Curious Cat App Review & Money Making Guide

Curious Cat App Review & Money Making Guide

Curious Cat App Review

Curious Cat, also known as Curious Cat: Paid Surveys is a simple survey platform nicely wrapped up into a mobile app.

It is ideal for surveys on the go, or when you don’t want to be chained to your laptop/desktop.

The low minimum payout makes this a must-have quick earner. And on top of that, there always seems to be a constant stream of surveys to take.

Read on for the full Curious Cat review to find out if all is as it seems.

What you need to know

  • Time: 5-30 minutes per survey.
  • Earnings: £/$0.05 – £/$1.00 per survey. Instant minimum withdrawal of just £/$1.00 to PayPal.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, no issues found. Legitimate and safe.
  • Payout Options: PayPal.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia Curious Cat App Review & Money Making Guide Japan (Global)

What is Curious Cat?

curious cat review header

Curious Cat is a survey app available from the Google app store and Apple app store that is cat-themed… for some reason! It is available internationally and boasts a low minimum payout at just £1/$1. Surveys vary in length from around 5 minutes to 30 minutes. 

Each survey will reward you with around 5-100 points, with each point being the equivalent of £0.01/$0.01. The app is reasonably straightforward forward but make sure to continue with our guide below to make sure you maximize how much you earn with Curious Cat.

Is Curious Cat Safe & Legit?

So, before we dig into the review, is Curious Cat safe and legit or is it a scam? It’s always a good question to ask for any money-making opportunity. The good news is that yes, Curious Cat is 100% safe and legit and is definitely not a scam.

Let’s look at how Android users view it on Google Play. You can see it currently has overwhelmingly positive reviews from over 100,000 users, and 1 million+ downloads. 

Curious Cat App Google Play Review Safe
Curious Cat’s high reviews on Google Play show that it is a safe, legit app.

Over at Trustpilot, we can see that Curious Cat gets an impressive Excellent rating, further boosting this great survey app’s reputation. The company also appears to respond to most reviews, which also adds proof to its legitimacy.

curious cat app trustpilot rating excellent
An excellent rating for Curious Cat.

How to Sign up to Curious Cat?

There are no sign-up bonuses available so just download the app using the link above. Be careful that you download the correct app as there is an unrelated anonymous Q&A app also called Curious Cat that will of course not earn you any cash. Look for the cat icon at the top of this review on the app’s page!

The essential point during sign-up is to make sure you use the same email that you use for your PayPal account. This is because your payouts will be paid to PayPal via the email you use for sign-up.

Update: Curious Cat has now added a setting in the app to allow you to choose a PayPal address that is different from your sign-up email address.

How to Make More Money with Curious Cat

Next, let’s look at how the Curious Cat app works and how to make more money with it. There are various tips, tricks, and techniques we can use that we’ll look at in detail below:

1. Answering Surveys

The only way to earn cash from the Curious Cat app is of course paid surveys. The interface is unusual as all you see is a cartoony icon and the number of coins you’ll earn.

Curious Cat app review interface
An unusual but fun survey interface.

You might think that you can just go gung-ho and answer any old survey, well there are considerations here. You’ve probably noticed the icons associated with surveys. We discuss these in detail later in the review but essentially you want to answer surveys with a picture of any of the following:

  • Unicorn.
  • Rocket.
  • Pizza.
  • Rainbow.

Those icons are for surveys with either high success rates, high payments, or that are very quick to complete.

As you answer surveys, other surveys will replace them on your dashboard so make sure you’re refreshing regularly to snag any good surveys.

2. Fill Out Profile Surveys

Curious Cat does not have a profile section, but at the top of the surveys or “tasks” section of the app, you will be frequently given profile surveys. You’ll know they are surveys because the icon will be a cat wearing a suit.

Make sure to always fill these out when offered to you as it will increase your matches and allow more surveys to be targeted towards you. And as we all know, more surveys mean more money earned with Curious Cat.

Update: It appears that Curious Cat now pays you for these profile surveys, so even more reason to make sure that you answer them.

3. Turn on Location Services

The Curious Cat app will likely ask you to turn on location services (always on) when you first log in.

Curious cat location more surveys

If it does not, go to the settings (see below) and enable it. This will allow even more surveys to be targeted to you, this time based on your location (country, city, etc.). If you choose not to turn on location services you will likely miss out on surveys and cash.

Curious Cat location settings to get more surveys
Curious Cat location settings to get more surveys

4. Turn on App Notifications

Curious Cat normally has a steady stream of surveys. But in the event that you manage to blast through them all, it’s good to have notifications turned on so you know instantly when new surveys are available. Notifications are turned on in the same section as location services (see above).

Notifications help you jump on surveys as soon as they’re up and ensure that you don’t miss any. It’s an easy, effort-free way to earn a bit more from Curious Cat.

5. Respect Your Own Time

Remember that points convert directly into pennies/cents depending on your currency. So when you see a survey that pays 5 points, you’ll only be getting £0.05 or $0.05 for your efforts.

Essentially, the tip here is to respect your own time by selecting the highest point payout. More points means more cash. Nobody wants to spend 20 minutes on a survey to be rewarded with a measly £0.05/$0.05.

Our advice would be to not bother with any surveys that are 10 points or under, unless you have exhausted all higher-paying options on your Curious Cat survey feed, or if it is for a “rocket survey” (see below for why this matters).

6. Check Emails for Free Points

In addition to earning points directly in the app, make sure that you keep an eye on your email address associated with the app. Every now and then you will be sent emails offering you free points in the app. The email will look something like this:

curious cat review free points email
Free points via email with Curious Cat.

The free points are often time-limited as you can see above, so make sure you grab the points in time. Once you click the link (on mobile), it will open the app and direct you to a screen where you can claim the points. They will be automatically and instantly added to your points total.

What Do The Curious Cat Icons Mean?

Curious Catsurvey icons explained

You’ll probably have noticed that Curious Cat surveys in the app have cartoony icons. But did you know that you can use these icons to tell if the survey is worth doing or not? Let’s look at what the Curious Cat icons mean:

Curious Cat Icon Meaning
A cat wearing a suit
A profile survey that will help you get more surveys.
High-success rate surveys.
Very short/quick surveys.
High-paying surveys.
VERY high-paying surveys.
Banana skin
Low-success rate surveys.
Very slow/long surveys.
Apple core
Low-paying surveys.
Not enough data on this survey.

Don’t Miss Out

Here are some other great ways to earn from the comfort of your home.

Curious Cat Minimum Payout and How to Get Paid

In addition to Curious Cat’s high volume of surveys, they have a very low minimum payout of just £1/$1. You can easily earn this in a single sitting and cash out instantly. They use the PayPal account that you use for signing up so make sure you have a PayPal set up with that email. Remember you can always sign up for a free PayPal account.

To actually cash out, just open the menu in the Curious Cat app, and click cashout. If you have $1/£1 or more you will see the cashout page as below. Just click on the PayPal icon and your cash will be pushed instantly into your PayPal account.

Curious Cat Cashout Page
Curious Cat Cashout Page

One thing to note, which shouldn’t be a problem due to the low cash out threshold is that if you’re inactive for 90 days, your cash will expire and be reset to £0/$0. So just make sure you cash out as soon as you hit the threshold to avoid missing out on your Curious Cat profits.

How Much Are Curious Cat Points Worth?

1 Curious Cat point is worth £0.01 or $0.01 depending on your location. That makes any conversion of points to cash very easy. So with this exchange rate you can see that 100 points will convert to £1/$1 and 1,000 points will convert to £10/$10 and so on.

Curious Cat App Review: Pros & Cons


  • Low £1/$1 withdrawal threshold.
  • Simple, quick survey interface.
  • Icons used to identify "good" surveys.


  • Points expire after some time of inactivity.
  • No referral program.

The Curious Cat app is a strange one. Despite its silly cat-themed, cartoony visuals it is actually a very solid, very well-put-together paid survey app.

What I love is that they indicate which surveys are worth your time with the positive icons (unicorn, rainbow, pizza, rocket) and which aren’t (tortoise, apple core, banana skin). I just wish they had the definitions in a more easy to find location. But either way it is great knowing what calibre of survey you’re about to respond to.

Of course, the cherry on top with the Curious Cat app is the low, low withdrawal threshold. Being able to cash out directly to PayPal at just £1/$1 (100 points) means that you can likely cashout every day if you want to.

We’ve found that the surveys on Curious Cat are good quality, we’ve yet to find a broken or spammy survey and everything is above board and clear.

If you’re going to have one survey app on your phone then Curious Cat should be it. Although we do suggest that you join multiple survey sites to multiply your profits.

Final Thoughts

Is Curious Cat worth it? Absolutely, yes. If you’re wanting to complete surveys on the go, while commuting on the train for example, it’s a great way to use your downtime to earn some extra cash. Similarly, on an evening, rather than sit in front of a desktop or laptop screen, you can casually complete surveys on your phone while doing something else, such as watching TV.

Curious Cat is also a great option for when you need a little bit of extra cash NOW. The instant payout means that you can rattle through surveys, cash out and spend that cash all in one sitting.

Sign Up To Curious Cat Today

Earn money on the go with a steady stream of surveys, an insanely low minimum withdrawal threshold, and instant payout to PayPal.

Sign Up!

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