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WeAre8 pays you to watch short 20-30 second video clips from brand sponsors or charities and answer 1 or two questions.

A nice way to earn by watching short clips, with a good payout of £0.10 – £0.20 each.

Additionally, with every video you watch, WeAre8 also donates a small amount to charity.

Earning Methods: Watch Videos
Payout Options:

Available on: Website, App (iOS), App (Android)
Country Availability: UK



  • 20-30 seconds per video.


  • £2-£3 per week.
  • Earnings become payable after 30 days.
  • Payout via PayPal


  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • No issues found.

What is WeAre8?

WeAre8 pays you cash via PayPal by viewing short 20-30 second clips from brands such as eBay and even charities. Once you’ve watched the clip you are asked 1 or 2 multiple choice questions and then you are credited with £0.10 – £0.20.

Note that currently, WeAre8 is UK only but they are looking to expand to other countries.

3 simple steps are all it takes to earn:

  1. Click to open the video
  2. Watch the 20-30 second clip
  3. Answer 1-2 questions
WeAre8 Earning Steps
WeAre8 3 steps to earn.

The nice thing about WeAre 8 is that while you’re earning by watching videos, your actions also lead to WeAre8 donating to charity.

How to Sign Up

There’s no complexity here, just sign-up to WeAre8 and follow the instructions to install the app.

Once you have the app installed on your phone, make sure to head over to your profile and fill in your PayPal address. If you don’t have a PayPal, remember that it’s free to sign up for PayPal and it’s beneficial as many online earning opportunities will offer this as a quick payment method.

How to Earn More Money Online With WeAre8

Once you have the app, you can see that it is very straightforward. However, there are some tips to boost your earnings with WeAre8 and similarly, ways to avoid wasting time on areas of the app that do not earn you anything.

1. Turn on Notifications & Accept Videos Anytime

Turning on notifications is always recommended for any money-making app as it means you can jump on opportunities instantly. With WeAre8 you can also boost the likelihood of you noticing these as you can set it to notify you via the app, email and SMS. We encourage you to do all 3.
Additionally, we suggest that you update your settings to “I’m happy to receive paid brand videos anytime“. Because each video is only seconds long, there is no point in restricting when or how often you receive them and remember the more videos you watch, the more money you earn with WeAre8.
Both settings above are accessed under “Communication” in your profile within the WeAre8 app:
Notifications And Contact WeAre8
Notifications and contact settings in WeAre8.

2. Make Sure You Watch All Available Videos

You may be thinking “well, obviously!”, but WeAre8 is not exactly clear when showing how many videos you have available or even how you get back to view them.

Once notified, and after you click the notification, you will go to your personal WeAre8 link. As above, you will be shown your first video. But before you watch it, take a look in the top left corner. There is an image of a gift with a number next to it. This number is how many videos you have available:

WeAre8 Number of videos
The number of videos available to you on WeAre8. As shown on our account we have 15 videos available.

This is the part of WeAre8 I don’t like. Once you’ve watched a video, answered the question and it lets you know that you’ve earned x amount, it will not take you back to watch more videos. The easiest way is to just hit back on your browser a couple of times and then refresh the page. This will allow you to proceed to the next video.

In our example above, this was the difference between earning £0.15 and £1.75, so make sure you don’t leave videos sitting there!

3. Don’t Waste Your Time Inside The App

Strange advice? Not at all, because when you open the app, you’ll see a big feed with various adverts, images, notices etc. These are all unpaid. The only paying videos or content are accessed via clicking the notification bell in the top right and passing through to your personal WeAre8 page to view your paid videos.

Minimum Payout & How to Get Paid by WeAre8

The payout from WeAre8 is via PayPal, and while there does not seem to be a minimum withdrawal, there is a very important caveat to this app. After you watch a video and answer the questions, the cash you earn will go into pending and will not be payable until 30 days have passed.

To actually trigger a payout, just click the wallet tab from within the app:

WeAre8 Wallet tab
WeAre8 Wallet tab

Then scroll down, and click “Pay Me Now”. As mentioned, and as you can see in our account below, funds will only be available for payout once they have moved from pending to available after 30 days:

WeAre8 Get Paid
WeAre8 Get Paid

Payment Confirmation/Proof

Once the 30 days have passed since you watch a video, the money you earned by watching the video becomes payable.

After you click the pay me now, you’ll see the overview below. Just make sure to confirm your PayPal address is correct in the overview (we’ve blanked ours out in the screenshot below). As you can see, there is a small PayPal fee that removes a few pennies from your earnings but it is nothing substantial:

WeAre8 Payment Confirmation
Payment confirmation screen in WeAre8 showing payout amount and the small PayPal fee.

All in all a pretty easy process, but just bear in mind you have the 30 day wait before you’re able to cash out.

Is WeAre8 Legit?

Because it’s such an easy way to earn online, you may be asking yourself if WeAre8 is legit. Let’s set the record straight – WeAre8 is 100% legit. Take a look at our updated payments taken directly from the app below:

Is Weare8 Legit?
Is WeAre8 Legit? Absolutely, we’ve received multiple payouts from the app with no issues.

We’ve now been using the app for several months, and have always been paid directly into our PayPal account.

So, jump in and reap those rewards, safe in the knowledge that WeAre8 is a legitimate way to earn some extra cash online.

Is it Worth it?

If you’re OK with the 30-day wait, then yes it is absolutely worth it. Our first 2 days on WeAre8 netted us a nice £2.62 for just watching a handful of videos. This is one of the apps we have on the first screen of our phone to make sure we don’t miss out on video watching earnings.

Sign Up To WeAre8 Today

Probably the highest per-video earning opportunity online. At £0.10 - £0.20 per video this can rack up fast. Join today and start earning by watching videos.

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Did you know: we have a huge list of other ways to earn money by watching videos? Don’t limit yourself to just WeAre8 – make sure you maximize your video watching income.

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