Stormshot (Desktop) Offerwall Guide: City Level 6, 11, 15, 18, 25, 36

Stormshot Isle of adventure desktop level 10 14 18 26 guide

Stormshot Isle of Adventure (Desktop) Offer Rating:


Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

Below we have a comparison of earnings for different sites. As you can see both Reward XP and Freecash offer a much higher payout than the same offer from Swagbucks.

Game OfferReward XPFreecashSwagbucks
StormshotTorox: $278Torox: $274Featured: $234
  • The Stormshot (Desktop) offerwall offer appears on the main Swagbucks Discover page and the InboxPounds/InboxDollars main page. It may also be available on other GPT sites.
  • Standard city builder game but with some important limiting factors.
  • In-app purchase breaks even in USA, earns you £1 in UK/EU.
  • Desktop only, not a mobile offer.

Stormshot Desktop offerwall 10 14 18 26 header

The Stormshot Isle of Adventure (Desktop) offerwall offer on Swagbucks and Inbox Pounds/Inbox Dollars is a standard city builder game. However, it does have some unique limiting factors as you progress through city levels 6, 11, 15, 18, 25, 36 that you really need to plan for as soon as you begin the game.

The offer is interesting as it is desktop-only, meaning that you’ll need to download the game on your PC. But it functions as any other city builder on mobile.

Realistically, an in-app purchase of $9.99 will be required, but this will be refunded completed in earned Swagbucks. In fact, in the UK due to currency conversions, you’ll earn an extra £1 for this purchase!

Let’s look at how possible the Stormshot desktop offer is, how long it will take, and just as importantly the essential strategy you must follow to level up quickly and earn some cash!

Is It Possible To Reach City Level 6, 11 & 15 in Stormshot Desktop?

The great news is that yes the first three goals for the Stormshot Isle of Adventure offer (levels 6, 11 and 15) are absolutely possible. In fact, you will be able to reach these levels within the first day or 2.

For levels 6 and 11, you can easily reach it by planning ahead with our strategy below. Level 15 will require an in-app purchase of $9.99 but this is refunded completely as it is a paid goal.

You should at the very minimum aim for level 15 to get a nice amount of cash.

Is It Possible To Reach City Level 18 in Stormshot Desktop?

Yes, it is possible to reach level 18 in Stormshot Isle of Adventure (Desktop). It will require some planning and set-up in the earlier levels which we’ll get onto later. You will need to wait increasingly longer while waiting for the city/stronghold to upgrade. In the higher levels, it will be a few days but of course, you can bring this down with speed-ups.

You should expect this stage to take 7 days at most, but you only need to log in once a day as most of this time is just waiting for building upgrades to finish.

Is It Possible To Reach City Level 25 in Stormshot Desktop?

Let us be clear, it is possible to reach level 25 in Stormshot desktop but it will take you an entire month and you may still fall short. Due to the increasing requirements to upgrade your city/stronghold, it will take a very large amount of standard resources, advanced resources, time, speedups, and more. This is borderline possible in 30 days.

If you’re not prepared for this time commitment Stop at level 18 and enjoy your earnings, otherwise continue and make sure that you play daily to reach the requirements in time. 

Is It Possible To Reach City Level 36 in Stormshot Desktop?

Stronghold level 36 in Stormshot is absolutely not possible. Seriously, this is simply an impossible goal, so just put this target out of your head. Focus on level 18, or at a push level 25.

Let us re-iterate: Stronghold level 36 is impossible within 30 days.

Is My Stormshot Desktop Offer Good?

The Stormshot Deskop offer as of writing is the only available offer, with another that has very minor level differences. Overall it states earnings of around $234 on Swagbucks but $10 of this is effectively a refund for spending that amount in the game. As we stated above, both Freecash and Reward XP offer more for the same offer. The offer is very good and can be completed reasonably quickly. After the first 2 days, most of the time is just idling so you won’t need to do much at all, just wait.

What does the Stormshot Desktop Offer Look Like?

There is only a single offer for Stormshot available at the moment, but there is a potential for this to change over time of course.

You will have 30 days to complete this but all you need is 2 days for levels 6, 11 and 15. An additional 7 days or so for level 18, but the good news is that these 7 days are idling waiting for upgrades to complete. Then if you choose to do so, the entire month for level 25.

The offer we completed for Stormshot Isle of Adventure (Desktop) on Swagbucks is shown below but remember that it will likely be available on other get-paid to sites too:

The Swagbucks Offer

Goal/Task Reward
Reach City Level 6
100SB ($1)
Reach City Level 11
300SB ($3)
Reach City Level 15
500SB ($5)
Reach City Level 18
1,000SB ($10)
Reach City Level 25
5,500SB ($55)
Reach City Level 36
20,000SB ($200)
Make a $9.99 Purchase
1,000SB ($10)

Offer Comparison

As you can see below, the Swagbucks offer is no longer the best version of this offer. Both Reward XP and Freecash offer more cash for what is effectively the same Stormshot offer:

Game OfferReward XPFreecashSwagbucks
StormshotTorox: $278Torox: $274Featured: $234

How Long to Pend and Does it Credit?

I wasn’t confident that the level goals would pend or credit with this being a desktop rather than a mobile offer. But, I was pleasantly surprised. All levels went into pending but that only happens around 1 hour after you complete the level so don’t worry if it doesn’t show instantly!

The $9.99 purchases went into pending instantly which should give you confidence to go ahead with the purchase.

Everything was credited in the end so a big thumbs up on that front.

Stormshot City Level 6, 11, 15, 18, 25 Strategy Guide

For most people, your goal is to reach city level 18. Those willing to commit to the offer, your goal is level 25. No body should be trying for level 36 as it is not possible in the time limit. You will need to make an in-app purchase to achieve this, but it will be entirely refunded as part of the purchase goal. (Check your offer as some will not include the purchase goal).

Let’s jump into the strategy and the road through levels 6, 11, 15, 18 and 25.

Important Elements of the Strategy

Before we jump into specific steps you take, there are some elements of the game that you will need to understand.

  1. The city level stated in the offer actually refers to the stronghold level. This is the biggest building in the centre. The level is NOT related to the level in the top left corner, this is your adventurer level and is irrelevant.
  2. Limiting factors are the elements you will need to progress and upgrade:
    • Resources: grain, rock, obsidian, wood, and later silver.
    • Premium resources: lumber and sulphur. You will need to make an effort to collect these as early as you can and constantly. More on this later.
    • Speed-ups: As you progress upgrade times for the city (stronghold) will reach crazy levels, up to several days. So speed-ups are a valuable resource.
  3. Quests (chapter, main, and daily) will help to keep your limiting factors above in stock.
  4. Gold should not be spent on speed-ups on buildings themselves but instead when the market becomes available, spend on speed-ups there as they will be heavily discounted.
  5. You will need to make an in-app purchase for $9.99 as this will give you a huge amount of limiting factor stock (speed-ups, resources, etc.). It must also be purchased around the weekend. We’ll go into this in detail as it is crucial that you purchase at the right time and that you buy the correct pack.

Now, let’s go into the full strategy in detail and how you can rapidly complete this offer:

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Starting Out

As with most city builders, you will need to simply follow the tutorial. This will set you up with a good amount of resources and speed-ups to get you through to level 11.

In addition, you will need to focus on several other areas such as the quests, ensure you’re claiming rewards, and you will need to start completing the collection of premium resources in your city itself.

Stormshot Desktop: The Road to City/Stronghold Level 11

As above, progress through the tutorial and the story. Doing so will unlock new buildings, and rewards such as speed-ups and resources. You don’t need to pay much notice to what you’re doing for the first few levels.

What you do need to pay attention to is prep for later levels, understanding what you need to focus on, what you need to avoid, and what you need to absolutely not do:

  • You will be given 2 builders for a limited time. When this runs out, choose to “buy” the second builder temporarily with in-game gold. This will speed up your progress as you’ll be able to upgrade 2 buildings simultaneously.
  • Do NOT spend gold on anything else. Save it for later. We’ll explain the best way to utilize your gold below.
  • In addition to builders, you have workers in your actual city. I’ve not seen this in a city builder before. You will see trees and eventually sulphur. Click on them to have your workers gather them. They will be required for upgrades later on so keep your stocks up. As you expand areas more trees and sulphur become available.
  • Aim to complete chapter quests, main quests, and daily quests to build up resources and speed-ups.
  • Speed up anything with speed-ups that have a build timer of more than 10 minutes.

Stormshot Quests

Before we continue, let’s look at quests and the importance of them. There are 3 types of quests – chapter, main, and daily. Only chapter quests are shown to you in a clear way:

Stormshot offer guide level 10 quests
Chapter quests are shown in your city. Other quests can be accessed with the banner above.

Chapter quests once complete will give you many hours of free speed-ups so make it your priority to complete them as you’re upgrading your city/stronghold level.

As you can see in the above image, if you click the banner with a notification icon you will also see and be able to claim rewards from main quests and daily quests. You’ll mainly get resources here but again some speed-ups so collect regularly to keep things moving forward.

Premium Resources (Timber, Suplhur, etc.)

As mentioned, Stormshot (Desktop) introduces more than the usual grain, wood, stone, etc. as resources needed for upgrades. Higher-level upgrades will require timber (different from wood) and sulphur. These resources need to be gathered by workers in your city. It will become a limiting factor and it takes time to gather so make sure you constantly strip your city of these resources:

Stormshot desktop offerwall in city resources

Additionally, small boxes can contain speed-ups. Sheds, barns, and small buildings can contain large amounts of speed-ups, lumber, etc. Hit these early as your workers will be locked in for 4 hours. But the rewards are high.

Essentially, strip your city bare of these resources as early as you can.

Features to Focus on and Avoid

As you work towards city/stronghold level 11 in Stormshot (Desktop), there are certain features you should focus on and certain features to ignore.

What to focus on:

  • Anything related to quests or the tutorial (Sharpshooter, upgrades, etc.).
  • Harvesting premium resources in the city.
  • Upgrading your stronghold of course and any other relevant buildings – your major focus.
  • Recruiting and levelling up heroes. Don’t overthink this, just spam through it and focus on upgrading S (Gold) and A (Purple) heroes. This will help you progress through certain quest requirements.
  • Events, but don’t obsess over it. Make sure to claim what you earn for more speed-ups and resources.

What to ignore:

  • Gathering resources on the Kingdom (world) map.
  • Taking part in rallies on the world map.
  • Killing monsters on the world map, other than to complete quests.

After Level 11 Make the $9.99 Purchase

We’ve covered above that getting to level 15 and beyond is absolutely dependent on making a $9.99 purchase. The good news is that you will earn $10 for this purchase as part of the offer, making it effectively free. What’s more is if you’re in the UK, you’ll earn £10 for this, meaning you actually make a small £1 profit. Not bad!

This part is crucial. You need to make sure that before you purchase anything you choose the correct purchase and make the purchase at the right time. You need to purchase it around the weekend when you get extra bonuses. We’ll cover this below.

Step 1: Purchase Diamonds

The purchase process takes a few steps. First, make sure that you’re going to make this purchase at the weekend because you get extra bonuses.

Go to the store in the game, scroll to the bottom, and select to buy diamonds. That’s because all in-game packs etc. need diamonds to be bought. The $9.99 purchase that you must make is for 1,000 diamonds:

Stormshot purchase 1000 diamonds

Once you click this, your web browser will open the store and you’ll be able to buy the 1,000 diamonds. You can use PayPal, debit/credit card, etc. As you’ll see, if you’re in the UK it will be converted into GBP, elsewhere local currency. And for the UK in particular this means you’ll earn extra cash by making the purchase as we detailed earlier.

Stormshot buy diamonds

Complete the purchase, head back into the game and your diamonds will be there waiting for you. Next, we need to choose the best items/packs to spend our diamonds on. This is harder than you’d think as there is a massive amount of options, with various pros and cons.

Step 2: Spend Your Diamonds

Now, we need to make sure that we spend our diamonds at the weekend. Seriously. Make sure you wait until the end of Friday, into Saturday or Sunday as you’ll get extra bonuses.

There are a few options available for what to spend your diamonds on. We… unfortunately chose the wrong one in our playthrough. We thought it was the best value, with the most speed-ups and resources but there was one additional pack that would have been better.

What you should buy, and what we should have bought is “Growth Fund I”:

Stormshot Growth Fund I

If you add it all up, the speed-ups give you an additional 8.8 days of speedups. And you will get millions of each resource and a ton of gold that can later be used at the market to buy more speed-ups.

We mentioned waiting until the weekend. If you did, you will have a weekend bonus + a beginner bonus added to these rewards:

Stormshot bonuses for purchase

Another 45 hours of speed-ups for free bringing us up to a total of around 11 days of free speed-ups, and a ton more resources. Very useful to blast on beyond level 11 and up to levels 15 and 18.

You will have also noticed that when you bought 1,000 diamonds you were given an extra 100. This is because it was your first purchase. There is only one thing you can buy but it is actually very useful. A permanent second builder so no need to spend more gold on keeping this active. And it adds even more goodies to help you upgrade:

Stormshot extra builders

Even more speed-ups and resources come along with the builder. It seems that this is constantly on sale for 99 diamonds. Grab what you can and get ready to blast through the levels upgrading your city/stronghold in Stormshot.

Stormhold City Level 15 & 18

Armed with your crazy arsenal of speedups and resources you’re ready to push towards level 15 and 18. You still need to be a bit careful here as you will quickly blast through your speedups. What I suggest is that for at least one of your stronghold upgrades that you leave it running overnight to save 12-24 hours of speedups.

You’ll find that unlike other city builders that the requirements to upgrade other buildings before your stronghold will be equally as crazy.

You will not run out of resources due to our purchase. And don’t be afraid to use your speed-ups, that’s what they’re there for.

This is a very easy stage and you will level up fast in Stormshot (Desktop), there is just a lot of waiting involved.

If You're Running Out of Speed-Ups

Visit the Market

By now you should have unlocked the market in your city. Here you should exchange gold and resources for speedups at a highly discounted rate. Make sure you only buy general and building speedups, and as long as they are at least 50% off:

Stormshot market speedup discount

Apologies for the cursor placement, that is 960 gold coins! If you find you don’t have many gold coins, remember that you need to go into your inventory to claim them!

Complete More Chapter Quests

Chapter quests are a good source of speedups. It can be worth spending some time pushed through them to grab even more speedups:

Stormshot complete chapters

And then there are Stormshot gift codes:

Stormshot Isle of Adventure Desktop Gift Codes

Stormshot Gift Codes can help you get that extra boost of resources, speedups, etc. The best source of valid Stormshot gift codes that we’ve found are on App Gamer.

To claim the codes, click on the top left on your character profile picture. Then settings, then gift codes. Once you enter the code, it will add the gifts to your in-game mail. Go there and make sure to click collect!

Stormshot codes

Stormshot Stronghold Upgrade Requirements

For stronghold levels 11 to 15 to 18 it makes sense to look ahead at what the requirements are to upgrade each level. In some cases, while your stronghold is upgrading, you can already start upgrading other buildings that are a requirement to upgrade to the next stronghold level.

  • Stronghold Level 11: Stone Quarry Lv.10.
  • Stronghold Level 12: Wall Lv.11, Hospital Lv.11.
  • Stronghold Level 13: Wall Lv.12, Military Tent Lv.12.
  • Stronghold Level 14: Wall Lv.13, Airship Dock Lv.13.
  • Stronghold Level 15: Wall Lv.14, Lookout Tower Lv.14.
  • Stronghold Level 16: Wall Lv.15, Academy Lv.15.
  • Stronghold Level 17: Wall Lv,16, Silver Mine lv.16.
  • Stronghold Level 18: Wall Lv.17, Shooting Range Lv.17.

Stormhold Finishing Up

The final push to Stormhold level 18 may involve a lot of waiting for upgrades to complete. Just set a time to make sure that you jump back on and progress the next upgrade. You don’t need to sit and play while this is happening. Pick up another offer to play and earn from instead.

Note: Unless you are commited to spending a month finishing off the offer to level 25, do yourself a favour and stop at city/stronghold level 18. Then move onto your next offer to maximize your time/profit.

Stormhold City Level 25

For the phase of getting from Stormhold stronghold level 18 up to 25, the above strategy holds true. You will not need to adapt anything other than ensuring that you are committed to logging on and progressing your building and stronghold upgrades every single day.

You’ll also need to ensure that you cover off as many quests as possible, participate in any events, etc.

We cannot overstate the importance of this. Log on every day. It will be borderline as to whether or not you can reach level 25 so bear this in mind.

When Does the Stormshot (Desktop) Offer Pend?

The Stormshot desktop offer does pend but around 1 hour after you reach the relevant level. Don’t panic, just wait it out and it should show up without issues.

The $9.99 purchase actually pended for us instantly which was great.

Similar Offer Guides

If you want to check out more similar offers, check out other guides we have available below. And remember, we have an ever-growing list of other offerwall offer guides just waiting for you to generate extra cash from.

Is the Stormshot Desktop Swagbuck Offer Worth it?

Overall, yes we believe that the Stormshot Isle of Adventure offer on Swagbucks (or other GPT sites) is worth it. The fact that the purchase of $9.99 is entirely refunded as a task means that you can accelerate your process as you level up your stronghold from level 11 to 15 to 18.

It’s unfortunate that level 25 is only borderline possible, but knowing this in advance means that you can just focus on 11, 15, and 18 if you want to play it safe.

Jump in now and blast through the levels with our in-depth guide above.

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