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Google Opinion Rewards Review

Google Opinion Rewards is a rapid paid survey provider that can be completed in a matter of seconds and reward you with Google Play credit or PayPal funds.

You can also earn by uploading paper receipts you get from physical stores. This will require you to have location services turned on, however.

Despite the low pay, it is an effortless, must-have app to give your balance a small boost. It can even be used to speed up your offerwall offers.

What you need to know

  • Time: Very quick. 5-20 seconds per survey.
  • Earnings: Low-Medium at £0.10 to £1.00 per survey. £0.13 per survey, £~0.34 for receipt questions. Minimum withdrawal to Google Play £0.01, PayPal £2.00
  • Trust: Trustworthy, no issues found. Legitimate and safe.
  • Payout Options: Google Play, PayPal.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia Google Opinion Rewards Review & Guide Japan (Global)

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Before we get into how to make money with Google Opinion Rewards, let’s look at exactly what it is. Google Opinion Rewards is a paid survey app that pays you to answer very short surveys (5-20 seconds) in exchange for Google Play credit on Android or PayPal funds on iOS. You can download it for iOS or Android from the respective app stores.

The only requirement to start earning money with these short surveys is that you have a Google account and in the case of iOS, a PayPal account.

In addition, you can now also earn by uploading your paper receipts from physical stores, if you have location services turned on.

But is this too good to be true? Or is this the money making app that you’ve been waiting for?

How to Sign Up

Signing up to Google Opinion Rewards is very straight forward but there are some things to note during the sign-up process. Firstly, you must have a Google account. Secondly, you just need to install the app, associate it with your Google account and answer some basic personal information before you start earning.

Be honest with your answers – this is the golden rule of all survey sites and will ensure you don’t get blacklisted or receive a reduced amount of surveys.

Google Opinion Rewards Test Survey - Be Careful!
Test Survey – Be Careful!

Your first survey is unpaid but it will test you. You will have two identical questions, so make sure you answer the same for both. There will also be a trick question telling you to choose a certain response from the answers. Don’t get blocked from surveys before you even begin!

How to Make More Money with Google Opinion Rewards

With it being such a simple app, you might think that there’s nothing to do to earn more money with Google Opinion Rewards. But you’d be wrong! There are a few ways to boost your income and ensure you get more surveys, catch the ones you do get, and supercharge your earnings with receipts.

1. Enable Notifications for Surveys

Next up, in order to earn more money, it is essential that you turn on notifications. Surveys expire after a certain amount of time (see screenshot below) so if you miss it, you miss out on cash. Enable notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on surveys, and cash in your Google Play Store or PayPal account!

Google Opinion Reward surveys are time limited, 23 hours in this example but sometimes less.
Google Opinion surveys are time-limited, 23 hours in this example but sometimes less.

2. Paid to Upload Receipts

If you choose to turn on Google’s online location services (more on this later), you unlock the ability to earn money from paper receipts that you get in physical stores.

Interestingly, you’re paid in two ways for receipts. First, you will receive a receipt survey asking if you have visited any of the listed stores recently. One of the stores will be one that has been pulled from your location history. Select that and answer how you paid in-store and answer that yes, you received a receipt. You will earn around £0.34 or your country’s equivalent for this.

Google Opinion Rewards Review Receipts Upload
The Google Opinion Rewards paid receipt process.

Second, it will then add a task to your “Receipt Tasks” section. Here you will need to upload a receipt that matches the correct store and date displayed. Again, this is taken from your location services and your response to the survey above. You will then get an additional £0.13 for the receipt upload.

So, you’ll get ~£0.47 for every receipt that you upload. Not too bad!

– Double Your Receipt Earnings –

Learn how to also upload the same receipts to the official Amazon Shopper app and earn an extra £0.50/$1.00 per receipt!

3. Enable Google (online) Location Services

As discussed above, to get more surveys and to allow Google to track your physical shopping, to then direct receipt tasks toward you, you need to activate location services.

Some apps request your location from within the app itself but Google Opinion Rewards is a little different. It utilizes Google’s online location services that are tied to your Google account. This means you’ll need to turn on a setting for your actual Google account, not for the app itself per-se.

This step is essential as a lot of surveys will be made available to you based on where you’ve been. So if you’ve been to a particular store, and only if you have Google’s locations services active, you’ll be assigned surveys based on that store for example.

To enable, within the app itself, go to the menu, settings then “Google Location History”. As you can see below, you simply choose to turn it on. In the screenshot, we’ve also altered how long Google keeps this data for, from 18 months to 3 months. No need to let them keep more information than is necessary!

Google Opinion Rewards Location Activity - Turn it on to get more location based surveys

4. Get Paid to Watch YouTube

Google Opinion Rewards pays you to wat YouTube videos indirectly. If you watch YouTube with the same account your use for Google Rewards, you’ll get paid surveys asking if you liked the video. Not a bad score, getting paid to watch YoutTube clips!

How to Get More Google Opinion Rewards Surveys?

Google Opinion Rewards Get More Surveys
Getting more surveys on Google Rewards is easier than you think.

The best way to get more Google Opinion Rewards surveys is to turn on Google location history/location services as we’ve explained above. This allows location-based surveys to be targeted toward you. It also opens up receipt surveys and uploads. There are in addition, other ways to get more surveys:

  • Take more shopping trips. The more you visit physical stores, the more shopping/receipt-related surveys you’ll get.
  • Simply by answering the surveys honestly and consistently, you will boost how many future surveys you receive.
  • Enable notifications. They are time-limited, normally 24 hours. Notifications make sure you don’t miss surveys, which of course boost how many you can answer.
  • Watch more YouTube videos when logged into your Google Account. Some surveys will ask what you thought of a video you watched. You won’t get these if you don’t watch YouTube!
  • Answer more surveys. That sounds odd but users have reported that the more surveys they answer, the more they received. So it’s a constant feedback loop.


  • Signing up to multiple GPT sites multiplies your earnings.
  • Complete offers and surveys for cash.
  • Get paid to watch videos.
  • Low payout thresholds.
  • Many payout options.

Is Google Opinion Rewards Worth it?

Yes, Google Opinion Rewards is certainly worth your time. It’s not going to make you a millionaire but it’s low effort and you can quickly and easily make money by just answering a few questions every now and then. This will never be a main source of income but in combination with other phone-based survey apps, it can help to boost your monthly earnings.

The iOS payout method is clearly better as it goes straight to cash in PayPal, but even the Android Google Play credits can be useful as a carry-over method to earn. Certain offerwall offers on GTP sites like Swagbucks or requires you to make an in-app purchase for a specific app – using your Google Play credits earned from Google Opinion Rewards can effectively convert it into cash, and in most cases allow you to pull out more cash than you put in as credit.

“A must have, low effort survey app that can help boost your monthly online earnings.”

Is Google Opinion Rewards Real, Legit & Safe?

Yes, Google Opinion Rewards is real, legit, and safe. It is an official Google app that pays you for your thoughts, input on surveys, shopping habits, receipts, and views on YouTube videos.

It’s a great way to earn some extra cash on the side, and we’ve always been credited for the cash we’ve earned in the app.

It has been downloaded by over 50 Million people on Android and has incredibly high ratings on Google Play:

Google Opinion Rewards App Review

So, rest easy knowing that it is a legit app that you really can use to earn some extra cash on the side in your downtime.

Google Opinion Rewards Review: Pros & Cons


  • Very quick surveys.
  • Get paid for receipts.
  • Use to support offerwall offers.


  • Google Play credit eventually expires.

Google Opinion Rewards is a must have money making app for your phone. Very quick surveys for a decent chunk of cash and the ability to monetize your own paper receipts is a great combination.

It hooks into Google location services and your YoutTube account to give you even more opportunities to earn in unique ways.

On Android, you are unfortunately limited to Google Play credit, rather than iOS’s PayPal funds. However, this can come in handy when completing offerwall offers as you can use it to speed up the offer or even complete iAP tasks for instant cash conversions.

As you’d expect, being from Google, this is a great way to earn some extra cash online, a brilliant user experience, and an app that you shouldn’t pass on.

Google Opinion Rewards FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full Google Opinion Rewards review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

In our experience, with location services turned on and being an active user of YouTube, you’ll likely get a survey every 2-3 days sometimes more often. You will get receipt related reviews whenever you physically go to a larger physical store in real life.

Yes, Google Opinion Rewards works on iPhone/iOS. It also works on Android. Regardless of which phone you own, you will be able to download and use the app from the relevant app store.

Surveys come through every 2-3 days so you’ll need to be patient. Turning on location services will increase the frequency of surveys, as will answering honestly/consitently in the surveys you do receive.

No, you absolutely cannot hack Google Opinion Rewards. Rewards are given based on your participation in surveys/receipt uploads. Attempting to hack or game Google Rewards is likely to result in suspension or closure of your Google account.

Final Thoughts

Google Rewards is a quick and easy way to get some extra cash into your PayPal account or Google Play account. It takes up a tiny amount of time and rewards you generously in return.

The app sits on the home screen of my phone and over the years has allowed us to rack up a decent amount of extra money.

There aren’t many online earning opportunities that are this easy going or unintrusive so we suggest you grab the app and start earning today!

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Fast surveys straight to Google Play Credit for Android, or PayPal for iOS. A nice earner to help towards mobile app offers.

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