Amazon Vine Review & Earning Guide: Become a Vine Reviewer

Amazon Vine Review Guide

Amazon Vine Review

If you’ve ever wondered whether it is possible to get free products from Amazon, this one is for you. With Amazon’s official Vine program you can become a Vine Reviewer or Vine Voice and get access to hundreds of free products from sellers on Amazon.

The deal is that you receive free products and write honest reviews about them on Amazon.

It is that easy though? And if so why isn’t everyone doing on? Find out all in our complete Vine review and earning guide below.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Product reviews.
  • Time: Minutes per week to test the products, take pictures, and write reviews.
  • Earnings: Potentially very big depending on the free products you get.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, no issues found..
  • Payout Options: Free products.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia Amazon Vine Review & Earning Guide: Become a Vine Voice Japan

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine Review Header

Amazon Vine is an official and exclusive program offered by Amazon that gives you completely free items in exchange for reviews. To get the free products you must become a Vine Voice (reviewer). You might be asking yourself why everyone isn’t taking advantage of the Vine platform. The reason is that it is invite only. But don’t worry we’ll run through what you can do to maximize your chances of getting an Amazon Vine invite.

The great news is that Amazon Vine is available in most locations that have an Amazon Marketplace.

Is Amazon Vine Legit & Real or is it a Scam?

You can rest assured that Amazon Vine is 100% legit and real as it is fully operated by Amazon itself. It may feel unbelievable but they really do allow sellers to offer free products to Vine Voices (reviewers), which in turn they review on Amazon.

It’s a mutually beneficial system and there are no risks involved from your side as you’ll simply be receiving free products to review.

How Does Amazon Vine Work?

We’ve touched on this a bit already, but the first step with Amazon Vine is that you must be invited to join directly by Amazon itself. This may feel hopeless but there are things you can do to ensure that you get that sought after invite sooner rather than later. We’ll get onto this in a moment.

Once you’re onboard, you find the products that you want to try for free from your dashboard:

Amazon Vine Dashboard Example
You should have a large amount of products to choose from.

Then you simply “buy” it at no cost, and they’re delivered to your home just like a regular Amazon purchase would be. And of course, the shipping itself is also free.

Once you’ve received it, you review the product you received on Amazon and that’s it, you get to keep that product forever to use or to sell for some extra cash.

Finally, it is worth noting that depending on your country and your tax status, you may need to pay taxes on the value of the products that you get for free at the end of the tax year.

How to Get an Amazon Vine Invite

The big questions: how do you get an Amazon Vine invite and what do you need to do to become a Vine reviewer? You can’t simply join Vine, it requires an invite to become a reviewer. Any existing Amazon customer can theoretically be asked to join just by purchasing and reviewing as normal. And Amazon does provide some criteria that will increase your chances of getting an invite:

  • Your reviews should be honest and accurate.
  • Your reviews should have a high amount of “Helpful” votes. This really is a critically important point.

That gives us a little more to go on but there must be more to it, right? And absolutely there is. The best way to understand the type of people that they’re looking for to become Vine Voices, and to receive that Amazon Vine invite is to look at people that already are Vine Voices and what their reviews are like:

Amazon Vine Example Review to get Invited
An example review from an existing Amazon Voice/Amazon Vine member.

Taking a look at the review above we can discern some characteristics that Amazon are looking for, from those they invite into the program:

  • Honest (a 3.5 review so no need to be dishonestly positive).
  • Clear pictures as part of the review (Videos are also a great option if possible).
  • Longform, but clearly formatted.
  • Mentions that they’re an enthusiast within the area of that particular product.

Overall, think of what you’d like to see in a review. A review with real-life pictures, good descriptions, written by someone who knows what they’re talking about, and context that will help you decide to buy or not are what most people are looking for. And guess what? That leads to more clicks of the “helpful” button.

Finally, there is some debate on how many reviews you need to be accepted into Amazon Vine. Some people online have been invited after only 5 reviews, others after 1,000. There does not appear to be a set amount or even an average figure. My view is that regardless of whether the volume of reviews matters, you should be writing as many as you can because it gives more chances for your reviews to become popular and gather a large amount of Helpful votes.

Who Can Join Amazon Vine?

In most cases as long as you live in a country that has a major Amazon presence online you can join Amazon Vine. But remember, that’s only if you’re invited to join first.

You can join Amazon Vine from the following countries:

  • United States.
  • Canada.
  • United Kingdom.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Italy.
  • Spain.
  • Japan.
  • India.
  • Australia.

Currently, you cannot join Amazon Vine from the following countries:

  • Mexico.
  • Brazil.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Turkey.
  • Saudia Arabia.
  • UAE.
  • Singapore.

But of course, there is always the possibility that it will roll out in those excluded countries in the future.

Is Amazon Vine Worth it?

Unlike other earning opportunities, you have to first earn your place in the program as a Vine Voice. But is Amazon Vine really worth the effort of churning out potentially hundreds of reviews for free? We believe it is because once you’ve joined every day you will have your pick of a host of free products. These can range from smaller cheap items right up to Laptops and Google Pixel phones.

I don’t believe that there is a more profitable free product/review opportunity out there.

And remember that you can always sell the products that you don’t want to free up some cash from those free products.

Vine is worth the time spent writing up free reviews as the rewards can quickly rack up.

Note: If you’re waiting for your invite why not earn Amazon Gift Cards to snag free Amazon products in an alternative way? Check out our huge list of ways to earn online and filter the payouts to “Gift Cards”.

How to Get Even More Free Products With Vine

Once you’re a Vine Voice member you will be able to choose your free products and have them delivered. You will start off with limitations on how many you can claim per day. To get up to 8 free items per day (that’s right every day) you need to level up to the Gold Status:

Amazon Vine Number Products Gold
Consistent and high-volume reviews lead to more free products.

So as long as you’re maxing out how many products you claim for free on Vine, and making sure to review them you’ll rank up in no time at all. Simply review at least 100 items and write reviews for at least 90% of them.

Amazon Vine Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Free Amazon products!
  • HIgh value items available.
  • Many products to choose from.


  • Must be invited to join.
  • In some countries product value is taxable.

Amazon Vine is a fantastic opportunity but it’s one you’ll need to work for. There is no quick and easy sign-up as you must be chosen to be a Vine Voice member by Amazon directly. This means that you will need to write consistently good reviews on as many Amazon purchases as possible.

We’ve outlined above how to increase your chances and what a good example review looks like to get accepted into Vine. Once you are a member, it’s a free-for-all. Select anything you want within your daily limits and get it delivered to your door for free.

Items can be small low-cost items, right up to expensive laptops, TVs, and phones. So you could save yourself hundreds of dollars or even make hundreds of dollars a month if you choose to sell them on.

If you manage to snag a spot on Amazon Vine then you’re in a very privileged position so make the most of it!

Amazon Vine FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full Amazon Vine review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

There is no set amount of reviews needed to become an Amazon Vine member. Some have been invited after only 5 reviews, while others have only been invited after 1,000. The key is high quality reviews with many “Helpful” votes.

Amazon Vine is absolutely free! You get free products and free shipping. But note that in some countries you will need to pay tax on the value of the free products at the end of the tax year.

Absolutely, yes Amazon Vine is still going and active. New members are continually being accepted into the Vine platform.

Existing Amazon reviewers that have high quality reviews with many “Helpful” ratings will get invited into the Amazon Vine platform.

In certain countries Amazon Vine products are taxable. Or more accurately the value of the products is taxable. If you live in a country with these taxation rules you will need to pay that tax at the end of the tax year.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a Vine Reviewer, otherwise known as a Vine Voice is the very best way to get free Amazon products online. Your invite must be earned with high-quality reviews. In our opinion, it is very much worth it. The huge range of free items you can snag is incredible. And if you’re lucky enough you may even be able to obtain some high-ticket items like laptops.

Get yourself onto Amazon, start producing quality reviews for your purchases, and wait for that invite to hit your mailbox. Good luck!

Remember that there are hundreds of ways to earn online in our huge list while you wait for that invite.

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