How to Make Money Online with Mistplay: A Complete Guide


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Mistplay InfoBox

Mistplay is an app for Android that allows you to earn money by installing games from the Google Play store and simply playing them.

You earn based on the amount of time you spend in each game. Your earnings differ depending on the game, whether it’s boosted etc. The concept is simple but there are many ways to make more money with Mistplay and we have them all listed below.

Earning Methods: Play Games
Payout Options:
Gift Cards, Prepaid Card

Available on: App (Android)
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia



  • Variable.
  • Reasonably passive.


  • Potentially £5 a week.
  • Cashout to prepaid card or gift card.
  • Technically £0.50 min withdrawal, but wait until £5!


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is Mistplay?

Mistplay is an Android app that pays you real cash to play games. All you need to do with Mistplay is choose a game and it will pass you to the Google Play Store. Once installed, play the game and you will earn money in Mistaplay based on how long you spend in-game.

Mistplay Games
Mistplay will show you games to install. They’ll pay out real cash just for playing them.

Although the concept is simple, there are a wide variety of ways to boost how much you can earn and crucial things to do to ensure that you don’t waste your precious earning time.

You do not need to complete certain tasks in these games like with offerwalls, payment from Mistplay is purely based on playtime. This also means that we can be a little sneaky and almost earn passively – just by clicking in the game every few minutes.

And just to clarify, because a lot of people have a hard time believing it – yes Mistplay pays out in actual real cash, either in the form of digital Mastercard/Visa prepaid cards or gift cards for vendors such as Amazon. You cash in the units you earn for real cash.

How to Sign Up

Get 50 free units when signing up to Mistplay, install the app and that’s about it, you’re ready to start earning by just playing games on your mobile.

Now that you’re all signed up, let’s look at what you can do to pull maximum profit out of Mistplay and how to use your time with it more wisely/profitably.

How to Earn More Money Online With Mistplay

Assuming you’ve signed up with our link above and grabbed your FREE 50 units, now we can really dig into boosting how much you can earn with Mistplay by playing the games they offer.

1. Make Sure Your Game Installs & Playtimes Are Tracked

When you first access MistPlay, it will ask you to allow them to track playtime and app usage. This might sound a little invasive but really all it allows them to know is that you’re playing the game and how long you’ve played the game for so that they can pay you accordingly. It also allows them to pop up your point/level tracker over the game once you level up or earn units.
Make sure that you follow this process for installing a new game:
Step 1: Open Mistplay and click the game.
Step 2: This will open the game details page. Click the green “Install Game” button at the bottom
Click to install the game.

Step 3: This will open the Google Play Store, so just install a game like you normally would.

Step 4: You’ll then be passed back to Mistplay. Wait for the app to be downloaded and installed. You’ll see a progress bar. Don’t click away from the app during this time.

Just wait until the game is installed and the bar reaches 100%.

Step 5: It’ll ask you to add the app to the home screen, click Add.

Add the game to the home screen.
Step 6: The game should launch and you will know that it’s worked as the Mistplay overlay will show with a welcome message and your current level:
The Mistplay overlay will appear in any game you open from Mistplay.
Always Open the Game From Within Mistplay
Every time you want to earn from the game, you must launch the game from within Mistplay. This is very important as it ensures the amount of time played can be tracked. This is what enables you to get paid!

2. Always Play The Highest Paying Games First

Before we get into knowing which are the highest paying games in Mistplay, let’s briefly explain how you earn. As mentioned, it is based on the time you play but there is a little more to it than that.

You have two ways to earn which are both based on time:

Game Level/Checkpoint: As you play a specific game, over time you will get GXP. These points increase your MistPlay Game Level for just that game. Every level you gain, you earn units which are what will be used to cash out into real money. You will have a different, independent game level for every game you play.

Player Level: Every time you go up a game level you also gain PXP, which increases your player level. When you go up a player level, you also gain units.

It’s a little confusing at first, but you’ll soon understand after a bit of time spent in Mistplay.

So, which games are the highest paying?

Now that’s hopefully a little clearer, from the Games tab in Mistplay, scroll until you see a section called “Fast Rewarding”. I’m not sure why they don’t call it highest rewarding, because that’s what it actually is – higher earnings in units per level gained. Regardless, these are what you want to start with.

How to Make Money Online with MistPlay: A Complete Guide
The more green units shown, the more you earn per level.

So, as above you can see that when 4 units are shown under the game, this will give you the highest earnings per level. Clearly, this is the best option.

To show what this looks like in terms of earnings, you can see a “4 unit” game like Dragon City gives 80 units per game level (checkpoint) while a “2 unit” game like Idle Foodie empire only gives you half of that despite playing for the same time and passing the same time-bound checkpoints.

A big difference between higher and lower unit games.

After you’ve exhausted all of the higher paying games, simply move on to the 3.5 unit games and so on. And make sure to check back regularly because games are sometimes given temporary boosts, or new fast (high!) earning games are added semi-regularly.

3. You Don’t Really Need to Play the Games

Because your earnings are based on time spent in-game, you don’t really need to play it. It doesn’t matter if you actually achieve anything in the game or not.

That being said, you do have to be reasonably active by which we mean every few minutes you’ll need to click something in the game. This means that you can set your phone down beside you while working or watching TV at night and just click around a bit every few minutes. Not quite passive, but close.

But, don’t let your phone lock

If your screen turns off or your phone auto-locks, then your playtime and earnings will pause. We recommend that while playing a game, you make sure that your phone time-out settings for screen off and lock are set as high as possible.

4. Slot Games Are Completely Passive

We said you need to stay reasonably active, but slot games are the exception. Slot games can be found in search -> slot games in Mistplay.

All you need to do is find a slot in the game and set your spin amount to the absolute lowest value. Then, press and hold on the spin button and select “200 spins” or “Spin until bonus”. This makes the game autoplay itself and Misplay considers this active play.

Because you’ve set the spin amount low, and because slot games love to throw bonus coins at you, you should never run out of coins.

We advise you to save the slot games for a time where you’d be unable to click around every few minutes to keep another game active.

5. Earn Extra Units With Badges (Manually Claim Them!)

Extra units with badges. Some are worth it, some are not.

In addition to earning based on your playtime, each game has a few badges that will reward you with extra units. Bizarrely, some of these are time-based so you just earn them naturally but they do need to be manually claimed, but it’s just a single click.

Some of these badges are worth it (most you will get naturally anyway) and some are not:

  • Recommended Recruit: Play the game for 20 minutes, so this will come naturally. The reward is 5 units.
  • Recommended Social Gamer: Reach checkpoint level 5 for the game, again this will come naturally. The reward is 10 units.
  • Maybe… Pro Gamer: Reach checkpoint level 15. This is actually not advised in most cases (more on this in the next section). The reward is 150 units.
  • Recommended Night Owl: Play for 1 hour after 11 PM. You’ll need to consciously play after 11 PM but will likely come naturally after some time. The Reward is 10 units.
  • Any VIP Badge: Absolutely do NOT do this. The purchases you make in-game to achieve this will far outweigh the value of the units you receive.

6. Don’t Go Past Game Level 8

Each level in a game takes longer to achieve and once you get past level 8, it actually makes more sense to choose a new lower-paying game and run through the earlier levels (1-5).

Again though, there are exceptions to this rule and you can go beyond level 8 if:

  • You’ve already reached level 8 on all or most other games.
  • You want a completely hands-off experience with slot games.
  • You’re actually enjoying playing the game!

7. Don’t Play Any One Game More Than Two Hours a Day

This one is straightforward! After you’ve played a specific game for 2 hours in the same day, any time played after that point during that daywill not earn you units.

So once you hit the 2 hours mark for a specific game, switch games and pick back up on that first game the next day.

8. Open Mistplay Every Day

Just for opening Mistplay, you get 2 daily free units. Even if you don’t plan on playing games that day, just open the app to grab the free units.

Granted, it’s not a huge amount of units but it will help you to reach your payout limit more quickly. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like getting something for (almost) nothing?

9. Don’t Waste Your Units

Mistplay likes to tempt you into wasting your units but stay strong and ignore the prompts.

Do not “save” your daily streak

Mistplay keeps track of your daily streak and gives you 2 units when you open the app. But, even if this is your first day logging in or your 1000th, your “streak” reward will still be 2 units. So it’s not really a streak reward like they claim, just a daily reward.

If you miss a day Mistplay will show a pop-up asking if you want to spend units to “save” your streak and keep it going. Don’t do it, there is absolutely no benefit to you for doing so.

Don’t buy avatars

In the Mistplay shop, where you cash out your units for actual cash, there is a section for buying avatars with units. You would be forgiven for thinking that these avatars give some sort of unit boost or other benefits, but you’d be wrong. Avatars do nothing, so do not waste your hard-earned (sort of!) units on them.

Don’t waste units on avatars!

10. Use Mistcodes for Free Units

Mistcodes are vouchers that will grant you something for free. This is usually in the form of units, but sometimes it can be an avatar. They’re typically only valid for a few days so make sure to claim them while you still can.

Current Mistcodes

  • GMATURTLE (Free avatar)
  • MOOMOO (Free avatar)

Expired Mistcodes

  • REWARDS21 (15 free units)

We’re constantly adding new Mistcodes as they become available so be sure to check back or bookmark the page.

Adding a Mistcode is easy, just navigate to “Profile”, click the 3 dots in the top right corner, then mistcode in the menu. You should see the following pop-up, just enter your code for your reward.

mistcode popup
The Mistcode popup

11. Don’t Be Tempted to Cashout the Cheapest Amazon Gift Card

We always say that you should cash out of any earning app as soon as possible and in most cases that rings true. However, Mistplay offers a £0.50 (or country equivalent) cash-out option for 400 units, but it also offers a £5 cash-out for 2,100 units.

If every time you reached 400 units, you cashed out the £0.50, and let’s say you do this 10 times, it will cost you 4,000 units to get £5.

But if you just wait until you actually reach £5, you only need 2,100 units to get it. This is a massive difference and you double your earnings simply by waiting it out a little.

Don’t choose the £0.50 Amazon cash-out option!

Minimum Payout & How to Get Paid by Mistplay

As above, technically the minimum payout is £0.50 via Amazon gift card but by selecting that option you’re losing half of your Mistplay earnings.

So, in reality, the sensible minimum amount is £5/$5.

There is no option to cash out to PayPal unfortunately so our recommendation is to choose a prepaid card or if you’re an Amazon over-buyer like us, select an Amazon gift card.

Just go into the shop in the Mistplay app and choose your payout method.

Unfortunately, it takes around a week to get your payment so keep an eye on the inbox of the email you signed up to Mistplay with as it will be delivered digitally there.

How Does Mistplay Make Money?

One thing I get asked over and over is “how does Mistplay make money”? And the reason is that the way the app works feels almost too good to be true. In summary, of course, you earn money on Mistplay by playing games and in turn Mistplay makes money from the game developers, publishers and marketers. 

Mistplay makes money, or a referral fee every time a game is installed by a user (you!) via Mistplay. Reportedly, 65,000+ game installs take place every day on Mistplay. 

Next, Mistplay also earns money when users (you again!) complete the tasks within the game. In other words they’re being paid for your activity.

Finally, Mistplay is paid by advertisers to promote a game in their app. So, if you see a game pushed to the top of the list, it’s likely that Misplay is making money from that promotion.

It’s important to understand how Misplay makes money because it gives you the peace of mind that it is a legitimate way to earn cash. The game publishers/developers/marketers pay Mistplay, who in turn pay you a percentage of those earnings.

Is it Worth it?

We were very surprised by Mistplay, mainly due to the barrage of spammy “make money playing games” adverts that haunt free to play games. But Mistplay is the real deal. In 2-3 weeks we’ve managed to earn enough semi-passively to cash out to a £10 Amazon gift card twice.

A really nice haul for practically no effort. Making money with Mistplay is incredibly easy and you may even find your new favourite mobile game in the process.

Mistplay: £20 payout for 2-3 weeks of gaming semi-passively.

Sign Up To Mistplay Today (50 FREE Units)

Everybody's dream - earn money just for playing games. And in the case of Mistplay, you earn money for not even playing games due to the semi-passive nature of how it works.

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