Uphold Review & Earning Guide: Free Crypto Cashback?

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Uphold Review

While Uphold seems just like any other crypto wallet at first glance, it actually allows you to earn a 2% cashback on all purchases.

With their virtual debit card, you can earn free crypto on every normal daily purchase you make with the card.

But it is worth the hassle and does it really work to earn some extra cash? Read on to find out more.

What you need to know

  • Time: None, just use the Uphold debit card for purchases.
  • Earnings: 2% of any purchases you make, credited as XRP cryptocurrency. And there are tricks to double your cashback below.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, no issues found.
  • Payout Options: Cryptocurrency but can be converted into local currency and withdrawn to your bank account.
  • Country Availability: UK

What is Uphold?

Uphold review header

Uphold, for the most part, is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can easily transfer local currency into a variety of different cryptos. But, the area of interest for us is that it offers 2% cashback on any purchases made with the free virtual debit card that they provide.

It is currently only available in the UK as unfortunately the USA cashback was dsicontinued. Although they have stated that they are looking to relaunch so watch this space!

Once you’ve signed up, you will need to transfer cash from your bank account into the wallet. Then you can use the virtual debit card for online purchases, or even attach it to Google Pay/Apple Pay on your phone for contactless payments.

There are some things to note though, so make sure you read the full guide and review to make sure you’re not losing out on some extra cash.

Is Uphold Safe, Secure and Legit?

Yes Uphold is a safe, secure, and legit company that provides a crypto wallet and cashback service. Uphold has actually been around since 2015 which should initially reduce any fears of it being a flash in the pan.

In addition, Uphold is regulated by the FCA in the UK. It also has 2-factor authentication, providing more security to your account, and you can freeze your card in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Furthermore, Uphold explains that in the background, they implement rigorous software, hardware, and even physical access. You can read more about their security principles here.

All in all, we are happy that Uphold is a safe, secure, and legit way to earn a little extra cash via cashback on purchases.

How Does Uphold Work?

Essentially, to get your cashback, all you need to do is to sign up for a free account with Uphold and verify your identity. From there you will be given a virtual debit card that can be used like a regular card for online purchases, and purchases in shops when linked to Google Pay & Apple Pay.

You will of course need to transfer funds onto the card to use it but it is as simple as a free bank transfer.

While simple, there are ways to maximize and even double your cashback which we’ll look into later in the article.

Register for Uphold

Simply head on over to Uphold and register for a new account. To access the full range of features such as the virtual debit card (Which is required for cashback) you will need to confirm your identity with either your passport or driver’s license.

The process is straightforward and you will have your account set up and fully functional as soon as verifications are complete.


  • Large selection of games.
  • Get paid to play (based on time).
  • High earning opportunity.
  • Relatively hands-off.

Transfer Funds via Bank Transfer

Once you’re set-up you can do a free bank transfer to fund your brand new virtual debit card. Just make sure that you choose the bank transfer option and not the option to fund it via debit or credit card as there are fees associated with those options. Just to be clear though, those fees only apply when funding the card, not using it for payments.

In essence, make sure you fund the card using the free bank transfer option!

Use Your Virtual Debit Card for Online Purchases

As mentioned, the virtual debit card works like any other. You will have the usual long card number, expiry date, and CVV.

Uphold review virtual debit card
Your virtual debit card works just like a regular debit card.

When paying online, just enter the virtual debit card details as you normally would. When the payment comes out, and it has been verified you will be credited with 2% of whatever you spent as totally free XRP cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can then be converted into GBP or you can keep it as XRP if you wish.

Use Your Virtual Debit Card in Shops

You can even use it in any shop. Of course, because the debit card is virtual, you won’t have a physical card. But all you need to do is link it to Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone, and again it will work just like any other debit card for contactless payments.

Uphold Review Apple Pay Google Pay
Uphold is fully compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay for contactless payments.

Ordering a Physical Uphold Card

If you’re adamant that you want a physical card, you can actually get an Uphold physical debit card but at a one-time cost of £9.95. Personally, we feel that this is a waste of money but the option is there if you want it.

Receive 2% Free XRP for Purchases

So that’s it. On the 15th of the next month after your purchase, you will be credited with 2% of your combined purchases as completely free XRP cryptocurrency. Then just make the choice of converting it back to GBP (£) or leaving it as crypto.

But what if I told you that you could earn extra cashback on top of that 2%? Read on to find out how.

How to Double Your Uphold Cashback/Earnings

Double Dip With Other Cashback Providers

The beauty of Uphold is that cashback is tied directly to your debit card and not to a service or a site as such. What this means is that if you utilize other cashback opportunities you can double dip your cashback with Uphold and a range of other options:

  • Attach your uphold card to Airtime Rewards. You will now earn cashback from Uphold and Airtime Rewards.
  • Use Quidco, Swagbucks, or any other cashback site and use your Uphold card. Bam, double cashback!

Brave Browser is web browser like Chrome or Edge, but it has an interesting twist. You can turn on rewards mode which will actually pay you for browsing (and viewing ads). Uphold has an integration with Brave, meaning that you can pull your Brave earnings (BAT cryptocurrency) straight into Uphold. There’s nothing easier than being paid to mooch around online!

Who Can Earn With Uphold?

Uphold cashback via the virtual debit card is currently only available to those living in the UK. You must also be 18 years of age or over. The USA cashback/virtual card has been discontinued but Uphold mention that they are looking into reintroducing the offer.

Uphold Cashback Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Free 2% cashback on all purchases.
  • Free bank transfers.
  • Can be bundled with other cashback sites.
  • Free virtual debit card.


  • UK only.
  • Cashback reduced from a previous 4%.

Uphold is a great way to earn free cashback just by using your virtual debit card as usual. Where it beats other cashback providers is that you don’t need to click through specific links for cashback to be applied. It happens automatically and you get 2% per purchase. One thing to note is that the max cashback is £100 per month, but in reality, most won’t hit that limit.

It is a shame however that they have reduced their cashback amount from 4% to 2%. It makes it a little less lucrative but it is still free cash.

We love that you can double dip and earn more cashback by linking up your card to Airtime Rewards, or just by using it via Quidco or Swagbucks.

The only real downside is that you will need to keep your virtual debit card funded. It’s a minor inconvenience and bank transfers are free, but it’s just a shame that this kind of cashback offer isn’t associated with an actual current account. But I think we’re being a little picky here.

Overall, this is a fantastic way to get 2% back on anything you buy, anywhere, and who wouldn’t be happy with that?

Is Uphold Worth It?

In our opinion, yes Uphold is worth your time. Grabbing 2% back on anything you spend soon adds up especially if you double dip with other cashback providers as mentioned above.

Once you’ve set it up in your Google/Apple Pay wallet then the only thing you need to do is keep the card funded. Beyond that, it is a complete no brainer and you earn just by spending.

Uphold FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full Uphold review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

Yes it is available for both Android and iOS. And it is possible to link your virtual debit card to Google Pay and Apply Pay so you can earn for any in-store purchase you make with contactless on your phone.

Unfortunately, no. Uphold cashback and the virtual direct debit card were both discontinued in the USA market. They are looking to reintroduce it in the future, but as of now Uphold cashback is UK only.

You must be 18+ to open an Uphold account.

Final Thoughts

Even though the cashback rewards from Uphold has been reduced from 4% to 2%, we believe that it is still a good earning opportunity. Effectively, with the 2% cashback, you’re reducing the cost of everything you buy, by 2%.

Just remember that cashback only makes sense if you were going to make the purchase anyway. And make sure to double dip by using your Uphold card with other providers!

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