SliceThePie Review & Earning Guide: Is it Worth it?

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SliceThePie Review

Slice The Pie is a rather unique site that pays you to write reviews for music, videos, ads, and products.

You’ll be presented with an image or a video of a product, a logo, music, or an advert and asked to provide a detailed review of your views of it.

But how much can you earn and is it worth your time?

They are also quite strict on quality so read our full review and guide below to help boost your earnings. 

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Reviews, Surveys, Watching Videos.
  • Earnings: Between $0.04 – $0.15 per review.
  • Min. Withdrawal: $10.
  • Payout Options: PayPal.
  • Trust: Legit and safe, however business finance concerns (find out more below).
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Australia Europe (+Germany)

What is SliceThePie?

SliceThePie Review Header

Slice The Pie is a review site that pays you to give your opinion on brands, logos, music, and video clips It is available in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

Each review earns you between $0.04 and $0.15 depending on how urgently they want reviews and your star rating (more on both of these later). A review will typically take you around a minute or two for images and around 3 minutes for music/video clip reviews.

Users have earned a combined $8 million since SliceThePie was established in 2007.

There have been multiple reports of people being banned from the site for bot usage, poor-quality reviews, etc. so make sure you read our tips below to avoid the pitfalls and keep your Slice The Pie account in good standing.

After evaluating SliceThePie, we’re satisfied that it is a legitimate and safe way to earn money online. Jump down to see the full legitimacy and safety checks. Or read on for the full review and earning guide.

How to Make Money With SliceThePie

Let’s jump straight into how to earn money with SliceThePie in our full review and guide. As we mentioned, SliceThePie offers one major earning opportunity, which is paid reviews. This sounds simple enough but they actually have a very high standard that you must follow. We’ll cover that in detail below. It has also recently added another way to earn as part of a beta trial.

So, with SliceThePie you can now make money from:

  • Paid reviews (of an ad, a video, music, etc.).
  • Paid surveys (beta trial).
  • Referral program.

How Does SliceThePie Work?

SliceThePie works in a reasonably straightforward way for the paid review opportunity. Everything is self-contained on the site. You’ll be shown a few potential categories ranging from music, to videos, to ads, and even concepts for products.

You’ll watch, listen, or view something and then you’ll review what you’ve seen. This will involve a written review and ratings on a few different features.

This simple and relatively quick task can be a bit of a minefield and it is essential that you respond to it in just the right way. The reason for this is that you, yourself will be rated based on your responses in reviews. The higher you maintain your own star rating, the more you get paid for each review. We’ll get onto this below as it is a crucial step to ensure you make a decent chunk of cash from SliceThePie.

But of course, before all of that, you actually need to join!

Getting Started & Signing Up

There are no sign-up bonuses available so just Sign up to Slice The Pie and you’re good to go.

When you start your first review it will ask you a few demographic questions such as sex, age, etc. This is a one-time task so don’t worry if this takes you a minute or two to complete.

If you need a SliceThePie referral code, feel free to use ours: U87EA319

SliceThePie Sign Up Form

Ensure that you sign up with the same email address as your PayPal account. This is because payouts are paid into PayPal using your sign-up email address and you cannot change this after sign-up.

Now you’re signed up let’s review the critical tips that will help you maximize your earnings.

1. Pick the Quickest SliceThePie Review Type

From the Slice The Pie review page you will have the option to review a wide range of things. It changes as different opportunities become available but in general, you will see:

  •  Products/Fashion/Branding/Logos reviews.
  • Music reviews.
  • Video reviews.
  • Audio branding reviews.
  • Commercial/Ad reviews.
  • And more.
By far the quickest review type is the simple image review (Products/Fashion/Brands/Logos) so if there are no currently running bonuses we suggest you start here. The reason is that for music or video, you’re typically forced to watch or listen to 30-90 seconds before you can even start your review.
Not all review types are available all of the time, so you may need to choose one of the others.

Info: SliceThePie started off focussing on paid music reviews but has since branched out into other types of reviews.

2. Choose SliceThePie Reviews With the Biggest Bonuses

When you’re selecting a review type, underneath you will see $, $$, or $$. The more dollar signs, the more you will earn for each review. For example, when we completed a $$ review we received $0.11 when our user rating was 1 star and $0.14 when our user rating was 3 stars. But when we completed a $ review when we were at 2 stars we received only $0.05.

This should make clear how important your star rating is.

Slice The Pie Review Types

And that brings us to our next and probably most crucial piece of money-earning advice for Slice The Pie – keep your user rating up!

3. How to Keep a High User Rating

When you first sign up, you will start with a user rating of 1 star. It goes up quickly if you write quality reviews – for us, after only 10 reviews we had a user star rating of 3.

And as mentioned, the higher your star rating, the more you earn per review. This highlights just how important it is to keep those ratings up as high as possible.

SliceThePie Star Ratings Money

So how do you keep that user rating up?

Write long, quality, specific, unique, and descriptive reviews

Slice The Pie sets a very high bar for quality but does not tell you upfront what this means. Luckily, we’ve figured this out for you!

They expect you to be descriptive and to comment on every aspect of what you’re reviewing. So don’t just say “I like the blue packaging”, say something like “The fresh blue colouring on the packaging reflects the brand perfectly and contrasts well against the modern logo”.

Make sure your review is long. They have a bar in the text field to show when you’ve written enough but we’ve found that going a bit longer than that leads to increases in user rating stars. Don’t go crazy but don’t skimp on the length.

Slice The Pie Review Interface
Shows the orange bar progress bar indicating how much you should write. (Write more than this!)

To keep your account healthy, do not repeat phrases or overuse words even between different reviews. This can be flagged as bot usage and can get your Slice The Pie account banned like this Reddit user. Be unique in your descriptions even if the products are similar or identical.

For the 1-10 ratings mix it up a bit

Avoid straight 0s or straight 10s as you can get penalized for straying too far from the average review of all users.

Also, ensure that you don’t always select the same rating for each review. For example:

  • If you genuinely hate it, grade between 1-3. Use a mixture of these ratings.
  • If you genuinely love it, grade between 7-9. Use a mixture of these ratings.
  • If it’s OK, grade between 4-6. Use a mixture of these ratings.

To be clear, even if you feel that one good product is just as good as another, don’t choose 9 twice. Give one an 8 and one a 9. Vary as much as makes sense but don’t go overly neurotic on this.

Make sure the overall rating (1-10) matches your review

This is common sense, but do not slam the product in the review and then give it a good score in the 1-10 rating. Slice The Pie will detect this, warn you, and ask you to re-grade it.

But, conversely, if their detection is wrong just ignore it and click submit again.

Don't Use AI to Write Your Reviews

It might be tempting to use generative AI like ChatGPT to write the reviews for you but we heavily discourage you from doing so. We’re fairly certain that SliceThePie reviews are checked by real people, or a least a subset of the reviews are, so you will be found out fairly quickly. And that means a drop in star rating, which means a drop in earnings.

4. Example of a Good Product Review for SliceThePie

It can be hard to understand what SliceThePie wants, and what a good product review looks like from their perspective. We’ve provided an example below of one of our good SliceThePie Reviews. This review bumped us up from a 1-star rating to a 3-star rating:

Type: Product Image

Product: Oreos

Do not simply copy the review below or copy phrases in the review otherwise, you will get your account banned for plagiarism.

Slice The Pie Good Example Review

Do not simply copy the review above or copy phrases in the review otherwise, you will get your account banned for plagiarism. 

This is simply to show what you should comment on, the level of detail, and how descriptive you need to be.

More Ways to Earn With SliceThePie

1. Paid Surveys (Beta)

Stepping into 2024, SliceThePie has launched a beta program, built right into the site to give you another way to earn cash. And that opportunity is paid surveys.

SliceThePie Review Beta Surveys
Paid surveys are a nice addition to SliceThePie.

The interesting point here is that even if you aren’t selected for the survey, i.e. you try it and are screened out, you still get paid a bonus payment. That’s pretty great as many dedicated survey sites don’t even offer that perk.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to actually start any surveys as there were none available. This is likely just due to the fact that it is still in beta. We’ll keep an eye out as this hopefully progresses into a legit extra way to earn with paid surveys.

2. Referral Program

The SliceThePie referral program is a decent enough way to push your balance up to the $10 minimum withdrawal. For anyone you refer, you will get the following bonus earnings:

Timeline SliceThePie Referral Earnings
First 60 days
20% of their earnings.
After 60 days
10% of their earnings.

So if your referral earns $10 within their first 60 days, you will earn a bonus of $2. If it’s after their first 60 days, then you’ll $1. Earnings are paid to you on a review-by-review basis, meaning that you’ll start to see many entries in your transaction history:

SliceThePie Review Referral Payment Proof Baby Bonus
SliceThePie payment proof for referrals.

I’m not sure why, but bonus referral payments are shown as “BABY_BONUS”. But regardless, that’s how the referral earnings show up in your transaction history.

Is SliceThePie Legit & Safe, or is it Scam?

Checking that any site is legit is an important step before jumping in. So, before we dig into the details, let me confirm that SliceThePie is a legitimate way to earn money online, it is safe to use and is not a scam.

We have been credited for every review we’ve completed, along with all referral earnings and we were able to successfully withdraw to PayPal.

The only negatives that we’ve found were around the low pay per review which of course is something you’re aware of going in. Some users getting banned for using a proxy/VPN. Not allowing VPNs is typical for online earning opportunities and no cause for concern. Simply don’t use a VPN application to connect to the site.

SliceThePie does use HTTPS (SSL), meaning that any interaction you have with the site is both secure and encrypted. This is a big plus for security and safety.

Now let’s look a bit wider more consolidated view of SliceThePie.

SliceThePie Enters Administration and is Sold (2023)

In 2023, SliceThePie went into administration as it was unable to secure the funding required to continue trading as indicated on the UK company information service site. In the administration documents, it is outlined that SliceThePie was sold to Shisho Data Ltd. on 13th July 2023. 8 employees were transferred as part of this sale.

SliceThePie administration review

While this is a cause for concern, as of 2024, SliceThePie is still in operation and has expanded to include paid surveys as an additional way to earn. We will keep an eye on the progress of this change of ownership to see if it is a negative or positive outcome for earning money with SliceThePie.

Because of these changes, our advice is to remain cautious and withdraw as soon as you hit the $10 payout minimum.

SliceThePie 3rd Party Reviews & Ratings


SliceThePie gets a slightly disappointing rating of 3.7 on Trustpilot which is classified as average.

SliceThePie Review Trustpilot

Generally, the reviews are positive, however. One-star reviews mention bans for using VPNs. The thing to remember is that SliceThePie is only available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany. The result is that people from elsewhere will use VPNs to disguise their location, which of course leads to bans.

We don’t find any of the reviews concerning and maintain the view that SliceThePie is a legit, safe way to earn online.

How to Get Paid by SliceThePie?

Getting paid by SliceThePie is as simple as it gets. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 and you are paid directly via PayPal.

It is worth noting however that it will be a slow burn to get towards this minimum. If we assume an average of $0.07 per review that means you’d need to leave 142 reviews. This of course doesn’t include additional earnings from referrals.

So, look at SliceThePie for what it is – a simple way to earn a little extra cash on the side.

SliceThePie Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • A very easy way to earn.
  • Plenty of paid reviews available.


  • Approx. 142 reviews to earn $10.
  • Sometimes user ratings are unfair.
  • Change of ownership due to financeila issues.

SliceThePie is a really unique way to earn online. You’re shown videos, given music to listen to, and even product mockup ideas. From there you just give your opinion and rate what you’ve seen. And of course, for that, you’re paid.

The problem is the amount that you’re paid is dependent on SliceThePie’s review of you. You have a star rating that directly affects how much you earn for each review. That’s all well and good, but we’ve seen our rating drop by a star despite giving an accurate, honest, well-thought-out review. This means your earnings per review can drop even if you’re doing things right.

At the higher ratings, you can snag around $0.15 per review which is actually pretty good. But most people will find themselves sitting at a 2 or 3 star rating, meaning they’ll only earn $0.03 – $0.07 per review.

That being said, what you’re doing to earn this cash on SliceThePie is easy work.

They’ve also added a new beta trial of paid surveys which should help boost you over the decent minimum payout of $10.

We’ve covered above that SliceThePie went into administration and was sold in 2023. This is of course a concern, but the site remains active, still allows you to earn, and still pays out. Just be cautious and withdraw whenever you hit the payout minimum.

All-in-all, we like SliceThePie as a nice side earner on top of other opportunities like GPT sites.

Give it a try and pull in that little bit of extra cash each month.

SliceThePie FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full SliceThePie review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

In order to join SliceThePie, you must live in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, or Germany. Access by other countries is not allowed and use of a VPN leads to bans.

There is a SliceThePie app, however, it was last updated in 2016 so you can consider it abandoned. In fact, we were not able to install it on our current version of Android.

Unfortunately, no, SliceThePie is currently only available in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany.

Final Thoughts: Is it Worth it?

Of course, you’re not going to become rich using SliceThePie, but that’s not really the idea. Writing reviews, once you have the hang of it is something you can do on autopilot. Sure, you will only earn a few cents per review but it’s something you can do with minor attention while watching TV on an evening.

It’s a nice additional income stream that is worth your time, but as with most options, it is best used in combination with the other earning opportunities we have curated in our megalist

Mega List of Ways to Earn Online

Check out our huge list of legit, profitable ways to earn online.

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