How to Get Free PSN Credit & Games With PlayStation Stars

Free PSN Credit Games With PlayStation Rewards

PlayStation Stars Review

PlayStation Stars in Sony’s new reward program for players. By completing tasks and making purchases in the PS Store you can rack up star points that can then be converted into PSN credit or directly as PS4/PS5 games.

Sound interesting? Read on to find out how to maximize how much you earn and grab that free PSN credit.

What you need to know

  • Time: Minutes per month to launch specific PS4 & PS5 games.
  • Earnings: £1-$1 per month by completing tasks, much more if you buy games on the PS Store.
  • Trust: High trust, no issues found.
  • Payout Options: PSN Credit, PS4/PS5 Games
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How Does PlayStation Stars Work?

How it Works

PlayStation Stars is simply Sony’s loyalty program for PlayStation players, where points or stars are given for completing tasks or making purchases in the store. But, how does PlayStation Stars work in practice?

Well, each month you will be given certain campaigns or tasks, such as launching this month’s PlayStation Plus Essentials games, or figuring out which game to play based on a riddle. These tasks and purchases earn you PlayStation stars points.

When you’ve earned enough points, you redeem them for free PSN credit (£5/$5 minimum) or exchange them directly for a range of PS4/PS5 games.

In a roundabout way, you’re getting paid to play PlayStation games!

Despite the simplicity, there are ways to maximize how much you earn, and cut down the time you spend earning.

Remember, there is also a huge number of other ways to earn money by playing video games at home so make sure you check them all out!

Does PlayStation Stars Cost Money?

One of the main reasons that people haven’t activated the program on their account is that they’re concerned about how much PlayStation Stars costs, or believe that you pay for PlayStation Stars.

Let’s clear up the confusion now and state that PlayStation Stars does not cost any money – it is completely free. There is nothing to pay, no subscription costs, and is a 100% gratis (free) loyalty program.

You will however earn PS Stars points faster if you also purchase games from the store, but this is not a requirement. Just think of it as a little extra cashback that you earn while buying what you would have purchased already.

PlayStation Stars is FREE, with nothing to pay. It’s as simple as that.

How to Activate PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars How to Activate

Now that that’s cleared up, let’s move on to activating PlayStation Stars. Unfortunately, it’s not auto-activated but the good news is the process is simple:

Just head over to PlayStation Stars and click “Join Now”.

All you need is a PlayStation Network account, which must be an adult, not a child account. You do not need to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, but if you don’t it will limit how much you can earn. For most countries, you’ll be signed right up but wherever it is not accessible yet, or just rolling out you’ll be added to a waiting list.

Accessing PlayStation Stars

Now you’ve activated it, how do you access PlayStation Stars? Can you just access it via your PS4 or PS5? Nope! You can only access it via the PS App on mobile which you can grab from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

PS Rewards How to Access

Once in the app from the “Play” screen, look to the left of your notifications icon at the top, and click the PS Stars level icon. Now you’ll see the campaigns available to you. Check out those that have the yellow points icon underneath as these will be the ones that actually earn you points towards free PSN credit or games.

How to Earn PlayStation Stars Points

As above, check out the campaigns area first and go for those that have the yellow points icon. These are the campaigns/tasks that will earn you PlayStation Stars points that can be converted to PSN credit/games.

Note: Make sure you click into the campaign and check for a “Start” button. Some campaigns auto-start but some have to be manually activated. Don’t make this mistake and miss out on points!

#1 PS Stars Check-ins & Launching Games

The first way to earn PlayStation Stars points is to complete the monthly check-ins, or to put it more simply, by launching specific games on your PS4/PS5. Often this will be tied to the games that are part of the PlayStation Plus Essentials or Extra offerings. Because of this, in most cases, you will need a PS Plus subscription to earn points in this way. But remember, there are other ways to earn points even if you’re not subbed.

PlayStation Rewards Campaign check in
Some PS Rewards campaigns must be activated. This is what it will look like once started.

For example, you will be asked to launch one of the monthly games, and for your trouble, you will earn 50 PS Stars points. Normally, around 100 points per month are up for grabs in this way.

Sometimes they will give clues hinting at which game to play instead of giving you the name directly. This can be difficult to figure out, so we make sure to have a constant up to date list of PS Stars clue answers each month.

#2 Buying Any Game From the PlayStation Store

This works effectively as cashback on all purchases from the PlayStation Store. The way it works is that for every £1 or $1 you spend, you will earn 10 PlayStation Stars Points.

So for example, if you buy a game at £60, you will earn 600 points, which works out as around £2.50 worth of credit. This means you’re getting around 4% cashback in PS Stars points on every purchase which is pretty generous.

Speaking of cashback, check out our huge list of Cashback sites. If they offer cashback on PSN Store purchases, you may even be able to double dip on the cashback with no extra effort!

This comes with a warning though, don’t buy games just to earn the cashback. Cashback is only beneficial if you’re earning it for purchases you would have made regardless.

#3 Buying or Pre-ordering Specific Games

For example, there may be a task to purchase Dead Space, or to pre-order Destiny 2: Lightfall. You may get 50-100 points for this, but again, remember this is not worth doing unless you were already going to buy or pre-order the game! You’ll also get the 4% cashback (as points) on top of the ~100 points as we mention in point 2 above.

Note: Not all PlayStation Stars check-ins and tasks earn you redeemable points. Some earn you digital collectibles. There has been some confusion around the value of these collectibles which we’ll discuss next:

Are PlayStation Stars Collectibles NFTs?

As mentioned, you don’t always earn points, sometimes you will earn PlayStation Stars digital collectibles. With all of the buzz around NFTs, there was speculation that PlayStation Stars Collectibles were in fact NFTs. If you don’t already know, NFTs are proof of ownership of a unique item. Often this item is digital. Moreover, they hold value, so they can be theoretically sold for profit.

However, unfortunately, PlayStation Stars digital collectibles are not NFTs. They’re simply digital items that you can display on your digital PS Stars shelf. That’s it. Just a fun little collectible sideline.

So, if you’re just wanting to redeem for free PSN credit or free games, then you can ignore any tasks that offer collectibles as a reward.

…But we must admit, it is a little fun trying to collect as many as possible!

How Much Are PlayStation Stars Points Worth?

How much PlayStation Stars Points are worth will depend on your region/country but we can explain for at least the USA & UK:

In the UK, 1250 points are redeemable for £5 PSN credit, making each PlayStation Stars point worth about £0.004, or to make it a bit more understandable, 100 points are worth £0.40.

How Much PlayStation Rewards Points Worth
The points conversion to PSN credit is quite straightforward.

Similarly in the US, 1 point is worth $0.004, and 100 points are worth $0.40.

To figure this out for your own country, just check the rewards section and divide the wallet fund amount by the point amount. This will let you know how much one PlayStation Stars point is worth in your country/region.

It’s worth noting that you can also cash out to games directly such as Hades for 6,250 points. But beware, while this converts at the same rate, it is based on the full non-sale price of Hades. So, if Hades were to go on sale, the points to redeem would not go down.

PlayStation Rewards Redeem Games
We don’t recommend exchanging for games (go for PSN credit), but it is an option.

It is our opinion that it is always better to redeem as free PSN credit. That way, you can make your free credit go further by spending only on games that have gone on sale.

How to Redeem PlayStation Stars Points?

As we’ve alluded to above, you have two options when redeeming your PS Stars points:

PSN Credit:

  • $5/£5: 1,250 points
  • $20/£20: 5,000 points

Games (as of writing):

  • Sekiro (PS4): 15,000 points
  • Hades (PS5): 6,250 points
  • It Takes Two (PS5): 10,000 points
  • The Quarry: 17,500 points
  • Neon White (PS5): 6,250 points

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again. When these games go on sale, the amount of points needed to redeem does not decrease. This means that it is always best to cash out as free PSN credit. Then you can use it during a sale to effectively multiply what your credit is worth.

Process to Redeem

Just head over to your PS App on your mobile device, into the “Play” area, and then click the PS Stars icon at the top next to your notifications icon.

From here, click rewards in the center.

Then simply choose your reward. If you have enough points the PSN credit/game will be applied to your account. Our experience was that this process was instant. As soon as we clicked redeem, the funds were available in our PSN wallet.

PlayStation Rewards How to Redeem PointsApp
Redeeming your PS Stars points for PSN credit couldn’t be easier.

How to View Your PS Rewards Points History

Knowing how many points you’ve earned, especially checking that you’ve been credited points for purchases should be obvious. But it isn’t. Here’s how you find where the PlayStation points history is hidden away:

  1. Click on the PS Rewards icon in the PS App.
  2. In the top right corner, you will see your current points. This is actually clickable – click it. This will take you to your Rewards profile.
  3. Scroll down and click on “Point History”.
  4. And there you go, you now have your super-secret, hidden away (for… some reason?) points history. See below for what it looks like:
PlayStation Rewards Points History
And there you have it, your PS Rewards points history that Sony decided to hide away deep in the app!

Is it Worth it?

If you’re a gamer, then you will definitely benefit from PlayStation Stars. Even if you just approach it as a 4% cashback loyalty program, you’ll find yourself able to cash out free PSN credit several times a year.

You can then top that up by completing PS Stars campaigns or check-ins, which may bump you up to one extra redemption of free PSN credit per year.

You’re not going to make a load of money from this, but you will save yourself money for sure. If you already spend a lot of PS4/PS5 games, this is a must-do signup. Activate PS Stars today to make sure you don’t snooze on that 4% cashback!

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