashback deal for, it pops up and prompts you to activate the cashback deal before you buy anything:

Quidco chrome browser extension
Never forget to apply a cashback deal again.

Since having this active, we’ve seen our own cashback earnings skyrocket. If you’re forgetful then the extension is an absolute must.

Discontinued Earning Options

Over time Quidco has slimmed down and focuses entirely on online cashback and comparison cashback. This is a shame because there were some nice additional ways to earn in the past. To be clear, you can no longer earn via the methods mentioned below:

  • Cashback on the highstreet with card linking: You could used to connect your debit/credit card to Quidco and earn cashback when you used it in-store.
  • ClickSnap receipt cashback: You could also upload receipts of specific items to earn cashback on purchases from supermarkets via the ClickSnap app. Unfortunately, the app itself has been discontinued,
  • Quidco monthly bonuses: After 3 cashback offers in a month you would get a bonus for the next month such as double cashback. Again, no longer available.

We hope that Quidco brings back these earning opportunities in some way in the future. Watch this space and we’ll update if anything changes.

How do I get Paid by Quidco?

Just as important as earning money from Quidco, you need to know how to withdraw it! Before you can withdraw, your cashback needs to be marked as confirmed by the retailer. This can take a few weeks to a few months. This delay is to protect the retailer from people attempting to abuse the system with refunds after cashback has been paid out. Once the funds are marked as confirmed in your Quidco account you can withdraw.

The withdrawal options are:

  • Bank Transfer (Minimum £1 payout)
  • PayPal (Minumum £1 payout)
  • Various gift cards from Amazon to Tesco and Argos (Minimum £1 – 10 payout)

Typically I would always advise that you withdraw as cash as it can go straight into your savings and you’re not locked into using it to make a purchase. And remember you can easily sign up for a free PayPal personal account if you’d prefer not to pass on your bank details to Quidco.

But, if you’re about to do a Tesco shop or buy something from Amazon, then a gift card may be the better option as you will get your balance increased by 1-15% for basic Quidco accounts and 2-25% for premium Quidco accounts.

Who Can Join Quidco?

Anyone who is aged 16 years and over in the UK can join Quidco. Anyone under that age or who lives outside of the UK is not permitted to make an account or earn cashback through Quidco.

To find the best cashback sites in other countries check out our complete list of cashback sites.

Is There a Quidco App?

Yes, there is a Quidco app available for both Android and iOS. The app provides everything that the website does including cashback offers, comparison cashback, and even account management and payouts.

quidco mobile app

It is very user-friendly, easy to use, and means that you’ll always have access to cashback in your pocket.

One really nice addition that it has over the website is notifications. When your cashback has been credited you get a handy notification on your phone to let you know. This is a big plus because if you’re anything like me you’ll forget about the cashback and leave it sitting in Quidco for months by accident.

quidco app notifications
Quidco notifications mean you won’t leave money sitting in Quidco.

Quidco Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Free money for things you buy already.
  • Thousands of retailers.
  • The best premium offer we've seen.
  • Mobile app & browser extension.
  • Boosted cashback deals.


  • It takes time for cashback to be confirmed.
  • Can no longer earn in-store (in person).

Quidco is the cream of the crop when it comes to cashback sites. They have offers that you won’t find elsewhere and their boosted cashback offers are phenomenal. Boosted cashback can even be as high as £1,000.

Their acquisition by Moneysupermarket also enhanced their comparison cashback process allowing you to do it all within Quidco.

The mobile app and browser extension mean that you’re more connected with your cashback and less likely to forget to apply it or cash out once it has been credited. A huge bonus for forgetful people!

Their approach to a premium subscription with only charging £1 a month if you have that available in your Quidco account is a fantastic idea. The benefits you get for boosted cashback and boosted withdrawals more than make up for this tiny price.

All in all, if you live in the UK you absolutely should join the 10 million other people who have already joined up. Miss out on this, and miss out on hundreds of pounds saved year on year.

Quidco FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full Pinchme review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

Quidco works as a referrer for affiliate sales. That is, they are paid directly from the retailer/company every time someone makes a purchase via their links. Quidco earns a commission from these brands, and you get to keep 100% of the cashback that you’ve earned. It’s a win-win!

It depends on the retailer but it typically takes a few weeks for standard retailer purchases to be credited, and up to a few months for contract/subscription-based purchases to credit (gas, electric, broadband, etc.).

Once you request a payout via PayPal, bank account or gift card, Quidco states that you will receive it within 6 days.

Unfortunately, no you cannot use Quidco in-store. In the past you could link your debit/credit card to Quidco and earn in-store but this functionality has sadly been removed.

No, you cannot claim Quidco cashback after a purchase. That’s why the browser extension is such an advantage – you will never forget to apply cashback via Quidco before a purchase again.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this Quidco review and earning guide, we’ve had nothing but positive things to say about Quidco. It’s rare to find an online earning opportunity that just works as well as this, without any pain points.

The fact that 1/7th of the population of the UK is already signed up is a testament to how important it is to reduce your spend via cashback. With thousands of retailers and in some cases huge cashback deals, there really isn’t a reason not to join Quidco today.

And if you do need that little nudge, remember you get a £1 bonus if you join Quidco today!

Sign Up To Quidco Today for a £1 Bonus

Use the UK's leading cashback site to get money back for your purchases, subscriptions, utilities and more.

Sign Up & Grab a £1 BONUS!

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