JumpTask Review & Earning Guide: Easy to Earn Crypto?

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JumpTask Review

JumpTask is a get-paid to site that is backed by its own cryptocurrency JMPT. You’ll be able to earn by completing offerwall offers, surveys, microtasks, and other similar ways of earning.

What sets it apart is its collaboration with Honeygain. You’ll be able to get a bonus on top of your usual earnings from sharing your bandwidth.

Finally, the crypto-backed earning platform leverages this feature to increase earnings by staking the JMPT you earn.

But does it live up to its promises and is it a legitimate way to earn online? Find out all in our complete JumpTask review and earning guide below.

What you need to know

  • Earning Type: Offerwalls, Surveys, Play Mobile Games, Staking, Sell Your Bandwidth.
  • Time: Variable and depends on your own activity.
  • Earnings: Earnings vary per game or offer. You can earn $100s of dollars if you complete the right offers. You can even boost this with staking and passive earning.
  • Trust: Trustworthy, no issues.
  • Payout Options: Cryptocurrency, (Bank Account, PayPal, Gift Cards)*.
  • Country Availability: USA Canada UK Europe Australia JumpTask Review & Earning Guide: Easy to Earn Crypto? Japan (Worldwide)

What is JumpTask?

JumpTask Review Header New

JumpTask, otherwise known as JumpTask.io is a cryptocurrency-backed get-paid-to site. You can earn money online in a variety of different ways such as offerwalls, playing games, taking surveys, and other similar methods. Where it stands out is the extra ways to earn that you don’t often see elsewhere.

  • They have a partnership with Honeygain, meaning that you can earn extra by selling your bandwidth. You even get an additional 10% on top of what you’d normally earn. More on this later.
  • As mentioned, it is backed by a cryptocurrency, JumpTask’s own crypto token, JMPT (JumpToken). This allows you to stake your earnings, effectively earning interest on top of what you’ve earned.

It’s available globally, so no restrictions on who can join.

There are certain complexities when it comes to earning crypto but JumpTask mitigates this by making everything as streamlined as possible. We’ll also guide you through this in the JumpTask review and guide below.

Is JumpTask Legit & Safe, or is it Scam?

We believe in getting straight to the point and can confirm that JumpTask is indeed a legitimate way to earn money/cryptocurrency online. We were able to complete offers and get credited the full amount for them. The site is secured with HTTPS and uses social accounts such as Google and Facebook for secure sign-up and login. It is also partnered with Honeygain, which itself is a well-known and legitimate way to earn online. This partnership further extends JumpTask’s credibility.

JumpTask TrustPilot Rating

In addition to our own experience with JumpTask, looking at a wider-reaching, more consolidated view of user experience is essential. As you can see below, JumpTask gets a very positive “Excellent” rating on TrustPilot, currently sitting at 4.7 out of 5.

JumpTask TrustPilot Review Excellent

If you dig into the user reviews, you can see a positive view of the site as an earning opportunity. Additionally, you can see confirmations of offers crediting correctly and payouts being honoured.

How Does JumpTask Work?

JumpTask works in the same way that traditional get-paid-to sites work for the most part. You complete tasks such as offers, playing games, taking surveys, etc. The stated amount is then added to your JumpTask account. Where it differs is that your earnings are shown both as a USD amount and as JMPT, JumpTask’s own crypto token.

This difference extends into withdrawing your earnings. You’ll need to withdraw to a crypto wallet such as MetaMask. The process is simple but we will walk you through it later in the guide in case you haven’t ventured into earning crypto in the past.

As mentioned, there are also additional ways to earn such as by sharing your bandwidth via Honeygain and staking the crypto you’ve earned to boost your income even further with the interest earned.

Sign Up For JumpTask

Signing up to JumpTask is easy. It’s as simple as heading over to the JumpTask login page. From here, just use your Google or Facebook account to login and auto-create a JumpTask account. And that’s literally it.

To withdraw you’ll need to follow a few steps to set up a crypto wallet in MetaMask and link that to your JumpTask account. We’ll get onto that in the payouts section later on.

How to Use JumpTask to Earn Money/Crypto

By now you should understand at a high level what JumpTask is, and how to sign-up to access the site and the earning opportunities. But before you jump in, let’s look in detail at the ways you earn and more importantly, how to maximize your earnings with each.

The ways to earn money with JumpTask are:

  1. Offerwalls/playing mobile games/microtasks.
  2. Selling your bandwidth via Honeygain.
  3. Surveys.
  4. Staking your earnings (earn interest).
  5. Referring friends.
  6. Marketplace (coming soon).

1. Offerwalls/Play Mobile Games/MicroTasks

What is a get-paid-to site without offerwall offers? As you’d expect JumpTask has this front and centre with offers displayed both in a built-in offerwall and also via pop-put partner offerwalls. Here you will be able to earn cash/crypto by completing tasks in mobile games, signing up for free trials, or even casino-style offers. There are some high-earning offers here at $50+, and also some very quick microtasks such as watching YouTube videos. So there should be something for everyone.

Let’s look at the two flavours of offerwall:

A. Partner Offerwalls

JumpTask Available Partner Offerwalls

If you’ve ever used a GPT site before, the concept of partner offerwalls should be familiar. Each has its own set of offers available and some specialize in specific types of earning opportunities. As of writing, the partner offerwalls available are:

  • Torox (Formerly OfferToro).
  • Hang My Ads.
  • Lootably.
  • Notik Time.
  • dtowall.

Simply launch the offerwall, choose an offer, and work through it to earn your cash/JMPT. Below we show a selection of offers from the Torox offerwall. Earnings are shown in JMPT, so you’ll need to do a little calculation to understand what it is worth in USD:

JumpTask Torox Offerwall
High-earning offers on the Torox offerwall on JumpTask.

In the above example for Chief Almighty, you can see that you’ll be rewarded up to 168 JMPT. Using any online crypto converters you can see that (at the time of writing), 168 JMPT works out as a very nice $243.

Make sure you check out all of the offerwalls and compare them. Some will have the same offers, but one may earn you more money.

B. JumpTask Built-In Offerwall

Still in the offers section, you will also see the built-in JumpTask offerwall that shows you featured offers without having to head into the partner offerwalls. The same concept applies here. There’s also a nice touch in that it displays not only how much you’ll earn in JMPT, but also the USD equivalent value.

What we suggest here is to look at both extremes. You can sort by highest and lowest earning tasks. The benefit of the higher earning offers is clear:

JumpTask High Paying Offerwall

But don’t sleep on the lower end. These are what I would consider microtasks and can be completed very quickly with little to no effort:

JumpTask Quick Offerwall

Go for Multiple Reward Offers Wherever Possible

For any offerwall, we always advise that where available, you go for multiple reward/multiple-step offers. Doing so ensures that even if you don’t complete the entire offer, you’ll still earn for the steps that you’ve completed. This protects your time and ensures earnings even if you run out of time.

Fortunately, JumpTask has a good amount of multiple reward offers. Take advantage of this benefit whenever you can.

Use Offerwall Game Guides

The biggest mistake that people make is going into offerwall offers blind. Without a strategy, you could very well be wasting your time. So make sure that once you’ve selected a high-paying gaming offer on JumpTask that you work through the goals using a guide.

We constantly update our offerwall guides section with step-by-step approaches for the top offerwall games such as:

Stack Offerwall Offers but Don't Overwhelm Yourself

With offerwall games, especially the higher earning ones you’ll find that they don’t need 100% of your attention. This is especially true of city builder type games. You’ll be able to set building off and need to wait hours in some cases for them to complete. While this is happening, you can be churning out other high-paying offers simultaneously. It’s a great way to boost your earning potential.

One word of advice though, don’t overdo it. We recommend working through 2 or 3 offers at once which is a nice balance between maximizing your earnings on JumpTask while still being able to complete all at the same time.

2. Selling Your Bandwidth via Honeygain

Next, we have a very unique way to earn with JumpTask. They have partnered with the well-known passive earning site Honeygain. This partnership allows you to use Honeygain as usual, earning money by sharing your bandwidth, but getting a cool 10% bonus on top of your earnings along with other benefits.

By running the Honeygain app, you share your bandwidth with others effectively monetizing your own internet connection. You shouldn’t even notice a slowdown in your connection as Honeygain will aim to use whatever bandwidth that you’re not utilizing at any given moment.

First, let’s look at how you get this earning opportunity set up. It’s simple, but you need to ensure that you follow these steps to take advantage of the collaboration with JumpTask:

Linking JumpTask and Honeygain

We assume that you have already signed up for JumpTask. From this point you just need to complete a few simple steps:

  1. Head over to Honeygain and create an account.
  2. Download the Honeygain app for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.
  3. Back on the Honeygain website, activate JumpTask Mode:

    HoneyGain Activate JumpTask Mode

  4. Head over to JumpTask and copy your Account IF from the Honeygain section.
  5. Paste it back into the prompt on the Honeygain website:

    JumpTask HoneyGain Setup Instructions

And it’s as simple as that. Now when you run the Honeygain app to share your bandwidth, your earnings will be funneled into JumpTask with the 10% bonus that we mentioned above.

Benefits of using Honeygain with JumpTask

It should be clear why it is beneficial to use JumpTask with Honeygain, but in summary:

  1. You get 10% increased earnings over using Honeygain separately.
  2. Removes the $20 payout threshold. Your earnings are instantly transferred to JumpTask as you earn.
  3. Reduced withdrawal fees.

3. Surveys

Another staple of get-paid-to sites are of course paid surveys. JumpTask provides you with access to two survey routers, CPX Research, and BitLabs.

JumpTask Surveys
CPX Surveys and BitLabs are amongst the best survey routers available online.

You’ll have an almost unlimited stream of surveys to complete. Just remember the golden rules of paid surveys – be honest, be constant, and read everything carefully.

One thing to note is that this section will be unavailable when you first sign up for JumpTask. They require that you complete at least one offer from the offerwall section first. This can easily be completed though by going for a quick microtask such as watching a YouTube video.

4. Earn Extra Money With JumpTask Staking

One of the major benefits of using a crypto-based GPT site like JumpTask is the ability to stake your earnings. If you’re not familiar with the process, essentially it allows you to temporarily stake the JMPT that you’ve earned by completing tasks. In return, you’re given interest on the amount you stake. Think of it as a savings account for your earned crypto.

The requirements are simple. First, you need to have your JMPT withdrawn into your wallet such as Metamask (again, we’ll walk you through withdrawals later on). Secondly, you need to meet the criteria of how much JMPT you currently hold – don’t worry the minimum is as low as $1 worth.

Let’s look at the options. You can either stake into a locked pool or a fluid pool:

JumpTask Fluid Staking Pools

Fluid staking pools have a lower APR, meaning a lower return on your staked JMPT. But in return, you are able to withdraw your earnings at any time.

JumpTask Fluid Staking
Fluid staking gives you the freedom to withdraw but lower return rates.

Fluid pools allow you to stake from a minimum of $10 worth of JMPT.

It’s good if you want to have instant access to your crypto but there is a more profitable option.

JumpTask Locked Staking Pools

On the other end of the scale, JumpTask offers locked staking pools. As the name suggests, once you stake your crypto, it is locked for a defined amount of time. This can be as low as 3 months or as high as 1 year.

JumpTask Locked Staking
JumpTask locked staking offers a higher APR.

By locking in your crypto for a defined time period, you can see that you get a much larger return on your investment, as high as 20% APR. In addition, the minimum staking amount is as low as $1 worth of JMPT.

5. Earn Money With Referrals

Once you’ve got into the groove of earning with JumpTask, you can further increase how much you earn by referring others. If they sign up via your link/referral code you’ll earn 10% of every task they complete for life.

This is a nice passive earning opportunity that can easily boost your earnings.

Just remember, not to spam your code and offer it to others in a respectable way.

If you want to get a 20% bonus on your first completed task and support Earnologist, you can use our sign-up link. From there, you can start generating your own cash by referring others.

6. JumpTask Marketplace (Coming Soon)

While not available yet, JumpTask has added a teaser on the site for their Marketplace. It notes that it’s coming soon and explains that it is a way to connect companies with “taskers”. This seems to suggest a microtask set-up similar to the likes of MTurk.

We will update when more details become available but this is one to watch out for.

How Much Money Can You Make?

You can make a good amount of cash/crypto with JumpTask. Just like any other GPT site, it depends entirely on what offers you choose and how much time you put into it. We’ve given tips above to maximize your earnings, so really the only limitation is the time you choose to spend earning with JumpTask.

Remember that you’re earning JMPT, which is a crypto token. This token has a USD value and you have options on how you want to withdraw. Let’s take a look at that now.

How to Get Paid by JumpTask?

As you should now be aware, your earnings in JumpTask are backed by and displayed in their own crypto token JMPT. Of course, this token has a USD value to it. When you complete a task or survey you will earn JMPT and that will be added to your account. Something very important to note is that it will take up to 72 hours for those earnings to be validated and to be displayed in your account so do not worry that you don’t see it instantly!

Once your earnings show on the site, you have several options on how to withdraw, and in all cases, the first step is to get a simple crypto wallet set up.

Set up a Crypto Wallet for JumpTask

It is very important to note that in order to withdraw from JumpTask, you must have a crypto wallet. If you already have a multi-wallet set up then you’re good to go. If not, don’t worry as the process to set one up is quick, easy, and free.

For ease of use, we suggest MetaMask. It is a multi-wallet that can be used directly as a Chrome/Edge/Firefox/Brave extension. MetaMask has a great set-up guide, but in reality, you just need to install the extension, go through the wizard, and choose a password.

Once set up, you’ll just need to go to JumpTask and click to connect your wallet. MetaMask will pop up asking you to confirm. Once done, you’re all set!

Minimum Withdrawal

JumpTask Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount from JumpTask is 0.5 JMPT which is around $1 (USD). In comparison to other sites, this is very fair withdrawal minimum and you’ll be able to reach it easily by using the earning methods listed above.

Payout Options

The only direct payout option on JumpTask is to withdraw your earnings as JMPT crypto. This will be withdrawn into your MetaMask wallet that you set up above.

However, from there you can actually convert to either FIAT cash (bank transfer), PayPal, or a gift card. These steps do require additional steps that we’ve outlined below.

Payout Option Minimum Withdrawal Notes
Crypto (JMPT)
0.5 JMPT
This will withdraw your earned crypto to your MetaMask wallet.
Bank Account
0.5 JMPT.
After withdrawing to your MetaMask wallet -> convert to BNB, CELO or MATIC -> Send to Binance -> Withdraw to bank account from Binance.
0.5 JMPT.
After withdrawing to your MetaMask wallet -> convert to BNB -> Use fixedfloat to transfer as LTC to Coinbase -> Withdraw to PayPal from Coinbase.
Gift Cards
$5/£5 worth of JMPT
After withdrawing to your MetaMask wallet -> Go to CryptoCart and select a gift card -> Checkout, and when prompted select your JMPT from MetaMask -> Gift Card will be delivered to your email address.

Payout Speed

JumpTask payout speeds are incredibly fast due to it being a crypto transaction. Usually, it will only take a few seconds but can take up to 1 hour. Either way, a very fast payout.

JumpTask Review Summary: Pros & Cons


  • Low payout threshold.
  • Multiply earnings with staking.
  • Bonus on Honeygain earnings.
  • Fast payouts in seconds.


  • Several steps to convert from crypto to cash.

JumpTask.io is a modern crypto-fueled spin on the get-paid-to site model. When earning it should feel familiar enough to most with earning opportunities such as offerwalls, playing games, watching videos, microtasks, and surveys. The benefits of a crypto-based site come into play with the ability to increase what you’ve earned via staking and the interest that you earn from that.

On top of this, their exclusive collaboration/partnership with the established passive earning site Honeygain gives them a unique selling point. You can passively sell your internet bandwidth and earn 10% more than you would by using Honeygain by itself.

Again, being a crypto-focused GPT site, it means very low minimal withdrawals which are in most cases processed in seconds.

While crypto introduces some complexities, mainly around the wallet setup for withdrawals, JumpTask’s help center makes this very straightforward even for crypto newbies. Our advice, if you’re new to the world of crypto, use JumpTask’s streamlined and user-friendly site and FAQs to open up new money-making opportunities.

Check out JumpTask today:

JumpTask FAQ

There’s always more to ask, so even though we’ve laid out the full JumpTask review and guide above, we’ve packed some extra information into our FAQ.

Yes, there is a JumpTask App for Android, with an iOS app coming soon.

Currently JumpTask is available globally, so regardless of where you live, you can sign-up and start earning.

Final Thoughts

JumpTask uses its crypto roots as a great way to enhance the transitional approach of GPT sites. Everything is as you’d expect on the earning front, with an additional bonus of being able to stake and earn interest.

Their collaboration with and enhanced earnings with Honeygain set them apart from other get-paid-to sites. Having a unique and passive way to earn baked into their offering is great for anyone wanting to monetize their internet connection.

Crypto-based earning can become very complex, but JumpTask actually makes it simple. And not just that, with their extensive guides and help center, they make it a learning opportunity.

All-in-all, our time using JumpTask has been very positive and we look forward to seeing how it builds on this in the future. 

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