Scrambly Review & Earning Guide: Is it Legit?

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Scrambly Review is a get-paid-to site that pays you to play mobile games and complete offers. It excels with its minimalist design and ease of use, letting you jump straight into earning.

As part of a new breed of to-the-point GPT sites, this streamlined approach to earning takes a lot of the usual distractions out of the picture.

But is it a viable way to earn some extra cash online? Find out more in our complete review and guide below.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Cashback, Offerwalls, Play mobile games.
  • Time: Variable and depends on your own activity.
  • Earnings: Earnings vary per game or offer. There are potentially $100s up for grabs if you pick the right offers.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, no issues.
  • Payout Options: Gift Cards, PayPal, Pre-paid Cards.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada (Plans to expand to other countries/regions)

What is Scrambly?

Scrambly Review Header

Scrambly, sometimes referred to as is a get-paid-to site that allows you to earn extra cash by playing mobile games, and even signing up to or trialing various services or subscriptions. It follows the clean, minimal approach that we see with a lot of up-and-coming GPT sites nowadays. It means you can get straight into earning without the distractions that some other similar sites suffer from.

Currently, Scrambly is available in the USA and Canada, but there are plans to expand access and offers to other countries in the near future. But is Scrambly a legitimate way to earn online and is it worth your time? Let’s take a look at that before we jump into the full review and earning guide.

Is Scrambly Legit & Safe, or is it Scam?

Before you jump into any earning opportunity you need to ensure that it is legitimate. The great news is that Scrambly is a legit, real, and safe way to earn some extra money online. The earning methods they provide are standard, with no indications of any issues. Similarly, we were unable to find any concerns regarding payouts. Scrambly is secured via HTTPS/SSL and utilizes Google Sign-in, so from a security standpoint gets a thumbs up. It is a legitimate way to convert your time (playing games, completing offers, etc.) into cash.

Scrambly TrustPilot Rating

I’m a great believer in not just relying on personal experience, but getting a wider consolidated view of any site or app. As of writing, Scrambly gets an excellent rating of 4.4 on Trustpilot from over 800 individual reviewers. This rating is in line with our own analysis of Scrambly.

Scrambly io trustpilot review

Within those reviews, the overwhelming majority refer to the quick and easy payouts from Scrambly. I’m sure you’re in agreement that getting the cash you earn in your hands quickly is an important aspect of any earning opportunity.

How Does Scrambly Work?

Scrambly works in a similar way to other modern GPT sites. In a nutshell, you can use Scrambly to earn money by playing games and completing offers. It boasts a quick, almost instant sign-up process via Google sign-in. You can then jump straight in and start earning. You earn coins for completing offers, which can then be withdrawn as cash.

While Scrambly makes everything easy, there are still some things you can do to ensure that you maximize your earnings and make the most of your time.

Sign Up For Scrambly

As mentioned the signup process for Scrambly is very quick and efficient. There is simply a single step and that is to sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you can quickly get one set up for free. Signing up to Scrambly via this link will get you 500 free coins which works out as $0.50.

And that’s it, you’re ready to start earning online with Scrambly. Next up, let’s look into how to make money with and how to maximize your earnings.

How to Use Scrambly to Earn Money

You should now be signed up to Scrambly and have your free coins, so let’s look at how to increase that coin balance as quickly as possible. As with other GPT sites, there are a variety of ways to do this and each has its own methods to ensure that you pull out the maximum amount of cash in as short a time as possible.

The methods to earn money with Scrambly are:

  1. Offerwalls/playing mobile games.
  2. Gaming cashback.
  3. Offers & subscriptions.
  4. Referring friends.
  5. Promo code drops.

1. Offerwalls/Play Mobile Games

The bread and butter of any Get-Paid-To site are offerwalls and mobile game offers, and at Scrambly this is especially true. The idea is that you select a mobile game to play, complete certain tasks in-game, and get paid when you’re done. Scrambly takes a slightly different approach than most though.

It displays all gaming-related offers directly on the site without the need to click through and browse separate 3rd party offerwalls. This may seem like a minor detail but it makes selecting the best game to play a lot more straightforward as you don’t need to skip between screens to compare offers:

Scrambly review offerwall apps
Speed and the reward amount on shown for easy comparison.

Having the important details of each game on display is a nice touch. When you click into a game, you’re then shown the requirements to earn. In most cases, these offers are multiple reward offers. Now, what this means is that it isn’t an “all or nothing” approach of getting to level “X”. There are various steps along the way meaning you continually earn as you progress:

Scrambly multiple reward levels

There are some nice high-earning offers here, some of which you can see above. These include games such as Evony for 134,870 coins ($134), and Myths of Moonrise for 168,350 coins ($168). Of course, there are also lower-paying offers that will tend to be quicker/easier to complete so there should be something here for everyone.

There are also a few desktop gaming offers for those who want a change of pace. The same process applies as with mobile offers.

Go for Multiple Reward Offers Wherever Possible

I’m a big fan of multiple reward offers and it’s nice to see that Scrambly really prioritises these. I always suggest that they are selected over single reward offers. It means that if you don’t reach the highest level, you’re still paid for your progress up to that point. And that means that you ensure that whatever the circumstances, you will end up earning something for your time.

Use Offerwall Game Guides

The biggest mistake that people make is going into offerwall offers blind. Without a strategy, you could very well be wasting your time. So make sure that once you’ve selected a high-paying gaming offer on Scrambly that you work through the goals using a guide.

We constantly update our offerwall guides section with step-by-step approaches for the top offerwall games such as:

Stack Offerwall Offers but Don't Overdo it

Typically a lot of offerwall games, especially the city builder type offers will see you spending 30 minutes in the game, and then waiting for things to complete. In this downtime, you can be concurrently completing another offer. This can double or triple your earning potential.

However, don’t overdo it and try to stick to only 2 or 3 games at a time. If you overwhelm yourself you’ll find that you don’t reach the goals that you could have individually and end up reducing how much you earn.

2. Gaming Cashback

Next up, we have gaming cashback. We’re still looking at mobile games here but this is a much quicker way to earn as there are no goals to reach as such.

The idea is that you make a purchase of a specific, minimum amount in the stated game and then earn cash back. This amount is more than your purchase, meaning you profit simply for completing an in-app purchase. If you use Google Opinion Rewards as a separate earning opportunity, this is the ideal way to convert your earned Google Play credit into cash.

Gaming Cashback Scrambly
An example gaming cashback offer on Scrambly.

So, for this example with Blackout Bingo, you earn 17,510 coins ($17.51) for making a $10 purchase. That’s an incredibly easy $7.51 profit for a simple and quick purchase.

I like the idea of separating these gaming cashback offers out from the usual goal-based offerwall offers. It allows you to pick the type of offer you want without any back and forth.

3. Purchasing Offers & Subscriptions

This works in a similar way to the gaming cashback but is much broader. You’ll be required to make a purchase, pay for a subscription, or sometimes even just sign up for a free trial. For your effort, you will earn cash. These are effectively cashback offers.

We’ve seen a significant amount of offers here that as of yet, we’ve not seen on other GPT sites. This kind of variety is of course a big plus point as it opens up more options for earning that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

Scrambly Review Offers Cashback

As with the other earning opportunities on Scrambly, the reward speed is shown upfront. It makes it much easier to select the quicker offers to maximize how much you can make in the shortest time possible.

If you do go for free trials or subscriptions, make sure you turn off auto-renew to prevent yourself from being charged for a second month for example, and eat into the profits you’ve made.

Additionally, of course, make sure that the offers you choose pay out more than the cost of the offer itself!

4. Earn Money With Referrals

Once you get a feel for how Scrambly works, you can earn some extra cash by referring friends, or simply other people online. It’s a nice passive earner. To access this, visit the bonus section on once you’re logged in. There are two options for referral here, each with their own benefits:

Option You Get Your Friend Gets
$3 (more during bonus periods) when your referral makes their first payout.
500 free coins ($0.50)
10% of your referral's earnings for life.
600 free coins ($0.60)

If you want to grab those free coins for yourself, you can use our sign-up link. From there, you can start generating your own cash by referring others.

Note: Referral earnings can become a nice source of passive income that will generate earnings continually over time.

5. Scrambly Bonus Code Drops

And finally, we have the easiest method to earn some free cash with Scrambly, bonus/promo codes. If you head over to the Redeem section, within the Bonus section on Scrambly, you will a box to enter a bonus code:

Scrambly Review Promo Code bonus

But where do you find these Scrambly promo codes? All you need to do is head over to the Scrambly Twitter/X page. Periodically Scrambly will drop a cryptic clue to the promo code:

Scrambly Promo Code

These are limited to a certain number of claims, so make sure you get in there fast. I like the simple puzzle approach because it means that bots can’t grab the code and beat you to it.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As with any GPT site, the amount you can earn is solely dependent on the time you put in and the offers you choose to complete. When you consider the gaming offers, there are potentially $100s up for grabs. The more offers you complete, and the more time you put into those offers, the more you will earn.

Get-Paid-To sites can never replace your day job but with Scrambly, and other similar sites they can nicely supplement your existing income.

How to Get Paid by Scrambly?

Scrambly uses a coin system, where the coins you earn have an equivalent value in USD. 1,000 coins on Scrambly converts to $1.00 (USD).

One really nice feature that we’ve not mentioned yet is that Scrambly allows you to see everything in USD rather than coins with the flip of a switch. This is at the top near your profile icon. It will not only show your current balance in USD instead of coins, it will also allow you to see all offer rewards in terms of USD. I like the transparency of this as a coin system can sometimes make earning potential less clear at a glance.

They boast a low minimum payout of $1.00, with no withdrawal charges for any option. In comparison to other sites, this is very low and a big plus point.

Scrambly Withdraw Cash Review

Payout Options

Payout Option Minimum Withdrawal Notes
Bonus of between 2% & 4% for higher withdrawals.
Gift cards*
Pre-paid Visa
2% bonus on all withdrawals.

*Gift cards can vary by country.

As you can see, the most beneficial option is PayPal at higher withdrawal amounts ($10 – $50) as it does give you an extra 2% – 4% bonus on your payout.

One final point is that for your first withdrawal only, you will need a selfie of yourself holding your ID. This is to validate that you are who you say you are. These sorts of validations are common on GPT sites.

Payout Speed

As we mentioned earlier, Scrambly boasts very quick payouts. The overwhelming view in user-consolidated reviews from sites like Trustpilot are that you get cash in hand very quickly. The only thing to consider is that your first payout will be slightly slower as you will need to verify yourself as we’ve indicated above.

Scrambly Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Free cash on sign-up ($0.50 - $0.60)
  • Hundreds of offers.
  • Many high earning mobile game offers.
  • Fast payouts, low minimum withdrawal.


  • Currently only available in USA/Canada is a great earning opportunity and follows in the footsteps of a new breed of modern GPT sites. The earning opportunities are mainly gaming and app-related, with some cashback offers thrown into the mix.

The interface is very clean and user-friendly, and I especially like their offerwall approach. Rather than cluttering the page with multiple 3rd party offerwalls, Scrambly shows all offers directly in-page. This allows for a quick comparison and gets you straight into earning extra cash as soon as you join.

There’s also a sign-up bonus which of course I’m all in favour of, because who doesn’t like free cash? That combined with the high-paying offers, low minimum payouts of just $1.00 and a fast payout schedule means that Scrambly ticks all of the boxes for earning online.

The only real downside is for international users, as currently, Scrambly is available only in the USA and Canada. But, that being said they are planning to roll out to more countries in the near future. So, if you’re not from the USA/Canada, watch this space as a new earning opportunity is just on the horizon.

While there is no Scrambly app for iOS or Android, the site is mobile-friendly and functions just as well as the desktop version. In fact, it makes more sense to access via mobile for beginning your mobile game offers.

Our experience with the site has been a positive one, and to be honest there is not much negative to say. It may seem like a small point, but I love the transparency with the ability to change the view from coins to USD in the interface. It removes any confusion with coins and you can be certain of the exact dollar amount that you will earn.

Check it out today and use Scrambly to earn more online by playing mobile games and completing simple offers.

Scrambly FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full Scrambly review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

No, there is no Scrambly app for iOS or Android. However the site is mobile-friendly, so can easily be used in place of an app.

Currently Scrambly is only available in the USA and Canada. However, there are plans to expand to other countries in the near future.

Scrambly support can be contacted via email at

Final Thoughts

Scrambly is a modern take on GPT sites in terms of the user interface, transparency, and simplicity. We thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to jump in and start earning money online quickly.

High-paying offers, lots of variety, low minimum withdrawals, and fast payouts all combine into a fantastic modern GPT site.

Check out Scrambly today and boost your income by playing mobile games, and completing offers.

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