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Grass is a Chrome browser extension that pays you for sharing your unused internet bandwidth. 3rd party companies will utilize your IP address to access websites and within Grass you will be compensated for this.

However, bandwidth/IP sharing in general can be risky. So let’s take a look at Grass in more detail and learn whether it is a good opportunity to earn and more importantly, if it is a safe way to earn.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Sell data, sharing internet bandwidth.
  • Time: Passive, so no time implications.
  • Earnings: Unknown as conversion to cash is not available at this point.
  • Trust: Unknown/Risky: Sharing bandwidth comes with inherent risks.
  • Payout Options: None currently. Crypto planned in the future.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia Grass/ Review & Earning Guide: Is it Safe? Japan (Worldwide) (18+)

Caution: There are inherent risks to sharing your bandwidth/connection. Theoretically, those using your connection could be accessing illegal or sketchy content, or using your connection for illicit means. Additionally, users have reported transparency concerns around the GetGrass team, project and extension. As such, due to these uncertainties, understand that you use at your own risk, we do not recommend it currently and do not link to the site or extension for this reason.

What is / Grass?

Grass GetGrass Review Header is a site and Chrome extension that pays you to share your unused bandwidth with their 3rd party partners. This can range from researchers to companies – primarily for AI data research, according to the project. Instead of using their own connection, they use yours and your IP address to access online resources and webpages. It functions in a similar way to Honeygain.

As we’ve cautioned above, this kind of earning opportunity comes with risk. You have no control over what these companies are accessing on your connection. GetGrass does state that they carefully vet 3rd party partners and monitor what they access, but we and you have no way of verifying that or seeing how strict this process is.

Users have also highlighted the lack of transparency from the GetGrass team with no names, LinkedIn profiles, etc. available which you would typically see for a venture like this.

Currently, you earn Grass points that will eventually (in the future) be converted into a cryptocurrency but as of now have no monetary value. During these early beta stages, no conversion is possible. So you’ll be earning points in the hope that will hold a decent financial value in the future.

Is Legit & Safe or is it a Scam?

Generally speaking, at the moment we are not able to confirm or deny whether is a legit way to earn by sharing your bandwidth. As there is no way to convert to cash, it’s hard to say whether this will be a money-maker in the future. However, Grass points do credit successfully.

The project claims to have raised $3.5 million in seed investments. This helps to back their legitimacy somewhat although not verifiable.

GetGrass io review Investment

The GetGrass team has not made their names public, they have not released images or LinkedIn profiles, etc. This is a cause for concern and many have highlighted that this lack of transparency raises questions about the legitimacy of the site/extension.

Safety is another question. It is hard to judge the safety of any bandwidth-selling opportunity because you have zero visibility of who is using your connection and what they’re accessing. There is the potential that they could be using it for illicit means and that can have an impact on you as they are using your IP address. That being said, states that they meticulously vet the bandwidth buyers. But still, something to be aware of – make sure you understand the potential risks.

In summary, the legitimacy of GetGrass cannot be determined as of writing, so please understand that its usage comes with inherent risk as described above.

Note: There are more established ways to earn online in our recommended ways to earn online article.

How Does Work?

You’ll need to sign up to GetGrass to get started. The only way of doing so is by signing up with a referral code.

We have removed our own referral link from this article as we are not yet confident of the legitimacy of GetGrass. If you choose to still go ahead with this earning opportunity, you can find referral codes online.

From there, you need to install the Chrome extension. This extension will then share your unused bandwidth via GetGrass with their partners. This all happens in the background, meaning you will passively earn over time.

Sign Up For GetGrass

As mentioned, you cannot sign up for without a referral code. We’re not entirely sure why they’ve taken this approach but it’s easy enough to deal with. Look online for a referral code to join. We have removed our own referral links as we do not currently recommend this earning opportunity due to concerns raised online about the GetGrass project.

This will unlock the ability to register:

GetGrass io Register Referral Code

How to Make Money with

It is important to understand that as of now, the Grass points you earn cannot be converted to cash or crypto. states that this will be possible in the future, however.

As we’ve discussed, the first step after signing up is to download the Chrome browser extension, linked from Once the Grass extension is installed, you log in with your GetGrass account and connect it your internet connection:

GetGrass io Grass Review Extension

Once you’re connected, that’s it. Grass points will start accumulating over time as your bandwidth is shared. It is completely passive earning of points from this stage onwards.

Grass points currently have no monetary value and cannot be converted to a cryptocurrency. The idea is that you’re gaining points early to convert to crypto or cash in the future once conversion is hopefully possible in the future.

The Dashboard

In addition to the extension, you can see how many Grass Points you’ve earned, along with other statistics in the dashboard:

GetGrass io Review Dashboard

You can monitor your connection and how many Grass points you’ve earned. There’s no real action you can take now, but it’s a nice overview of the activity on your connection.

How Much Money Can You Make With

At the moment, you cannot earn any money with The points you earn have no associated monetary value and there is no way to convert or exchange them into cash or crypto.

Grass states that future plans are to implement conversion into their upcoming cryptocurrency.

But for now, you can gain points but unfortunately do nothing with them.

Grass/ Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Completely passive.


  • Legitimacy and safety are unknown.
  • Currently points have no monetary value.
  • Lack of transparency. is a Chrome extension that allows you to earn money by selling your unused bandwidth. It works in much the same way as Honeygain does. And as such it has the same risks of not knowing and not controlling how your internet connection/IP address is being used by others – either for illegal or sketchy means.

In addition, the Grass points that you earn currently hold absolutely no monetary value. The intention is that in future iterations of the project, these points will be able to be converted into a cryptocurrency.

There have also been concerns raised online about the lack of transparency around the team that runs Grass. At the time of writing, we are unable to confirm the legitimacy of Grass and whether it is a safe means of earning money online.

Final Thoughts

Right now, we cannot recommend GetGrass as a means to earn money online. There is simply not enough information or transparency about the project, team or extension. That is not to say that it is malicious or dangerous, simply that we are unable to verify either way.

Our suggestion is to let this one settle, wait it out, and see if the GetGrass team takes steps to address the concerns around the project and the extension. FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

In order to join you must 18 years of age or older, and have a referral code from an existing member.

At the moment we are not able to determine if is safe and legit. We recommend that you wait it out until more information is available. We will update when the situation becomes clearer.

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