What is PlayTime Rewards: Paid Per Minute to Play Games?

What is Playtime rewards and how to earn playing games

PlayTime Rewards has been gaining popularity over the past few years as a new way to earn money by playing games. The focus is on mobile games but differs in the way offerwalls work so you won’t need to complete tasks to get paid.

You get paid by the minute. That’s right, you simply download the game and keep playing and you will be rewarded in cash based on how many minutes you’ve played the game for.

In this post, we’ll look at exactly how this works and how you can use PlayTime Rewards to earn some extra cash on the side.

How to Use PlayTime Rewards

PlayTime Rewards is similar to Offerwalls because it is not a stand-alone way to earn money. Instead, Get-Paid-To sites feature PlayTime Rewards as one of many ways to earn money.

So, your first task is to find a GPT site that offers PlayTime Rewards. We suggest Swagbucks and the Make Money app as the best two options currently.

Once you’re signed up, just navigate to the PlayTime Rewards section. Before you jump into the games, let’s look at the basic setup below.

How to Start Earning Money With PlayTime Rewards

Step 1: Allow Usage Tracking

When you first access PlayTime Rewards from your chosen GPT site, you will see the following:

Enable PlayTime Rewards Usage Access
In order to know how long you’ve played a game for, PlayTime rewards needs usage access on your phone.

Click to accept/permit usage access and it will take you to your phone’s settings. Enable the option for the GPT app – in this case “Make Money”. If you don’t enable this, PlayTime rewards cannot track how long you’ve played the game for, so cannot pay you anything. Make sure you enable it before you begin.

Step 2: Pick a Game & Play!

Initially, you’ll probably only be given the option of one game. Don’t worry, once you start playing you’ll unlock the ability to play many, many more games.

PlayTime Rewards Play Games Earn
You can see upfront how much you will earn for playing x minutes of the game in PlayTime.

Just keep playing and PlayTime Rewards will keep track of how many minutes you’ve played the game for. The coins will be instantly transferred to your GPT app that you launched PlayTime Rewards from.

It’s literally that simple.

Step 3: Mix Up Your Playtime Rewards

Don’t just stick to one game! Once you’ve played your first game, if you head back to PlayTime Rewards in your GPT app, you will have more options for games to download.

Keep going and unlocking games and earn per minute while you play.

Is PlayTime Rewards Worth It?

Full disclosure, you will not earn as much with PlayTime Rewards as you would with completing tasks in a game as part of an offerwall offer. BUT, with PlayTime Rewards the benefit is that you can play much more casually. So there is no stress, no need to achieve anything, just remain active in the game and that is literally all you need to do.

It works best when you have some downtime and want to mindlessly relax and play some games. Instead of wasting your time, PlayTime Rewards pays you for your time as you play games.

It’s a unique way to earn by gaming and one that we wholeheartedly recommend.

If you’re looking for similar ways to earn like PlayTime Rewards then make sure you also check out Mistplay and JustPlay.

Is PlayTime Rewards Legit?

PlayTime Rewards is absolutely legit and we’ve used it with great success in many different GPT apps. Typically we find that you are credited instantly for your time played. We have never experienced a non-payout.

To really set your mind at rest, Swagbucks is the de-facto standard for GPT sites and is highly respected. They utilize PlayTime Rewards, which gives additional trust-by-association.

Give it a try yourself with Make Money – you don’t even need to create a log-in, so you can quickly test that it pays out without needing to go through a sign-up process.


You won’t get rich with PlayTime rewards but it is a fantastic additional income stream. It’s casual, it’s fun and it pays out instantly.

Not many earning opportunities allow you to earn by doing something you already do (playing games), so make the most of this opportunity while it lasts.

Getting paid to play by the minute makes PlayTime Rewards a truly unique way to earn money online.

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