InboxPounds Review & Earning Guide: Worth Your Time?

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InboxPounds Review

InboxPounds is a GPT site that is the UK sister site of InboxDollars and part of the same family of sites as Swagbucks. You can earn extra cash with mobile gaming offers, offerwalls, surveys, and even just for receiving emails.

It has a rather simplistic interface and that’s not a bad thing. But how does it hold up against other ways to earn online? Is it legit and is it worth your time?

Find out all in the full review and earning guide for InboxPounds below.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Offerwalls, Surveys, Play Mobile Games, Receive Emails, Paid to Search.
  • Earnings: Up to $100s for mobile gaming offers, $1-$2 per hour for surveys.
  • Min. Withdrawal: £15.
  • Payout Options: PayPal, Gift Cards.
  • Trust: Legit and safe, no concerns.
  • Country Availability: UK

What is InboxPounds?

KashKick Review Header

InboxPounds is a UK-only GPT (get-paid-to) site that allows you to earn with mobile gaming offers, offerwalls, and surveys. It also has a rather unique way of earning, which is by reading emails that they send you, hence the name of the site.

While the site does feel a bit dated, the offers are good. In fact, in most cases, they are an identical duplicate of the featured offers on Swagbucks. That’s because both sites are owned by the parent company Protege.

They’ve been in operation since 2012 and were acquired by Protege, owner of Swagbucks in 2019.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the full review for InboxPounds, including our detailed earning guide to maximize how much you earn.

After evaluating InboxPounds, we’re satisfied that it is a legitimate and safe way to earn money online. Jump down to see the full legitimacy and safety checks. Or read on for the full review and earning guide.

How to Make Money With InboxPounds

How Does it Work?

If you’re familiar with GPT sites, then InboxPounds will not hold any surprises. Effectively, you complete offers, play mobile games, take surveys, and more. From completing those tasks, you earn cash. Many GPT sites disguise your earnings behind a points system, but InboxPounds shows it in plain GBP (£) which is a nice touch.

Simply keep earning, and once you hit the withdrawal minimum, you cash out to either PayPal or as gift cards. And that’s all there is to it. However, there are ways to maximize your earnings and reduce how long it takes you to complete offers, that we’ll guide you through below.

Ways to Earn

Now let’s dig in; how do you make money with InboxPounds? Well, they offer the standard earning options that you’d expect from any GPT site, but with a couple of extra uncommon ways to earn thrown in the mix. At a high level, you can earn cash with InboxPounds in the following ways:

  • Mobile gaming offers (offerwall).
  • Sign-ups & Free Trials.
  • Surveys.
  • Spin & win.
  • Get paid to search.
  • Get paid to read emails.
  • Referral program.

But before we go into more detail for each, you need to get started and join InboxPounds.

Getting Started

The first step is of course to sign-up to InboxPounds and you’ll be given a £5 free bonus to get you started! You’ll be able to sign up directly using your email or with one click using your Google or Apple account:

InboxPounds How to Register

If you sign up with your email of course you’ll need to make sure that you click the confirmation email they send to you.

And then you’re a member of InboxPounds and have bagged yourself a nice free £5 bonus. So, let’s look at how to earn and maximize those earnings in detail

The major way to earn cash with InboxPounds is of course their offerwall, mainly the mobile gaming offers. If you’ve ever used a GPT site before this will be incredibly familiar to you.

The interesting thing is, that while InboxPounds does have a featured mobile gaming offerwall, it does not actually list any third-party offerwalls which most other sites do.

Still, there is a lot of variety here, with some decently high-paying offers:

InboxPounds Review Offerwall Offers Mobile
InboxPounds offers are identical to the offers on Swagbucks.

If you compare it against Swagbucks, you will see that the games available and the reward amounts are identical. Remember how we said Protege owns both Swagbucks and InboxPounds? Well, that’s the reason for this identical setup.

As you’d expect, each offer comes with various tasks you must complete in the game. And it lists the reward amount in cash that you’ll earn. If you access from a desktop PC or laptop etc., you’ll be given the option to send a link to your phone number that will then pass you through to either the Google Play store or iOS app store to download the game and enable tracking of your progress:

InboxPounds Review Desktop Mobile Offers
InboxPounds mobile offers must be sent to your phone if accessed from the desktop version of the site.

But there is a better way that we’ll take a look at next:

Top Tip: Make sure you use offerwall game guides to speed up your progress and earn rewards more quickly.

Start Mobile Game Tasks From Your Mobile Device

Sending a link to your phone from the desktop site is a clunky way of doing things. Fortunately, if you access InboxPounds directly from the phone you’ll be completing the offer/playing the game on, it instead gives a direct tracking link to the relevant app store:

InboxPounds Review Guide Mobile Offers
Starting offers on mobile is easier and results in better tracking.

In our experience, this also makes in-game progress tracking more reliable. We recommend that you start offers from your mobile device rather than the desktop website.

Unfortunately, InboxPounds doesn’t have an active mobile app so you’ll need to access it via your phone’s web browser.

Expected Earnings: £150 - £200 a Month

For mobile gaming offers, approximately 80% of the goals will be realistically achievable from any given gaming offer. This typically results in your earning about 50% of the total value of the offer. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

To put that into perspective, let’s look at the Dice Dreams offer above. From a total of 5 tasks, in our full Dice Dreams guide we discovered that levels 10, 25, and 30 are possible, with 40 and 50 not being possible in most cases. This would reward you with only £9 out of the £64.

Other offers though you will find all tasks are achievable. And some, you’ll find that only the final task is not achievable. Overall, on average you can assume you will earn around 50% of the stated amount.

Earning Tips

To make sure you pull the most value out of InboxPounds mobile offers in as little time as possible, make sure that you follow these simple tips, rules, and strategies:
  1. Choose the highest-paying offers, but make sure the tasks are achievable first.
  2. Check out our Offerwall Guides for specific games to speed up your progression.
  3. Try to have 2, and no more than 3 gaming offers running at the same time. We have found that this is the perfect amount that remains manageable while doubling or trebling your earnings in a month.
  4. Start the offers on InboxPounds on your mobile device rather than sending a link to your mobile from your desktop. This ensures that it is more likely to track and credit correctly.
  5. Cross-check against the higher paying GPT sites such as Reward XP, Freecash, and Sometimes you can even earn double the amount for the same game/tasks.

2. Sign-Up Offers etc.

InboxPounds also has sign-up offers, where you register for free trials (that you must remember to cancel!) or sign up for certain websites and services and get paid for doing so.

Honestly, it doesn’t do a great job of separating these out as mobile gaming offers overwhelm some of their categories such as “100% free offers” which you would expect to cover only the free trials, etc.

But if you choose the categories “Making Money” and “Saving Money” you can see the relatively small offerings they provide:

InboxPounds Review Sign Up Trial Offers
A handful of easy win free trial offers.

So while the selection isn’t huge, at any time you should find between 5 and 10 offers that are quick and easy to complete and grab a reward for.

Expected Earnings

Because there isn’t much of a selection here, you can expect to earn around £10-£15. Of course, as offers come and go, you can top this up with the extra rewards that they offer.

3. Paid Surveys

Next up we have paid surveys. Again, a very common way to earn online. You start a survey, if you pass the screening, and answer the survey to completing you will be rewarded with the stated amount:

InboxPounds Review Paid Surveys

The survey length and the reward vary somewhat. You’ll typically be looking at a maximum of £2.00 per survey, with most being in the range of £0.15 to £0.50. Similarly, the length of the surveys can be anywhere from a minute up to 30 minutes.

It’s decent to earn a few extra pounds if you have the spare time but in comparison to other paid survey offerings online, it doesn’t stack up too well.

Firstly, there is no way to order the list for highest-earning, or lowest time. You can’t see the “earnings per minute” so you’ll have to do a bit of a calculation. And you can only see around 10 surveys at any time, which doesn’t give you a whole lot of choice.

On the plus side, there is compensation for not being selected for a survey – a free spin on the rewards wheel. We’ll cover this in the next section “4. Spin & Win”. This helps to ensure that you’re not just giving your time away for nothing in return.

Expected Earnings

After running through several surveys we found that the disqualification rate was rather high. As were issues where surveys broke mid-way through. This is all anecdotal of course and you may find better results based on your own demographic and experiences.

Our experience was that we were able to earn approximately £2 in an hour. This takes into account time spent going through screening questions and being disqualified and surveys breaking mid-way through.

So not the biggest earner, but you can see below that if you take this over a monthly basis, there is still a bit of cash to be made here:

Hours Per Day Earnings Per Month
1 hour per day:
£60 per month.
2 hours per day:
£120 per month.
5 hours per day:
£300 per month.

Even with a low hourly rate, your monthly earnings can still rack up. Of course, it doesn’t compare to a job, but the reality is that you’ll be doing these surveys while sitting on your sofa when you have some free time.

We think that somewhere between 1 hour and 2 hours per day taking surveys is possible but this will depend on the free time you have and your commitment to answering surveys!

Earning Tips

Whenever you do paid surveys online, there are set “golden rules” that you absolutely must stick to in order to earn the maximum amount of cash:

  1. Be honest and be consistent. It may be tempting to lie about your demographic to get more surveys but this will only lead to bans. The survey routers will learn your demographic over time and you’ll get more correctly target surveys. Don’t lie!
  2. Determine the per-minute rate for surveys. For example, a 1 minute survey that pays £0.20 (£0.20 per minute), is better than a 5 minute survey that pays £0.60 (£0.12 per minute). Always go for higher earnings per minute.

4. Spin & Win

As noted above, when taking surveys if you are disqualified because you don’t meet the criteria you will get compensated with a free spin on the “Spin & Win” wheel:

InboxPounds Review Spin and Win
The InboxPounds spin and win wheel.

InboxPounds states that the prizes you can win are:

  • Survey tokens that increase how much you earn for your next survey completion by £0.06 or £0.03.
  • Cash bonus of £5.00, £1.00, or £0.01 that is added directly to your account.

What they don’t mention is that your prize can also be… £0.00. Which is a rather funny entry to have in your earnings activity log.

There are also some restrictions here:

  • You can only spin the wheel 10 times per day.
  • You can hold a maximum of 5 survey tokens at one time.

This is a decent perk that can make survey disqualifications an easier pill to swallow. However, we do question the frequency of people actually earning the £5.00 and £1.00 cash bonuses…

Much like sister site Swagbucks, you get paid to search on InboxPounds. Just click on the search tab and perform 4 searches to be rewarded a random amount of cash. For every 4 searches, you’ll get around £0.01 or £0.02 credited to your account.

InboxPounds Review Paid to Search

They state that you should search naturally, but we found that just by racing through random searches we were credited.

You can earn a maximum of £0.07 per day from search, which should only take a few minutes. We estimate after around 20 searches in total.

6. Paid to Read Emails (PaidEmail)

InboxPounds also pays you to read emails, hence the name of the site. They call this “PaidEmail”. The way this works is that you can receive a few emails per day. Once you receive an email you need to click to “confirm” that you’ve read it:

InboxPounds Review PaidEmail

For every email you confirm, you earn £0.01. Your expected earnings from this are around £0.03 per day which isn’t much but let’s face it you’re just clicking a button 3 times a day. And to put that in perspective you can earn around £1 a month from this very simple task.

7. Referral Program

InboxPounds’s referral program is decent enough. You will earn 10% of whatever the people you refer earn for life. Note that this will not affect their earnings as the 10% that you earn comes directly from InboxPounds themselves.

InboxPounds Review Referrals

Once you have enough referred friends, this can turn InboxPounds into a somewhat passive earning opportunity. Just so long as those referrals continue to earn money of course.

Is InboxPounds Legit & Safe, or is it Scam?

As always, it pays to verify the legitimacy of an earning opportunity before you jump in. We can confirm that InboxPounds is a completely legit, real, and safe way to earn some extra money online for those who live in the UK.

We have successfully earned, been credited, and paid out by InboxPounds and have found no concerning issues in relation to its legitimacy or safety.

As we covered in the intro, InboxPounds is owned by Protege, the same company that owns Swagbucks. So, that’s additional confirmation that InboxPounds is a legit operation.

From a security standpoint, the site uses HTTPS (SSL) to ensure that your interactions with the site are secure and encrypted. Additionally, the ID verification system they use (Persona) is a reputable company in the KYC (Know Your Customer) field.

InboxPounds 3rd Party Reviews & Ratings


From a more consolidated view, we can see that overall InboxPounds gets a Great rating of 3.8 on Trustpilot. This is based on over 1,800 reviews so have good coverage and of course, is a very positive signal about the site itself. They have also verified themselves with Trustpilot – again a positive sign.

InboxPounds Review Trustpilot

The individual reviews are on the whole, positive. There is nothing especially concerning or worrying in terms of legitimacy or safety. One thing as of writing is that there appears to be an issue with the 2-factor verification during withdrawals with users not receiving the PIN via text. This is most likely a technical issue rather than anything nefarious, however.

Additional Sources

These additional sources of reviews, ratings, and legitimacy checks for InboxPounds all combine to form a generally positive view of their legitimacy and safety overall:

How to Get Paid by InboxPounds?

What you earn on InboxPounds is measured in pounds (£) of course seeing as it is a UK-only GPT site. When you earn on InboxPounds, depending on the earning method, it will be added to your on-site account instantly or may be pending for a few days/weeks while it is being verified.

Once the funds are in your account balance, and assuming you’ve hit the minimum withdrawal amount (which we’ll look at below), then you can request a withdrawal/payout.

Occasionally you will be requested to verify your identity before cashing out. This is becoming increasingly more common on GPT sites to prevent fraud and to comply with local laws and legislation. It’s handled through a legitimate third party, Persona which is an identity verification company. You’ll need a picture of your ID or passport and to take a quick selfie of yourself.

Minimum Withdrawal & Payout Options

InboxPounds offers several payout options. These are PayPal, gift cards, and prepaid cards. Check out the selection available below:

InboxPounds Review Payout Methods Min Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal ranges from a low of £15 for PayPal and Amazon, up to a high of £25 for some gift cards. In comparison to other sites, these payout minimums are relatively high. The £25 for gift cards is especially poor. We suggest simply going for the PayPal option as it is straight cash.

Payout Option Minimum Withdrawal
Prepaid Mastercard
Amazon gift card
Caffe Nero gift card
John Lewis gift card
Marks & Spencer gift card
Tesco gift card

Payout Speed

The payout speed from InboxPounds is stated to be around 3-5 days. Our experience is that it generally takes the full week. This isn’t especially great but it’s not overly bad either.

If you find that a week has passed, then there are reports that a quick support ticket can get the payment cleared quickly which is good to hear.

InboxPounds Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • High paying mobile offers.
  • Unique ways to earn.
  • Simple interface.


  • Poor survey earnings.
  • Payout minimums a bit high.

InboxPounds is a UK-only GPT site that is effectively a simplified take on Swagbucks. The basics are there with mobile gaming offers, paid surveys, paid search, etc., but most of the extras are absent. That in itself isn’t exactly a bad thing as it allows you to focus on the higher earning options.

Additionally, InboxPounds has an intriguing earning method with their “PaidEmails”. Just clicking a confirmation in your emails will net you extra cash each day.

It’s not all positive either, as their survey offering leaves a lot to be desired. We experienced a high rate of disqualifications and broken surveys. There any many better options for paid surveys out there.

Withdrawal minimums are OK, neither very good nor very bad. We’d like to see it dropped to £10 but £15 for PayPal withdrawal is on the whole acceptable. Payout timelines are comparable to other sites, but again there are plenty of sites with faster payout schedules.

Overall InboxPounds is a solid, yet average GPT site. It offers what you’d expect but doesn’t really do anything better than its competitors. If you’re based in the UK it’s a decent way to earn but it doesn’t offer enough for it to be your main way to earn online.

InboxPounds FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full InboxPounds review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

There does not seem to be an InboxPounds contact email. But you can contact them via the website by clicking on “Contact us” at the bottom, which takes you to the FAQ page, then again click “Contact us” at the bottom. Alternatively, if you’re contacting them about a certain offer, you can click to contact support directly from that offer in the activity section of your account page.

Technically, yes there is an InboxPounds app for Android and iOS but we don’t recommend it. The Android version is not available for modern devices. Both the iOS and Android apps haven’t been updated since 2021 and appear to be abandoned.

No, InboxPounds is for users in the UK only. However, if you’re from the USA you can use its sister site InboxDollars.

Final Thoughts: Is it Worth it?

Generally speaking, InboxPounds is worth it if you want to earn cash from a quick and easy no-frills GPT site. For mobile gaming offers it is worth it. In our opinion, even though it’s only a small amount of cash, the paid search and emails are worth your time. It’s very low effort and effectively free cash.

But generally, there are better GPT sites out there like Reward XP, Swagbucks, Freecash, and others. Just make sure to shop around before starting any offers to maximize what you can earn.

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