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Sermo is a high-paying survey platform specifically for physicians/doctors. You can earn a nice amount of cash on the side with both short (1-5 minute) surveys, long-form surveys (60 minutes), and even phone/video interviews.

But is it a practical, legitimate way to earn a side income? And are there any extra considerations? Read on to find out more.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Surveys, Interviews, Focus Groups (Medical based).
  • Time: 1-60 minutes.
  • Earnings: High, up to $20-$100+ a survey. Reports of earning $1,000 to $2,000 a year.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, no issues found.
  • Payout Options: Bank Account, Cheque, Gift Cards, PayPal, Prepaid Card.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia Sermo Review & Earning Guide Japan

What is Sermo?

Sermo Review Header

Sermo is a paid medical survey site for physicians/doctors. You can use your medical knowledge to answer both short and long-form surveys related to your area of expertise. You can earn even more if you are accepted to take part in phone interviews or video calls.

In fact, it is even more than just a survey site, it is a fully formed medical social network. So on top of earning, you can also discuss medical queries and supplement your existing experience.

There are some restrictions on who can join – only physicians. Other healthcare professionals are unfortunately not eligible. The good news is that Sermo surveys are available globally.

Is Sermo Safe, Genuine and Legit?

Yes, Sermo is a secure, legitimate, and genuine way for physicians to earn online with paid surveysIn fact, over 1 million members are currently registered worldwide. On top of that, these members earned $20 million from Sermo in the past year.

They also have a strict code of conduct and privacy policy to ensure the safety of members.

How Does Sermo Work?

You’ll of course need to register for Sermo as you would with other paid survey sites. Because Sermo is a physician survey site, you’ll also need to be verified by uploading your medical license or similar professional documents that prove you are a doctor/physician.

Once verified you will be offered surveys that are relevant to your medical expertise. There is a screening process but you should be accepted for most surveys that you’re offered based on the contents of your profile.

Some surveys are a pre-screener to even higher earning opportunities with phone and video interviews.

Let’s break down the whole process and look at how to maximize your earnings with Sermo surveys.

Registering for Sermo

Registering for Sermo is more in-depth than standard paid survey sites. Because it is medical in nature, and the fact that you will be answering physician/medical surveys, in addition to the usual details you will also need to provide your GMC number or alternatively your medical ID and personal ID:

Sermo Registration Requirements
Use either your GMC number or upload your relevant ID.

Once the verification process is complete, you should make sure that you fully fill out your profile. This profile will be used in part to match you with paid surveys.


  • A huge number of ways to earn.
  • Free daily cash.
  • Earn by playing games.
  • Earn with surveys.

Answering Surveys/Studies

From your Sermo dashboard, you can see all surveys/studies that you’re provisionally matched with.

Sermo Surveys Studies
An example Servo Survey.

You’ll be shown an overall description of the survey/study, how long it is, how much you’ll earn, and how many places there are.

Simply click to start, or continue and run through the survey. As mentioned, you may be screened out after a few questions but this is unlikely as you will have been selected based on your profile.

Run through the questions honestly, take your time, and be consistent with your responses.

Turn on Notifications to Avoid Missing Surveys

As you can see above there are limited places available for each survey, so it is important to get in early to secure and maximize your earnings. Turning on notifications for Sermo will result in an email for each survey that you are matched with.

In turn, ensuring you have mobile notifications on for your emails will mean that you don’t miss out on a single survey. And of course, more surveys means more money in your pocket.

Watch out for Interviews & Focus Groups

Some surveys/studies are just pre-screeners for the much more lucrative interviews and focus groups. All of this can be handled from home, either via phone or webcam. Just make sure that you will be available at the agreed time and that if it is a video call, that you have a working webcam on your laptop/desktop.

If you don’t have a webcam, you can now pick up a high quality one for next to nothing. We recommend the NexiGo below:

webcam mini logo


NexiGo 1080p Webcam

  • HD 1080p, 30fps
  • Low light protection.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Plug and play with USB.

Get More Surveys With Sermo "Preferred Status"

In the Sermo terms of service, it states that if you leave $100, €100, £100 or your country’s equivalent in your Sermo account, you will enter what they call “preferred status”. This apparently means that you will become eligible for more surveys and will be prioritized for certain surveys.

There is no real way of knowing if this is true because survey selections all happen in a non-transparent way. It also doesn’t feel right to have to leave your hard-earned cash in your Sermo account just to get this “preferred status”. What’s more is that I can’t even figure out why leaving this cash in your account would grant you preference. Surely it should be based on another metric like the quality of responses, number of surveys completed etc.

If you’re comfortable leaving $100 in your Sermo account it may be worth a shot. You may see a boost to the number of surveys you get but as I say there is no real way of verifying this claim by Sermo.

How Much Can You Earn With Sermo?

Sermo is a very high-paying survey site. That is because the surveys themselves are medical in nature and require the knowledge that only a physician or doctor has.

The amount of money you can earn from each survey on Sermo varies between around $20 and $100 depending on the length and specificity of the medical survey. In comparison to generic survey sites, Sermo pays big money.

Sermo is very honest about potential earnings and explains that it won’t make you rich. They estimate that most members will make several hundred to a few thousand dollars a year. They also state that in some cases, for doctors who are in high demand, you can earn up to $15,000. But in reality, it will be a very, very small proportion of people that get enough surveys to bring in that kind of money from Sermo.

Don’t expect to make a fortune with Sermo, but around $1,000 a year seems possible for most members.

How to Get Paid by Sermo?

The payment options with Sermo used to be quite limited but they now offer a wide range of payouts. You can get paid directly to your bank account, via PayPal, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, physical cheques, or even donate it if you’re feeling generous.

Sermo withdrawal options
Sermo’s withdrawal options.

As you can see above, most payout options come with a small to moderate fee. Take this into account when choosing your payout. We always prefer PayPal or a bank account payment, and because in this case, the PayPal fees are only $0.25, we’d suggest this option for most.

You can trigger a withdrawal at any point. Simply go to your dashboard on Sermo and you will see your current balance along with a withdraw button. Hit withdraw and you should have your cash in 1-5 days.

Sermo review how to withdraw

More Ways to Earn

Does Sermo Have an App?

Yes, there is a Sermo app that is available both for iOS and for Android. However, we do not suggest that you use it, and here’s why:

Reading the reviews it appears that the Sermo app is at best broken, and at worst abandoned. Users mention not even being able to open the app in some cases. What’s more is that on Sermo’s website, they do not even make a mention of the mobile apps.

For that reason, we suggest you just stick with the Sermo website.

Sermo Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Very high paying surveys.
  • Available globally (150+ countries).
  • Doubles as a medical social network.


  • Only available for physician/doctors.
  • Not available for other healthcare professionals.

Sermo is the cream of the crop when it comes to paid medical/physician surveys. As we’ve discussed the rate of pay for surveys is high, ranging from $20-$100 per survey. You simply will not find surveys that pay this high. Of course, the reason for this is that you must be a physician/doctor so specialist knowledge and experience is required.

To top things off, you can occasionally earn even more via phone and video interviews and even focus groups.

Each individual’s experience on Sermo will be different because the surveys that become available to you will depend on your area of expertise. However, most should be able to make a decent side income with only a small/occasional time investment.

If you are a healthcare professional, but not a physician or a doctor, then unfortunately you will not be able to join Sermo. However, their sister-site (confusingly, also branded as Sermo) is available for paid surveys for all healthcare professionals.

Sermo is available globally and has a whole host of payout options. Sadly most come with a withdrawal fee but this is typically low at around $0.25 – $1.00 per withdrawal.

All-in-all, if you are a physician, then Sermo’s medical surveys are a brilliant way to supplement your income. It won’t make you rich, but it lets you monetize your medical knowledge and expertise.

Sermo FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full Sermo review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

Yes, residents can join Sermo. However, remember that many surveys are based on medical experience and knowledge so you may find that you get less surveys that more senior physicians/doctors.

No, only physicians and doctors (including residents) can join and earn from Sermo. However, their sister site does allow for all healthcare professionals to earn by answering medical-related surveys.

Sermo preferred status is granted if you hold $100, £100, €100 or your country’s equivalent in your Sermo account. According to Sermo, this will then grant you access to more surveys and prioritize your matching to future surveys.

Final Thoughts

If you are a doctor or a physician, essentially anywhere in the world, you can (and should) be using Sermo to supplement your income. Their high-earning surveys are a great opportunity to monetize your medical experience and expertise.

In addition, it also works as a medical social network which gives you opportunities to broaden your own knowledge, and the knowledge of your peers.

Check it out today!

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