How to Make Money with Quidco: Complete Guide

How to Make Money with Quidco, a Quick Start Guide

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Quidco InfoBox

Quidco is one of the leading cashback websites in the UK and offers a portion of the money back that you spend online or even in-store.

Especially profitable when changing utility supplier, broadband supplier, mobile supplier etc.

Earning Methods: Cashback

Payout Options: Bank, PayPal, Gift Card

Available on: Website, Android (app), iOS (app)
Country Availability:



  • Very quick.
  • A few clicks to activate your cashback.


  • High, up to £100+ per cashback offer.
  • Minimum withdrawal £1 for PayPal/Bank, £10 for gift cards.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

This Quidco guide will ensure that you take advantage of the best sign-up bonuses, use the most effective strategies for earning, avoid common pitfalls/mistakes, and most importantly, teach you how to make money with Quidco.

What is Quidco?

Quidco is a UK based cashback site that gives you a certain £ amount or % of cashback for purchases, subscriptions or signing up to a new supplier for gas, electric or broadband among many others. It is what’s known as a 100% cashback site. This means that you the customer receives all of the cashback without Quidco taking a cut. Instead, Quidco gets paid separately from retailers and advertisers.

So how does Quidco work? Let’s look at an example:

You’re planning to buy something from the Boots website and want to earn some cashback. Instead of going directly to their website, you log in to your Quidco account, find the Boots 5% cashback offer and click the link. You’re taken to the Boots website. This step tracks that you’ve begun the offer. Then, you simply shop as you normally would on Boots and make your purchase. After some time, Boots will pass through your cashback to Quidco. Then you choose to withdraw your Quidco balance as cash, or as a gift card.

Quidco Signup Bonus

Step one is of course to sign up to Quidco. If you signup to Quidco using this link you will get a bonus of £5 for free when you earn your first £5 through the site. If you sign up without the link by navigating directly to the site you will lose out on the £5 bonus!

Note that the Quidco signup bonus is for new sign-ups only. If you have already signed up for a Quidco account you will not be able to claim this extra £5. However, if someone else in your household, such as your husband or wife, does not yet have an account, they can of course sign up and take advantage of the Quidco signup bonus above.

Is Quidco Legit?

Yes, Quidco is a legitimate, safe UK-based cashback site that has been around since 2005 and boasts 10+ million customers. Their Trustpilot rating is classified as “Excellent” with reviews from over 100,000 customers.

Quidco TrustPilot score of Excellent with over 100,000 reviews.
Quido TrustPilot score/rating

Our experience with Quidco has been that we’ve always received the cashback stated in each offer with one exception. For that exception, the cashback had been tracked but was never confirmed from the retailer’s side. This was promptly resolved with a Quidco support ticket and the cashback was manually applied to our account.

Now that’s the basics covered, let’s look at how to maximize your profits and how to make money with Quidco!

How to Make More Money with Quidco

First, let’s look at how you make money with Quidco and how to maximize how much you earn. Primarily you’re going to earn cashback from online retailers. This means that you click through to a retailer such as Argos, via the Quidco site, make your purchase and then receive a percentage of that back into your Quidco account. There are several things you can do to increase how much you earn on Quidco which we discuss below.

1. Consider Quidco Premium

Quidco is free and as mentioned a 100% cashback site. However, they also offer a premium option that grants you increased cashback from retailers, higher payouts when converting your Quidco funds to gift cards, and double the difference when you find a better cashback rate elsewhere. Normally I would advise against a premium option, however, Quidco has a very unique way of handling this that is very favourable. Instead of actually paying for premium, Quidco will simply take £1 out of your Quidco funds each month. This £1 will only be taken if you have made a transaction that month.

Quidco payout rates for gift cards. Shows 5% bonus for JD, 1% bonus for Waitrose and 2% bonus for Tesco.
Example payout bonuses when converting to a gift card

So, with the above, if you were cashing out £100 to a Tesco gift card with a basic account, you’d receive £102. If you were doing the same with a premium account, assuming that you earn the £100 within one month, you’d receive £103 (£104 – £1 premium subscription). It’s not a huge difference, but if you’ve stacked up enough for a big payout, it’s worth activating premium for that month only.

Now that you’ve decided whether to go for a basic or premium account, let’s break this down into the different ways to earn money with Quidco:

2. General purchases through online retailers

For these purchases, you will receive a % of your money back when you buy a product. If we take Curry’s for example; we click through to the site from the Quidco cashback offer page and make our purchase. Next, we simply wait for the cashback to show in our Quidco account. It’s important to consider here that you are only going to profit from this if you were going to purchase from this retailer anyway or if you were going to purchase the product anyway. Don’t buy for the sake of getting cashback. Buy via a cashback site because you were going to make the purchase anyway.

Hands stretching our from PC monitor exchanging credit card and goods.

To maximise your profit with general retailer cashback you need to consider:

  • Whether it is worth switching to a Quidco premium account, even temporarily (for a higher cashback/payout).
  • Check the Quidco “Cashback safe” vouchers which can give money off on purchases when checking out at a retailer.
  • Whether another cashback site such as TopCashback offers higher cashback for the same retailer.
  • Cash is always the sensible payout option. But if you’re about to do your weekly shop at Tesco, it makes sense to redeem your payout as a Tesco gift card with the built-in bonus payout (even if you’re just using a basic account).

3. Free Cashback

Quidco also offers free cashback. With these offers, you don’t even need to make a purchase. They are completely cost-free and normally involve signing up for a free account. Currently, as of writing this includes Experian and Graze. The free cashback section is however rather hard to find. It can be accessed by going to More -> Hot Offers, scrolling down and clicking on the “Free Cashback” tab over at Quidco.

Experian Free Account Cashback Offer - one way to make money with Quidco.
Example Free Cashback Offers from Quidco.

4. Cashback for Changing Supplier

You should already be changing at least your Gas and Electricity supplier every 1-2 years. This ensures that you get the best rate (often limited to new customers). With Quidco, you can switch, save on your monthly bills and obtain a lump sum in cashback.

These are by far the highest paying and most lucrative cashback offers. For example, at the time of writing (2021) there were offers for switching to EDF Energy, with a lump sum cashback payout of £165 and switching to BT Broadband for £132 cashback.

How to Make Money with Quidco, a Quick Start Guide

The only thing to be cautious of here is that these offers are typically for specific bundles or rates. Just make sure you read carefully and pick the correct one when switching. And of course, make sure it makes financial sense for you!

Another tip is that once you’ve found a good cashback offer, go to the gas or electricity supplier using an in-private or incognito window in your browser. Run through their quote process to judge if it’s cheaper than your current provider. So for instance, if you were looking into an offer for EDF, you’d go to the EDF supplier switch page which will let you know if it is worth you switching to this supplier. The reason to go in private is so that you’re not tracked. Once you’re happy, go back to a normal browser window (not in-private or incognito!), so your cashback can be tracked, and access the EDF offer via Quidco.

5. Cashback on the Highstreet via Card Linking

Under the highstreet section of Quidco, you can link your existing debit card and activate highstreet cashback offers. These offers are normally quite sparse. But there is no downside to linking your card and activating all offers, including new offers when added. There is no cost to you. This is a set and forget situation – set it up, and if you happen to spend at the selected retailers that you’ve activated on Quidco, the cashback will pop up in your Quidco account.
Man paying for shopping with debit card.
Additionally, and separately from Quidco, your bank (current account/debit card provider) may also have cashback offers that need to be activated. Halifax Cashback Extras is an example of a free banking service that offers exactly that. For Halifax, these cashback offers change monthly and must be manually activated via your mobile banking app. It’s always worth activating both on Quidco and your banking app on the off chance that you spend at one of the featured retailers at some point.

6. ClickSnap – Supermarket Receipt Cashback

Finally, we have ClickSnap, Quidco’s very own Supermarket Receipt Cashback app. If you’ve never used one of these apps before, the idea is that before you shop in-store or online you check the app. There will be offers such as £2 cashback when you buy a certain brand and size of the drink. Once you’ve bought it, simply snap a picture of your receipt and upload it to the ClickSnap App. The cashback will then be added to your Quidco account.
Screenshot of Quidco ClickSnap offers, showing the app interface.
Quidco ClickSnap app showing supermarket cashback offers.
There are two types of cashback here, and remember only buy for cashback if it makes sense financially:
  • The complete moneyback offer. With this you get the entire value of the product back, making whatever you’ve bought free. (Always take them up on these offers).
  • The partial moneyback offer. With this, you may get £1 back from purchasing a £2 product. (Only go for these offers if you were going to buy it anyway, or are substituting it for something similar).
The ClickSnap app, although part of Quidco, is a money-making and saving opportunity in its own right. Because of that, we’ve created a separate ClickSnap quick start guide for you to use.

7. Quidco Monthly Bonus New

Quidco have introduced a new earning method – the Quidco Monthly Bonus. All you have to do is complete 3 cashback offers for at least £10 each in any given month. The next month you select a reward such as double cashback or an extra £x cashback at a particular retailer.

Quidco Monthly Bonus
An example of the bonuses you can choose as a reward.

Try to be clever with this and save you cashback offers for the same month. Similarly, make sure you choose a cashback reward that you’ll actually use. As always, do not complete a cashback offer unless it’s for something you would have bought anyway.

How do I get Paid by Quidco?

Just as important as earning money from Quidco, you need to know how to withdraw it! Before you can withdraw, your cashback needs to be marked as confirmed by the retailer. This can take a few weeks to a few months. This delay is to protect the retailer from people attempting to abuse the system with refunds after cashback has been paid out. Once the funds are marked as confirmed in your Quidco account you can withdraw.

The withdrawal options are:

  •  Bank Transfer (Minimum £1 payout)
  • PayPal (Minumum £1 payout)
  • Various gift cards from Amazon to Tesco (Minimum £10 payout)

Typically I would always advise that you withdraw as cash as it can go straight into your savings and you’re not locked into using it to make a purchase. And remember you can easily sign up for a free PayPal personal account if you’d prefer not to pass on your bank details to Quidco.

If you’re about to do a Tesco shop or buy something from Amazon, then a gift card may be the better option as you will get your balance increased by 1-15% for basic Quidco accounts and 2-25% for premium Quidco accounts.

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