How to Make Money with Microsoft Rewards: Complete Guide

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Microsoft Rewards

A nice side earner with easy tasks such as quizzes and performing searches on Bing.

Our guide shows how to massively speed up the process and ensure you earn more for time.

Cash-out to a wide variety of gift cards.

Earning Methods: Survey, Paid to Search, Quiz

Payout Options: Gift Card

Available on: Website 
Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia How to Make Money with Microsoft Rewards: A Guide Japan

What you need to know:

  • Time-Two-Tone

    Time Consideration

    Quick. 10-15 minutes per day

  • Money-Two-Tone-Two


    $7.80 - $40 per month. Payout via a wide range of gift cards.

  • Reliability


    Reliable & trustworthy. No issues found.

What is Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft Rewards (UK link) is a program by Microsoft that rewards you for searching daily on Bing and for completing small daily tasks from the dashboard. In this Microsoft Rewards guide, we’ll look at how you can pull out a maximum of $40.80/£23.76 a month.

It also features a streak bonus and if you’re an Xbox owner, points integrated with gaming. Note: Our estimated monthly earnings DO NOT include the extra Xbox rewards as not everyone will have access to the console.

The entire process takes around 5 minutes a day and will reward you with points that can be converted into a range of gift cards. 

By following our guide below on how to make more money with Microsoft Rewards, you will earn $7.80/£4.50 a month for an individual account, up to $31.30/£18.30 a month if you take advantage of linking family member accounts into MS Rewards. Note: This will work out as even more if you choose to redeem it as a Microsoft Gift Card.

Below we’ll look at how to make more money with Microsoft Rewards which includes the following methods/tips:

  1. Desktop/Mobile/Edge Bing Searches
  2. Daily Tasks & Quizzes
  3. Monthly Punch Cards
  4. Streak Bonuses
  5. Bonus Points via Email
  6. Xbox Rewards
  7. QUADRUPLE monthly earnings with Family linking

How to Sign-up to Microsoft Rewards?

Sign-up to MS Rewards requires a Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account already, and if for example, you have a Google account, you can sign up for a free Microsoft Account with your Gmail email address.

There are no sign-up bonuses so just go ahead and sign up via the Microsoft Rewards site. Despite there being no sign-up bonus, new users will be bombarded with free points on day 1, effectively working as a sign-up bonus!

How to Make More Money with Microsoft Rewards

Now for the main event, let’s take a look at how to make more money with Microsoft Rewards and maximise how much profit you pull out for your time.

We’ll cover how much you can earn each day/month and how, and also extra tips that can quadruple your earnings from MS Rewards.

1. Daily Searches

The main way to make money online with Microsoft Rewards is through daily searches on Bing.

There are 3 ways to earn via search and it’s important to use all 3 to maximize your earnings. First, we’ll discuss how to pull out the maximum value and how to MASSIVELY reduce the time you spend on search tasks.

Let’s start with how to earn via daily searches:

  • Search with Bing (Desktop)
  • Search with Bing (Mobile)
  • Search with Bing (Edge Browser)
How much you can earn per day depends on your region (USA/UK & EU) and your Level. To get to level 2 you need to earn 500 points in a month, but due to the way the sign-up works, you’ll earn 500 points on day 1, so you should ALWAYS be Level 2.
The points below are the standard points, but some users on Reddit have reported varying daily search allowances.
Daily Search Points:

And this is how it appears in the Microsoft Rewards dashboard:

Microsoft Rewards Paid Bing Searches - UK Example
Microsoft Rewards Paid Bing Searches – UK Example

So, your earnings per month from SEARCH ONLY will be £3.20/$6.20. But, there are more ways to earn later in the guide, plus a method to QUADRUPLE these earnings.

How to Rapidly Complete Daily Searches

Time is money as they say, so it’s important to not waste time completing these searches. Rather than manually typing each search, there is a trick to very quickly complete these searches:

  1. Go to Bing on mobile or desktop (and use Microsoft’s Edge browser!)
  2. Choose a “seed” search term that will have many similar searches – e.g. A TV show, or a gaming console.
  3.  Click on “Video” for search
  4. You will see blue boxes above the search results for similar searches, just click it and it will count as another search (see image below).
  5. Wait until the video thumbnails loads before clicking the next blue box to make sure it counts.
  6. Repeat for mobile or desktop (depending on which you completed first)
Microsoft Rewards Bing Search - Click the related search terms above the videos
Microsoft Rewards Bing Search – Click the related search terms above the videos.

2. Daily Tasks & Quizzes

Each day you can also earn points with very simple tasks. These will be simply clicking a link or a quiz. Just go to the Microsoft Rewards Dashboard each day.

In terms of the quizzes, for most it doesn’t matter if you answer right or wrong, you’ll still get the points. The exception is the bonus quizzes where you get 10 points for each correct answer – just open a new browser window and search the question before answering.

Example daily questions and quizzes:

Microsoft Rewards Daily Tasks Set
Microsoft Rewards Daily Tasks Set

3. Monthly Quests/Punch Cards

Another way to earn more money with Microsoft Rewards is the monthly quests/punch cards. These typically revolve around a theme or an event.

Punch cards/Quests will grant you a whopping 150 points

They will appear as a big banner on your Microsoft Rewards Dashboard:

Microsoft Rewards Quests And Punchcards for 150 points.
Microsoft Rewards Quests And Punchcards for 150 points.

Normally there are 5 tasks, which are in the same format as daily tasks. You’ll typically have to click 4 links and answer 1 quiz:

Microsoft Rewards Quests And Punchcards Example Tasks
Microsoft Rewards Quests And Punchcards Example Tasks.

4. Streak Bonuses

If you’re diligent and login/complete tasks/searches each day you’ll start building up a streak. This means you’ve been active for x amount of days in a row. You get bonus points for maintaining your streak.

Microsoft Rewards Streak for Bonus Points
Microsoft Rewards Streak for Bonus Points

The number of bonus points you get increases as your streak number increases, but strangely, the time in between streak rewards increases in the same manner. To illustrate this let’s look at an example:

  • 3 day streak = 45 points every 3 days (45/3 = 15 points a day)
  • 8 day streak = 75 points every 5 days (75/5 = 15 points a day)
  • 20 day streak = 105 points every 7 days (105/7 = 15 points a day)

So, as you can see, regardless of your streak level, you’ll get the equivalent of 15 points a day. However, if you miss a day and you’ll go back to 0 points of day until you get back up to the initial 3-day streak.

Just make sure you complete tasks every day to get your free Microsoft Rewards points!

5. Free Points via Email

From time to time Microsoft Rewards will send you emails with a way to earn/claim free points. These aren’t very frequent but keep your eyes peeled on your inbox to earn free points.

6. QUADRUPLE Your Monthly Earnings with Family Linking

One of the incredible features of, and way to make a lot more money with Microsoft Rewards is Family Linking.

So far we’ve just looked at how you earn points individually but with Family linking, you can double, treble or quadruple your monthly earnings. Let’s take a look at how this works. First, head to your Microsoft Rewards Dashboard and click the Community menu item:

How to Make Money with Microsoft Rewards: A Guide

Once in this area, you will only see yourself, how many points you’ve earned etc. But if you look at the bottom you will see that you can add family members. Write in the email to invite them, or if they don’t have one yet, get them to create an account!

Microsoft Rewards Add Family Member
Microsoft Rewards Add Family Member

Send All Family Member Point Earning to Primary Account

Once all family members are set up, get them to follow this guide or follow the guide on their behalf with their accounts. Now, you can transfer their earned points to your primary account and redeem gift cards:

Again from the Community tab on the Microsoft Rewards Dashboard, choose to “Give Points” (from a family member’s account) or “Ask For Points” (from your primary account):

Microsoft Rewards Give Points to or Ask for Points from a Family Member
Microsoft Rewards Give Points to or Ask for Points from a Family Member

As you can see, by taking advantage of family linking, you can effectively quadruple your monthly Microsoft Rewards earnings!

7. Earn More MS Rewards Points with Xbox

This won’t be applicable to everyone but if you have an Xbox you can earn even more reward points each day by:

  • Xbox Game Pass Quests
  • Weekly Activities
  • Playing New Releases
  • Xbox Surveys

How Much Money Can I Earn From Microsoft Rewards?

The amount of money you can earn will differ depending on your region and how many family members you have linked. Let’s take a look at potential monthly earnings by first figuring out how many points you can earn each month as an individual or with family member accounts added on.

Points Per Month:
MS (Microsoft) Rewards Cash Earnings Per Month

Now let’s convert these points to cash. Again, this varies based on your region but also whether you choose MS gift cards or non-MS gift cards:

So, How Much Money Can you Make with Microsoft Rewards?

Well as you can see as an individual you can earn a minimum of $7.86/£4.57 a month, up to a maximum of $10.20/£5.94 a month. A family of 4 can earn a minimum of $31.37/£18.28 up to a maximum of $40.80/£23.76.

Note: The above excludes any extra points you may earn via Xbox rewards

Maximize Profit From Microsoft Rewards Gift Cards

Now, onto gift card options. As you can see above, you can choose Microsoft Gift Cards, which on a purely points->cash conversion works out as better value than the non-Microsoft gift cards. However, it may make more financial sense for you to go for the non-Microsoft Gift Cards. Let’s look at the pros and cons:

Microsoft Gift cards

  • Pro: Better value for money.
  • Pro: Often have discounts to get the cards even cheaper.
  • Con: If you don’t NEED to buy anything from Microsoft, it’s effectively worthless.

Non-Microsoft Gift Cards

  • Con: Worse value for money.
  • Pro: You can cash out as supermarket gift cards such as Tesco, saving you real money that you would spend anyway, saving you the money you’d normally spend.

Tip: When you use the voucher for your shop, transfer the gift card value from you bank account to your savings account to actually benefit from the money you’ve made.


Microsoft Rewards is a great low effort online money making opportunity that should become part of your daily routine. A few clicks taking a few minutes each day can net you a nice bit of side income.

To make the most out of Microsoft Rewards its essential to get a few family accounts linked up so you can quadruple your profits and reach gift card cashouts more quickly.

A maximum profit of $40.80/£23.76 per month for such low effort/concentration tasks is a no brainer. Jump on Microsoft Rewards and make it part of your daily routine.

Sign Up To Microsoft Rewards Today

Simple tasks that can earn you gift cards every month. Taking advantage of family linking can help you increase how much you earn by 4x.

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