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Lootup Review

Lootup is a fully featured Get-Paid-To site with a huge amount of ways to earn money online. Featuring their own built-in offerwall, third-party offerwalls, surveys, and even cashback, there is something for everyone.

In our full review below we’ll explain what really makes the site stand apart from the rest and why getting paid to watch videos is so lucrative on the platform.

What you need to know

  • Time: As much as you’re willing to put in. The more time you spend, the more you earn.
  • Earnings: Variable, from around 50 points ($0.50) for small tasks up to 50,000 points ($50.00) for offerwall offers. 
  • Trust: High trust, no issues found.
  • Payout Options: Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Gift Cards.
  • Country Availability: USA flag Canada flag United Kingdom flag European Union Flag Australia flag India Flag Japan Flag (Global)

What is Lootup?

Lootup, sometimes referred to as Lootup.me, is a get-paid-to site that offers a range of ways to earn money online. We’ll look into each in detail in the review below but in a nutshell, you can earn by taking part in surveys, completing offers, playing games (via offerwalls), from cashback, and much, much more.

One stand-out point is that their payouts for watching videos are amongst the highest in the industry. It will effectively boost how much you earn from watching videos.

lootup header

In addition, they also feature giveaways, contests, and daily spins for free points or earning bonuses which is a nice touch.

To top it off, the mobile app adds an additional way to earn money with Playtime Rewards. We’ll look at both the app and the site in more detail below.

You might also be interested to know that the parent company of Lootup.me is none other than Adscend Media. If you’ve used any GPT site you should recognize the name as Adscend Media is one of the top offerwall providers online with a total of $55 million paid out to users. Their business is offerwalls, and this expertise clearly carries over to running their own GPT site.

Before we dive into the review, our overall research and personal use of the site have shown that Lootup is a legit site, and a safe way to earn online. What’s more, it ranks among the top GPT sites available today.

Lootup Sign-Up Bonus

If there’s one thing I love in an online earning opportunity, it’s sign-up bonuses. Lootup’s sign-up bonus is especially enticing as it offers a $5.00 bonus for registering.

All you need to do is sign-up using this link and meet the criteria. It’s pretty straightforward, just earn $10 in your first 30 days and you get the free $5. This is comfortably possible, especially when you use our money-earning tips below.

How to Make More Money With Lootup

There are so many ways to earn money on Lootup that it can be difficult to know where to start. So first, let’s look at what they offer and discover how to maximize your earnings on the site. Be sure not to overlook any of the opportunities to earn and watch your earnings grow day by day. Without further ado, let’s jump in and see what we can do to make some extra cash.

1. Complete Microtasks Under Your Lootup Earnings Tracker

After you’ve signed up, you will see “Your Lootup Earnings Tracker” on the main page of Lootup.me. Just underneath that are a bunch of microtasks. These are very quick activities that you will be paid to complete. For example, you get 50 points for completing your profile, which benefits you too to direct more relevant surveys to you. Or visit their Twitter page for another 5 points and so on.

lootup microtasks earn more money
Short tasks to earn free points on Lootup.

At the time of writing, there are 180 points available here just by completing a few very simple actions. It’s almost free cash, so don’t pass up on these.

2. Lootup Daily Loot Chest

The daily wheel that granted you a free spin, and free points every day has now been replaced with the Lootup daily loot chest. The concept is similar, in that you can open the chest once a day and receive a random amount of points for free.

Lootup daily loot chest free points review
Get a random amount of points free each day.

The maximum amount of points you can earn is dependent on your level/tier. The higher your tier, the more points you can earn each day.

lootup review tiers levels free points
Example tiers and the possible points you can win each day.

You can climb up through the tiers by completing offers and earning points. The available tiers are:

  • Quartz.
  • Pearl.
  • Amethyst.
  • Sapphire.
  • Ruby.
  • Diamond.
  • Emerald.

3. Offer Loot Chest

In addition to the daily loot chest, you can also earn multiple extra offer loot chests each day. As the name suggests, you unlock these chests simply by completing offers. If you complete a paid survey, offer, or earn via watching videos with HideoutTV, you unlock another chest.

Note: For HideoutTV earnings, you must transfer a minimum of 500 points (Lootup points), which is $0.50 and easily attainable in a day. Check out our HideoutTV guide for how to maximize your earnings and grab even more Offer Loot Chests.

4. Offerwall Offers & Games

Offerwalls allow you to earn money by completing offers such as free trials, taking certain actions in mobile apps/games, and more. They’re the bread and butter of GPT sites and should never be overlooked.

Built-in Adscend Media Offerwall

The first offerwall option is their built-in offerwall, which as you might recognize is actually the Adscend Media offerwall. That’s because as we mentioned in the intro, the parent company behind Lootup is actually Adscend Media.

This fact results in certain benefits and makes Lootup the best choice for Adscend Media offers:

Lootup Adscend Media vs Gain gg
Every Adscend Media offerwall offer is significantly more profitable on Lootup.

When compared to their competitors, like Gain.gg, you can clearly see above that Lootup is more profitable. Just to make it clear, on both platforms 1,000 points is equivalent to $1. So for the examples above, you earn $8.96 more and $8.00 more for the two apps when compared to Gain.gg.

Of course, the reason for this is that they cut out the middleman (other GPT sites) and are able to pass along more of the profit to you. It just shows that when it comes to offerwalls, you need to shop around and you need to be clever about it.

Third Party Offerwalls

You also have choice and can use other third-party offerwalls such as RevU and AdGem. As with all offerwall sites, you should review the offers across all offerwalls available on the site. Sometimes a certain offerwall will have the same offer, but pay out more cash.

5. Paid to Watch Videos at a Much Higher Rate

When you think of how to earn money online by watching videos, I bet that your mind instantly goes to HideoutTV. And for good reason, it is the gold standard and one of the best ways to truly passively earn money online.

The way HideoutTV works is that the points you earn need to be transferred to GPT sites in order to cash out. Depending on the GPT site, there will be a different conversion of points. So, for the exact same amount of points earned on HideoutTV, the cash value will be different depending on the GPT site.

Hideout TV Header New

Lootup has an incredibly high HideoutTV point-to-cash conversion rate. Can you guess why?

That’s right, HideoutTV, again is actually owned by the parent company Adscend Media. And again, that works in your favour. It means that they’re able to cut out the GPT middleman once again by using their own GPT site, and passing on some extra cash to you.

Tip: The most important takeaway from our review is Adscend Media’s ownership of Lootup, Adscend Offerwalls, and HideoutTV. Using these in combination boosts your profits by cutting out the middleman.

6. Lootup Promo Codes

Lootup promo codes are frequently dropped on their Facebook page. The number of redemptions for each code is limited so make sure you check regularly and enter the code as soon as possible.

lootup promo codes
Promo codes can be added on the main page of the site.

We’ve seen promo codes from 25 points, right up to 150 points. Free points for copying and pasting. You can’t argue with that!

Just remember, any sites that offer a list of these codes will just have copied them from the official Facebook and/or Twitter pages, and they’re likely expired. So just go straight to the official source to make sure you don’t waste your time with incorrect or expired codes.

7. Surveys

If surveys are your thing (and they should be!), then there are plenty of options available to you. Just remember, that as with any paid survey, you always need to make sure that you answer honestly and consistently. If you’re not having much luck with one survey provider, switch over to another. Fortunately, there are plenty of options in the surveys section:

lootup survey offerings
A nice selection of survey providers are available.

8. Cashback

Before starting our Lootup review we’d never actually considered using it for cashback. We’d simply not looked closely enough at that section.

If you take a look, what you’ll find is a moderate selection of very generous cashback deals on some lesser-known vendors. Most of these vendors, we’ve not seen featured on other cashback sites, so again it shows that it pays to shop around.

lootup cashback offers
High cashback percentages for niche vendors.

The standout deal for us here was Envato Market which we’ve used in the past for our WordPress theme needs.

9. Even More Cashback With the Lootup Deal Finder Tool Extension

The problem with cashback is that often you completely forget to click through via the cashback site. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it. That’s where their Deal Finder tool extension comes in.

lootup cashback extension
Manual or automatic cashback deal activation.

While the cashback on the site itself is limited to more niche vendors, the extension actually features automatic cashback deal activation for over 50,000 retailers. These retailers include those that you know and use frequently like Amazon above.

10. Giveaways

Another aspect of the site that I’ve discovered during this Lootup Review is the giveaways section. I’ve not really seen this offered on other GPT sites, so it’s a nice addition and a breath of fresh air.

There are two versions. The first is the free giveaways, where it costs nothing to enter, and you could win up to 2,000 points ($2.00). It’s not guaranteed of course, but you may as well as it’s potentially free cash.

Secondly, there are paid giveaways that cost between 25 and 500 points. You can win up to 20,000 points. Personally, I’m not one to gamble with my hard-earned points, so I give this a miss. But the option is there if it interests you.

11. Referrals

The referral system is pretty standard. You’ll earn 10% – 15% of your referral earnings for life. Of course, the people you refer will not lose out as the referral earnings are paid out directly by Lootup themselves.

Share your referral link with friends, or include it on a website if you own one. But remember, as with all referral programs – do not spam. Offer something of value to your referrals such as advice, assistance, etc.

Golden Rule: Never spam referral codes or links. Instead offer your referrals some value in the form of help or guidance.

12. Contests

This is where you have the opportunity to make some big bucks! There are three different types of contests:

  • Highest Weekly Earnings.
  • Highest Monthly Earnings.
  • Most Referrals.

Depending on the contest, you can earn up to a whopping 300,000 points if you beat out everyone else. That’s $300.00. It may seem like a mountain to climb to get into the top 3, but using our tips above you should be well on your way.

And remember, depending on the contest, they pay out up to 100 places, making it much more achievable to earn a few hundred extra points without much effort.

13. Rewards Program: LevelUP Rewards

LootUp has introduced a new rewards program, LevelUP rewards. Now as you earn money you will level up your rewards bar too. For each level up you will receive free points.

Lootup levelup rewards bar
You now get free points simply for earning points.

This is a nice addition that boosts how much you earn without any extra effort on your part.

You will level up and receive the free points at certain thresholds:

  • 1st reward for reaching 1,000 points.
  • 2nd reward for reaching 5,000 points.
  • 3rd reward for reaching 10,000 points.

Each level up gives you increasingly larger rewards. As you can see above for example, reaching level 2 gives a bonus 25 points.

The Lootup App

In addition to the website, there is also a dedicated Lootup App. The Lootup app is available on the Google Play store for Android devices and as of writing has over 100,000 downloads and a 4* rating.

lootup app google play

Within the app, you can do everything that you’re able to on the site. So, offerwalls, surveys, cashback, giveaways, etc. are all there. It means that you can earn on the go during your commute while sitting on the train for example. It’s a great way to turn your downtime into profitable time.

And there is one extra way of earning in the app that is not possible on the website:

Playtime Rewards in the App

Playtime Rewards are available in the Lootup app. What this means is that after you allow the app to track your mobile gaming stats, you get paid per minute that you play games.

Lootup app playtime rewards
Playtime Rewards pays you to play games.

As you play the games that are offered to you, over time you’ll unlock more. Switching between games is more profitable than sticking to a single game in our experience.

Other Ways to Get Paid to Play Games

How to Cash Out

Set-Up Your Redeem Emails

Once you’re ready to withdraw your cash, there is one more step you need to take. In your account info, scroll down to “Manage Redeem Emails”. You’ll need to add in your email address for PayPal & crypto redemptions. You’ll receive an email that you then need to click to confirm. Note, this is a completely separate setting from your “Email Address” in your account info.

It’s a bit of an inconvenience, but it works as an extra sanity check in case you didn’t want to cash out to the PayPal address associated with your account.

Payout Options

You can cash out to PayPal, a selection of gift cards relevant to your country, or various cryptocurrencies via Bitpay. The cryptocurrencies available are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu.

Minimal Withdrawals

The minimum withdrawals depend on the method but all are pretty reasonable:

  • Gift Cards: $1.00 (1,000 points).
  • PayPal: $1.00 (1,000 points).
  • Crypto via BitPay: $5.10 (5,100 points).

How Quickly Does Lootup Pay?

They pay pretty quickly with PayPal and Gift Cards taking 2 business days, and BitPay taking 5 business days. It compares well against the payout timescales of other similar sites.

Lootup Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Many ways to earn.
  • Extra cash with Adscend Media & HideoutTV
  • Quick payouts.
  • Low $1/£1 payout threshold.


  • There could be more 3rd party offerwalls.

The $1/£1 payout threshold is especially beneficial. The standard for most GPT sites is a threshold of around $5, so the lower amount on Lootup is great to see. It means of course that you’ll be able to withdraw more quickly. For those that are looking to make money and get the funds fast, this is an important feature.

Is Lootup Legit?

By now it should be very clear that Lootup is legit, is safe, and is one of our go-to GPT sites. Our personal experience with the site and the app has been very positive. But when looking to find out whether a site is legit it is important to consider other sources.

First, the 7,000+ Trustpilot reviews paint a very positive picture, with a 4.5 (Excellent) rating as of writing. This in itself should give you the peace of mind that Lootup is a legit way to earn online.

Secondly, the fact that they have a mobile app means that you can also gauge people’s satisfaction. On the Google Play store, they currently have a 4-star rating with over 14,000 reviews.

All things considered, it is clear that it is a legitimate site and app.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between GPT sites as they tend to offer similar opportunities. Lootup is unique in the fact that due to its ownership (Adscend Media), it can pass on more of the profits to you. The Adscend Media offerwall and HideoutTV both allow for this increased earning potential by cutting out the middle man. No other GPT site (that I’m aware of) can claim that.

The payment options are solid, and I’m always grateful for the option to withdraw to crypto.

As a result of this review, it has become one of our GPT sites of choice and that is well deserved.

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