How to Make Money with 1Q Surveys: Complete Guide

How to Make Money with 1Q: Complete Guide

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1Q Surveys InfoBox

Single question surveys that can be completed in less than 10 seconds.

Surveys are not frequent but you can earn an easy $0.25, with instant cashout due to no minimum withdrawal limitations.

A few dollars a year for a few seconds of effort.

Earning Methods: Survey

Payout Options: PayPal

Available on:
Android (app), iOS (app)
Country Availability:
USA Canada UK



  • Very quick.
  • 5-10 seconds per question.


  • $0.25 per survey.
  • Automatic minimum payout at $0.25.
  • 1 or 2 questions per month.


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is 1Q?

1Q is a survey app for Android and iPhone that focuses on single-question surveys, hence the name. It is available for users in the USA, UK, and Canada. 

Each question you answer will earn you $0.25 and will only take you around 5 seconds to respond. You can set your payout options to be $0.25 so it will automatically cash out to PayPal after you answer each question. 

The downside is that 1Q will not offer you questions very often, but due to the ease of answering, it is effectively free money.

Example question from 1Q to earn $0.25
Example question from 1Q to earn $0.25

As above, you can see the simplicity of the questions asked and the answers that you’re expected to give.

How to Sign up to 1Q

There are no sign-up bonuses available so just sign up directly to 1Q via their website.

The essential point during sign-up is to make sure you use the same email that you use for your PayPal account. This is because your payouts will be paid to PayPal via the email you use for sign-up.

Fill in your profile information as accurately and completely as possible to ensure you get surveys assigned to you.

How to Make More Money with 1Q

Now onto how to make more money with 1Q and how to get more surveys assigned to you. Surveys are assigned to you based on 2 factors. One is your profile information and the other is your location. So let’s look at how you can set things up to ensure you get more surveys and are able to make more money with 1Q.

1. Completely Fill Out Your Profile via the 1Q Website

When you sign up you will be asked to fill out your details, but there are additional questions that you absolutely should fill in. Go to your 1Q edit profile page and make sure you fill out all information on your job, income, family, political views, etc. to earn your chances of matching question asker’s filters, getting more surveys, and making more money from 1Q.

Remember to click Submit when you’re done and you should see the below:

1Q increase how many surveys you get by filling in your profile
1Q increase how many surveys you get by completing set up tasks

There will be 3 icons showing how to improve your earning power on 1Q. Your profile should be marked as complete here already. Next, click to connect with Facebook – this only takes your name/profile picture.

2. Understand How Important Your Profile Answers Are

1Q is interesting in that when you sign up, you can dig around and see the “question asker” interface. So this is where people set and pay for the questions that you’ll be answering.

Go to the 1Q dashboard and you’ll see how people set questions for you. As you can see below they target you directly by your profile responses so really make sure you’ve got everything filled in. You never need to visit this dashboard but it’s interesting to see how things work behind the scenes.

1Q dashboard showing how the questions are targetted towards you based on your profile.
1Q dashboard showing how the questions are targeted towards you based on your profile.

As you can see, there is also a location setting and phone-type setting for question-askers. This brings us to our next point:

3. Install the 1Q App, Set up Notifications, and Enable Location Services

Next, download the app from the relevant app store: Download 1Q from the Google Play Store, or download 1Q from the Apple App Store. Log in and make sure you do the following:

Turn on notifications. This is essential to make sure that you don’t miss questions and lose out on making money with 1Q. As you can see I missed 4 questions before turning on notifications. Enable notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on money-making opportunities with 1Q!

Missed questions in 1Q
The importance of notifications – it’s easy to miss out on questions on 1Q!

Once notifications are enabled, turn on location services (always on) for the 1Q app. You can do this by clicking the icon within the 1Q app (it will appear next to the green notification icon you can see in the image above).

Location services are important because as we saw, question-askers can limit respondents to certain locations and if the app doesn’t know where you are you’re likely going to be excluded!

4. Set the Payout to $0.25 in the 1Q app Settings

In the 1Q app, set the payout to $0.25 which will make sure that you are paid instantly and automatically after each question, ensuring your funds aren’t tied up in the app. Having funds tied up in any app is not ideal as you may forget to ever withdraw or the app/website could go bust etc.

This incredibly low minimum payout is incredible for pulling out your cash and making sure the money you make from 1Q ends up in your PayPal account.

1Q Minimum Payout and How to Get Paid

Despite 1Qs low frequency of surveys, they really excel with minimum payouts. Every question you answer for $0.25 is automatically transferred to your PayPal account. They use the PayPal account linked to the email that you use for signing up so make sure you have a PayPal set up with that same email. Remember you can always sign up for a free PayPal account.

There is no need to request a payout, everything is handled automatically!

$0.25 minimum payout, transferred automatically to your PayPal account after each survey.

1Q Golden Rules and Must-Do's

Your goal with 1Q is to make sure that you jump on questions as soon as you’re notified and extract the money you make from 1Q as regularly as possible by setting a low payout threshold.

Is 1Q Worth It?

Despite the low frequency of surveys, the fact that it only takes seconds to earn $0.25, means that you may as well add 1Q to your earning routine. Effectively zero effort for some free cash that can be withdrawn immediately.

Sign up, install the app and wait for the surveys to come in.

Sign Up To 1Q Today

With single question surveys that take seconds to complete and no minimum withdrawal, there really is no reason not to sign up with 1Q.

Sign Up!
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How to Make Money with 1Q: Complete Guide

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