MyJackpot Slots & Casino Level 100 Offerwall Guide

MyJackpot Slots and casino offerwall guide

MyJackpot – Slots & Casino Offerwall Offer Rating:

  • Some attention is needed for the MyJackpot Slots & Casino level 100 offer: Autospin is possible but bonuses require clicks so not a hands-off offer.
  • No in-app purchases are needed but buying tens of millions of coins can help.
  • Stick with our slot suggestions below to make sure you can complete the offer.
  • The offer on Swagbucks via ayeT-Studios will earn you £15/$20. More during ayeT’s double points campaigns.

The MyJackpot Slots and Casino Level 100 offer is a great one to go for. The main reason is that with it being slots, you can simply autospin your way to level 100. However, you will need to follow our guide below exactly to stop yourself from dropping to zero coins and “busting out” of the offer.

MyJackpot Slots Casino Guide Which Slots
MyJackpot Slots & Casino has a wide selection of slots.

One important point is that all of the games you see here are actually “game versions” of real online slots. This might seem like a strange thing to mention but it is incredibly important for our slot selections which we’ll get into below. Essentially because they are effectively real slots (even though you’re playing with pretend money), they are regulated which plays in our favour if we’re clever enough.

Is It Possible To Get to Level 100 in MyJackpot Slots & Casino

It is very easy to get your account in MyJackpot Slots & Casino to level 100. The offer we chose was 60 days and we did it in around 20. This includes some days where we didn’t play at all. So clearly getting to level 100 is possible.

It is however a slow process as each level will take more time. But we have some little tricks in our guide below that will help speed things up dramatically for you.

A solid initial set-up will see you speeding towards level 100 in the MyJackpot offerwall offer.

No spend is required, but actually, as part of our offer, we could earn 400 Swagbucks for spending £4. This allowed us to convert our Google Play credit earned from Google Opinions directly into cash (see below).

Note: You can get free Google Play Credit with Google Opinions that can be used to speed up this offer. Check out our Google Opinions guide for how to earn free play credit for iAP by answering single-question surveys with Google. We suggest if you have the credit, go for any early offer that gives you ~50 million coins. This will set you up to blast through this offer.

Is My, MyJackpot Slots & Casino Offer Worth It?

We were able to grab this offer during double points earning us around £25. Typically you can expect to earn around £15/$20. If your MyJackpot offer is anywhere around these figures, we encourage you to jump into it!

What does a good offer look like for MyJackpot?

The level 100 MyJackpot offer will take around 20 days if you follow our guide so bear this in mind when deciding if it is worth it for you.

As mentioned, we grabbed an offer on Swagbucks, via ayeT with 2x bonus.

The offer we completed was:

Total reward: 1296SBx2 = 2592SB (~£25)
Time limit: 60 days
Levels to reach: 100
Optional: Make a purchase: 231SBx2 = 462SB (~£4)

So, if the offer you see is anything like the above, even without the x2, go for it. The optional earning is great to speed things up without really costing you anything.

MyJackpot Slots & Casino Offerwall Guide: Level 100

Do I Need to Buy Anything With Real Cash?

Nope, this offer is perfectly possible with zero spend. However, if you choose to buy ~50 million coins it will speed things up for you significantly.

If you’re lucky enough in addition to the payout for level 100 you may get paid for making a purchase. We were paid 400SB for making a $4, effectively costing us nothing.

This guide will assume that you have not made a purchase.

Key Elements

Your focus needs to be on the following:

  1. Early on, pick slots that are part of Fortuna’s Treasure & Jackpot Journey.
  2. Always use autospin.
  3. Always use turbo mode (faster spins).
  4. Always claim any bonuses, coins, etc.
  5. Take part in any events.
  6. Once you hit level 25, follow our formula below to maximize your speed and prevent you from busting out of the offer.
  7. Grab the XP multipliers wherever possible.

What to Ignore

Ignore the Jackpot Symbols, the card collection game. Over our many, many, many spins on MyJackpot we never once completed a set or came close to completing a set. This is a worthless distraction.

Step #1: Starting Out & The Basics

The game will give you a nice chunk of coins early on so grab whatever it offers you. It will guide you through the first few levels.

At this stage make sure that you’re playing slots that are part of the following:

  • Fortuna’s Treasure.
  • Jackpot Journey.
MyJackpot Slots and Casino Fortuna Jackpot Journey
Early on, Fortuna and Jackpot Journey will keep you coin balance high.

The reason for this is that as you’re spinning the slots, these constant events give you more and more coins, keeping your balance up.

Autospin and Turbo Mode

Most slots have autospin, which spins without you having to touch the screen. Similarly, most have turbo mode which makes each spin faster. Both are crucial to speeding up completing your MyJackpot offer. Make sure they are always turned on.

Step #2: Getting to Level 20

Getting to level 20 in MyJackpot is easy. You should reach this on day 1. Just focus on the above 2 constant events and any additional events that are running.

One big rule that we’ll introduce here is crucial to completing the MyJackpot offer on Swagbucks (or whatever GPT site you use). DO NOT GET GREEDY. And don’t get overconfident. You have to manage your coin balance very carefully.

Managing Your Coin Balance: Take your total coin balance and divide it by 1000. This will be the max you should bet per spin. So for example, if you have 1,000,000 coins, each spin should be 1,000 coins at the most.

Managing your balance as above is the absolute core rule to getting to level 20, and then onto level 100 in MyJackpot. This rule must be followed for the entirety of the offer.

Step #3: Events & the Trophy Shop

Once you unlock events and trophies, you must get involved. Slots by their nature will return less and less of your money over time. So you need something to keep topping them up.

This is where events and trophies come into play.

These MyJackpot events change from week to week but all earn you trophies. Make sure you click the event on the bottom of your slots so it becomes active in the left side panel.

As you earn trophies you can trade them in for some fantastic prizes that will help you immensely

MyJackpot Offerwall Trophies
The trophy shop will keep your coins and XP multipliers high.

Above, you can get 50 million coins for 5,000 trophies for example. Focus first on coins, and secondly on XP multipliers.

Coins keep you active and prevent you from busting out. XP shortens the time it takes to level up. These are your two priorities.

Step #4: Keep Using the Spin Size Calculation

We repeat this again because it is absolutely essential.

When spinning, make sure that the max spin you make is 1,000 times smaller than your total number of coins. This means you can have 1,000 dead spins before crashing out, which is very unlikely.

Step #5: Getting From MyJackpot Level 20 - Level 100

Now the real challenge begins. Everything above, you need to keep doing.

Use the correct spin size to keep you above zero. Use events, free coin spins, etc. to keep increasing your balance. Use your auto spins and turbo spins.

But, next up we have the MyJackpot Slots & Casino Level 100 hack that will ensure that you complete this offer quickly and without too much effort.

Step #6 MyJackpot Level 100 Hack

Because MyJackpot uses real slots (that people play online for real money), the slots themselves are regulated. This means that they have to publish something called RTP or “Return to Player”.

All slots are designed to gradually reduce how much they pay back to the player, statistically at least. So for example, a slot with an RTP of 80% means that for every 1,000,000 coins you spin, statistically you’ll only get 800,000 back and so on until you bust.

80% is common enough for slots, but there is one slot that gives you a whopping 96.94% RTP. That is, for every 1,000,000 coins spin, you will statistically get back 969,400 back. This may not seem like a big difference but when you’re spinning billions of coins over tens of thousands of spins, this is what will keep you above zero coins.

The slot in question is Bloodsuckers 2.

Step #7 The Best Slot for MyJackPot: Bloodsuckers 2

From the MyJackpot main page click the magnifying glass on the right and search for Bloodsuckers 2.

MyJackpot Offerwall Level 100 Hack
Bloodsuckers II is the slot that will get you to level 100 in MyJackpot.

So remember, we’re still going by the rule of betting 1,000 times smaller than our total coin balance. This rule combined with the high RTP, continually topping up coins with events will keep you spinning forever without worrying about busting out.

Bloodsuckers 2 also gives out very generous bonus rewards. We got up to 200,000,000 coins, so we were doing 200,000 spins and this was one of our bonus wins at more than 100x of our spin amount:

MyJackpot Level 100 Bloodsuckers hack
The big wins make the grind to level 100 in MyJackpot more manageable.

Step #8: Continue the Grind

Stick with Bloodsuckers 2 until the end. It will unfortunately not be a quick process but it is guaranteed cash.

You should expect to have the game on autospin for several hours a day for around 10 days. You’ll likely miss days so altogether you can assume about 15-20 days from when you begin. Keep an eye open for bonuses so you can click continue but otherwise, just let it roll on autospin.

Keep claiming your bonuses, and play events when you’re active.

Step #9 Exchange Coins for XP Multipliers at Level 90+

When you’re at level 90+ it may make sense to cash in some coins for XP multipliers. You should have around 200,000,000 coins by this point and using our techniques above you should never drop below 100,000,000.

We want to get this done fast and you’re on the final stretch, so sacrifice some of your coins. Click the booster icon on the top bar and you’ll see:

MyJackpot Slots and Casino level 100 offer xp multiplier
x5 multipliers are a nice balance of cost vs reward.

Grab the x5 multiplier, or go as high as x10. Anything more than that and you’re giving away a dangerous amount of coins. Be sensible here to make sure you finish your MyJackpot Slots & Casino Level 100 offer.

Critical Step: Don’t be greedy, don’t get overconfident, and just trust the method above!

When Does the MyJackpot Level 100 Offer Credit/Pend?

For us, MyJackpot Slots & Casino pended only once we reached level 100, so no early pending here. But on the positive side, it paid out instantly into our Swagbucks account.

Remember, as with all offerwall offers don’t delete MyJackpot once you’ve reached level 100. Don’t even delete it when you have the funds in your GPT account. Wait until it is in your PayPal account, bank account, etc. as there is always the possibility that proof can be asked for before withdrawal.


The MyJackpot Slots & Casino offer takes some time but thanks to autospin you’re really hands off for most of the time. The payout is good, especially if you wait for ayeT’s x2 SB bonus.

Slot offers on offerwalls are really, really easy to complete as long as they are good offers/games like MyJackpot. Don’t miss out and get going with this to earn a nice chunk of cash today.

We suggest that you have the game autospinning on your desk beside you while you work or while you’re doing something else to make money online – double dip your earning time!

Remember to check out our other complete offerwall guides for more ways to earn as you play.

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