How to Make Money with YouGov: Complete Guide

How to Make Money with YouGov: A Quick Start Guide

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YouGov InfoBox

YouGov provides directed surveys to you that you are pre-qualified for. This means that you will never be disqualified for a survey.

It also offers a very lucrative opportunity to sell you viewing data for Netflix, Disney+ etc. along with a whole host of other data points.

Earning Methods: Survey, Sell Data

Payout Options: Bank

Available on: Android (app), iOS (app)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money with YouGov: A Quick Start Guide Japan



  • 5-15 minute surveys.
  • Data sharing instant.


  • £2-£3 a week for surveys. 
  • Up to £16 a month for data sharing.
  • £50 min payout.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is YouGov Surveys?

YouGov Surveys is a paid survey site available internationally. It differs from most survey sites because you will not be disqualified (DQ’d) from any surveys. The reason for this is that you’re pre-screened with YouGov questions and only shown surveys that you qualify for. This means no time wasted on surveys that you can’t complete. 

YouGov surveys can be completed either via their website or via their app. YouGov is a well-established organization and for peace of mind, take a look at their excellent rating on Trustpilot.

Surveys are semi-frequent at a few per week but will of course depend on your personal profile on YouGov. The rewards per survey are typically 50 points (£0.50). The survey length is around 5-10 minutes on average.

Additionally YouGov offers you the opportunity to sell your viewing/usage data for apps like Netflix, Disney+. Amazon shopping etc. These can be done either weekly or monthly depending on the app.

Note: YouGov also has a separate website/money making opportunity called YouGov Direct which involves more directed surveys. It has a minimum withdrawal threshold of £2. Money earned cannot be transferred between the two sites/apps. Check out our YouGov Direct Money Making Guide for more info. (YouGov Direct surveys can now be completed directly in the YouGov app.)

How to Sign Up with YouGov

Sign up to YouGov directly from their website because there are no sign-up bonuses associated with YouGov. You will simply need to enter your email address and they will send you a login link via email. Click the link in the email and then you’re registered and logged in.

How to Make More Money with YouGov

So, the big question, how do you make more money with YouGov and supplement your main income? Besides our steps below to ensure that you don’t miss new surveys as they’re assigned to you, there is not much more you can do. But still, these tips should boost your earning power and enable you to make more money with YouGov.

1. Make use of the YouGov App

After you have signed up with YouGov, the YouGov App can be downloaded from the Google or Apple App Stores from your mobile phone. Simply log in to the app and make sure you have notifications set up. Having the notifications setup means that you will be instantly alerted to new surveys and will not miss out, leading of course to you making more money with YouGov.

2. Answer the YouGov Screening Questionnaires

When you sign up, YouGov will ask you some initial screening questions to help them target surveys to you. They will also periodically re-ask these questions so make sure that you’re answering honestly. If you complete these questions honestly, your chances of being offered surveys dramatically increase.

3. Don’t Waste Time on Daily Questions & Opinions

YouGov also has daily questions and opinions that are unpaid. These do not contribute to the money you make with YouGov and from a profit perspective are a waste of time. Do not waste your time on these questions, use it to earn money on one of the other money-making sites or apps.
YouGov app, only go for surveys not daily questions.
YouGov App. Avoid daily questions and unpaid opinions.

As you can see above daily questions and opinions are not part of the paid section. Paid surveys show at the very top only (where the dismiss button shows in the image due to no available surveys at the time).

4. Sell Your Personal Data to YouGov

Note: Data selling has moved from YouGov Direct, to YouGov (the website/app in this guide).

19/10/2021 Update: YouGov Safe has moved out of beta and the points you receive how now been altered. These new points have been updated below.

This is a rather touchy earning opportunity for a lot of people as selling your personal data can be a worry but there is a lot of money to be made with YouGov here. However, it’s all anonymous, you manually choose how and when (and from what source) you sell your data from. 
Netflix viewing data is a no-brainer, it’s just a list of what you’ve watched so no privacy concerns. Chrome browsing data on the other hand may have some implications – if you’re worried, just clear your history so only the past week or so remains and clear out anything sensitive/that you don’t want to share.
This option is actually not advertised very well. What you need to do is to install the YouGov Safe extension in your browser. Once installed, it will ask you to log in to your YouGov direct account. Once logged in you can see the data selling options available to you. At the time of writing you can earn:
It’s all done with a few clicks – let’s look at how to earn money with YouGov Safe / YouGov. Below is what you’ll see when you open the YouGov safe extension.
YouGov Safe New Points
The new YouGov Safe Extension.
Let’s take an example with Netflix:
  1. Click the YouGov Safe Extension in your browser

    YouGov Safe Extension in Chrome

  2. Next to Netflix in the extension, click Update
  3. You’ll be redirected to Netflix and asked to log in
  4. A pop up will show asking you to select your profile
  5. Click your profile and you’re done!
Your YouGov account is updated immediately with funds from selling your data.
YouGov Safe Account History
Points are added to your YouGov Account.

So let’s look at what you can earn per month with YouGov Safe:

Apple TV+: 75 points every 7 days = 300 points a month
Disney+: 25 points every 7 days = 125 points a month
Netflix: 25 points every 7 days = 125 points a month
Prime Video: 25 points every 7 days = 125 points a month
YouTube: 25 points a month
Amazon Shopping: 25 points a month
Browsing History: 75 points a month (we presume*)

* We were unable to get browsing history to work, but will update as soon as the issue is fixed.

That works out as 800 points, or £8 a month into your YouGov account. This is unfortunately much reduced from the earning during the beta which was £22 a month but still a good haul for sharing viewing data.

If you have someone else living with you such as a husband or wife they can do the same with their accounts. If you share a Netflix account you can even use the same login but choose the relevant profile. This would double your monthly data selling income and make £16 a month with YouGov Safe.

A note on Apple TV+

If you’re not a member of Apple TV+ they actually offer a free 1-week trial. Simply sign up, watch a few minutes of a few different shows, then trigger YouGov Safe, grab your 75 free points and then cancel the trial so you’re not charged after a week.

Data sensitivity

This is a personal judgment call as to whether you’re comfortable selling your data but personally I’m OK with it. Netflix and Google already likely sell my data to 3rd parties – this way at least I get compensated for the sale.

Is it Safe to Sell Your Data to YouGov/YouGov Safe?

When dealing with your personal data it’s always wise to be safe. Firstly let’s look at YouGov itself – it has an Excellent score on Trustpilot which should give you some peace of mind. 

Secondly, what does YouGov with the data you give them? It takes the data anonymously so it is not attached to your name, email, etc. It then uses that so advertisers can direct surveys to you.

And let’s think about data in general. If you use Google Chrome, other Google services, Netflix, etc. in all likelihood they already sell your data to 3rd parties. With YouGov, you’re taking ownership of your data that is being sold anyway by the likes of Google, and actually profiting from it.

Because the data is anonymized and your data is already being sold by Google, Netflix, etc. then you’re not really taking any extra risks by doing this. If you’re still concerned you can always delete the more sensitive parts of your browsing history before uploading to YouGov.

It’s not a choice we can make for you but when you look at the facts, selling your data in this way is as safe as using any Google product from Gmail to Google Chrome.

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