How to Make Money with YouGov Direct: Complete Guide

How to Make Money with YouGov Direct: A Quick Start Guide

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YouGov Direct InfoBox

YouGov Direct is a sister program of YouGov. It offers surveys direct from advertisers based on your profile information.

It has fewer earning opportunities than YouGov but a much lower withdrawal.

It has also now been integrated into the YouGov app but works seperately for earnings and payouts.

Earning Methods: Survey

Payout Options: Bank

Available on: Website, Android (app), iOS (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money with YouGov Direct: A Quick Start Guide Japan



  • Low-Moderate
  • 1-5 minutes per survey.


  • Low-medium at £0.05 to £0.50 per survey.
  • £2.00 via bank transfer.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is YouGov Direct?

YouGov Direct is a platform that pays you to allow advertisers to direct surveys to you. 

Although the same company, this is not to be confused with YouGov (Our YouGov Guide) and earnings and settings are completely separate between the two, however recently the two earning opportunities have been combined into a single YouGov app.

Earnings are relatively low but due to be combined with YouGov, you may as well take advantage of it.

You can complete surveys either online or via the app.

How to Sign Up to YouGov Direct

You can sign up to YouGov Direct via their website directly as it does not offer any sign-up bonuses. Make sure you enter your details correctly. There’s nothing more to it!

Once you’re signed up, just download the YouGov app, rather than the YouGov Direct app, because now both are combiend into YouGov.

How to Make More Money with YouGov Direct

Let’s determine how to make more money with YouGov direct by first looking at the earning opportunities it provides.

There are two ways is now only one way to make money from YouGov Direct:

  • Directed surveys from advertisers
  • Selling your viewing and browsing data This has now been moved to YouGov (See our YouGov guide)

Get More Directed Surveys from Advertisers with a Complete Profile

On the YouGov Direct website, fill in your profile sections with a total of around 150 questions. It sounds a lot but they’re just option selects and can be filled in quickly. Fill these in immediately after sign up as this is what advertisers will use to direct surveys to you. The more complete your profile is, the more surveys you’ll receive and the more money you can make with YouGov Direct. Also, make sure that the “Consent to Targeting” button is checked for each category otherwise it cannot be used to target surveys towards you.

YouGov Direct Profile Questions
YouGov Direct Profile Questions

Download the YouGov Direct App for Instant Notifications

Download the YouGov Direct App from the Google App Store or the Apple App Store and enable notifications. 
As mentioned earlier, you should now download the YouGov app from the Google App Store or Apple App Store as YouGov and YouGov Direct are now combined. Enable notifications which will mean you’re instantly alerted to new surveys and won’t miss them/let them expire. This helps significantly to make sure you make more cash from YouGov Direct.

Is YouGov Direct Worth It?

Even stand-alone, YouGov Direct is worth it due to the low withdrawal amount of £2.00 and very short surveys. Especially now it is combined with YouGov, you may as well join up and answer surveys from both services within the same app.

Overall it’s a nice side-earner that you may as well take advantage of.

Sign Up To YouGov Direct Today

Earn extra cash on the YouGov platform with the sister site YouGov Direct. Features lower withdrawal limit than YouGov.

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How to Make Money with YouGov Direct: A Quick Start Guide

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