Cash Billionaire Offerwall Offer Guide: Level 41, 81, 121, 161, 201, 251

Cash billionaire swagbucks offer guide

Cash Billionaire Offerwall Offer Rating:


Offers vary by country and by site, so don’t worry if your offer doesn’t completely match up. The guide will still be applicable to you!

  • Autospin makes this relatively hands-off.
  • Almost constant autospin all day is required.
  • A tiered offer, with lower levels being achievable, higher levels unfortunately not.
  • The Cash Billionaire offer on Swagbucks has max earnings of £79.50/$79.50 but the reality is lower.

Cash Billionaire header

The Cash Billionaire offer at Swagbucks is a new breed of offers that are tiered. This means that even if you only reach level 81, you will be paid for levels 41 and 81 despite not reaching the higher levels. This is great as it makes earning something much more likely.

The game itself is a standard slot machine/casino game. As with similar offers you need to make use of autospin, use the most favourable slots (more on this later), and balance your spin coin amounts so you don’t bust out early.

We’ll walk you through this from beginning to end to make sure that you pull out the max earnings possible from this offer.

Remember we’re not just about offerwalls here. We provide extensive guides on earning tons of money from hundreds of different sites and apps.

Is It Possible To Get to Level 41 in Cash Billionaire?

The good news is that it is definitely possible to reach level 41 in Cash Billionaire. In fact, it is incredibly easy and you will achieve this within the first day of playing if you follow our guide below.

This first stage of the offer is low paying but it means that you will 100% earn something even if you choose to give up after a single day.

Is It Possible To Get to Level 81 in Cash Billionaire?

Again, yes you absolutely can reach level 81 in Cash Billionaire. It took us an additional 1 day, so 2 days in total to get from level 1 to level 81 using the techniques we describe in this post. To get to this level you will need to carefully manage your spin amounts and ensure that you don’t bust out.

There should be nothing stopping anyone from easily reaching level 81.

Is It Possible To Get to Level 121 in Cash Billionaire?

This is where it gets tricky. We experienced that once you reach level 81 it becomes infinitely harder to level up. And it might just be anecdotal but we definitely felt that bonuses within the slots fell from very frequent to very, very rare. The result was that we found it very tough to keep our coin balance high – however, there are ways to prevent busting out that we’ll discuss below.

This will likely take you 10 days if you’re able to able to keep your balance above zero.

Is It Possible To Get to Level 161, 201 and 251 in Cash Billionaire?

We don’t like to be defeatist but we believe that for 99.999% of people, you will absolutely not get anywhere near to even level 161. As mentioned above, after level 81, the game seems to lock down hard on you and becomes very light on bonus games.

For our offer, we were given only 10 days to complete. This kind of limitation makes it truly impossible. But even if we were given 30+ days I still cannot see this being possible.

Our advice, stop once you hit level 121. Anything above that is painful and quite frankly not achievable.

Note: We DO NOT recommend spending money in-game on coins. Up to level 121, you should be OK for coins if you follow our strategy. Above 121, it’s also a waste as your coins will drain away rapidly and you simply won’t make it to level 161.

Is My Cash Billionaire Offer Good?

A must-have for any Cash Billionaire offer is that it needs to be tiered. As we’ve shown, the offer on Swagbucks has multiple tiers. The reason this is important is that often for casino/slot style offers, the lower levels are easy to get to but the higher levels, are impossible. This tiering ensures that you earn something and don’t waste your time away.

Look for a time scale of 10 days or more if possible. It took us 10 days to reach level 121 and the Swagbucks offer, despite not stating it in the offer itself only gave us 10 days to complete it.

As always, we suggest you check out the main players, or FreeCash to compare offers. Additionally, check out our huge GPT site list as there are some high-paying hidden gems there too.

What does a good offer look like for Cash Billionaire?

A good offer will be tiered with at least a few levels underneath level 130. You can really ignore any tiers above that as you don’t have much of a hope of achieving it.

In terms of time, an offer that is 10 days or more is workable. As stated, we achieved level 121 in 10 days exactly. The more days you have, the more breathing space you have.

The offer we completed for Cash Billionaire on Swagbucks was:

Total reward: 7950SB (~$79/£79), although only £10/$10 is achievable due to impossible higher levels.
Time limit: 10 days (but not mentioned directly).
Levels to reach: 41, 81, 121, 161, 201, 251.

This is a good offer for casino/slot style games but it isn’t great. It is, however, the best offer we’ve seen for Cash Billionaire. The ability to earn more for levels under level 130 and a little extra time would push this up into an even better offer.

Cash Billionaire! Offer Guide: Level 41, 81, 121, 161, 201, 251

Do I Need to Spend Money on This Offer?

We really, really do not advise you to spend any money on this offer. Levels 41, 81 and 121 are achievable without spending a penny on coin packs in-game. You’d be needlessly spending cash here.

For level 161+, you’d be throwing money away because the coins you’ll buy won’t make a dent and will likely not even get you up 2 or 3 levels before running out completely.

Save your cash for another offer.

However, if your offer includes a task for completing a purchase by all means do so as long as the reward from the offer is more than the cost of the iAP of course!

As a side note, we suggest that to build up free credit for in-app purchases for use with offerwall offers you use Google Opinion Rewards which gives you free Google Play Credit for answering 2-3 question surveys and uploading receipts every now and then.

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Key Elements

The major goal of the Cash Billionaire offer is to level up fast. We will be providing you with a strategy and tips to level up as fast as possible. But it is just as important to prevent yourself from busting out (ending up with zero coins), which we’ll also cover.

The game plays just like any other slot app, meaning that there will be some familiar features. It is important that you take advantage of these features and key elements in order to complete the offer as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Functionality will unlock as you level up so if there is something that you don’t see in-game, just wait it will become available to you.

Now let’s look at the key elements that will help you complete this offer.

  1. Auto Spin.
  2. Slot Selection.
  3. Spin Amount.
  4. Friends & Gifts.
  5. Daily/Free Coins.
  6. Challenges.
  7. Epic Album.
  8. Clubs.
  9. Link to Facebook & share.
Just ensure that as these features become available that you begin to use them asap. They will help you to complete this offer.

Read on to understand how to make the most of each feature and earn the very most out of your offer’s terms.

#1: Starting Out & The Basics

The gameplay in Cash Billionaire is very straightforward. It’s a slot game, so you pick a slot and keep spinning hoping for a win. That all seems a little too random though, right? Well yes, there is a large amount of randomness in this game but as we progress you will see that we can tilt things in our favour.

When you first start up the game it will throw millions of coins at you. Just follow the prompts and click and collect the coins in whatever manner it gives them to you. You may even be given some free spins in your in-game inbox so grab and use those straight away.

So, how do we steam through this offer?

#2 Cash Billionaire Best Slots

It is absolutely essential that you choose the best slots in Cash Billionaire when playing. We’ve experimented with many, many slots in game and have found a selection that works better than the others. When we say work better, we mean that you’re more likely to hit bonus games and those bonus games are more likely to pay BIG.

Bonus rounds are everything in this game.

So which slots should you go for? Here are the best slots to use in Cash Billionaire:

  • Dynamite Wild.
  • Rich Hits Blue.
  • Rich Hits Red.
  • Mystic Moon.
Cash Billionaire Epic wins best slots
Epic wins are much more likely on the best slots.

The reason that these slots perform the best is that they have the best (most frequent, higher paying) bonus rounds. The only time you should stray from these slots is when you’re trying to complete the Epic Album (more on this later).

#3: Always Autospin

All of the slots have the concept of autospin. So rather than clicking every time you want to spin a slot, you just hold it down for a few seconds and it will keep spinning until you click to stop it.

To complete this offer you simply must use autospin. You will have games spinning for hours each day and there is no way you can do this manually. Keep your phone next to you as you will need to react to bonus games (in most cases). But autospin takes the majority of the manual pains away from you.

#4: Spin Amount

As we mentioned, you need to be very wary of not busting out and losing all of your coins. It is very difficult to come back from that. To ensure that you don’t run out of coins you need to really manage your spin amounts.

The best strategy is to go for a solid “zero win spins until bust” approach. By this, we mean how many spins can you make without a win before you hit 0 coins. 

So let’s say you have 20 million coins and that you never win a single spin. If you spin for 50,000 coins each time, your “zero wins until bust” is 400. We’ve found that between 300 and 400 is the sweet spot.

Cash Billionaire spin amount strategy
The Cash Billionaire spin amount strategy in action.

So, to figure out how much you should spin just do the following:

Total coins you have/400 = what your spin amount should be.

Another few actual examples:

  • You have 100 million coins, divide by 400 = 250K coins for each spin.
  • You have 2 million coins, divide by 400 = 5K coins for each spin.

You don’t need to be exact of course, but this strategy will keep you leveling up quickly while simultaneously stopping you from busting out.

#5: Clubs

Clubs are like guilds or teams in Cash Billionaire where you join with around 50 other people to compete against other groups. They are great for boosting your coin balance because when your teammates win big it drops a notification in the club. If you like it (Not Facebook likes, just in-game likes) you get free coins.

Cash Billionaire free coins club achievements
Benefit with free coins from your team mates wins in clubs.

Also, as you spin you are contributing to club tournaments, and if your club does well you will win some coins.

So the key takeaway here is to join a club as soon as you are able to. Make sure the club is active, is mostly full, and has a high league rating/ranking. If your club is abandoned and you stop seeing notifications from others’ wins, drop out and join a new club.

#6: Friends & Gifts

Cash Billionaire has an odd concept of in-game friends. Now just to make it clear, this isn’t real friends from Facebook etc. This is just random people in-game. If you see someone’s icon when you’re playing a slot you can add them as a friend. Or probably the most effective way is adding people in bulk from your club.

But why bother with it?

Every day you and your friends can gift each other free coins. So if you have 100 friends, you can rack up a huge amount of free coins from them. So again, the suggestion as with clubs is to max out your friends list asap to maximize your free coins in Cash Billionaire.

Cash Billionaire in game friends coins
In-game friends are a great source of free coins.

#7: Daily Free Coins

On the main slot selection screen at the bottom centre, you can see that you have your daily (or actually multiple times daily) free coins. Make sure you click this each day.

Additionally, you will have the daily spin, which is a prize wheel that gives you free coins.

We’ve already mentioned the daily free coins that your friends will send you but it is worth reiterating here.

#8: Challenges

Challenges are a great way to bag millions of extra coins each day on Cash Billionaire. You have Daily, Expert, Master, Club, and sometimes Event tabs.

The challenges are typically quite simple such as spinning X times on a certain slot, spinning a certain amount of coins, having a certain amount of super big wins, etc.

Each challenge will reward you with several thousand coins and then for completing a section of them you will earn millions.

Cash Billionaire Challenges free coins
Lots of free coins are available from challenges.

Don’t sleep on challenges and use them to keep your coins above zero!

#9: Epic Album

The Epic Album is probably the most overlooked part of Cash Billionaire. Each page has a section of slots, and for each of these slots if you get an “Epic Win” on them you earn a star in that part of the Epic Album.

Cash Billionaire epic album
The epic album is a great way to keep your coin balance up.

This can be tough as Epic Wins are random but it is worth trying to collect stars as when you hit certain milestones you can earn millions or even tens of millions of extra coins for your pot.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you hate the idea of linking Cash Billionaire to Facebook, right? And you hate the idea of sharing anything to do with the game for your friends to see? I’m exactly the same but there is a way to do this without anyone you know seeing anything.

Cash Billionaire mystery box
Get millions of free coins by sharing privately.

But before we get into that, why would you want to do this? Well, every time you get a big win you are offered to share it on Facebook. If you do, you get a free gift of between 100K coins and 10 million coins. Effectively you can farm these gifts and make sure that you never bust out which keep you spinning, and keeps you leveling up!

Cash Billionaire Facebook Mystery Reward
Privately share on Facebook to get huge amounts of free coins in Cash Billionaire.

After you link Facebook, it will not be able to post anything unless you manually do it, so no worries there. When you do get a big win, click to share it. You will see a confirmation window. Here, you can select to post to “Only me”. That means only you will be able to see the posts! Your friends will never see your Cash Billionaire shared posts.

Do not skip over this, because it can be your biggest source of extra coins.

Cash Billionaire What Are Gems For?

You’ll have probably noticed in Cash Billionaire that you periodically earn gems, but what are those gems for? The game does a terrible job of explaining this and it honestly took us days to figure it out.

Gems in Cash Billionaire are for buying bonus rounds. So rather than waiting until you hit a bonus round, you can trigger it manually by spending your gems. On compatible slots, there is a small yellow button next to “spin” that will say “buy a bonus”. Click this to activate it.

Cash Billionaire what are gems for
Cash Billionaire gems are for buying bonus rounds manually.

We suggest that you wait until you’ve run out of coins and use this as your last “Hail Mary” to bring you back from the brink.

Cash Billionaire Free Coins

The most common question for this offer is where to get Cash Billionaire free coins. You’ll find a lot of fake Cash Billionaire free coin sites online but the reality is there is only a single location (not in the game), where you can get free coins for Cash Billionaire.

Where to get Cash Billionaire Free Coins

Let me be very clear on this, the only place to get free coins for Cash Billionaire is the official Cash Billionaire Facebook page. They post a new free coin link every day. All you need to do is:

  1. Head over to the Facebook page using your mobile phone.
  2. Expand each post.
  3. Click the link.
  4. It will open the Cash Billionaire app and add free coins to your in-game inbox.

The links are only valid for 7 days though, so you will only be able to go back as far as 7 days worth of free coins.

Cash Billionaire Coupon Codes

In addition to the free coins, there is also a section in Cash Billionaire for coupon codes. You might be excited that you can get even more extra coins with Cash Billionaire coupon codes, but unfortunately, it seems to be an unused feature. We have simply been unable to find a single valid coupon code for Cash Billionaire, they don’t exist.

Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time looking. Instead, use that time to make some insanely easy extra cash elsewhere.

Cash Billionaire Cheats & Hacks

We add this section only as a warning for people looking for Cash Billionaire cheats and hacks. There are no cheats or hacks for Cash Billionaire that will help you to complete the Swagbucks offerwall offer.

In fact, even if cheats and hacks were available, they would likely be detected, your offer invalidated and perhaps even your GPT site account closed for cheating.

Play it safe, and play it fair. Don’t risk your earnings or the security of your phone.

Note: There are currently no Cash Billionaire cheats, hacks, or exploits. It is a bad idea to use cheats when completing offers as it can invalidate your offer and lead to you earning absolutely nothing.

Similar Offer Guides

If you want to check out more similar offers to Cash Billionaire, check out other slot offer guides we have available below. And remember, we have an ever-growing list of other offerwall offer guides just waiting for you to generate extra cash from.

Cash Billionaire: Reddit Discussion

It’s always good to get differing points of view, and Reddit is a great place to get a feel for how others are doing with the Cash Billionaire offer. Everyone’s experience seems to be the same as ours. Once you pass level 80 things start to really slow down and the house edge seems to increase.

The consensus is as we described in the beginning, that anything beyond level 120/121 is simply not achievable or at least not worth your time.


The Cash Billionaire offer on Swagbucks is a decent offer but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll earn the full $79/£79. The truth is, levels 41 and 81 are a piece of cake. Level 121 is harder but still possible. Following our guide you will quickly level up and reach level 121, bagging you a cool $10/£10.

Remember, that you’re not just trying to level up fast, but also trying to stop yourself from busting out. Our spin amount strategy will help you do just that.

In addition, the huge number of ways to get free coins that we’ve outlined above will keep you autospinning and make sure that cash out on this offer without even breaking a sweat.

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