Kashkick Review & Earning Guide: Our Experience

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Kashkick Review

Kashkick is a US only, get-paid-to site that pays you for completing surveys, taking them up on offers or completing mobile game tasks via offerwalls.

In addition, they have a very favourable referral system that you can take advantage of.

But when compared to other similar ways to earn online, is KashKick really a money maker? And is it a legitimate site? Read on to find out all.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Offerwalls, Surveys, Play Mobile Games.
  • Earnings: Up to $100s for mobile gaming offers, $1-$2 per hour for surveys.
  • Min. Withdrawal: $10.
  • Payout Options: PayPal.
  • Trust: Legit and safe, but with some minor concerns.
  • Country Availability: USA (18+)

What is KashKick?

KashKick Review Header

KashKick is a get-paid-to rewards website and app that you can use to earn additional cash by completing paid surveys, offerwall offers, and mobile gaming tasks. You can earn via the website directly, or by downloading their app for Android or iOS. Payout is via PayPal.

It’s not as well-known as the big players in this space like Swagbucks, but it does still have a lot to offer, with many opportunities to earn.

It’s available only in the USA, so if you’re from elsewhere, we suggest you look for other global alternatives.

In this post, we’ll run through our analysis, review, and full earning guide for KashKick. We’ll look into whether it is legit and safe, how to make money with it, and how to really maximize those earnings.

Overall it was a good experience but there are some minor concerns that you should be aware of that we’ll run through below.

After evaluating KashKick, we’re satisfied that it is a legitimate and safe way to earn money online. Jump down to see the full legitimacy and safety checks. Or read on for the full review and earning guide.

How to Make Money With KashKick

Now to the meat of the guide & review; how can you actually make money with KashKick? We’ll run through how to use KashKick, how to make cash, tips & tricks, and a full analysis of how much we were able to earn, which you can use to determine how much you’ll be able to make with each featured earning method.

The methods of earning available on KashKick that we’ll take a look at are:

  1. Mobile gaming offers (Built-in offerwall).
  2. Third party offerwalls.
  3. Sign-up, trial & purchase offers.
  4. Surveys.
  5. Referrals.
But first, let’s look at the basics.

How Does KashKick Work?

KashKick operates almost identically to any other get-paid-to site. You will complete mobile gaming tasks, complete free trial or purchase offers, and answer surveys. In return, they reward you with cash.

KashKick is available both via their website and via their app on Android or iOS. We recommend using the app as it ensures that mobile gaming offers are tracked more accurately.

Unlike most other reward sites, KashKick doesn’t have a concept of points. It just shows your balance in cash, specifically in USD ($).

KashKick Review Guide Earn Cash

We like transparency and simplicity as you can see at a glance how much you can make for a task without having to do a calculation to convert points to cash.

Once you hit the withdrawal minimum, simply click to withdraw to PayPal and you’ll have your cash in no time. It couldn’t be much easier.

Getting Started

Of course, before you start earning with KashKick, you’ll need to sign up. As with most get-paid-to/reward sites, the sign-up process for KashKick is quick and easy. Simply register with your basic details or do as we did and auto-sign up with a social account such as PayPal, Facebook, or Google.

KashKick Review How To Sign Up
You can sign up to Kashkick with your email or social accounts.

Note, however, that you will only be able to join if you live in the USA and are at least 18 years old. If you’re not eligible, then we suggest that you check out these alternatives.

Directly after registration, we completed the initial profile survey. For completing this we earned $1.00 straight off the mark for very little effort. This effectively works as a sign-up bonus. We suggest you make this your first activity too. Nice easy cash.

Next up, let’s take a look at the ways to earn with KashKick one by one.

Use the Mobile App

While you can start offers on desktop – even the mobile game offers, we suggest that you use the Android or iOS apps instead. You use the same login/account for both. We found that when using the apps, especially for mobile games the tracking of our task completion was much more accurate.

KashKick Review Mobile App
The mobile app makes tracking of mobile games more accurate.

The app has a very clean, easy-to-use interface, helping you get straight to the best offers even when you’re on the go. While we did spend some of our time on the desktop version of the site, we found ourselves using the app more. It was simply a more comfortable experience.

1. Mobile Gaming Offers (Built-in Offerwall)

At the center of all good get-paid-to sites are the mobile gaming offerwalls. KashKick is no different and has a large selection of offers on their built-in offerwall under the “Games” section.

You will see that there are many recognizable games available with the reward amount ranging from around $5 to $150. As we frequently point out in reviews, gaming offers are among the most profitable ways to earn online.

KashKick Review Built in Offerwall
The KashKick offerwall features a host of different gaming offers.

To earn the stated amount you will need to click through from KashKick and download the game from either the iOS app store or Google Play Store. Then, simply start playing and complete the tasks listed back on KashKick. Any completed tasks will be credited to your account on KashKick. Tasks will typically be “Get to level X”, “Upgrade something to level X”, etc. so pretty easy stuff.

KashKicks Review Guide Example Gaming Offer
An example gaming offer on KashKick for the Coin Master mobile game.

Some offers have a single task but most are multiple reward offers (which we love!) where you will earn each time you hit a milestone. We opted for multiple rewards wherever possible as it meant we were still able to earn something even if we weren’t able to complete the final task.

Make sure you use offerwall game guides to speed up your progress and earn rewards more quickly.

Top Tip: Make sure you use offerwall game guides to speed up your progress and earn rewards more quickly.

Expected Earnings: $150 a Month

For mobile gaming offers, approximately 50% of tasks will be realistically achievable from any given gaming offer. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

So generally, for a $100 game offer, on average you can expect to earn around $50. If we assume you can manage 3 gaming offers in a month, with this percentage completion ratio, and choose the moderate to higher earning ones, you can earn around $150 in a month.

Definitely the most profitable earning option on KashKick.

Earning Tips

To make sure you pull the most value out of KashKick’s mobile offers in as little time as possible, make sure that you follow these simple tips, rules, and strategies:

  1. Of course, choose the highest paying offers, but make sure the tasks are achievable first.
  2. Check out our Offerwall Guides for specific games to speed up your progression.
  3. Try to have 2, and no more than 3 gaming offers running at the same time. We have found that this is the perfect amount that remains manageable while doubling or trebling your earnings in a month.
  4. Start the offers on KashKick on your mobile rather than sending a link to your mobile from your desktop. This ensures that it is more likely to track and credit correctly.

2. Third Party Offerwalls

In addition to the built-in offerwall, KashKick also features partner offerwalls. These function in the same way as the built-in one but have different gaming offers with different reward amounts. They also contain additional ways of earning such as surveys, sign-up offers, etc. You will find these in the “Extra$” section of the site.

The partner offerwalls available are:

3rd Party Offerwall Offer Types
Play games, free trials, purchase offers.
Lucid Surveys
Play games, free trials, purchase offers, surveys.
Play games, free trials, purchase offers, surveys.

We found TapJoy to be the most profitable, especially the mobile slot game offers. These are fantastic as you can passively leave them on auto-spin to gain levels during the day and reach the milestone levels.

Expected Earnings

The ways you can earn from the partner offerwalls are more or less the same as the built-in offerwall but ever-so-slightly less profitable. We estimate that you can earn around $100 a month from the third-party offerwalls.

3. Sign-Up Offers etc.

Next up we have the “Offers” section of KashKick. This area is home to sign-up offers, free trial offers, and purchase offers. We’re not particularly fond of this method of earning as you will need to make a purchase, share your personal details, or sign-up for a trial with a credit card. But the option is available to you if this method of earning is acceptable to you.

KashKick Review Offers Free Trials
An example of the offers available on KashKick.

If you go for free trials you must remember to cancel before the trial ends, otherwise you’ll end up losing money. This is the main reason we’re not a fan of such offers.

Expected Earnings

The expected earnings for free trials and sign-up offers are difficult to quantify. Technically you can sign up to absolutely everything all at once but we actually advise against that.

How much you can earn is entirely dependent on how much you’re willing to sign up to. If you’re anything like us, then juggling too many offers at once may mean you forget to cancel and end up being charged more than you earn from the offer, so beware. 

We estimate that you can earn anywhere from $5 to $75 in any given month safely.

4. Paid Surveys

Now onto the surveys section. KashKick offers a decently large amount of paid surveys. What we like is that before you start the survey, you will see how much you will earn, and just as importantly how long the survey will take to complete:

Kashkick Review Paid Surveys
KashKick surveys range in length and reward amount.

Our experience with surveys on KashKick was much like it is on any other site. You can expect that you will go through a decent amount of disqualifications and sometimes surveys will error out on you. But this is par for the course and not particularly uncommon on any GPT/rewards site.

We found that our hourly earning rate increased a little over time, as did the percentage of surveys that we were able to complete. Survey routers tend to adapt to your demographic as they learn more about you, so persevere if you start with lots of disqualifications (DQs).

Expected Earnings

After completing many, many surveys on KashKick our actual earnings were typically between $1 and $2 per hour. This is in line with most other paid survey sites. How much you earn per month will depend entirely on how much time you put in. Using our averages above:

Hours Per Day Earnings Per Month
1 hour per day:
$30 - $60 per month.
2 hours per day:
$60 - $120 per month.
5 hours per day:
$150 - $300 per month.

So while the hourly rate is low in comparison to a job for example, if you are disciplined, you can pull in up to $300 per month by completing surveys on KashKick. But that would at the expense of a good chunk of your day. Realistically though if you look at 2 hours a day, that’s still a nice extra $120 in your pocket each month.

Earning Tips

Whenever you do paid surveys online, there are set “golden rules” that you absolutely must stick to in order to earn the maximum amount of cash:

  1. Be honest and be consistent. It may be tempting to lie about your demographic to get more surveys but this will only lead to bans. The survey routers will learn your demographic over time and you’ll get more correctly target surveys. Don’t lie!
  2. Determine the per-minute rate for surveys. For example, a 1 minute survey that pays $0.20, is better than a 5 minute survey that pays $0.60. Always go for higher earnings per minute.

5. Referral Program

Now, KashKick’s most lucrative way to earn; their referral program. If you’ve used get-paid-to sites before you’ll have seen referral programs. Essentially, if someone signs up via your link, you will get a percentage of their earnings usually for life. The person signing up doesn’t lose anything as this is paid out by the site itself.

KashKick offers a truly enormous 25% referral bonus for life on anything your referrals earn. Consider a situation where 500 people sign up with your link and let’s say they earn only $4 each:

500 people * $4 * 25% referral bonus = You earn a $500 a referral bonus.

Of course it’s entirely dependant on how many people sign-up via your link and how active they become on KashKick. Our advice is to offer them guidance on how to earn. Don’t just spam the link as that will result in a lot of zero-earn referrals and you’re just wasting your time.

Is KashKick Legit & Safe, or is it Scam?

For any online money-making opportunity, it is crucial to determine the legitimacy of the site/app, so let’s look at KashKick in more detail.

During our time using and analyzing KashKick it has become clear to us that yes, it is a legit and safe site and app to use to earn some extra cash online. KashKick is not a scam. We were successfully credited for the majority of offers we completed and our earnings were paid out without issue, although it did take a few days.

However, that being said we do have some minor concerns. These are not things that affect its legitimacy but do reflect somewhat badly on Kashkick and its reputation:

  • Accounts that are inactive for 90 days lose all earnings that have not been withdrawn.
  • The sentiment online is that bans are not uncommon. There are even reports of being banned for completing offers too quickly.

On a more positive note to confirm KashKick’s legitimacy and safety:

  • There are plenty of KashKick payment proof confirmations online.
  • KashKick uses HTTPS (SSL), meaning your activities on the site are secure and encrypted.
  • They respond to online reviews and complaints at a staggeringly high rate (more on this below).

KashKick 3rd Party Reviews & Ratings


It’s also important to get a wider view of any online earning opportunity to help to validate whether it is legit. As you can see below, KashKick has a Great rating of 3.8 on Trustpilot. This isn’t as high as some competitors but shows that it is still viewed positively.

KashKick Trustpilot Review Great

Looking at the individual reviews you can see that users are happy with the support they receive if there are issues and the amount of money they have been able to make.

Additionally, as of writing, KashKick has replied to 98% of negative reviews on Trustpilot, often solving or at least addressing complaints. A very positive signal.

Additional Sources

These additional sources of reviews, ratings, and legitimacy checks for KashKick all combine to form a generally positive view on their legitimacy and safety overall:

  • Google Play Store: (KashKick App) 4.3 stars and 100,000+ downloads.
  • Apple iOS App Store: (KashKick App) 3.2 stars.
  • Better Business Bureau: 3.8 stars, 38 complaints resolved in the past 12 months.
  • Reddit: The various beermoney subreddits show a mixed view of KashKick, which is usual for get-paid-to sites.
  • Identity: The business owner’s name and physical business address are available online. This transparency is a good sign.
  • Domain age: The Kashkick.com domain name was registered by the current owner in 2016. The Internet Archive’s oldest archived version of the site is from 2018. These are good signals with respect to age and stability.

How to Get Paid by KashKick?

As we’ve already detailed above, your earnings on KashKick are displayed directly in USD ($), so there is no complicated conversion/calculation to understand how much you’ve earned. As you’d expect for mobile gaming offers, they will stay pending for a few days until they’re cleared into your balance.

When your balance meets or exceeds the minimum payout of $10, then you’re free to withdraw.

On your first withdrawal, you will be asked to verify yourself with an official ID such as a passport or driver’s license. This is becoming more common and is used to prevent fraud and ensure that get-paid-to sites are complying with countries’ laws and regulations.

We can confirm that KashKick does pay out as we were successfully able to do so and get the funds directly into our PayPal account.

Minimum Withdrawal & Payout Options

KashKick Review Minimum Payout

The minimum withdrawal amount on KashKick is $10. This is a decent minimum, with some sites offering lowes and some higher. Of course this means that once you hit $10 in your KashKick account, you’re free to withdraw as actual cash.

There is only a single withdrawal option which is PayPal. From PayPal, you can then spend the cash directly or transfer it into your bank account.

Payout Speed

The payout speed from KashKick seems to be very variable. We’ve heard of people being paid the same day and others waiting 2 weeks. However, our experience was that it typically takes 2-7 days for KashKick payments to reach your PayPal account. Not the fastest payout, but not too bad either.

KashKick Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Decent minimum payout.
  • High-paying gaming offers.
  • Fantastic referral bonus of 25%.


  • 60 days of inactivity means loss of earnings.
  • Bans seem common.

KashKick is a decent get-paid-to/rewards site that offers many ways to earn. From mobile gaming to free trial offers and surveys, there should be something for everyone. There’s nothing innovative here but it does tick all of the boxes for earning extra cash online. We’ve used and researched it thoroughly and as mentioned can confirm that it is a legit money-making site and app.

The desktop version of the site is perfectly usable, but we do suggest using their dedicated apps on mobile to help with tracking mobile game offers.

Where they really stand out is their very lucrative referral program. They offer you 25% of whatever your referral earns for life. This is among the very best referral programs that we’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, not everything is so positive. For instance, if you don’t log into your account for 60 days, your account becomes inactive and you lose all cash that you haven’t withdrawn. This is a terrible policy and will understandably put a lot of people off. So, make sure you withdraw anything you earn ASAP.

Additionally, there are many reports online of bans. Now, bans are not uncommon for get-paid-to sites where people have used VPNs or otherwise tried to game the system. But, the amount of mentions online of these bans for KashKick is much higher than you’d normally expect to see.

Overall, KashKick is a decent, legit way to earn online but it comes with warnings as above. If you use the site in an honest way and regularly log in then you’re unlikely to run into any issues.

Join KashKick directly below, or check out our other more highly rated get-paid-to sites:

KashKick FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full KashKick review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

Yes there is an app for KashKick on both Android and iOS. We recommend using the app instead of the desktop site for a better mobile experience.

Our experience was that it took KashKick 2-7 days to payout. However, there have been reports that in some cases it can take only a day, and up to 2 weeks. The payout schedule seems rather variable.

Yes, KashKick is a 100% real, legit, and safe way to earn some extra cash online. There are a few minor pitfalls however which we cover in the full review above.

Unfortunately, no KashKick is not available in the UK or anywhere in Europe. In fact, KashKick is only available in the USA.

If you get the KashKick “Sorry, you’ve been blocked” message it simply means that you are accessing it from outside of the USA. KashKick is quite heavy-handed in preventing non-US residents from accessing or joining with this rather abrupt message.

Final Thoughts: Is it Worth it?

After spending quite some time using KashKick, we do believe that it is worth it. You can earn a decent chunk of cash here if you choose the right offers. Just make sure that you stick to the rules and don’t use a VPN or otherwise break the rules outlined on the site.

Focus on the mobile game offers, with a splash of surveys to keep things interesting and you’ll be able to pull out a nice amount of extra cash each month.

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