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Slice The Pie

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Slice The Pie InfoBox

Slice The Pie is a rather unique site that pays you to write reviews.

You’ll be presented with an image or a video of a product, a logo, music or an advert and asked to provide a detailed review of your views of it.

They are quite strict on quality so read our guide below to help boost your earnings.

Earning Methods: Reviews

Payout Options: PayPal

Available on: Website
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Australia



  • Very quick.
  • 1-2 minutes per review.


  • Low-Medium at $0.05 – $0.15 per review.
  • $10.00 via PayPal.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is Slice The Pie?

Slice The Pie is a review site that pays you to give your opinion on brands, logos, music, and video clips It is available in the USA, UK, Canada, and Germany. 

Each review earns you between $0.04 and $0.14 depending on how urgently they want reviews and your star rating (more on both of these later). A review will typically take you around a minute or two for images and around 3 minutes for music/video clip reviews.

There have been multiple reports of people being banned from the site for bot usage, poor quality reviews, etc. so make sure you read our tips below to avoid the pitfalls and keep your Slice The Pie account in good standing.

How to Sign up to Slice The Pie?

There are no sign-up bonuses available so just Sign up to Slice The Pie and you’re good to go.

When you start your first review it will ask you a few demographic questions such as sex, age, etc. This is a one-time task so don’t worry if this takes you a minute or two to complete.

Ensure that you sign up with the same email address as your PayPal account. This is because payouts are paid into PayPal using your sign-up email address and you cannot change this after sign-up.

How to Make More Money with Slice The Pie

Let’s get into why you’re here – how exactly do you make more money online with Slice The Pie? The site is simple and all you need to do is select which type of review you want to do.

But there are several pitfalls that could cause you to make less money or even have your account banned, so please read on.

1. Pick the Quickest Slice The Pie Review Type

From the Slice The Pie review page you will have the option to review one of the following:

  •  Products/Fashion/Branding/Logos (The heading changes)
  • Music
  • Video
  • Audio Branding
By far the quickest review type is the simple image review (Products/Fashion/Brands/Logos) so if there are no currently running bonuses we suggest you start here. The reason is that for music or video you’re typically forced to watch or listen to 30-90 seconds before you can even start your review.
Not all review types are available all of the time, so you may need to choose one of the others.

2. Choose Reviews That Slice The Pie Run Bonuses On

When you’re selecting a review type, underneath you will see $, $, or $$. The more dollar signs, the more you will earn for each review. For example, when we completed a $$ review we received $0.11 when our user rating was 1 star and $0.14 when our user rating was 3 stars. But when we completed a $ review when we were at 2 stars we received only $0.05.

Slice The Pie Review Types

And that brings us onto our next and probably most crucial piece of money earning advice for Slice The Pie – keep your user rating up!

3. How to Keep a High User Rating

When you first sign up, you will start with a user rating of 1 star. It goes up quickly if you write quality reviews – for us after only 10 reviews we had a user star rating of 3.

And as mentioned, the higher your star rating, the more you earn per review.

So how do you keep that user rating up?

Write long, quality, specific, unique, and descriptive reviews

Slice The Pie sets a very high bar for quality but does not tell you upfront what this means. Luckily, we’ve figured this out for you!
They expect you to be descriptive and to comment on every aspect of what you’re reviewing. So don’t just say “I like the blue packaging”, say something like “The fresh blue colouring on the packaging reflects the brand perfectly and contrasts well against the modern logo”.
Make sure your review is long. They have a bar in the text field to show when you’ve written enough but we’ve found that going a bit longer than that leads to increases in user rating stars. Don’t go crazy but don’t skimp on the length.
Slice The Pie Review Interface
Shows the orange bar progress bar indicating how much you should write. (Write more than this!)
To keep your account healthy, do not repeat phrases or overuse words even between different reviews. This can be flagged as bot usage and can get your Slice The Pie account banned like this Reddit user. Be unique in your descriptions even if the products are similar or identical.

For the 1-10 ratings mix it up a bit

Avoid straight 0s or straight 10s as you can get penalized for straying too far from the average review of all users.

Also, ensure that you don’t always select the same rating for each review. For example:

  • If you genuinely hate it, grade between 1-3. Use a mixture of these ratings.
  • If you genuinely love it, grade between 7-9. Use a mixture of these ratings.
  • If it’s OK, grade between 4-6. Use a mixture of these ratings.

To be clear, even if you feel that one good product is just as good as another, don’t choose 9 twice. Give one an 8 and one a 9. Vary as much as makes sense but don’t go overly neurotic on this.

Make sure the overall rating (1-10) matches your review

This is common sense, but do not slam the product in the review and then give it a good score in the 1-10 rating. Slice The Pie will detect this, warn you and ask you to re-grade it.

But, conversely, if their detection is wrong just ignore it and click submit again.

4. Example of a Good Product Review for Slice The Pie

It can be hard to understand what a good product review for Slice The Pie is, so we’ve provided an example below of one of our good Slice The Pie Reviews. This review bumped us up from a 1-star rating to a 3-star rating:

Type: Product Image

Product: Oreos

Do not simply copy the review below or copy phrases in the review otherwise you will get your account banned for plagiarism.

Slice The Pie Good Example Review

Do not simply copy the review above or copy phrases in the review otherwise you will get your account banned for plagiarism. 

This is simply to show what you should comment on, the level of detail and how descriptive you need to be.

Slice The Pie Minimum Payout and How to Get Paid

Slice The Pie has a minimum payout of just $10 which you should be able to earn over the course of 2 or 3 days depending on the availability of reviews.

Payout is via PayPal only and as mentioned the payment will be sent to the PayPal account that is associated with the email address you signed up to Slice The Pie with. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for a free PayPal account in seconds.

Due to the reports of account bans for poor reviews, we suggest you cash out as soon as you hit $10, but if you follow our guide above you shouldn’t have to worry about terminations or bans.

Go into you Slice The Pie Profile to trigger the withdrawal

Slice The Pie Overview

Slice The Pie is a nice little earner as long as you target the bonus reviews ($ or $) and stick to the shorter image-only reviews. We’ve added this to our own personal, small & quick earners to boost our daily income.

You must be careful though, in terms of quality, avoiding repetition, not being too vague, and not contradicting yourself in reviews and ratings.

It’s a very easy site to use, nothing too complicated, and a quick earner. Sign up to Slice The Pie now and another quick easy money-making site to your arsenal.

Sign Up To Slice The Pie Today

Earn money for reviewing products, icon, music and video. Simple tasks that pay more, the more you complete.

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