FarmVille 2: Country Escape Offerwall Guide: Level 21 in 5 Days

FarmVille 2 Country Escape Level 21 Offer Guide

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Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

  • The FarmVille 2: Country Escape offerwall offer appears on the main Swagbucks Discover page and the InboxPounds/InboxDollars main page. It may also be available on other GPT sites.
  • Standard farming game, produce items, and complete orders.
  • An in-app purchase of £1.89 or (country equivalent) is needed to reduce the time from several days to only 4-6 hours total.
  • Very quick offer and pends at level 21.

FarmVille 2 Country Escape Level 21 header

The FarmVille 2: Country Escape offerwall offer on Swagbucks and other GPT sites features a mobile game that many may remember from the early days of Facebook. The game follows a familiar formula with you harvesting crops, cooking, and creating orders which are then completed for cash and exp.

There are some interesting features that rapidly speed up your progress and ignoring them will lead to a vastly longer process for upgrading. We cover all in our complete guide below.

Let’s look at how possible the FarmVille 2 offer is, how long it will take, and just as importantly the essential strategy you must follow to level up quickly and earn some cash!

Is It Possible To Reach Level 21 in FarmVille 2?

Despite the short time that you have to complete the offer (5 days), getting to FarmVille 2: Country Escape level 21 is absolutely possible, yes. In fact, you will be able to complete it with only around 4-6 hours of screen time.

You should be aware though that you will need to make a £1.89 (or country equivalent) purchase that will carry you quickly through the final few levels. Without this, it is still possible but it will mean many, many more hours and a huge grind.

By following our FarmVille 2 guide below you will complete your £18/$18 task in just a few hours, most likely on the same day that you start.

Is My FarmVille 2 Offer Good?

As of writing, there is just a single offer for FarmVille 2. Because of how quickly you can get to level 21, anything over £10/$10 for getting to level 21 is good enough. The current offer gives you a bit more than that.

What does the FarmVille 2 Offer Look Like?

The FarmVille 2: Country Escape offer will earn you £18/$18 for getting to level 21 within 5 days. While this sounds tough, especially with the time limit it’s not. You can do this in a few hours by following our strategy. We consider this a good offer.

The offer we completed for FarmVille 2: Country Escape on Swagbucks is shown below but remember that it will likely be available on other get-paid to sites to:

FarmVille 2 Swagbucks Offer Information
Don't worry if your offer isn't identical. This guide will still apply.

How Long to Pend and Does it Credit?

The FarmVille 2 offer does not pend early like some other offers. But as soon as you reach level 21, within 5 minutes it will show as pending. And yes, we had absolutely no issues with the offer crediting and receiving our payout, which is great news.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Level 21 Strategy Guide

Your goal of course is to get to level 21 as quickly as humanly possible within FarmVille 2. The game is simple but the strategy to get to level 21 in just a few hours is very specific and must be followed exactly.

Before you start playing, make sure you read through the highlights to make sure that you don’t punish yourself later on.

Let’s jump into the strategy and the road to level 21.

Strategy Overview

Before we jump into the details of how to get to level 21 in FarmVille 2, let’s outline the overview of the strategy. Once you understand the concepts, keep scrolling to understand the details of what each element of the overview means in detail. So, without further ado, the strategy overview:

  1. Starting out you simply need to follow the tutorial which will guide you through the first few levels. Blast through this as quickly as you can. You’ll unlock crops, machines, and basic functionality during this stage. You can do this without much thought or attention.
  2. DO NOT spend any keys until the guide tells you to.
  3. Don’t worry about spending coins, always buy the newest crops, etc.
  4. Link Facebook for 25 free keys. Don’t worry the game won’t post anything to your Facebook profile.
  5. Orders, orders, orders. This will be your focus. The order board will require certain crops, food, or materials that you can gather or craft. Fill as many of these as possible. As new crops and machines appear in the purchase section, buy them immediately.
  6. Keep completing quests for more XP. Similarly to orders, continue this as much as possible.
  7. At level 8, when it unlocks, repeatedly use “Grandma’s Glade” to the left. You’ll get 25 EXP every 15 minutes. Early on this is a good chunk of EXP.
  8. Keep an eye on your barn. Expand it whenever you have the right materials. Space is a big limiting factor in the game.
  9. At level 11, join a co-op (a group in-game). You can request farmhands to help once per day. This is important for the next step.
  10. At level 12, Pappy’s Pond will become available. This will give you 150XP per farm hand that you send there. Requesting a farmhand from your co-op will mean you can max out at 4 and grab 600XP. It does take 8 hours though.
  11. We suggest that at this point you stop playing for 8 hours or use keys to speed up. Make sure that all crops and machines are active, so when you come back they will be full.
  12. Now, push to level 16 by completing orders, and quests, and repeating “Grandma’s Glade”. Use your keys sparingly at this point if needed. You want to keep a decent-sized stock though.
  13. At level 16 buy the “Prized Pinewood Cow”.
  14. Also at level 16 start using the keys you’ve saved to speed up the creation of the cow food for your prized cow and to speed up the 30-minute prized cow exp area.
  15. Using your keys will push you through some of Doctor Danny’s levels, giving you materials for expansion. Use this to upgrade your barn.
  16. Don’t use enough keys to hit the 2 hour speed seed just yet. You need to be prepared!
  17. Now, you must click the “Welcome offer” and buy for £1.89 (or country equivalent). This will give you enough keys to get to the 2 hour speed seed in Dr Danny’s area and will also carry you through the rest of the game to level 21.
  18. Once you have the 2 hour speed seed get settled in. You will be rattling through orders for as much of this 2 hour period as possible.
  19. Sell every item you have. You need as much space as possible and these items don’t have any use for us now.
  20. On the order board focus on the top row. Just the crops. We don’t want to be wasting time creating anything. Using your infinite speed seeds you can instantly grow any crop. So check the board, grab the 3 sets of crops (using speed seed), deliver the order, and repeat.  This will generate XP over the 2 hours, and more importantly fill your order bar every 9 or so orders, which can net you 700-1,000 EXP a time.
  21. In these 2 hours you will gain a MASSIVE 11,000 EXP approx which will bring you to level 20.
  22. Now, go back to the prized cow. You should have most of the 100 keys you purchased left. Use them to speed up creating the prized cow feed, and the 30 minute timer on the prized cow itself. Buy carrots from the store if you can or use your ample supply of speed seeds from the previous step to cut down on time.
  23. Within about 30 minutes you should hit level 21.

Quite big for an overview, but it really does need to be done in this exact way. Read on for a full breakdown of what you need to do and when. It is crucial that you follow these steps exactly, especially when it comes to key usage and the 2 hour unlimited speed seeds.


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Starting Out

Just complete the tutorial, which will guide you through the first few levels. Make sure you’re completing orders and quests. Continue completing orders and quests throughout until you reach level 16.

FarmVille 2 Complete Quests
Quests Are a Good Source of EXP.
FarmVille 2 Order Board
Orders give you continued EXP throughout the game and should be a focus.

There are also some rules that must be followed from the beginning:

  1. DO NOT spend keys until level 16.
  2. Buy crops and machines as soon as they are available.

You will be grinding at this stage until you reach level 8. There is nothing special or important to do at this stage, just keep completing orders and quests.

A necessary step is connecting to Facebook. Don’t worry, the game won’t post anything on your profile. It will give you 25 keys, which you’ll need later. Again DO NOT use them now!

Level 8 - Level 11

Once you reach level 8, you should still be completing orders and quests but there are additional sources of EXP.

Grandma's Glade

At level 8 your strategy will change somewhat as you unlock “Grandma’s Glade”. This is an area to the left-hand side where you can send a farmhand to gather resources for 15 minutes. More importantly, it grants you 25 EXP every 15 minutes.

Grandmas Glase FarmVille 2
Grandma’s Glade is a good source of XP early on.

You’ll need to keep creating the country biscuits to start this each time. Just keep the biscuits constantly creating or buy them with in-game coins from the stall. When another farmhand becomes available you can add 2 people here and earn double the XP.

Expand Your Barn

The most annoying part of this game is how quickly your barn fills up. If you click it you will see that you can upgrade it with items such as nails, locks etc. that you can get from Grandma’s Glade and other future areas. Expand whenever possible but don’t use keys to do so.

Level 11 - Level 12

Some new features will become available and this will help boost your XP rate. Let’s look at what this entails.

Join a Co-Op at Level 11

You need to make sure that you join a co-op (in game group/guild) when you reach level 11. Most of the functionality is useless but it does allow you to request farmhands. Do not request them yet though, wait until just before you reach level 12, where you will make use of them

Use Pappy's Pond at Level 12

Now, request the farmhands from your co-op. This will give you extra people temporarily. Pappy’s Pond will have opened which gives you 150XP per person you add in. You can have up to 4 giving you a huge 600XP in total.

FarmVille 2 Pappys Pond

Note, that this takes 8 hours to complete. What we suggest is that once you trigger this to take an 8 hour break. There is likely other machinery etc. that is still “building” at this point. If you absolutely have to, you can spend keys here to speed things up and skip the 8-hour wait.

You then have the choice of repeating Pappy’s pond (spending keys if you must, but be sure not to overspend). Make sure you don’t activate the unlimited seed speed for 2hrs from Doctor Danny (via key spends) just yet. Keep going with orders and quests too and you’ll be at level 16 in no time.

If you don’t want to wait, you can spend keys to speed up. But other machinery may not be ready yet, so bear that in mind.

Level 16 to Level 20

Now for the important part, getting from level 16 to level 20. This stage requires a huge amount of XP, around 11,000 in total. Our previous tactics would still work to push through within the 5-day limit but there is a faster way.

Level XP Requirements

Dr. Danny & Unlimited Speed Seeds

What we need to do now is start spending keys to fulfill the goal in Doctor Danny’s area that will grant you 2 hours of unlimited speed seeds. These seeds allow any tree or crop to be collectible immediately.

FarmVille 2 dr danny unlimited speed seed
Make sure you have 2 hours to spare before claiming the unlimited speed seed as every second counts.

Purchase the Welcome Pack

Now, we need to make sure of two things in terms of keys. The first is that we have enough keys that we can use to get the unlimited speed seeds from Dr. Danny. You may have enough already, but you will need more for the stage after, to speed up the “Prized Pinewoods Cow” to push you from level 20 to 21.

You can do it without but it will be a very long grind. We don’t often suggest in-app purchases but this one is pretty much required. Thankfully it is a small purchase at £1.89 or your country’s equivalent.

FarmVille 2 Welcome Pack
The Welcome Pack is essential. You will need those 100 keys.

As above, click the welcome pack icon on the left of the screen and buy. If you’re using keys for Dr. Danny, only spend enough to get to the infinite speed seed goal, no further.

Back to Doctor Danny and the Speed Seeds

Before you claim the infinite speed seeds, make sure that of the following:

  1. You have 2 hours to spare that you can use NOW to grind through the levels. You won’t get another chance.
  2. You have sold almost everything in the market. You need as much space as possible in your barn.
  3. You have organised your farm so that crops and trees and close together and near the order board.

What we’ll be doing for 2 hours is focussing only on the top row of the order board. This contains only crops and fruit from trees. The idea is that we use the infinite speed seed to instantly grow any crops we need, collect them, and deliver the order.

FarmVille 2 Speed Seed Crop Orders
Focus on only crops/fruit to max your XP gain with the speed seeds.

Check out what the 3 items listed on the board are, head to your crops/trees, water them and then use your infinite speed seed. Collect all 3, head to the order board, and deliver it.

FarmVille 2 Speed Seed Infinite
The infinite speed seed in action.

This is quite an intensive 2 hours but it will bring you up to around level 20 when you’re done. This may seem unlikely but the reason that this works is that you’ll be delivering hundreds of orders. And every 9 or so orders you will fill the Sales Bonus bar:

FarmVille 2 Sales Bonus
The sales bonus bar fills with every 9 or so orders complete.

When this bar fills you get a random bonus. This is sometimes coins, sometimes an item such as a fish (we “won” a lot of fish), or most importantly a huge bundle of XP. This can range from 700XP to 1,000XP.

Full disclosure, this will be a manic 2 hours but it will rocket you through levels that would normally take a couple of days to complete. It will also set you up for the final step towards level 21.

Getting to Level 21 in FarmVille

Finally, after your frantic 2 hours of delivering orders, you should be sitting at around level 20. You should also still have around 80 – 100 keys left. You should also have earned around 15 prized cow feed from the sales bonuses.

Spam Keys on The Prized Cow

You will now spend around 30 minutes spamming the prized cow. Make sure that you add the maximum of 4 farmhands to the cow. This will grant you 200XP per “round”.

FarmVille 2 Prized Cow Level 21

It would take 30 minutes, but instead, after you start it, spend 3 keys to instantly collect your 200XP. Initially, you’ll have a stock of cow feed from the previous step but once you run out you will need to create more at the windmill. This is where you should let loose with your key usage. This is why we bought the in-app purchase so use them all.

Creating the cow feed would be time-consuming but we have tips to rapidly speed that up too. Wheat and apples are quick to grow and easy to collect but carrots take some time. Our tips:

  • Spend 5 keys to add an extra slot to the windmill. Now you’ll create 2 cow feeds each time.
  • Use the speed seeds (you should have around 15) from the previous step to instantly harvest carrots.
  • If you run out of speed seeds, buy some from the stall as people frequently sell them.
  • Once the feed is being created in the windmill, spend the 2 keys to have it finish instantly.

We started this stage with around 80 keys. This allowed for enough “rounds” of tending to the cow to push us from level 20 to 21. If you do run out of keys, you should only need to do another round or 2 of tending to the cow. Just step away when it is running for 30 minutes and start it again once it’s done.

And that’s it. All in all, we spent around 6 hours of screentime with FarmVille 2: Country Escape, achieved level 21, and get paid out 1800SB (£18/$18).

FarmVille 2 Level 21 achieved

Remember: Don’t delete the game until the money is in your hands. Occasionally the GPT site will ask you to prove with a screenshot that you hit your goal.

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Is the FarmVille 2: Country Escape Swagbucks Offer Worth it?

In our opinion, the FarmVille offer is worth it. It’s very quick to complete if you follow our guide. We logged only 6 hours of screen time. The £18/$18 payout could be better but it’s not bad for playing a game for a day.

A small in-app purchase is needed to make this offer worth your time. Just take the tiny plunge and save yourself hours of time.

The FarmVille 2 offer gets two thumbs up from us.

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